My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 71-75

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 71

Lucas had an inkling that he was never going to get the gentle and playful Ashlyn back, ever again.

His heart ached terribly as he thought of how aloof and distant she had become.

However, he then recalled how much he had enjoyed Ashlyn’s cooking so he dragged himself up and walked over to the dining table.

When he took a sip of the chicken noodle soup, an inexplicable sense of contentment started to spread through him.

Though it was not very obvious, one could tell that he was feeling moved, based on the crack in his expression.

He had long gotten used to Ashlyn over the past few years, whether it be her cooking or her body.

He could even vividly recall the fragrance of her skincare products.

Finishing the bowl of noodle soup, he stood up to wash the dishes. To which soon after, he grabbed himself some medication for his tummy.

He then turned in for the night, only to end up tossing and turning; no sleep came to him.

His burning anxiety grew deep, along with the night.

Ashlyn had always been a light sleeper.

Hence, she was laying wide awake, the moment a dark figure opened the door to her room. She stayed perfectly still, laying turned on her side.

Though the person was moving very lightly, Ashlyn could easily tell from the sound of the familiar footsteps that it was Lucas.

It’s the middle of the night. What’s he doing in my room?

Also, I’m very sure that I’d locked my door!

Nonetheless, this was Lucas’ usual modus operandi; there was likely no point in locking the door.

The man stood by the bed and gazed at the sleeping woman. She had turned on a night light, and her face was bathed in the warm orange light.

She looked cold and distant during the day, but now, she looked as harmless as an infant.

Lucas leaned closer to her. He couldn’t stop himself and pressed his lips onto the pair that he had been dreaming of for so long.

They still felt as soft and as full as he had remembered, and immediately, a familiar sense of frenzy was ignited.

He gradually deepened the kiss. It was as if he were a man who had stumbled onto an oasis in the desert. That was how much he had thirsted for her lips, for her everything. The kiss became more urgent and desperate.

Ashlyn couldn’t believe what was happening.

He stared at me for so long just so he could sneak a kiss?

She instinctively wanted to push Lucas away, but suddenly, a familiar feeling started blossoming from her tailbone.

And soon enough, it had spread throughout every cell in her body.

Not again!

It’s been four years! Why is it that every time this man is somehow involved, it just starts stirring?

Just what charm does this man have?

Has it not been fed enough, all these years while being with him?

She hadn’t had any palpitations at all this past year.

That was why she had so readily agreed to end the marriage.

However, she had been too naïve and had greatly underestimated the potency of the Spirogyra.

When she had kissed Lucas during the day, the curse had likely already detected his presence.

Now that he was in close vicinity, it had awoken again.

Ashlyn could feel every part of her body growing warmer, and it was becoming unbearable.

Very, very unbearable.

Lucas astutely sensed Ashlyn’s change in behavior. He pulled away from her lips but kept his gaze on her.

He saw her slowly open her eyes, and he noticed that they were coated with a layer of desire. Her cheeks were tinged pink; she looked so breathtakingly beautiful.

“You’re awake?” asked Lucas in a raspy voice.

Ashlyn stared at him dazedly. She wanted to give a response, but when she opened her mouth, the only sound that came out was a soft moan.

On the other side of the window, a gentle, warm breeze was blowing. There wasn’t a star in the sky either. It was as if they had all shyly hidden behind the clouds.

Morning rays shone into the room and gently caressed the two intertwined bodies lying on the big, soft bed.

The woman’s long lashes fluttered. It seemed as if the sunlight was too glaring, so she lazily lifted an arm and covered her eyes.

After a while, she put her arm down and finally opened her eyes.

Her whole body was very sore as if she had just run two marathons in a row.

There was an arm draped across her waist. She glowered at the arm, then picked it up and threw it to the side.

The images from last night flooded her, flashing across her eyes, scene by scene.

She couldn’t believe her lack of control.

Stupid Spirogyra! Can’t you be without a man for even one day?


My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 72

The Spirogyra hasn’t acted up in a whole year. So why did it suddenly awaken last night? And it was completely out of control too!

She recalled how she had been so eager last night, as well as all the embarrassing things that she had initiated, and she wanted nothing more than to disappear from the face of the earth. Ahhh! I’ll never live this down!

She yearned to rid of the Spirogyra from her body. However, it had been four years and she still hadn’t found a way to do so.

The only thing she could do was suppress and mitigate it.

She had honestly believed that she had successfully gotten control over it these past four years and that it wouldn’t awaken again.

Ashlyn buried her face in her hands.

Now that I’m divorced, how am I supposed to deal with it the next time it acts up?

No… Nothing has happened in the past year, so I’m sure everything will be okay going forward. Last night must’ve just been an anomaly.

Yes, that has to be it.

After spending some time convincing herself, Ashlyn then readied herself to get out of bed to wash up.

However, the moment she sat up, she was startled by a pair of eyes staring at her.

Lucas was already awake! He was lying on his side with his head propped against his left arm, and his deep-set eyes were focused on her.

“You’re awake?” Ashlyn tried hard to hide her awkwardness and made her face look as expressionless as possible.

Sleeping with the ex-husband sounded ridiculous, no matter how it was spun.

Lucas’ hair fell lazily into his eyes, and he squinted his eyes habitually. “We went at it for most of the night, Ashlyn. That’s some energy you have.”

Ashlyn’s face stiffened. The soreness in her body was nothing compared to how awkward things were right then.

If she had resolutely pushed him away, then Lucas absolutely wouldn’t have had the chance to try anything.

Yet, the curse was too strong and it had completely taken her over. What else could she have done?

The man absentmindedly took a lock of her hair and twirled it around his fingers. Then, he leaned in and buried his head in the crook of her neck. With a thick voice, he uttered, “You were so passionate last night.”

It had been quite a long time since he had experienced such an unbridled passion.

There was something about Ashlyn whenever she was in bed that had always mesmerized him, pulling him deeper and deeper.

While they were married, he had always loved her body. Even now, he still found himself addicted to it.

Ashlyn’s gaze flickered towards him as her expression remained blank.

The passionate one wasn’t me. It really wasn’t. It was the damn Spirogyra!

That’s right! I was under its control, so I have nothing to be self-conscious about!

Lucas shifted his body and rested his head on a pillow. His face looked like a carefully carved piece of artwork, as did the upper half of his body that was exposed and uncovered by the sheets. His limbs were carelessly spread out, taking up most of the bed.

Ashlyn wanted to at least try to keep her dignity intact. “I don’t remember anything, so I don’t understand a word that you’re saying.”

The sunlight was a little too strong, so Lucas got up and pulled the curtains shut.

He then walked back and rested his gaze on the woman still in bed.

Her lips were pursed tightly as if she was trying to push down her emotions. Oh? So she’s going to play dumb?

Lucas tilted his head slightly, and the sunlight that was peeking through the curtains shone right onto his head, giving him a halo effect.

Ashlyn didn’t have time to enjoy the man’s gorgeous looks. Though his figure — with his chiseled chest and six-pack abs — really was so good that it would cause women everywhere to swoon and faint. However, there were also visible marks on his body, scratches that she had left behind last night. As of right now, she couldn’t bear to look at them.

Because all of that only suggested one thing — that she was really very enthusiastic last night.

I thought that he had gastric pains! Yet he still had the strength to do all of that last night! Gastric pain my butt!

By the time Ashlyn got up and finished washing up, it was already around eleven in the morning.

She opened the fridge and saw that it had been restocked.

“I want to have a lamb shank with mashed potatoes, salmon with a red wine sauce, and some kind of salad…” listed Lucas as he walked over. He was only wearing a loose robe, so his chest peeked out from underneath every time he moved.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 73

Ashlyn’s hands stopped midway while putting on the apron. “Do you think that you’re at a restaurant?”

“Someone wanted to go again and again last night, so I need to replenish my energy. After all, I have a flight later at four,” announced Lucas very sincerely.

Ashlyn’s face blushed bright pink. As unabashed as she usually was, at the end of the day, she was still just a twenty-two-year-old girl.

She hurriedly averted her gaze and focused on the ingredients. It looked like Lucas had gotten someone to get everything that he needed. She pointed to a pot and huffed, “Go boil the potatoes.”

Previously, whenever Lucas had time, he would help out with the cooking too. So, he was familiar with handling tasks like these.

He strode over to the sink, washed the potatoes, and started peeling them.

Ashlyn stole a glance at him.

His side profile looked very alluring and would probably mesmerize anyone who looked at him for too long.

Even when he was just peeling potatoes, there was something graceful and artistic about his movements.

God really put in extra effort when making him.

Ashlyn allowed herself one last glance before starting to prepare the other ingredients.

An hour later, all of the dishes Lucas ordered were plated and placed on the dining table. He had also set the table without having to be asked.

They sat down across from each other.

There was a hint of a smile on Lucas’ face. He really enjoyed this kind of lifestyle.

Everything felt very warm and wholesome, and it was a feeling that only Ashlyn could give him.

He gracefully carved the meat off the lamb shank, then placed a chunk in his mouth. “It tastes good,” he admitted contently.

Ashlyn had actually cooked enough for four people. So when it didn’t look like Lucas was going to slow down anytime soon, she quickly spoke up.

“As a doctor, I should remind you that overeating is going to do even more damage to your stomach.”

“Are you concerned about me?” Lucas’ head was facing towards her, yet his gaze seemed to be unfocused.

Clearly he was full. But for some reason, he wanted to continue to eat.

Aren’t big shot presidents supposed to be fancy and elegant and only partake in fine dining with those tiny, tiny portions?

So why’s the one in front of me such a big eater? He’s nearly finished everything on the table by himself.

Serves him right for having stomach pains!

Ashlyn really had never seen him eat so much before. Not even while they were married.

“I’m a doctor. It’s part of my job,” retorted Ashlyn as she lowered her gaze and continued with her meal.

Lucas’ lips curled upwards. He still hadn’t gotten used to the idea of being divorced. It was likely the same way for Ashlyn, despite how aloof and distant she had been acting.

This thought made him feel quite happy.

The images from last night popped into his mind. The way they threw away their inhibitions, the way she moaned into his ear, the way her arms wrapped themselves around his neck…

Now that he had satisfied his physical hunger, he wanted nothing more than to satiate his ‘other’ hunger…

Lucas’ eyes lingered on Ashlyn’s flawless skin. The cute pajamas that she had been wearing last night had gotten shredded during the process, so at that moment, she was wearing a black nightgown. The contrast of the black against her skin only made her look even fairer, and all he could think about was running his fingers up and down her body.

Her bright dewy eyes were the worst of all. They looked emotionless most of the time, but whenever he locked eyes with them, the fire and urge in him would instantly be ignited.

Just like in this very second.

He stared at her like a predator stalking its prey, with passion and hunger dripping from his eyes.

Ashlyn astutely sensed the change in atmosphere and lifted her eyes. She was met with a pair of ravenous-looking eyes.

Having spent four years with him, she was naturally very familiar with that look in his eyes. Furrowing her brows slightly, she asked hesitantly, “Lucas?”

Suddenly, the man in front of her threw down his fork, went around the table, and picked her up bridal style.

He then strode over to the couch, threw her onto it, before soon pressing his body down onto hers.


Ashlyn wanted to get out from beneath him. Last night had been a mistake. She couldn’t allow this kind of thing to happen again and again.

They were divorced. People who were divorced needed to have a clean break instead of indulging in these boundary-blurring activities.

She tried to use her strength to fight back. She lifted her leg and tried to land a kick on the man’s back, but it was as if he had eyes behind the back of his head. He reached his hand out and wrapped it precisely around her calf.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 74

Ashlyn wasn’t going to give in so easily. She tried again, but no matter what she tried, Lucas would always be able to deflect her ‘attacks.’

He was also able to sneak kisses along her neck and on her face…

Things were getting pretty heated.

Ashlyn’s body grew increasingly warm.

The Spirogyra, which had been dormant for half a month, was awakening again with a vengeance.

She realized that her body was completely unable to resist Lucas.

If it were anyone else, she could have easily bashed his head in.

But this was Lucas…

With the Spirogyra in her, there was nothing that she could do to resist.

At that very moment, she really hated the blasted body of hers.

Lucas grabbed her waist tightly and pressed her body against his. He then leaned in and kissed her on her lips.

Time slowly ticked by.

Lucas carried Ashlyn to the bathroom to clean up before placing her back on the bed.

He lowered his head to look at Ashlyn who was tucked beside him. He put his hand on her waist and pulled her closer.

After having tired herself out, the woman had already fallen asleep.

There was a nice, fresh scent to her, likely from the body wash used earlier. Her long hair was scattered around Lucas’ neck and chest. She appeared to be in deep sleep.

Lucas used his finger to gently brush the hair away from her face. He used an arm to prop his head up, before staring at the beauty in front of him.

She is so beautiful. As beautiful as a goddess.

Lucas subconsciously relaxed his habitually creased brows.

Even though the atmosphere felt easy and relaxed, there was something about her — maybe it was her breathing or something — that still felt inexplicably distant and subdued.

One of these days, I’m going to peel back those layers and learn everything about her!

The man caressed her face gently. His body tingled at the soft, silky touch.

He took a deep breath then pulled his hand back. Finally, he lay back down next to her and hugged her tightly in his arms.

By the time they woke up, two hours had already passed.

Ashlyn had felt slightly exasperated with herself. She had found herself in this awkward position twice that day already. Even her breathing was filled with awkwardness.

When Lucas felt her movements, he too opened his eyes. There was a barely detectable hint of affection in his eyes.

Their eyes met for a few seconds, and immediately, the atmosphere turned awkward.

Out of nowhere, Lucas’ arm snaked around to the back of her head as he pulled her towards him.

He pressed his lips against hers as his tongue gently traced her lips.

Ashlyn slowly closed her eyes. All her senses were flooded with him.

The kiss didn’t last too long. When Lucas pulled away, there was even a hint of reluctance in her eyes.

She had finally come to accept that her body very likely couldn’t do without Lucas.

Because every time Lucas got close to her, she would immediately melt into a puddle of water.

Darn it!

Outside the room, a brisk wind was blowing. The sound of raindrops hitting the windows could also be heard.

Apparently it had started to drizzle.

“Will the rain affect your flight?” frowned Ashlyn slightly.

Lucas took hold of her slightly cold hands and tried to warm them up in his. “I’ll only know later during the meeting. Come on, let’s get up. We need to get ready to go to the airport.”

“Okay,” nodded Ashlyn.

Ten minutes later, they were both properly dressed and ready to go.

Lucas was dressed in his captain’s uniform and had his pilot’s cap in one hand. He looked dashing and even had an imposing air about him. Those long legs of his were especially mouthwatering. In fact, he looked so stunning that it was as if he had walked straight out of a magazine.

Ashlyn, on the other hand, was wearing a pair of tight-fitting jeans. The fabric clung to her, showing off the lines of her toned legs. She also had on a beige-colored coat, paired with a pair of sneakers. Her whole ensemble made her look especially youthful.

Both man and woman were outrageously good-looking.

They stepped out of the hotel and were immediately enveloped by cold air and raindrops.

Lucas personally drove them to the airport.

Ashlyn would take a glance at the scenery every so often during the ride.

After they arrived at the airport, Lucas finally handed a plane ticket to her.

She perked an eyebrow up, as she reached for the ticket. Then she heard the magnetic-sounding voice say, “I’ll head to the meeting first.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 75

Ashlyn nodded, then watched as the man walked off.

There was still some time left before they could start boarding. She rubbed her temples helplessly.

Why couldn’t I have just resisted him?

She had to admit that Lucas was very good-looking, and he certainly knew what he was doing in bed.

However, she couldn’t very well turn into a puddle every time he touched her, now could she?

No! That’s too much!

I won’t allow him the chance again!

No, wait! We’re divorced! Why’s he even rolling around in the sack with me?

We might as well not have gotten divorced in the first place! It’s like I got demoted from wife to just friends with benefits!

Now it just feels like I’m on the losing end here.

Nancy and a few other stewardesses were walking past when they had caught sight of Ashlyn. They all stopped in their tracks in surprise.

However, they all did just survive a traumatic experience, and Ashlyn was Captain Nolan’s wife, so they decided to walk up and say hello.

Nancy was the first to give her a smile. “Mrs. Nolan, aren’t you going to stay in Italy for a few more days?”

“Are you doing better? Are you able to fly?” asked Ashlyn in return.

Nancy was someone who had classy and delicate features, the exact opposite of Ashlyn’s more sensual and bold beauty.

Even Nancy’s presence itself felt gentle.

“I’m feeling better after resting for a whole day. I did hit my head, but it’s all good now.” Nancy vividly remembered how Ashlyn had helped her. “Thank you for your assistance that day, Mrs. Nolan, or things would’ve become much more chaotic than they were.”

“That’s right. Mrs. Nolan even gave Nancy a quick check-up. Personally, I was too freaked out to do anything,” chimed another stewardess.

“You were so amazing that day, Mrs. Nolan. How were you not afraid or even nervous?”

“It was probably because of Lucas,” smiled Ashlyn.

“We need to go. We’ve got a meeting to get to!”

An irritated voice abruptly interrupted the conversation.

Nancy could immediately tell that it was Jenny who had interrupted her. She pushed her annoyance down and turned to Ashlyn. “Please excuse us, Mrs. Nolan. We need to get to our meeting. We’ll catch up with you again.”

Each time Ashlyn heard the word ‘Mrs. Nolan,’ her skin would crawl. So, she couldn’t stop herself from bringing it up. “Lucas prefers to not have everyone know about our relationship, so… if everyone could…”

“Captain Nolan has already informed us of this,” smiled Nancy. “We’ve also notified all the passengers on that flight. So don’t worry, everyone knows to keep the secret.”

“Mrs. Nolan, you and Captain Nolan look amazing together. Why are you keeping your relationship on the down-low?” asked one of the stewardesses.

“He probably just wants to protect me,” winked Ashlyn playfully. “You guys get it. He’s a walking chick magnet.”

The stewardesses all burst into giggles. They realized that Mrs. Nolan wasn’t only just pretty and kind-hearted, but rather, she also had a playful sense of humor.

When the stewardesses finally walked away, Ashlyn let out a sigh of relief and arranged her face back into her usual expressionless look.

Being playful and cute was not one of her strong suits.

However unbeknownst to them, a ‘Mrs. Nolan trend’ was sweeping across the country at that very moment.

As it turned out, Yakov had already excitedly uploaded the video of Ashlyn onto his social media.

He had more or less relocated to H Nation for a while now and was working as a freelance photographer. So, the moment he saw Ashlyn speak into the PA system, he couldn’t help but start filming it.

However, he still knew there would be privacy issues if he blatantly uploaded a video of someone else, so he was careful enough to blur out Ashlyn’s face.

The short clip started exactly when Ashlyn stepped in to take over Nancy’s Purser responsibilities, helping to calm the passengers down.

Her authoritative and steady voice could be heard very clearly.

“Good day, everyone. I am Ashlyn Berry, the wife of the captain of this flight. My husband, Captain Lucas Nolan, has undergone years of professional training. When I’d married him four years ago, he had just taken over South Star Airlines. In order to better expand the airlines, he went and got himself a pilot certification.”

“I’ve seen how much blood, sweat, and tears he’s put in, to get from a trainee to a co-pilot, and to the captain that he is today. I know very well how capable he is, so believe me when I say that you can put your trust in him. His wife is on this flight; he will do everything that he can to ensure his wife’s safety, as well as every one of yours. I know that he won’t let anyone of us down. He will land the plane safely.”

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