My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 91-95

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 91

Lucas is awake?

Ashlyn felt relieved and asked, “You’re awake?”

Lucas was pleased to see the woman with a flushed face in his arms. I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t wake up with how she had been twisting her body earlier.

After two days of not sleeping, Lucas felt refreshed after sleeping for a few hours.

It feels kind of nice to be able to see her right when I open my eyes.

“Let go of me!” Ashlyn looked at Lucas with indifferent eyes. She twisted her body again and said with irritation in her voice, “My body is about to-”

Before she could finish, Lucas pressed his lips onto hers.

The temperature in the room started to rise.

When dawn broke, the Spirogyra in Ashlyn’s body was finally suppressed. She closed her eyes and lay lazily on the bed. Every part of her body was so sore, she felt like her bones had fallen apart.

The man had plenty of energy and it was a little unbearable for Ashlyn.

She also noticed that whenever the man is near her, the once quiet Spirogyra would start to go wild. It was as if he was a special drug and its effects kicked in whenever he got close.

It was tormenting. No matter how much she resisted, her body would always give in and allow the man to do whatever he wanted.

Damn it!

Lucas hugged the familiar woman in his arms as their breaths intertwined.

A thought came to mind and he wrapped his arm around the woman’s slender waist.

She had no way to resist him at all.

Ashlyn gritted her teeth and complained, “Hey ex-husband, you seem like you have endless energy.”

“Yet you’re still out there seducing other men.” Lucas’ eyes turned red as his dangerous scent domineered Ashlyn’s senses.

Ashlyn’s face was flushed red and charm flooded her eyes. “When did I seduce-”

There was a hint of a smile on Lucas’ lips. He tightened his grip around her waist and said, “You talk too much. Seems like I have to work harder.”

Ashlyn fought back and sat on his waist. She bit her lips and glared at him before she said, “Mr. Nolan, you better control yourself. It won’t do you any good if you empty yourself out.”

Lucas looked at the woman on top of him and replied with a smile, “I’m very healthy.”

She really has so many sides to her. She could be domineering or frosty. She can even be sexy and charming like how she is now…

No matter which side of her she showed, Lucas had a strong desire to explore more.

She was too mysterious and he couldn’t help but be mesmerized.

If only I knew she was like that, I wouldn’t have…

Lucas shook his head. What am I thinking?

We’re already divorced yet I can’t seem to leave this woman. I’m really becoming less and less like myself…

It must be the mania. Yes! That must be it!

The current situation didn’t allow Lucas to think about anything else as he had more important stuff to do.

I’m going to let her know how healthy am I!

I won’t be emptied out!

It was already broad daylight by the time Ashlyn woke up.

Lucas’s mania was somewhat relieved after last night’s pleasure.

He had woken up ten minutes before Ashlyn did. When Lucas sensed movement from the woman in his arms, satisfaction flowed in his eyes and he said, “You’re up?”

Ashlyn looked up at him.

She wasn’t in a great mood like him.

No one would be happy if the first thing they saw when they were awake was their ex-husband’s face.

Especially when she had slept with him with no restraint at all the previous night.

This is so awkward.

This damned Spirogyra! Why can’t you just spare me?

It was like that four years ago. Four years later after their divorce, the once quiet Spirogyra was still constantly restless due to Lucas.

Ashlyn was unable to describe her feelings.

I have to find out how to calm the Spirogyra.

This won’t do if it continues to be like that.

Or else what would be the point of our divorce?

I’ll have to say goodbye to my freedom if I stay by Lucas’ side.

I’ve already had enough of it after four years of a meaningless marriage.

“Excuse me. I have to perform surgery today. I need to go wash up,” Ashlyn said impatiently.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 92

Lucas felt slightly dejected once he detected the displeased look the woman had. Hence, he decided to obey her.

Ten minutes later, Lucas opened the door of the guest room.

At the same time, someone opened the door of the guest room next door.

Simultaneously, two men stepped out of their respective rooms.

“Isn’t that Lucas? What on earth is the most annoying guy on earth doing here?” Jared, who had a disheveled look, muttered to himself as he stared at Lucas in disbelief.

What the hell? Where the hell am I? Confusion was written all over his face once he detected the presence of Lucas.

He thought he must have had stepped out of the room at the worst possible timing. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have run into Lucas first thing in the morning.

Jared’s mind was all over the place. He lost himself in the process of thought for quite a few seconds before striding back to the guest room.


He closed the door immediately and surveyed the surroundings, affirming the fact he was still at home.

Does that mean I’m hallucinating?

Jared spent some time turning the idea repetitively in his mind. In the end, he pinched his thigh and felt a racking sensation.

It hurts!

Once again, he opened the door, grimacing. He was taken aback by the upcoming scene yet again because Lucas was right by Ashlyn’s side, making their way to the dining hall.

He decided to tail them and followed them all the way to the dining hall with his disheveled appearance. Jordan stared at the divorced husband and wife, who had taken their seats, dining elegantly together.

Although they were a compatible pair in terms of look, the fact that they were together was unusually odd.

“A-Ashlyn, w-what’s going on?” Jared’s jaw dropped open, asking, pointing at the man with an intimidating presence.

He dared not address her as he always had because he was afraid Lucas would notice their actual relationship.

Ashlyn took a mouthful of the freshly served eggs benedict, pouting her crimson lips, savoring the taste of the delicacy. She raised her head and took a peek at Jared, stating, “You should check your social media account, Mr. Quickton.”

My social media account?

Actually, Ashlyn had long given up on Jared, the unreliable teammate of hers.

She finally figured out the reason Lucas dropped by the moment she checked on Jared’s social media account.

I wonder what brings Mr. Nolan to Bayview Villa by air in the middle of the night?

Lucas&Jared #Lucasisjealous #JaredIsTaken

The netizens had gone berserk since last night because the news regarding two domineering presidents, namely Lucas and Jared, went viral on social media.

Someone speculated Jared’s girlfriend was one of Lucas’ mistresses, whereas some of the netizens pondered the possibility of the trio engaging in a love triangle.

Some of them perceived Lucas had a thing for Jared. The former had rushed over to bring the latter back with him since he detected the presence of his so-called girlfriend.

What the hell?

Jared felt light-headed, having a hard time comprehending the messy situation he was involved in.

His heart skipped a beat the moment he saw the status he had updated regarding Ashlyn on his social media.

None of those mattered because the one that would put his life at stake was the address of Bayview Villa he had attached along with the status he had updated.

It was a miracle for him to make it out unscathed, going through his social media account in front of Ashlyn.

Jared was drenched in sweat because he accidentally picked on Ashlyn’s sore spot.

She had never been a fan of being in the limelight, but Jared exposed her in front of the netizens through his social media account.

He took a step back, assuring, “Boss, I-I’ll go get myself ready!”

Once Jared finished his sentence, he fled, rushing back to his room upstairs immediately.

As the twins walked down the stairs, Anderson and Harrison ran into Jared, who behaved as though he was running for his life.

“What are you doing, Jared?”

“Are you running for your life?”

Jared paid no heed to the twins’ queries. Instead, he sprinted all the way back to his room with his disheveled appearance, shutting the door tight the moment he reached his room.

The twins exchanged glances and thought Jared must have had offended Ashlyn once again.

They had come to a unanimous agreement. Therefore, they made their way down the stairs and headed towards the dining hall as usual.

“I-I’m not seeing things, right?”

“Hurry up! Pinch me in the face!”

The twins’ eyes were wide opened the moment they detected the presence of those in the dining hall.

What the hell? Isn’t this Lucas? What the hell is he doing in our place? Is he here for breakfast?

“Yes?” Ashlyn’s raised an eyebrow, asking.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 93

“Erm…” The twins exchanged glances once again before returning to their usual seats. Once they had their servings of eggs benedict, they finally returned to their senses.

They noticed they had missed out a lot over the night and figured out Lucas might have had spent the night at their place.

Did the boss have a raunchy night with him? Oh, God!

The twins couldn’t help but allow their imaginations to run wild.

How did Lucas manage to find out our base of operation? The boss would always conceal her whereabouts by hacking the Traffic Bureau’s archive.

The boss would never expose herself, right? If that’s the case, it must have been Jared’s doing! Ha! No wonder that brat behaved as though he was running for his life back then!

The twins’ eyes gleamed excitedly as they gloated over Jared’s misfortune.

On the other hand, Spencer who had spent the night on the couch was roused from sleep the moment he detected the scent of the breakfast served.

Once he woke up, a maid brought him a set of disposable bathroom amenities. “Thank you,” Spencer expressed his gratitude immediately.

“You’re welcome, Sir. It’s part of our duty.” The maid replied respectfully before taking her leave.

Once he carried out his morning routine, Spencer joined them and took his seat at the dining table.

Immediately, the observant man detected an odd ambiance in the dining hall because he thought Lucas had been cuckolded by Ashlyn.

I can’t believe it! She’s actually staying in the same place as Jared and the twins! Ms. Berry is such a capable woman. I wonder how she manages to balance her relationship with these men. Do they not pick on one another due to jealousy?

Spencer took a peek at Lucas and detected the grim expression the handsome man had. He would cast a stern gaze at the twins occasionally, in an attempt to get them out of his sight.

Seriously? Two more showed up once Jared leave?

Initially, the currently irritated man was overjoyed, but he could barely contain his irritation once the twins showed up in the dining hall.

“A-Ashlyn… We have to make a trip elsewhere today…” Anderson wiped his mouth clean once he finished his meal.

“He’s right! We have to deal with the issue that has arisen yesterday.” Harrison played along with his brother.

“If that’s the case, both of you should get going immediately. Please be mindful and take good care of yourselves,” Ashlyn took a sip of the fruit juice served and urged.

The forces from the Middle East were trying to get in their way regarding the rights over the mine in Africa.

Therefore, she had put the twins in charge to deal with them accordingly.

On another note, the woman had a pink chiffon dress on which complemented her petite figure perfectly. Her porcelain-like skin was exposed as it was merely a knee-length dress.

She didn’t have any earrings on because she would have to carry out the surgery soon, but she had a relatively simple and elegant diamond necklace on her neck that complemented her slender neck.

Lucas, who was by Ashlyn’s side, could barely hold back his urge because he detected the faint fragrance coming from her occasionally.

Immediately, he put the utensils he had aside and slid his hand underneath the table in the direction of Ashlyn’s hand.

Ashlyn was taken aback by the man’s action as his gigantic and warm palm grabbed hers firmly.

She tried to retaliate against the man, but her effort was to no avail.

In return, she smirked in an attempt to step on Lucas’ foot underneath the dining table with her high heels.

Nevertheless, Lucas behaved as though he couldn’t feel it at all.

On the contrary, Anderson groaned in pain, glaring at Harrison, “Ouch! Why are you stepping on my foot?”

“I didn’t!” Harrison was confused upon hearing his twin brother’s words.

Ashlyn was rendered speechless by the twins’ conversation because she realized she had taken things out on the wrong person.

Meanwhile, Lucas grinned viciously before setting the woman’s hand free, asking, “Are you happy now?”

Ashlyn fell silent for quite some time before replying, “Well… It feels kinda great…”

After all, she wasn’t the one who felt the racking pain.

Lucas served her a piece of croissant, asserting, “Isn’t this one of your favorites back in my place?”

Ashlyn moved the croissant back to Lucas’ plate, stating, “Please suit yourself instead because it’s not my favorite anymore.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 94

Once she finished her meal, she wiped her mouth clean with the napkin and walked out of the dining hall thereafter.

Lucas cast his utensils aside and went after Ashlyn immediately.

Similarly, Spencer went after Lucas the moment he left, grabbing another croissant on his way out of the dining hall.

A strong man in black stood in front of the Range Rover on the car porch. The moment he saw Ashlyn, he greeted, “Ms. Berry, I’ll be your driver for the day.”

“That won’t be necessary because I’ll be driving today.” Ashlyn took a peek at her watch and noticed she was slightly behind her schedule as she had woken up later than usual due to Lucas.

If she couldn’t make it to the hospital in time, her surgery would be delayed. Consequently, her agenda for the rest of the day would be delayed in a similar manner.

Lucas approached her in a domineering manner, offering, “I’ll give you a ride.”

“You should stop wasting my precious time!” Ashlyn replied callously, opening the door of the car as she was about to make her way into the driver’s seat.

Lucas frowned and stopped her, holding on to her arm with his gigantic palm once again, asking anxiously, “Are you sure you know how to drive?”

“Why does it sound like you’re shocked? Oh! I guess it makes sense that you do not know me that well since I’m merely your ex-wife.” Ashlyn’s gorgeous face glowed as the bright sun illuminated and highlighted her great features.

“Aren’t you in a hurry?” Lucas asked, pointing at top of the apartment. “I have my private helicopter with me. I’m pretty sure we’ll make it to your destination in time.”

Ashlyn narrowed her eyes in return, but the man was aware of what she had in mind since they had been husband and wife for the span of four years in the past.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Lucas held on to Ashlyn’s wrist and brought her along with him, walking towards the apartment together.

Once they reached, they walked into the elevator and made their way to the highest floor.

They saw Lucas’ private helicopter the moment they walked out of the stairs leading to the highest floor.

Lucas piloted the helicopter from the apartment to the hospital.

Halfway through the journey to the hospital, Ashlyn received a call from the hospital’s director, asking, “Dr. Berry, where are you?”

“I’m five minutes away, Sir. I’ll definitely show up in the operating theater on time,” Ashlyn assured the hospital’s director in a serious tone.

The hospital’s director felt a sense of relief the moment he heard Ashlyn’s words.

Immediately, the director turned around, telling Mr. Chapman, “Sir, Dr. Berry will be here soon. She’s an extremely skilled surgeon. If it weren’t because I have requested…”

The director didn’t finish his sentence. Instead, halfway through his sentence, he shook his head, smiling.

Mr. Chapman asked in return, “Dr. Berry? Is she the youngest doctor of the hospital that everyone in town is talking about?”

“Yes!” The director replied, nodding.

“She’s quite young if I’m not mistaken? Are you sure she’s capable enough to carry out the surgery?” Hera’s mother didn’t have faith in doctors who were relatively young because she deemed them inexperienced.

“You have no idea what she’s capable of. I have always wanted to procure her service to carry out dad’s surgery, but dad told me it wouldn’t be necessary,” Hera’s father rebuked his wife’s statement.

As they were engaged in a conversation, a slender figure showed up in the ward.

“Dr. Berry,” The director greeted Ashlyn politely.

In return, Ashlyn nodded, smiling. She was dressed in a white robe, and her glistering pair of eyes were the only feature visible to others because she had a blue surgical mask on.

Ashlyn scanned the surroundings and stared at Mr. Chapman, asking, “Mr. Chapman, it’s currently five minutes away from nine. Five minutes later, we’ll commence the surgery. I’ll be your attending physician. Have you signed the necessary paperwork for the surgery to take place?”

Mr. Chapman looked at Ashlyn in disbelief because he was awestruck by her glistering pair of eyes.

He found Ashlyn’s pair of eyes familiar, but he couldn’t recall since when had he come across such a pair of eyes back in the day.

Ashlyn repeated her question because Mr. Chapman seemed to have lost himself in the process of thought.

Finally, Mr. Chapman returned to his senses, replying, “Yes. I have signed the required paperwork.”

“Great. Have the nurse brief you about the things to take note of during the surgery?” Ashlyn tucked her hands in the pockets of her robe, asking patiently.

“Yes,” Mr. Chapman replied, assuring Ashlyn.

“If that’s the case, we shall commence the surgery soon.” Once Ashlyn finished her sentence, a few nurses strode into the ward and brought Mr. Chapman out of the ward, heading over to the operating theater.

Ashlyn followed suit and headed out of the ward to prep herself.

Hera’s mother sized Ashlyn up, stating, “Am I the only one who thinks that the doctor is arrogant?”

She couldn’t help but feel unpleasant because others would behave courteously whenever they figured out their identity being part of the Chapman family, but not Ashlyn.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 95

Ashlyn behaved as though she couldn’t be bothered by their identity at all. Therefore, Hera’s mother, who enjoyed being flattered by others, couldn’t get used to it.

“Perhaps that’s how a famous doctor behaves,” Hera’s father replied.

By then, the surgery commenced once Ashlyn had everything she needed in store ready.

Those from the Chaplin family gathered outside of the operating theater, including Hera.

She had the latest designer’s items on, including the dress as a matching handbag she carried along with her. Hera approached her mother, asking, “How’s Grandpa?”

“Don’t worry. The famous doctor, Ashlyn is carrying out the surgery as we speak. I’m sure everything will be fine.” Hera’s mother held on to her hand, promising. “It’s such a hot day. You must be tired, right?”

“I’m fine, mom.” Hera took a seat by her mother’s side.

Hera’s mother whispered, “Is Lucas aware that your grandfather is in such a major surgery?”

Hera shook her head, but she reached for her phone and promised her mother she would get in touch with him because she didn’t want to embarrass her in front of others. She behaved as though Lucas would definitely fall for her and asserted, “I’ll give him a call immediately.”

All of a sudden, Hera’s mother got full of herself, instructing as she tapped on her hand, “Go ahead.”

Hera excused herself and made her way over to the fire escape before calling Lucas.

Once the call got through, she put on a pitiable front, sniffling, “Lucas, my grandfather is in the middle of surgery. Can you please join me at the hospital and keep me company? I’m afraid…”

The man’s indifferent voice could be heard coming from the other end of the call, asking, “Where are you?”

Hera beamed once she hung up the call. The pitiable front was merely an act.

She didn’t return to the operating theater to join her family. Instead, she stood in front of the elevator, in anticipation of Lucas’ arrival.

Twenty minutes later, a man with a black coat walked out of the elevator.

Lucas received Hera’s call once he reached home and got changed.

Since he was notified of Mr. Chapman’s condition, he would have to drop by and pay him a visit out of courtesy.

He chose to show up in the hospital because he had to put on a show since they had been family friends all along.

Hera’s eyes gleamed the moment Lucas showed up. She rushed over to welcome him, greeting, “Lucas! You’re finally here!”

The man had a great build, slender pair of legs, and broad shoulders. As usual, the outfits he had showed off his qualities, contributing to his ethereal appearance, charming his fangirls.

“Has the operation begun?” The handsome man asked in a callous tone.

“It has been an hour since the operation begins.” Hera’s eyes brimmed with tears all of a sudden. She put on a pitiable front, crying, “I’m afraid things may not turn out well in the end… I’m terrified, Lucas…”

“Don’t worry.” Lucas lowered his gaze, in an attempt to comfort the woman.

In the middle of their conversation, they had reached the operating theater.

Everyone looked at Hera in an entirely different manner because they were shocked the moment they detected Lucas’ presence.

Am I seeing what I’m seeing? I can’t believe Lucas actually shows up in the hospital because of someone like Hera!

Everyone from the Chapman family couldn’t help but doubt the authenticity of the news that went viral on social media.

Does that mean Hera is someone else’s mistress?

Actually, Hera was annoyed since the news had gone viral online. She had become the target of the netizens’ witch-hunt session. However, she had to keep a low profile because she couldn’t do anything about it either.

Those from the Chapman family had been keeping Mr. Chapman in the dark because they were afraid he would be adversely impacted by the news.

Since Mr. Chapman wasn’t aware of the news, no one had the guts to confront Hera either. In fact, none of them were in the position to confront her.

Hera couldn’t hold back her joy anymore once Lucas had shown up at her request.

Those from the Chapman family took over the basket of fruits Spencer brought along with him immediately.

Hera’s father held on to Lucas’ hand firmly in an attempt to improve his relationship with such a renowned man.

He would never allow such a great opportunity to slip by his side.

However, Lucas had no intention to entertain the middle-aged man’s dull conversation. He tried to brush him off and ignored the man’s query at times.

In the blink of an eye, three hours had passed.

Finally, someone opened the door of the operating theater from within.

The first person who showed up was a young woman. The diamond necklace she had on her slender neck could be seen as she had her hair tied up. “Bring the patient to the Intensive Care Unit for the time being. Keep an eye on him for the upcoming three days.”

A nurse took note of the woman’s instruction and worked on it immediately.

On the other hand, Lucas was shocked the moment he saw Ashlyn because he wasn’t aware Ashlyn was Mr. Chapman’s attending physician.

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