My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 81-85

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 81

“Impossible. How could Ms. Berry fight someone? She’s the type who looks more like a victim,” Spencer was stunned while driving. He really could not imagine how a gentlewoman like Ashlyn would get in a fight.

See, women are manipulative. I’m not the only one who’s been deceived by her gentleness. Now, Lucas felt much better after knowing that.

At the Chapman family villa.

Hera’s eyes opened wide while reading the series of controversial discussions on Mrs. Nolan’s divorce, which was tweeted by various reposts.

She was enjoying her moment reading all the comments by netizens and suddenly, the posts were gone.

It disappeared…

Not one article remained…

What happened?

Hera quickly sent a message to the previous email account but ten minutes had past and there was still no response.

She was getting anxious.

One hour went by and she finally received an email from the other party stating, “Someone offered a lucrative sum to withdraw the trending topic.”

“Damn it, make it viral again! I’ll give you twenty thousand more,” Hera replied.

“Sorry, can’t mess with this one.”

Glaring at her inbox, Hera gritted her teeth in fury.

She does not have a lot of cash in hand, yet she persevered, “Fifty thousand then.”

“Sorry, we decline.”

Hera was so mad that she smashed her laptop shut.

Alas, the Chapman family was no longer in their heyday. As a consequence, her monthly allowance was not on par with other socialites.

More importantly, it was because she was not favored in the family.

The Chapman had three girls in her generation.

The ancestors of the Chapman family were court musicians and there had been maestros in each generation, except for Hera’s generation.

Mr. Chapman, a great pianist, was chronically ill and would most likely pass away soon.

In order to inherit the family business, Hera’s father focused on his role as a businessman. However, he could only rely on the old Mr. Chapman’s contacts to get some small projects. The scope of their business was extremely insignificant if compared to South Star Airlines, Nolan Group, or North Wind Airlines.

All three female Chapman grandchildren followed their grandfather’s footsteps and majored in music.

Although the Chapman girls studied music, won numerous awards, and even had their grandfather taught them personally, none of them met the true Chapman music benchmark.

Outsiders would praise their performance but insiders would only regard their musical skills as mediocre and not worthy of showcasing internationally. Especially in the recent two years where a young talent named Madeline Saunders appeared.

Madeline was in her twenties but her piano skills were already top-notch, if not perfect. She had won first place in the world’s most prestigious international piano competition, earning many compliments and adoration.

The old Mr. Chapman fell ill because of this incident.

Other people’s child could be a music prodigy overnight. How come I had three sons and three granddaughters but all possess only average skills? Where is my successor? How can I not be upset?

If he knew that Hera wanted to learn from Madeline, he would probably die of rage on the hospital bed.

The good news was he was not aware of it yet.

Hera looked at the time and realized it was time to visit her grandfather. She had set a reminder and included hospital visits in her daily schedule.

It had always been her biggest goal to be the successor of the Chapman family. Thus, it was imperative for her to work hard on pleasing her grandfather.

She longed for the day she could be with Lucas and learn formally from Madeline, in order to bring glory and honor to her family.

Right when she was walking out of her room, she bumped into Mrs. Chapman, who then asked, “How’s the development between you and Mr. Nolan?”

“Don’t worry, mum, I got it,” Hera tried to hide her annoyance and put on a well-behaved attitude.

“News about him having a wife is all over the Internet,” Mrs. Chapman was troubled, “Our family has a good name and your grandfather has been a nobleman all of his life. Please don’t ruin the family’s reputation.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 82

“I know what to do, mum. He promised me he’ll get a divorce. Don’t worry so much. Once he’s divorced, I’ll make sure he announces our relationship to the public,” Hera smiled.

“Fine then,” Mrs. Chapman subconsciously still felt very uneasy about this matter.

How did my own daughter become the girl that Lucas had been searching for a decade?

Hera was always by my side ten years ago. When did she have a chance to develop any relationship with Lucas?

She never understood this.

Then again, if Hera could be Mrs. Nolan, surely all the Chapman’s inheritance will go to her.

With a hopeful spirit, both mother and daughter traveled together to the First Hospital.

Hera’s uncle, Anthony Chapman, was sitting next to the bed, chatting with Mr. Chapman, “Dad, I heard about a great physician here named Dr. Berry. I’ll enquire tomorrow in hope that she be your doctor. They say that she only does one surgery each month.”

Mr. Chapman shook his head, he did not look very well, “Forget it. This is not a minor illness but maybe if all of you upset me lesser, there might be a chance I could get well sooner.”

“Dad, do you want to listen to Heidi’s recital this morning?” Hera’s uncle immediately took out his mobile phone and played a video clip.

Mrs. Chapman rolled her eyes when she saw that as she entered the ward, “Anthony, why are you making dad coach Heidi when he’s still so sickly and needs more rest?”

“Sisley, what are you trying to imply?” Anthony frowned as he tried to justify his action, “I’m trying to relieve dad’s boredom by playing him some video clips.”

“Grandpa, are you feeling better?” Hera walked towards the bed and asked in a very caring manner.

“I’m alright. All of you go home now and let me have some peaceful moments. I won’t need you here as there are nurses to assist me,” Mr. Chapman got upset when the family started arguing.

“But grandpa I just arrived…” Hera was yearning for more opportunities to get connected with her grandfather.

“I know all of you are busy people. You don’t have to come visit so often,” Mr. Chapman hinted while getting ready to sleep.

Mrs. Chapman signaled Hera to leave the room and she also reminded Anthony, “Let’s all go back and let dad rest.”

Anthony left reluctantly.

The moment Ashlyn arrived at the hospital, she was called to the director’s office.

“Director, you asked for me?”

The director looked rather awkward while fidgeting his hands, “Dr. Berry, I have a favor to ask.”

“Go ahead. Who is it this time that begged you to get me to do a surgery?” Ashlyn sat elegantly on the sofa, with her legs crossed, and her pair of inquisitive eyes shining with wisdom.

The director smiled, “I can never hide anything from you, can’t I? Well, he didn’t beg me but I’m begging you.”

“Oh, is that so?” Ashlyn raised her eyebrows.

“I have an old friend whom I’ve known for twenty odd years. He’s been very sick and he needs a bypass surgery. He often gets upset at his own children and grandchildren… you know…” the Director shook his head, “I’ve performed a check on him personally and I’m worried if others were to take over this surgery. Why don’t you have a look?”

He passed a copy of the report to Ashlyn.

“Hypertension and diabetes? His condition may need four bypasses so I think Dr. Hendrickson can do it too,” she looked exceptionally dazzling under the light, gracefully seated on the sofa.

She was wearing a white robe over an emerald, green dress, looking very attractive. Her almond-shaped eyes always made an impression.

Dr. Hendrickson already had a surgery scheduled in the morning so I’m afraid that it’ll be too much for him to have another bypass surgery,” the director sighed before continuing his persuasion, “Dr. Berry, I know that you have a contract with the hospital; you are paid by commission basis only. I know how you work and I can’t force you to commit to any operation. Usually, I’ll reject on your behalf any additional request from any officials but this time, I really need your help. Considering that we are colleagues, could you do me this favor please?”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 83

Ashlyn groaned softly and pouted her ruddy lips, “Oh come on, Director, we’re no strangers so let’s drop the formalities. Look, I can accept this case but in return, I need you to transfer a patient to our hospital and sponsor all of his medical costs. His family can’t afford it.”

“Not a bad deal at all, Dr. Berry. Ok, I promise you. Let me introduce my old friend to you right away,” the director smiled.

“It’s ok, we’ll meet at the operating theater anyways. You can schedule the surgery for tomorrow morning at nine. I’ll email you the details of the transfer patient,” Ashlyn stood up after the conversation ended.

At 2 pm, Landon Davis, the casualty from the accident at the Haddock family hotel was transferred to First Hospital.

His puzzled wife kept asking the nurse, “Do you know why we have to transfer?”

“Our hospital offers the best facility and medical standards in the city. All of your husband’s medical expenses are also borne by the hospital, so rest assured that everything’s ok and just stay here,” the nurse explained with a smile while pushing the cart.

Cadence was Landon’s wife who grew crops and took care of the children in the countryside while he worked in the city.

When Landon was injured, she handed her children over to her in-laws and came to the city to take care of him, the sole breadwinner of the family.

The cost of staying in the ICU was extremely high. Cadence had borrowed whatever she could from all of her relatives to make ends meet. Horace, the wicked boss from Landon’s renovation company could not be contacted after compensating them a hundred thousand.

It cost ten thousand a day to stay in the ICU. Ten thousand vanished easily in a blink of an eye…

Cadence had been crying her eyes out being worried sick about money matters and then this piece of good news came along.

All of the medical expenses are covered?

Wow, it is literally a dream come true.

Ashlyn stepped out of her office and headed towards the ICU. Upon arrival, she saw Cadence wiping her tears.

This woman is only in her thirties but she looks at least forty years old. It was obvious that she had gone through tremendous stress, which was visible on her weary freckled face.

Her clothes are made of coarse cloth but her handmade canvas shoes look neat, though worn out.

Ashlyn walked to her, “Are you Landon’s wife, Cadence?”

She had gone through Landon’s personal file.

“Yes, I am, and you are…?” Cadence was astounded. She had never met such a gorgeous woman in her life, she thought Ashlyn looked more stunning than any of the celebrities she had seen on television.

“I am Dr. Ashlyn Berry,” she said while putting her hands in the pockets of her white robe. “I’ve seen your husband’s medical report. I think you already know that he has blot clots in his brain that must be removed and he has also broken his right leg and arm. I’ll be the doctor responsible for his craniotomy.”

“Yes, the doctor from the previous hospital told me that he’d be paralyzed for life,” Cadence could not stop her tears from streaming down. This doctor is so young, is she really capable of treating my husband?

“Don’t fret. All surgeries have their own risks, the same goes for craniotomy but there is a chance that everything will be fine. We can’t delay his treatment anymore, he has to go for an operation two days from now,” Ashlyn took time to explain to Cadence calmly.

“I see, all right Dr. Berry. Thank you,” Cadence was crying even more and her eyes started to get really puffy and red. Is that why the hospital is not charging me a single cent, so that a young doctor can practice on Landon’s body?

She sat alone at the entrance of the ICU and covered her face as she bawled uncontrollably.

She could not afford any other doctor. The only way out was to accept the offer from First Hospital. Reality hit her hard.

At a romantic French restaurant.

A good-looking man in a black shirt was sitting elegantly at the VIP table, cutting and eating his steak in a very graceful manner.

Hera was coy about the love and infatuation reflected in her eyes as she raised her wine glass, “Congratulations on your safe return.”

Lucas put down the fork and knife in his hands and clinked wine glass with Hera’s, then took a sip of the Château Lafite 1787.

“Thank you.”

“My mother would like to invite you to our house. Would you come over?” Hera took a sip of the wine and then cupped her face and looked at Lucas with a coquettish smile.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 84

A classy white dress, silver high heels, and delicate makeup; Hera deliberately hired a professional stylist to add a tasteful touch to her look for a date with Lucas.

Hera was quite a looker but if one compared her with Ashlyn, the latter would always stand out more.

Many might consider Hera a beauty but to Lucas, she was only an average beauty.

He had seen many beautiful women, especially those working under Nolan Entertainment.

“Not anytime soon,” Lucas looked up and glanced at Hera.

There was disappointment in Hera’s eyes but she hid it very well and quickly acted casually, “I know you’re a busy man, I’ll let my mother know then.”

“Ring…ring!” Suddenly, Lucas’ phone rang and the screen showed an unfamiliar number.

Lucas accepted the call indifferently, “Hello?”

“Mr. Nolan, I’m Cindy. You promised to attend my birthday party this evening. Are you on your way?” A sweet voice sounded over the phone.

Lucas tried hard to recall, only to realize that he accepted an invitation from a random celebrity before his divorce in order to make Ashlyn jealous.

Unfortunately, Ashlyn did not bother and now he was tasting his own medicine.

The worst part was that he had to attend the party as he was a man of his own word.

The tough steak which he had only eaten a few bites now tasted completely tasteless for he had lost his appetite.

In addition, Hera’s perfume scent made him really uncomfortable.

“Send me the address and I’ll be on my way,” Lucas replied.

Cindy was over the moon when she heard Lucas’ response. Initially, she thought she was getting stood up.

Without any second thought, she said, “I’ll send you the location right away.”


After hanging up, he saw Hera’s worried eyes, “Lucas, are you leaving now?”

“I’m going to attend a friend’s birthday party, do you want to tag along?” Lucas stood up to grab his jacket and then realized that Hera was still eating, “Are you done?”

You’re already standing up and getting ready to leave. It’d be so embarrassing for me to say that I’m not finished with my dinner, right?

Thereafter, Hera stood up elegantly albeit feeling rather reluctant, “Can I? Will my presence at the party inconvenient you?”

“Not at all,” Lucas answered and then headed towards the exit in big steps.

Hera, who was wearing a pair of six-inch heels, had to trot all the way to catch up with Lucas’ fast pace.

He’s not quite a gentleman, is he?

Comparing with all of her ex-boyfriends, there was not a single one who did not revolve around her.

Hera was rather upset but she held it all in. She thought about his social status and wealth, which helped her to resist the urge of throwing a tantrum. I’m still in a better place than many others who’ll never ever have this chance to be around Lucas.

Cindy’s birthday party was held at a small opera house and the invited guests included her loyal fans as well as some close friends from the entertainment industry.

Compared to the top-notch birthday parties, hers was considerably small-scale.

Nonetheless, the place was cozily decorated and presented a warm atmosphere.

She had just risen to stardom recently so holding a small birthday party could show her popularity and yet not being too extravagant. After all, if she had chosen the stadium or a convention center as her party venue and only had a thousand turned up, she would make an ugly and embarrassing headline.

The opera house was perfect to house a thousand guests. To kill two birds with one stone, it also helped to create an illusion of a full-house and consequently generate good publicity for herself. Brilliant!

Cindy was sitting backstage, looking forward to Lucas’ arrival.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 85

The manager was in a discussion with the host on the best way Lucas should make his appearance on stage. “Mr. Nolan must give a speech later. Should he make his appearance during the finale or should he do it during the opening?”

“Um… Should we ask Mr. Nolan for his opinion?” The host worked with Nolan Entertainment too but this was the first time he heard about Lucas attending an event like this.

Is the rumor about Lucas and Cindy being a couple true?

Did Mr. Nolan get down from his high horse just to attend a birthday party like this?

“Alright. I’ll ask Mr. Nolan when he gets here,” the manager said, excited. When Mr. Nolan comes, I must take this opportunity to hype the news of Cindy and Mr. Nolan.

I will make sure Cindy reached the apex of her career in the entertainment industry.

Half an hour later, Lucas parked his car just outside the theatre. Once Hera got down from the car, both of them entered the theatre together.

The theater was packed with fans from all over the world. All of them were here to celebrate Cindy’s birthday.

Hera was somewhat envious of Cindy. When I become a popular pianist, I’ll definitely have more fans than Cindy.

She’s just a not-so-famous celebrity. I’m much more advantaged in terms of my family background.

The manager had been standing by the entrance to welcome Lucas. When he saw the latter, he said excitedly, “Mr. Nolan, it’s an honor to have you here.”

Lucas’ expression was cold when he asked, “Where’s Ms. Wynn?”

“She’s backstage. This way, please.” The manager brought Lucas backstage. He only realized a while later that a woman was with Lucas.

The manager originally thought that she was just a fan of Cindy. But now that he thought about it, he felt that something wasn’t right.

Could she be the rumored Mrs. Nolan?

“And this is…?” the manager asked carefully while they made their way backstage.

“Oh. This is Ms. Hera Chapman.” Lucas’ expression still remained cold.

Such a simple introduction?

The manager was more confused now. He had a nagging feeling that he had heard about her surname before.

But they had already reached backstage so he didn’t think much about it anymore.

Cindy got up from her seat happily upon hearing their footsteps. “Mr. Nolan, you’re here!”

She quickly welcomed him with a big smile blossomed on her face.

However, she instantly froze when she saw Hera who was by Lucas’ side.

Why did he bring another woman when attending my birthday party?

Her figure doesn’t look like the slender figure I saw at the Nolan family home.

Mrs. Nolan is tall and slender. She’s at least 170 cm tall when wearing heels.

But this woman is only about 165 cm even with her heels on!

This is obviously not Mrs. Nolan.

I knew that there are lots of women who chased after Mr. Nolan, but I didn’t know it’s to this extent!

Cindy suppressed the unhappiness she was feeling. She looked at Lucas with her bright eyes and said gently, “Mr. Nolan, can you please give a speech later?”

“Your foot is all healed?” Lucas questioned as he glanced at Cindy’s feet that were clad in heels.

Hadn’t she went for an operation just recently? She’s recovered in just a week?

“It still hurts a little. But I can endure it for my fans’ sake.” Cindy plastered a strong look on her face as she said, “The tickets for my birthday party have been long sold out. If I change the date, my fans will be disappointed. It’ll not only affect my reputation, but also the company’s reputation.”

She’s playing innocent and putting on a dedicated persona!

Hera was so disgusted by her act, she almost puked. “Ms. Wynn, you’re such a dedicated person! I’ve got to hand it to you.”

“Thank you, Miss.” Cindy smiled slightly and added, “I’m honored to have you and Mr. Nolan attend my birthday party.”

“This is Ms. Hera Chapman.” The manager quickly relayed what Lucas had said earlier to Cindy.

Cindy smiled and said nothing else.

She stared at Lucas expectantly. It’s my birthday today. He must’ve bought me a present, right?

Even if we’re just friends, it’s not right to attend a birthday party without a gift, right?

But things did not turn out the way she expected.

Spencer came in right at that moment with a bouquet in hand. He walked towards Cindy and said, “Happy birthday, Ms. Wynn. This is a gift from Mr. Nolan.”

A bouquet of flowers?

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