My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 76-80

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 76

People who watched the videos could only see a slender woman wearing a lilac-colored dress. But the presence the woman gave off was powerful and authoritative.

The short clip was quickly shared by countless people, and pretty soon, it racked up plenty of ‘likes’ too.

“Oh my gosh!”

“Mrs. Nolan is amazing!”

“So there really is a Mrs. Nolan. I kept wondering if Lucas Nolan’s marriage was just fake news.”

“Who knew that Mrs. Nolan would be so charismatic.”

“I know right? She’s totally won me over. Oh no, she makes me want to bat for the other team!”

“Think about it. The situation must have been terrifying at the time. The Purser was injured and the other cabin crew members were probably scared out of their wits, but Mrs. Nolan bravely stood up to take control of the scene.”

“The way she was able to calm everyone down was just brilliant.”

“Captain Nolan is one lucky man.”

“What I want to know is whether Mrs. Nolan is on all of Captain Nolan’s flights. If so, doesn’t that sound super romantic?”

The comments section under the video was blowing up, and social media users even managed to get ‘Mrs. Nolan soothes flight passengers’ to trend.

A certain online shopping website even released a “Mrs. Nolan’s lilac dress” which instantly became a best-seller, going out of stock not long after.

Even the white pumps Ashlyn was wearing at the time became must-have items.

There were also plenty of people who flocked to Lucas’ social media account, begging him for Ashlyn’s account handle.

“Does Mrs. Nolan not have a Twitter account?”

“Mr. Nolan. Captain Nolan. I promise I’ll only fly on your flights from now on. Please tell us what Mrs. Nolan’s account handle is!”

“Captain Nolan, do you know how cool your wife is?”

“Where can I get myself a Mrs. Nolan?”

Of course, there were also a bunch of Lucas’ admirers — mainly socialites and influencers — that veered in a vastly different direction.

Their comments were nothing but bitter and vicious.

“Ha! She looks like such a sl*t. Has Mr. Nolan gone blind?”

“I bet she’s a fraud.”

“That’s despicable. How dare she take on the Purser’s role? Surely that’s against some kind of law?”

“Exactly! I’m sure that what she’s doing is illegal! Both she and the Purser should be punished! Absolutely unprofessional!”

“Let’s not forget about the unprofessional cabin crew either. I wouldn’t want to be a passenger on any of their flights!”

“How can they let a non-crew member be in charge during such a crucial time? Just what is South Star Airlines playing at?”

“I bet this is all just to get attention!”

When Hera saw the trending topic, she immediately blew a gasket.

Now, she was increasingly certain that it was Lucas’ ex-wife who had answered the phone.

What the hell? They’re divorced and she still goes around calling herself ‘Mrs. Nolan’? How shameless can she be? The nerve of that woman!

Without even thinking, she went on to her alternate account and posted, “Mr. and Mrs. Nolan have supposedly gotten divorced, so it’s better not to waste any time shipping them together.”

She even went to Yakov’s social media and spammed the same comment under countless other comments. I refuse to let this shameless woman get away with this! How dare she still try to win brownie points by claiming that she’s Mrs. Nolan?

I won’t stand for it!

She then turned on her computer and sent out an email.

Not long after, she received a reply with just the word ‘OK.’

Mrs. Nolan my ass. Let’s see how long your smugness will last. I’m going to make you remember you’re nothing but an unwanted ex!

She stared coldly at the computer screen as a sneer played on her lips. Soon, the topic ‘Lucas Nolan is divorced’ became a trending topic, placing just below ‘Mrs. Nolan soothes flight passengers.’

It looked especially ironic for the two trending topics to be placed, one after the other.

The ‘Lucas Nolan is divorced’ topic was flooded with people yelling at Ashlyn.

“They’re divorced, yet she’s still using him to grab attention?”

“Still calling herself Mrs. Nolan? How ridiculous!”

“What kind of shameless woman is she? Give me back my Lucas Nolan!”

“Why on earth did Mr. Nolan marry such an attention-seeking woman in the first place?”

“I bet she did all that just so that she would become famous.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 77

However, those that had seen the video clip of Ashlyn quickly emerged to defend her. “Mrs. Nolan is a ray of sunshine, and you’re all just jealous of her!”

“Stop spreading rumors! Mrs. Nolan was on Captain Nolan’s flight. They’re very much in love.”

“Besides, even if they were divorced, it’s not like any of you would stand a chance with Captain Nolan anyway.”

“Ha! I’m standing behind you, Mrs. Nolan!”

Then, there were also the requisite conspiracy theorists. “I bet that this was all just a marketing tactic by South Star Airlines; a publicity stunt to get people to notice them.”

“Marketing? Publicity stunt? Excuse me? It was a fact that the plane was met with ghastly weather. It was a fact that Captain Nolan did everything that he could to land the plane safely. It was a fact that the Purser was injured. Lastly, it was a fact that Mrs. Nolan soothed the passengers. So tell me, did South Star Airlines plan all of that, including the bad weather? Moreover, how stupid do you think the airline is, to risk hundreds of lives just for a publicity stunt?”

“I agree with the comment above! That was clearly an instinctual reaction on Mrs. Nolan’s part. No one knew that she was Mrs. Nolan prior to this. Not the passengers, and not the cabin crew. She was merely responding to the crisis on hand. Captain Nolan was amazingly skilled, and Mrs. Nolan was great under pressure.”

“Exactly! Both were amazing! Just think about it! If it weren’t for Captain Nolan’s above-average capabilities, then we wouldn’t be talking about him and Mrs. Nolan right now, but a freaking plane crash! A! Freaking! Plane! Crash! That would undeniably be a detrimental blow to South Star Airlines. So unless they’re both the biggest idiots in the world, do you think that either of them would even consider doing something like this just for a ‘publicity stunt’“?

In the meantime, in a small country in Eastern Europe.

A middle-aged man was leisurely sitting in front of a swimming pool in his luxury three-story mansion. He basked in the warm sunlight as he lazily swirled his glass of red wine.

Every now and then, he would take a sip of the wine while servants wandered around, tending to both the mansion and him.

Suddenly, a loud crash sounded from the entrance of the mansion.

The middle-aged man jumped up in fright. A few of the servants ran over to him, blabbering frantically in their native language.

“Go look!” ordered the man.

A young woman headed towards the door.

A group of uniformed police barged in, each holding a gun pointed straight at the man.

The man’s eyes flew wide open in alarm. I’ve already escaped all the way here. How could the police have found me?

No, no! That’s impossible!

However, as if right on cue, the policeman standing in the forefront whipped out an arrest warrant. “Nigel Bask, you’re under arrest for breaking H Nation’s laws. This includes a hit and run, owing farmers their salaries, and various counts of embezzlements. You will now be extradited back to H Nation. From now on, everything that you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.”

“No! You’ve got the wrong person! I didn’t do any of that!” yelled the man.

He had spent so much money to hire people to cover his tracks. He had also detoured through so many countries, finally ending up in this tiny, unknown country. How on earth did the police from H Nation even find him?

“Grab him!” The policeman put the warrant away while others walked up and cuffed Nigel.

Nigel’s face turned sheet-white. The glass in his hand crashed to the floor, smashing into smithereens.

There were no longer any traces of the relaxed expression that he had on earlier.

A few thousand miles away, a plane flew straight through the night. It was four o’clock in the morning when it had safely landed in Lake City International Airport in H Nation.

Ashlyn saw Jared’s car the moment she stepped off the plane, and she jumped in without any hesitation.

By the time Lucas ran out, he only managed to catch a glimpse of the Land Rover speeding off into the darkness.

The air was especially crisp that morning.

Jenny was scrolling through her social media when she walked up to Lucas.

She shoved her phone at him and huffed, “Captain Nolan, look!”

“What?” asked the man absentmindedly as he stared into the distance.

“It seems like Mrs. Nolan just wants to bring attention to herself.” Jenny couldn’t hide the smugness in her eyes. “I never would’ve guessed that Mrs. Nolan was such an attention-seeker.”

“Bring attention to herself?” Lucas finally shifted his icy gaze onto Jenny.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 78

Jenny was so excited that her fingers were trembling. He is looking at me, he is finally willing to take a good look at me. I wonder if my makeup is flawless today. I wonder…

When her thoughts were still running wild, she heard a calm man’s voice, “Who did you say pulled a publicity stunt?”

“Oh Captain Nolan, look over here,” Jenny, who was psyched out initially, immediately felt like a deflated balloon.

However, she still felt happy as long as she could speak with Lucas.

She directed her phone screen to Lucas, “It’s gone frenzy on the Internet. Mrs. Nolan’s video clip and another topic also went viral…”

Lucas’ expression changed. With his eyebrows squinted, he stared at the screen, checking out the top search on the Internet.

Jenny has been observing Lucas’ facial expression and was actually delighted that he was upset at Ashlyn. She could not wait for Lucas to blow a fuse at Ashlyn.

Feeling elated, she said, “Captain Nolan, that’s too much! How could Mrs. Nolan create such hype so easily without thinking it through? You need to teach her a lesson as she’s discrediting our Southern Star Airlines and affecting our reputation.”

Lucas’ squinted eyes became incisive suddenly and he started to get intimidating, “Do you know my wife personally? As a professional flight attendant, what were you doing when she was consoling the passenger?”

His cold words sent a shiver down Jenny’s spine and it was hard for her to bear his sarcasm and rebuke.

“Captain Nolan, what she did was clearly against the protocol as she wasn’t a member of the cabin crew. You’ll be punished for that.. us too…” Jenny’s eyes widened in disbelief.

How did it end up like this? Was he not upset with Ashlyn? Or was it because of what I said? If so, why me?

She could not contain her anger, “Captain Nolan, are you taking her side?”

“She saved more than a hundred lives,” Lucas smirked and walked away as he said, “It would truly be discrediting South Star Airlines if any punishment was imposed on her.”

Jenny was almost suffocated by her own rage. She quickly went after Lucas, “Captain Nolan, you’re covering up for her. The fact remains that she’s broken the rules!”

The man stopped and threw a terrifying glance as he said sternly, “I’m the president of South Star Airlines, and no one is allowed to question the decision I make.”

She looked intently at his icy cold gaze with tears streaming down her face, “Captain Nolan, I’m just trying to protect the good name of South Star Airlines.”

Lucas’ face turned ashen with rage, his aura was so strong that it became very disturbing. He paused and then questioned Jenny, “Who are you? Why are you doing this for South Star Airlines?”

Jenny stood in place as if there was a bucket of ice water pouring down from the top of her head. Emptiness seeped through her bones and coldness filled her soul.

Staring blankly at Lucas’ broad figure, she was completely taken aback by the question posed to her and did not know how to react.

In order to get transferred to Lucas’ team, she had invested quite a bit of resources and even used the power of her family name as a stepping stone.

She was born with a silver spoon but has since gone through many hardships to be near him. She had to wait on passengers and handle their challenging demands. She did all these for him.

How could he ask who I am? Does he not know me after being colleagues for such a long time?

Her tears could not stop rolling down her cheeks. There was no other channel for her to vent her tension and bitterness.

After hearing the entire conversation, Nancy beamed with joy as she looked at Jenny from afar.

This woman does not give up, does she? Everyone adores Ashlyn’s personality, talent, and beauty. She seems so perfect in every way.

Nancy had just called a classmate from First Hospital and the other party had talked about her injuries as well as how Ashlyn gave her first aid.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 79

She would never ever forget how loudly her classmate cheered after hearing about the incident, “Oh my heart! Nancy, you’re damn lucky. Dr. Berry is like a celebrity doctor at the First Hospital and she only does one surgery per month. Many could not even schedule her for operations and you were on the same flight with her?! I’m so jealous of you. I’d kill to have Dr. Berry touch my hand, you know?!”

At a very young age, Ashlyn had earned the reputation of being the best doctor in a renowned hospital in Lake City. Her future was immeasurably bright.

Luckily, Nancy did not reveal to her classmate that Dr. Berry was actually Mrs. Nolan, otherwise…

Nancy sighed while walking towards Jenny, “As a kind reminder, please be mindful that Captain Nolan is married. He seems to have a very good relationship with his wife, so you’d better give up.”

“Tell me, how do I give it all up? I’ve loved him all these years and given my everything to be near him but he hasn’t even noticed me,” Jenny lamented as she wailed loudly.

Her makeup had smudged all over her face, looking really pathetic. Nancy felt sorry for her and yet she said helplessly, “Whatever it is, he doesn’t love you and neither does he know that you love him.”

“I don’t care. I love him and I must win him over!” Jenny exclaimed and then left furiously.

Nancy shook her head and let out another long sigh.

The Land Rover shuttled in the midst of heavy traffic.

Jared made a remark while driving, “Boss, you’re famous now. You appeared to be in the hottest search topic, did you know?”

“What? I’m not a celebrity, why would my name be in one of the most popular searches?” Ashlyn was resting with her eyes closed but when she heard Jared, she slowly opened her eyes with doubt.

“Well, somebody posted a video clip of your heroic act when you appeased the passengers,” Jared giggled as he thought about the praises for Ashlyn that he had read online, all complimenting how cool she was.

This was nothing! Jared really wanted to leave a comment too, to tell all netizens that his boss had way cooler moments than this.

“Jared Quickton, why are you here for?” Ashlyn did a quick search on the Internet and then threw her phone aside and gazed seriously at Jared with her arms folded.

The good looking man was puzzled, “Huh?”

Did I say something wrong?

“Must I spell it out for you?” Ashlyn was losing her patience, “Act now and withdraw the search topic.”

She certainly did not want to attract any attention.

“Well, didn’t they anonymize the face already? What is there to worry about?” Jared felt that it was not a big deal.

“Nevertheless, I do not want to appear in the hot search. You must get this sorted out before noon.”

Although the clip had blurred her face, those who knew her would still be able to recognize her right away. For example, her colleagues at the hospital.

Moreover, she now had more time after her divorce and had since committed to two surgeries each month at the hospital.

She was going to withdraw the trending topic on the Internet herself if Jared was not going to do it.

“Sure… you’re the boss, whatever you say,” Jared sulked. His boss was close to perfection except for one; she liked to stay low profile. “I heard that Kris is starting to get active again, have you got any news on this?”

Ashlyn was speechless.

She closed her eyes again, “I’m sleepy, let me take a nap.”

Jared raised his eyebrows and kept silent.

When passing by a convenience store, Ashlyn asked to pull over and subsequently went down to get a supply of morning-after pills.

Jared saw it accidentally and gulped. A thought crossed his mind, “Boss, you and Lucas…”

“Shut up!” Ashlyn had no intention to reminisce nor share the recent awkward experience in life.

She opened the cap of the bottle and consumed the medicine.

She was vexed. Sigh. Why did I sleep with him again?

After getting out of the airport, Lucas was picked up by Spencer.

Spencer noticed his gloomy face and asked cautiously, “How would you like to manage Ms. Berry’s clip which went viral?”

“Leave it to me,” Lucas said as he massaged his temple. It would not be good for them to be seen together since they were divorced.

However, he felt somewhat reluctant to withdraw the trending topic from the Internet.

“Go and investigate who revealed the news about the divorce.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 80

“With regards to the news on your divorce, I reckon it was purposely revealed by somebody because there seems to be a pattern with all the Internet trolls and comments left by netizens,” Spencer reported what he has found out thus far. “I’ll follow up further on the details.”

The man gave a cold-eyed stare, “Report everything immediately and remove the divorce article. Don’t worry about the other one.”

Ashlyn has never appeared as Mrs. Nolan in public, who is behind all these that try to assassinate her character? Could it be an unethical tactic used by North Wind Airlines to attack South Star Airlines?

Whether they were targeting Ashlyn or South Star Airlines, he could not just sit back and watch the drama unfolds.

North Wind and South Star had always been rivals.

They originated from a single company thirty years ago, co-founded by Lucas’ maternal grandfather, Daniel Webber, and Philip Cartier.

Subsequently, the two men became archenemies because of one gorgeous lady. Thereafter, Philip withdrew from the partnership and founded his very own North Wind Airlines, and gradually developed it into the world’s second-largest airline.

The third-generation owner of North Wind Airlines was the twenty-eight years old Liam Cartier who was two years Lucas’ senior.

He was another influential figure in the industry, besides Lucas.

Lucas was cold and aloof whereas Liam was labeled as a playboy or womanizer. He was often seen with a model during the day and another celebrity or social media influencer at night.

He was no stranger among the city’s famous socialites too.

There would often be news about him in a yacht, at a turf club, or at a hot spring tour…

He was the complete opposite of the workaholic Lucas.

However, Liam was very capable when it comes to doing business. Although his private life was vibrant, he had never let it affect his work.

Liam had always schemed to bring South Star Airlines down in various ways. Lucas suspected it was no exception this time since an opportunity had presented itself. He speculated so and did not think that there could be other possibilities.

Coincidentally at that time, another trending topic most searched by the multitudes of netizens surfaced.

Nigel Bask, Hit And Run Driver Owing Farmers’ Wages, Arrested

“This man’s behavior is simply outrageous. After hitting someone, he was afraid that the victim would sue him, so he reversed and crushed the victim to death. Initially, after the first hit, the victim was injured but very much alive.”

“This is so scary. He intentionally murdered an innocent person!”

“After the hit and run, he absconded with all the cash from his real estate company, causing many farmers’ wages to be in arrears.

“Pity the farmers for he has been in the run for more than half a year now.”

“Precisely! Did you watch the news? There was a video clip of his arrest which features the large bungalow he lives in and the dozens of servants at his place. Such a scumbag.”

“I’ve got insider news. Rumor has it that the police force commissioned Zero to track Nigel Bask down.”

“Zero? Isn’t he the legendary cyberstalker who caught a lot of top fugitives for politicians worldwide?”

“Oh my God! I heard that Zero’s commission costs a fortune.”

“Oh dear, I lost a hundred bucks the year before, I wonder if Zero could track it down for me.”

“Get lost right away!”

“Zero is my righteous hero, my idol! Salute!”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills of a hacker.”

Lucas registered a social media account for himself after Ashlyn was featured all over the Internet. He was casually surfing through the popular tags online and reading all sorts of trolls.

Zero? It seems like he’s not been accepting any task for four years now. Why the sudden appearance? A few names emerged recently, like Kris, Zero…

Lucas had mixed emotions when he thought of Ashlyn in a fighting ring. He felt distressed, uncomfortable, and yet so proud of her.

For some reason, he felt overwhelmed by anxiety and this emotional turmoil had recurred in high frequency after the divorce.

“Do you think that Ashlyn can fight?”

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