My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 96-100

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 96

Ashlyn walked past the crowd and detected the presence of a handsome and tall figure since he would steal the limelight no matter where he was due to the intimidating aura and great features he had been blessed with.

Nevertheless, Ashlyn would never expect to run into Lucas in such a place.

She thought about the news regarding him that was circulating on social media and took a peek at the innocent-looking woman who was by the man’s side.

The woman seemed to be one of the mistresses the netizens were talking about lately. Hera? Does that mean Mr. Chapman is Hera’s grandfather? Unbelievable. The world is such a small place.

Actually, it makes sense for an exceptional man such as Lucas to get married to the heiress of an influential family since it’s going to be beneficial to him.

Ashlyn tried her best to suppress her emotion because she was slowly engulfed by an odd sensation.

Once Ashlyn removed her pair of gloves, she heard Hera’s mother asking arrogantly, “Dr. Berry, how is my father doing?”

She paid no heed to the query of Hera’s mother. Instead, she walked past her right away because she had always ignored the family members of the patients of sorts should they try to get full of themselves in front of her.

Dr. Hendrickson got in the way of Hera’s father and asserted, “Everything is fine with the surgery, but it took us quite a bit of time because we had to bypass a few arteries. The nurse will brief you about the things to take note of soon.”

“Who the hell does she think she is? It’s merely a question. Is it necessary for her to behave in such an arrogant manner? How could she ignore me?” Hera’s mother glared at Ashlyn, cussing.

“I’m so sorry, but Dr. Berry has always been such an arrogant person. If it weren’t because of the director’s request, perhaps she wouldn’t agree to be Mr. Chapman’s attending physician,” Dr. Hendrickson replied nonchalantly, explaining the truth.

Hera’s mother was still glaring at Ashlyn’s departing figure, yelling, “She should stop getting full of herself because she’s but a doctor who’s poorly paid no matter how hard she works!”

Suddenly, a tall and intimidating figure showed up in front of Hera’s mother. She was taken aback by the man’s presence. Once she raised her head, she came across the man’s stern gaze. The man stared at her in the eyes as though he could devour her soul through his penetrating gaze.

Hera’s mother’s heart pounded furiously as beads of sweat streamed down her forehead. She was horrified because she thought she had been targeted by a demon. In the end, she asked, stuttering, “Y-Yes, Lucas?”

“Mrs. Chapman, if that’s the case, why don’t you carry out the surgery for your father-in-law on your own? Isn’t it just a piece of cake for you?” Lucas turned around and left once he finished his sarcastic remark.

Hera’s mother’s legs turned to jelly once the man departed. She held on to the wall to support herself as she tried to catch her breath and figure out the meaning behind his words.

Immediately, Hera rushed over to her mother’s side and supported her, asking gently, “Mom, why have you gotten worked up over a doctor? You could have just ignored her.”

She stared at Lucas’ handsome figure as he departed and recalled the man’s domineering reaction. Although she was intimidated by the man’s action as well, she couldn’t help adoring him due to his attractive look.

Hera brought her mother over to the bench in the corridor and told her to take a seat. Once her mother settled down, Hera went after Lucas immediately.

In the meantime, Ashlyn was worn out after three consecutive hours of surgery she was in. She had to be focusing intently and ensuring everything went well with the surgery the whole time.

Since she wasn’t a robot, she couldn’t possibly stay focus for three consecutive hours without feeling worn out.

Apart from that, she didn’t get to rest last night. In fact, she was forced to participate in a raunchy activity with Lucas in the middle of the night.

The moment she thought of Lucas, she would get extremely irritated.

She heaved a long sigh of despair and served herself a glass of water. Once she finished the glass of water, she leaned against her chair in anticipation of a short break.

Unfortunately, a familiar figure showed up in her office as a man barged into her office brutally.

Ashlyn opened her eyes and looked at Lucas helplessly.

Can he get out of my sight? What the hell does he want?

Lucas stood in front of Ashlyn and looked down at her, but Ashlyn pretended she wasn’t aware of the man’s presence, lowering her head and enjoying her glass of water.

Suddenly, the man leaned over. His hands reached out for her face.

Ashlyn frowned because the man ran his slender fingers through her hair and tucked some of her hair behind her ears naturally when he saw that they were about to fall into her glass of drink.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 97

Lucas moved his hand away from Ashlyn once he was done, but he had his eyes glued to her, behaving as if he couldn’t bear to leave her out of his sight.

He sized every inch of the woman up, enjoying her presence and every single micro-expressions produced by the woman.

Ashlyn wanted Lucas to stay away from him. Hence, she tied up her hair immediately to prevent the man from taking advantage of her once again.

Lucas’ attractive voice echoed throughout her office as he broke the silence, explaining himself, “There’s nothing going on between us. We’re merely childhood friends.”

Ashlyn frowned in confusion because she couldn’t grasp the situation nor the meaning behind the man’s words.

She gave it a thought for a few seconds. In the end, she cast a skeptical gaze at the man.

“I’m talking about Hera,” Lucas explained himself once again due to the confused look the woman had on her face.

“Oh… Okay… What does your relationship with her have to do with me?” Ashlyn stared at the man in the eyes, asking because she still couldn’t fathom the idea behind the man’s words. In the end, she tried to chase Lucas out of her office, stating, “Can you please leave me alone? I’m really exhausted and wish to take a break.”

Ashlyn had renovated her office and segregated an individual room specifically for the purpose of resting.

She went towards the room once she finished her sentence, behaving as though she couldn’t be bothered by Lucas’ presence anymore.

By the time she finished her sentence, the man’s expression turned gloomy, and the temperature in the room seemed to fall.

It was evident the man was unhappy with Ashlyn’s behavior because things were just fine between them when they enjoyed breakfast together in the morning.

In fact, he enjoyed their interaction as he got to drop her off at her workplace in a manner similar to how things used to be back in the days. However, Ashlyn paid no heed to the details at all.

Silence fell in Ashlyn’s office all of a sudden.

The door of the segregated space was about to close, but a gigantic palm stopped it abruptly in the nick of time as Lucas forced his way into the confined space.

Lucas couldn’t figure out the rationale behind his action either, but he had only one thing in mind.

He wanted to turn Ashlyn back to the gentle and lovable woman she used to be because he disliked the indifferent Ashlyn in front of him.

Ashlyn’s eyes glinted wrathfully. If it weren’t because of Spirogyra, she would have long severed ties with Lucas.

She took a deep breath, and in a callous tone with an indifferent look, she warned, “Mr. Nolan, I need to rest because I’m exhausted!”

“If that’s the case, I’ll keep you company.” Lucas lifted Ashlyn up. She retaliated by attempting to break free. Once she raised her head, she saw the man’s cold look.

However, the intimidating aura emitted by the man could barely work against her.

“That won’t be necessary because I have never once enjoyed your presence,” Ashlyn replied in a serious tone.

Immediately, Lucas lowered his head and placed his frigid lips against Ashlyn’s plump lips, asking, “Are you sure?”

The man’s hoarse voice could be heard as he placed his lips against her lips, asking alluringly, “Are you sure you don’t want me to keep you company?”

Ashlyn’s pupil constricted as soon as she detected the man’s frigid lips on her lips.

Her clear eyes glinted stubbornly as a sign of retaliation although she was fighting back the urge to return the favor.

Nevertheless, she was determined to resist the urge Spirogyra had caused her. She wanted to keep the curse in check.

She avoided Lucas’ passionate gaze, placing her palms in front of the man’s chest in a final attempt to chase him away, “Lucas, I hope we can stay out of each other’s lives. I want to live a peaceful life from now onwards.”

In return, Lucas stared at Ashlyn in the eyes, devouring every inch of her with his eyes.

Ashlyn stared at Lucas indifferently, but she was on the verge of losing control over her lust once again as her body reacted intensely.

The man cast a stern gaze that would make an ordinary person shudder. However, there was a hint of affection hidden behind the stern gaze.

“Are you going to leave or not?” Eventually, Ashlyn got impatient as time went by.

She had good combat skills, but she could never outmatch Lucas so long as she couldn’t get rid of Spirogyra.

In fact, she could barely pull herself together anymore as the curse had slowly gotten the better of her. Her body temperature was gradually increasing as she got weaker on her knees.

Ashlyn had a hard time catching her breath, pulling herself together because Lucas’ manly scent aroused her.

She was afraid she would lose control over herself once more if she stayed in such close proximity with the man. Due to Spirogyra, she might do something terrible to Lucas against her will.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 98

In the meantime, Hera, who had gone after Lucas, noticed the man had made his way into a doctor’s office.

She got anxious because it had been ten minutes since Lucas made his way into the doctor’s office, but he showed no signs of leaving at all.

Hera couldn’t figure out what Lucas was up to in the doctor’s office.

“Miss, do you need anything from any of the doctors?” A female doctor asked as she saw Hera pacing back and forth once she walked out of her office. She was Ashlyn’s colleague next door.

“Doctor, may I know which doctor’s office is this?” Hera tried beating around the bush.

“It’s Dr. Berry’s office. If you’re here to beg Dr. Berry and procure her aid, I’m afraid that’s impossible because she has never once given in to the request of any patient,” The female doctor explained, perceiving Hera to be just another patient’s family member.

“Thank you so much, doctor,” Hera replied, smiling.

Dr. Berry? She’s the attending physician of Grandpa, right? She was the one who had carried out the surgery.

The doctors in this hospital are weird, especially when they talk about Dr. Berry. They must be kidding, right? I will never beg such a trivial doctor when I’m the heiress of the Chapman family!

Hera smirked as she thought about it, but she got anxious when she recalled the fact that Lucas had yet to make his way out of the doctor’s office.

She was curious about the relationship Lucas had with the doctor because he had spent quite some time inside.

After some hesitation, she made up her mind in the end and decided to knock on Ashlyn’s door.

Suddenly, someone opened the door abruptly from within.

Hera felt a sense of relief as soon as she detected the familiar gorgeous face of the man. Since he had his clothes on, she was certain they weren’t engaged in any sorts of romantic activities inside.

She put on a surprised front, asking, “Huh? Lucas, what are you doing here?”

Lucas snorted in return, ignoring Hera’s question because the woman who showed up out of nowhere and interrupted his session with Ashlyn irritated him.

“May I know what brings you here?” Ashlyn asked.

“Oh… Dr. Berry, I have dropped by to inquire the details of my grandfather’s condition.” Hera stepped into Ashlyn’s office, secretly sizing up the confined space. She noticed it was a well-furbished space and there were no trails of hanky-panky which she thought they were engaged in.

Once she had her gaze on the woman who took a seat behind the table, Hera stopped smiling because she was startled by the woman’s gorgeous appearance.

Ashlyn was blessed with ethereal features, including a pair of glistering eyes, porcelain skin, and plump lips.

Her tied-up hair showed off her slender neck, and the white robe she wore portrayed her to be an intimidating professional, enabling her to assert dominance over others.

She stared at Hera with a poker face, and a glance from Ashlyn was all it took to daunt her.

It was evident Hera didn’t expect Dr. Berry to be such an out-of-the-world beauty because she had her surgical mask on her face previously.

Hera clenched her fists with all her might due to jealousy. She couldn’t deny the fact that she wasn’t a match for Ashlyn in terms of look, but she couldn’t possibly admit defeat either.

“I’m merely in charge of the surgery. Please get in touch with the other doctors if you have any inquiries regarding the patient’s situation,” Ashlyn moved her crimson lips, replying nonchalantly.

“Ms. Chapman, please leave,” She looked at the entrance of her office, instructing.

On the other hand, Hera would never expect that there would be a day she would be chased out of someone’s office in such a merciless manner.

She pursed her lips and took a peek at Lucas who was nearby.

Immediately, the woman’s callous voice could be heard once again, instructing, “Lucas, please leave as well!”

Suddenly, Hera’s eyes widened in disbelief the moment she heard Ashlyn’s words.

W-What the hell? Am I hearing things? Is she trying to chase Lucas out of her office? Isn’t she aware of who he was?

He’s the most influential man in Lake City. In short, no one can possibly defy his words because he reigns in Lake City.

While Hera lost herself in the process of thought, Lucas approached Ashlyn helplessly, stating, “I’ll pick you up after work today.”

“That won’t be necessary.” Ashlyn rejected the man’s initiative without any hesitation.

Although Lucas had departed, Hera stood right where she was in Ashlyn’s office, casting a skeptical and confused gaze at the woman in front of her, trying to figure out the rationale behind the man’s words. She was green with jealousy.

“Yes, Ms. Chapman?” Ashlyn was irritated by Hera’s presence because the woman in front of her didn’t seem like she was about to leave.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 99

Hera felt slightly diffident due to the woman’s penetrating gaze, but she held her head high, warning, “Dr. Berry, I’m warning you to stay away from Lucas because he’s my boyfriend. We’re going to get married in the future.”

In return, Ashlyn stared at her quietly as though she couldn’t be bothered by Hera’s warning at all.

“You’re such a gorgeous doctor. I’m sure you can get yourself an equally exceptional man easily. You should stop wasting your time on Lucas. He’s the president of Nolan Group, the captain of South Star Airlines. He won’t fall for an ordinary woman from an ordinary family like you. You don’t deserve to be his wife at all!” Hera warned.

“Don’t you dare to try to hit on him just because old Mr. Nolan had passed on! Things will never work out between both of you! I’m aware of the existence of women like you in Lake City. In fact, I have come across countless of them before. I will never allow any one of you to get your hands on him because I’m Lucas’ only woman!” she said.

Although she tried her best to put on a confident front, her worried tone betrayed her. Obviously, she felt threatened by Ashlyn’s stunning appearance.

“Are you done?” Ashlyn looked at Hera in the eyes casually, asking.

“Huh?” Hera couldn’t grasp the situation due to Ashlyn’s blunt response.

“If you’re done, it’s time for you to leave my office.” Once she finished responding, Ashlyn reached for a medical journal, occasionally highlighting some paragraphs on the book, as if taking notes for future references.

That’s it?

Hera gulped and made her way out of Ashlyn’s office as instructed. Actually, her mind was all over the place because she brought up all sorts of things in front of Ashlyn, and yet the latter paid no heed to her words.

It felt as though she had completed a stand-up comedy on her own in front of Ashlyn because the latter neglected her words altogether.

In the end, she couldn’t figure out the sort of relationship Ashlyn had with Lucas.

Judging by her response, perhaps they don’t have any intimate relationship? If that’s the case, why did Lucas spend such a long time in her office when they’re not related in any way?

Hera thought for quite some time but decided to brush it off since she couldn’t link the missing pieces of the puzzle together.

Perhaps they aren’t related by any means. I should forget about her for the time being because the one that matters the most is Lucas’ wife! Lucas has promised me he will file for divorce with his wife as soon as possible.

In the end, Hera decided to neglect Ashlyn for the time being. Instead, she had her eyes on Lucas’ wife.

In the meantime, Lucas returned to his car right after he departed from Ashlyn’s office.

Spencer went after him immediately. He ran into Hera after he walked out of the washroom previously. She seemed to be so full of herself, yet he couldn’t decipher the exact emotion behind her expression.

He wanted to tell Lucas the odd expression Hera had on her face once she walked out of Ashlyn’s office, but he couldn’t bring himself to break the silence.

Deep down, Spencer was worried Hera would pick on Ashlyn. After all, women such as Hera had a lot of tricks up their sleeves.

They would resort to whatever plausible method to gain the man’s attention. In short, Hera wasn’t much different from the villainous antagonist of a soap opera because she would resort to everything at her disposal to win Lucas over.

I’m pretty sure Ms. Chapman is not a match for Ms. Berry at all! Ms. Berry has never once behaved pretentiously in front of us! She’s such an exceptional woman. I can’t figure out the reason Mr. Nolan decides to file for divorce with her.

Erm… We have been sitting in the car for half an hour. What exactly is Mr. Nolan up to? Isn’t it about time to get going?

Once Spencer thought about it, he broke the silence, asking, “Mr. Nolan, are we heading over to the office, or are we going home?”

“We’re not going anywhere for the time being.” Lucas wasn’t in the mood to engage himself in anything because he was irritated since Ashlyn had chased him out of her office.

Spencer remained silent thereafter upon hearing Lucas’ reply.

Does that mean we’re waiting for Ms. Berry to get off work? Perhaps Mr. Nolan wants to give Ms. Chapman a ride home?

Eventually, time flew by and it had been a few hours since then.

Hera heard her bones crackling once she tried moving around because she had spent half of her day in the hospital. Initially, she wanted to prove her sincerity and be the first to show up in front of Mr. Chapman once he regained consciousness.

However, it was a futile effort because Mr. Chapman showed no signs of regaining consciousness at all. Therefore, Hera decided to leave. Once she walked out of the elevator on the first floor, she saw a Bentley parked in the parking lot nearby.

Isn’t that Lucas’ ride?

The overjoyed woman put on an innocent front and sprinted towards Lucas’ car ostentatiously, leaning over, knocking on the window of the man’s ride.

The man’s gorgeous face could be seen once he winded down the window of the car. He stared at Hera with an indifferent look.

“Lucas, are you waiting for me?” Hera leaned over and asked coquettishly.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 100

She had purposely shown off her busty figure by leaning over because the dress she had on had a very low cut in front.

Hera did a great job concealing her intention because she behaved naturally and put on a great show in front of Lucas while trying to seduce the man with her busty figure.

Nonetheless, Lucas stared at her with a poker face.

All of a sudden, the man’s eyes gleamed.

Hera was delighted and thought she had achieved the goal she had in mind. Did he see it? I knew it! No man has ever turned me down before whenever I showed them my attractive figure!

The man finally opened the door of the car and stepped out of his ride. Consequently, his slender pair of legs could be seen.

Hera placed her hands in front of the bag she had in an anticipation of the man inviting her into his ride, but Lucas walked past her.

She turned around and looked at the man’s departing figure in disbelief because the man sprinted over to another woman’s side.

“Ashlyn, I’ll give you a ride home.” The man’s hoarse voice could be heard as he invited the woman who had just made her way out of the hospital.

“Lucas, don’t you have anything else to tend to on your busy schedule?” Ashlyn knitted her eyebrows, smirking as she looked at the man in the eyes. Eventually, she turned around, casting a contemptuous gaze at Hera who was by the side of Lucas’ Bentley.

Hera felt embarrassed and infuriated. In an attempt to return the favor in a similar manner, she glared at Ashlyn furiously and stopped concealing her jealousy.

“Lucas!” Hera rushed over to Lucas’ side immediately. Suddenly, she staggered and fell to the ground, yelling, “Ouch!”

Lucas turned around and noticed Hera placed her hand on her ankle, pouting her lips in a pitiable manner, yelling, “Lucas, my leg hurts!”

“Lucas, it seems like your girlfriend has accidentally hurt her ankle. I’m sure she needs you…” Ashlyn found the scene hilarious and burst into laughter, stating, “I can’t believe she actually resorts to such a low trick. I’m out.”

Once Ashlyn finished her sentence, she walked past the woman who had collapsed in the middle of the road.

“Dr. Berry, I think I have accidentally hurt my ankle! Can you please check on my condition?” Hera pretended she didn’t hear Ashlyn’s remark, asking for help in return.

“Ms. Chapman, are you sure you can afford my consultation fee?” Ashlyn stood right where she was, asking callously.

“Lucas, I…” Hera looked at Lucas with an aggrieved look on her face, pursing her lips.

Her eyes brimmed with tears, reprimanding, “Do you really consider yourself as a doctor? How could you leave an injured patient alone? I don’t think you deserve to be a doctor!”

Upon hearing Hera’s words, Lucas recalled Ashlyn’s principles as a fellow surgeon. His pupils dilated, exuding a menacing aura.

Lucas rebuked Hera’s statement, “You have merely twisted your ankle, but doing that would make her go against the principles she has in life.”

What the hell does that supposed to mean? Does that mean the woman’s so-called principles in life are more important as compared to my ankle?

Hera got increasingly frustrated the more she thought about it, but she dared not to throw a tantrum in front of Lucas because she didn’t want to expose her true colors.

Therefore, she put on a pitiable front, begging, “Lucas, my leg hurts! Can you please bring me to the doctor?”

Lucas glanced at Spencer, who was in the car, and with a grim expression, he instructed, “Get Ms. Chapman an ambulance immediately.”

Spencer was rendered speechless by Lucas’ instruction because they were right in front of the hospital.

Mr. Nolan, are you serious? We’re outside of the freaking hospital. I think the doctor will take things out on me before tending to Ms. Chapman’s injured leg if I get an ambulance as instructed.

Similarly, Hera’s expression changed as she looked at Lucas in disbelief. I’m the childhood playmate he has been searching for over the past ten years, right? I thought I was the one who had rescued him back in the day? Is that how he’s going to return the favor to me?

Although Spencer had his reservations, he had to carry out Lucas’ instruction. Eventually, he approached Hera, suggesting, “Ms. Chapman, allow me to bring you to the doctor instead.”

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