My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 66-70

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 66

If she took another flight, the pilot would definitely not be able to handle a situation if what happened yesterday were to occur once more.

What if something happened to her?

He would only feel relieved if she remained in his line of vision.

“You’re so unreasonable.” Ashlyn took a deep breath.

From the corners of her eyes, she spotted a familiar figure appear at the entrance of the waiting room. Why is he here?

Before Lucas could react, Ashlyn narrowed her eyes, tiptoed, and kissed the man’s sexy lips abruptly.

Lucas was stunned.

We were fighting earlier, but she’s kissing me all of a sudden?

A woman’s heart sure is incomprehensible.

Men seemed to have a natural instinct to take control when it came to things like this. Grabbing Ashlyn’s slender waist in a domineering manner, he deepened the kiss further.

Wilson said that Kris had gone to the airport directly.

Jackson’s gaze swept across all the travelers in the waiting hall, trying to search for the familiar teenager in his memories.

Yet, despite combing through the entire airport, he could not find the person.

He even spotted a couple kissing in a public place like this!

Instantly, he felt contemptuous and disgusted.

After searching the airport again and still being unable to find his target, Jackson felt slightly disappointed.

When he exited the waiting hall gloomily, he met Wilson, who had also rushed over. “Why? Didn’t you find her?”

“Yeah.” It was obvious that Jackson was feeling slightly down.

“Forget it. If she wants to see you, she’ll naturally appear.” Wilson patted Jackson’s shoulder in pity.

Glancing at him coldly, Jackson slapped his hand away. “Wilson, don’t be happy so soon. One day, I’ll find evidence of your crime and lock you up.”

“Hey, can you have more conscience? Is everyone at H Nation so boring and rule-abiding like you? Although we are the Blackhand Mafia, we do legal businesses. Commander Bush, don’t think that you can threaten me just because you’re from the same country as Kris,” uttered Wilson in contempt.

“Hmph!” grunted Jackson coldly. “How is she doing? Is she okay?”

“Yeah. What happened that year almost killed her. I’d always thought that she’d died.” A flash of hurt appeared in Wilson’s beautiful brown eyes. He did not want to recall that memory again.

“Luckily, Heaven was kind on us. After knowing that she’s fine, I’m relieved. I wonder how she’d managed to endure these four years.” A hint of agony appeared on Jackson’s face.

“I want to know too, but she won’t tell me.” Wilson spread his hands.

Jackson remained silent. He walked to the police car directly, pulled the door open, and entered the car.

At the waiting hall, Ashlyn pushed Lucas away forcefully after Jackson left.

Lucas was still immersed in her familiar scent and sensation of her lips.

Because of this brief kiss, all the frustration and resentment he felt seemed to have disappeared in an instant.

The people around them kept staring at them.

They were similarly good-looking, with a similarly powerful aura. Yet, they seemed so harmonious together, attracting everyone’s attention.

The man’s face was as cold as ice. He had such a dignified aura that he seemed like a nobleman right out of the Renaissance era. “Why did you push me away?”

Ashlyn glanced at him. “I’m sorry, I exploited you just now. Someone is trying to capture me, so I did that.”

Does he have a bipolar personality? He was so furious earlier. Why did he suddenly become so noble and elegant in an instant? How can he switch between these two personalities so naturally?

Now, Ashlyn felt that getting a divorce was an extremely wise decision.

In her haste to hide from Jackson, she had no choice but to force a kiss on Lucas.

“Am I just a tool to you?”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 67

After hearing Ashlyn’s explanation, Lucas, who had just resumed his calm composure, felt slightly annoyed again.

At least I’m a tool, not just a useless man.

He was actually glad that she did not use another man as a tool.

“I’m sorry,” apologized Ashlyn sincerely. She suddenly felt that it was a bit despicable to exploit him just like that.

Jackson was part of the police, while she was a criminal.

How could she let Jackson see her?

She spread her arms out. “I don’t like to owe others favors, so I’ll agree to take your flight home tomorrow. How about that?”

This was to return Lucas’ favor to her.

Although Ashlyn said it in a very cold and straightforward manner, Lucas felt an inexplicable sense of emotions.

Lifting his lips up into a smile, his eyes could not help but light up at the thought of it. “Stay at my hotel tonight.”

“I already have a place.” Ashlyn frowned, thinking that he was pushing his luck.

“Then, I’ll treat your kiss earlier as your lingering love for me. You took the initiative to kiss me because you want to remarry,” whispered Lucas in a seductive voice as he raised his eyebrows and bent down closer to Ashlyn.

Ashlyn was speechless.

She had shot herself in the foot.

It was quite inappropriate to return to Luigi’s place as she had already bid them farewell.

Forget it, I’ll just stay at his hotel.

Lucas and the flight crew were staying at a five-star hotel near the airport.

South Star Airlines was famous for having good employee benefits. As Lucas did not want to downgrade himself, all crew members, regardless of which flight they were responsible for, stayed in five-star hotels.

Coincidentally, when Ashlyn wanted to book another room, the woman at the concierge told her with a sweet smile that there were no available rooms left.

But there are no events in Italy now. How can the hotel be fully booked?

Ashlyn felt slightly suspicious.

Lucas was helping Ashlyn pull her luggage. He pressed the lift button and chirped, “The service at this hotel is quite good. Hence, the rooms normally need to be reserved beforehand. If you’d tried to book a room on the spot, it would’ve been difficult to do so.”

“Oh, really?” Frowning, Ashlyn thought that something was amiss.

Lucas smirked, his pretty eyes filled with delight. As long as Ashlyn was by his side, he felt exceptionally at ease.

Both of them entered Lucas’ presidential suite directly. “My room is very big and has two bedrooms. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.”

After placing the luggage at the side, he walked over to the bar table. “Do you want a drink?”

Ashlyn sat on the sofa in a daze. The presidential suite had a design identical to the Whitland Villa.

Even the furniture, the bar table, and the wine displayed on the shelves were the same.

She felt like she had returned to the ‘home’, in which she had spent four years with Lucas.

This made her feel uncomfortable.

Extremely uncomfortable.

She would be a fool if she still did not understand what had happened.

This five-star hotel was definitely owned by the Nolan Group. Just shooting a look at the staff, the president could prevent her from booking an available room.

This presidential suite was definitely Lucas’ personal suite. Normally, it would definitely not be occupied by any guests.

However, she could not understand why Lucas wanted to decorate it in the same way as his house.

Is he a pervert?

“Lucas, is it fun to lie to me?” Ashlyn took the glass of red wine that Lucas was passing to her, suddenly feeling slightly helpless.

Why have I never noticed that this man has so many tricks up his sleeve?

Oh, right. How is it possible for a man, who could become the president of a corporation, to be a naive person?

Naturally, he had his own tricks, which he had used on me.

“I wanted to ask you the exact same thing too. Is it fun to lie to me?” Lucas sat down beside her, knowing that she had already guessed why she could not book a hotel room.

He inspected her carefully with an unreadable gaze, his eyes filled with confusion. “What’s your relationship with Shadow Way? Why are you Kris?”

“Why did you go to the underground boxing club?” Instead of answering him, Ashlyn shot a question back.

“Don’t evade my question. Well, I was simply there just to watch. Can’t I do that?” Lucas crossed his legs elegantly, while his lean fingers held the wine glass and swayed it. “Ashlyn, how many secrets do you have? How many things do I not know about you?”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 68

“Lucas, we are already divorced. Stop being so curious about me. I have no obligation to answer your question.” Ashlyn finished her wine in a single gulp. Placing the glass down, she stood up and announced, “I’m going back to my room.”

The door to the other bedroom slammed shut.

Lucas frowned slightly, his expression unreadable.

After two minutes, he heard the sound of water flowing from the bedroom.

She was bathing.

When he imagined the image of her alluring body and fair skin, he found that he had become erect.

The sounds of the water flowing stopped after ten minutes.

However, Lucas felt extremely warm and his throat became parched.

Ashlyn’s influence on him was more significant and stronger than he had ever imagined.

He missed her deeply and urgently.

Taking a deep breath, he tossed his phone onto the sofa and decided to take a cold shower.

After bathing, Ashlyn felt a little hungry. She dried her hair and opened the door, preparing to find something to eat in the kitchen.

Suddenly, she heard a mobile phone ringing on the sofa.

When she walked over to take a look, she realized that it was from Lucas’ phone.

The screen showed an incoming call from Ms. Chapman.

She grabbed the phone and knocked on Lucas’ door. However, no one answered.

Listening carefully, she could hear the sound of water flowing and thought that Lucas was probably bathing.

Hence, she tossed the phone back onto the sofa and headed towards the kitchen.

There were a few eggs, some tomatoes, and a little bit of meat in the fridge. As they looked quite fresh, the staff must have just placed them in the fridge according to Lucas’ schedule.

The man was a picky eater. He would rather cook than eat Italian food.

However, his cooking was horrendous. Ashlyn did not know how he found the courage to swallow the food which he cooked.

It was actually quite amusing to think that a 1.85-meter tall man was still a picky eater.

The hotel staff in charge of preparing the food probably prepared simple ingredients, because they knew that Lucas only knew how to cook simple dishes.

Ashlyn took the meat from the fridge and began to cut them into thin slices. Then, she took out the spinach and tomatoes as well.

However, Lucas’ phone kept frantically ringing in the living room, showing no signs of stopping.

Ashlyn had no choice but to walk over again. Again, the screen showed an incoming call from Ms. Chapman.

Ms. Chapman is so persistent.

Holding the phone, she knocked on Lucas’ door. A masculine and hoarse voice sounded, “Come in.”

He’s done so soon?

Without thinking much about it, she pushed the door open to see Lucas wiping his hair. His upper body was naked, with only a white towel wrapped around his torso.

His sexy six-pack abs were as clearly defined as a bar of chocolate. A few drops of water dripped from his hair, flowing down his chest all the way to the towel around his waist.

Ashlyn could not help but feel her cheeks heat up. “Your phone keeps ringing. It’s so noisy.”

“Oh, I see. My hands are still wet, so you can help me accept the call first,” responded Lucas, holding a towel in his hands. His hair was wet and disheveled, but it did not affect his handsomeness at all. Instead, it caused him to look even wilder.

Spinning around quickly, Ashlyn accepted the call. “Hello?”

The other person was obviously stunned. Then, a cute-sounding, yet interrogative voice sounded, “Isn’t this Lucas’ phone?”

“Yeah. As he has just finished bathing, he can’t really pick up the call. I can help you pass the message to him,” replied Ashlyn calmly.

“Who are you?” asked Ms. Chapman again, sounding a bit unhappy. “Why are you together with Lucas?”

“Did you call just to ask these questions? Seems like you don’t have anything important to tell Mr. Nolan. I’ll hang up now.” Ashlyn hung up the call directly and tossed the phone over to Lucas.

“Ms. Chapman seems very upset about me answering the call.”

She was very irritated by Ms. Chapman, who kept interrogating her.

Before Lucas could respond, she continued, “I wanted to prepare two bowls of noodles. But I’ll only prepare one now.”

When she whirled around and left, she heard Lucas’ phone ring again.

A mocking smile appeared on her lips as she headed directly to the kitchen.

Lucas accepted the call impatiently. “Hello?”

When Hera heard his voice, she started to complain in a nasal tone, “Lucas, who’s that woman? She’s so fierce!”

“It’s none of your business. What’s the matter?” snapped Lucas coldly, with an emotionless expression on his face.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 69

Hera was stunned. It was already nighttime in Italy. What else could a man and woman do alone at night?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Didn’t Lucas get a divorce? Did his wife follow him to Italy? Or did Lucas take a liking to another woman behind her back?

After all, Lucas is handsome and wealthy. There are rumors everywhere, saying that he’s already married.

Hera had also requested a few times to meet the rumored Mrs. Nolan. However, Lucas had rejected all of her requests.

She became furious when she thought of it, and her tone sounded increasingly indignant, “Well, I saw on the news that you’d met a thunderstorm yesterday during your flight. I’m a bit worried about you.”

“I’m fine.” Lucas’ voice became gentler. “I’m still busy, so I’ll end the call now.”

“Wait, Lucas, don’t hang up yet! I have something to say,” uttered Hera quickly when she heard that he was going to end the call.

“Yes?” As Lucas was famished, he wanted to quickly look for Ashlyn to ask her to cook another bowl of noodles for him. He did not have the time to chat with Hera.

“Lucas, you’d promised me that you’ll get me Ms. Saunders’ number. I’m about to enter the piano competition. If I don’t get a good ranking, Grandpa will give up on me.” Hera’s pitiful-sounding voice was cute and soft.

She sounded like she would burst into tears if Lucas did not agree.

He replied, “Okay, I’ll do it when I get back. I’m hanging up now.”

After speaking, he hung up the call and walked towards the kitchen.

Glaring at her phone, Hera gritted her teeth in fury.

Lucas’ attitude was not like this earlier! Why is his change so drastic?

Previously, he’d even said that I was the girl whom he’d been searching for, for ten years. He promised that he’d stay by my side.

Why did he become so cold after a few days?

When Lucas met her, she thought that she was the luckiest girl in the world.

No woman could resist Lucas’ charisma.

That woman must have seduced Lucas.

Hera was so furious that she wanted to smash her phone into smithereens.

In the kitchen, Ashlyn fried the meat skillfully before plating it. Then, she started to boil the noodles.

Her actions were very fluid. She even managed to make cooking noodles look so elegant and pretty.

Standing at the entrance of the kitchen, Lucas gazed at Ashlyn’s slender back. She was wearing pink, cartoon pajamas, while her long, slightly damp hair was casually scattered across her shoulders.

Since a long time ago, he found it extremely enjoyable to watch Ashlyn cook.

Not only was she beautiful, but her food was extremely delicious too.

After their divorce, he had never seen her cook anymore.

He gazed at her with his dark eyes.

When Ashlyn spun around and saw Lucas’ lean figure, she rolled her eyes coldly and walked out with the noodles.

When the aroma of the noodles wafted into Lucas’ nose, he felt extremely hungry. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he stared at the bowl of noodles.

“Did you really not cook any for me?”

Lucas grabbed her arm.

“Mr. Nolan, I’m just your ex-wife.” Ashlyn chuckled and thought, Tell Mrs. Chapman to cook it for you.

“There’s nothing between us. She’s just my childhood playmate.” Lucas followed her out of the kitchen. “She saved my life when we were younger.”

Lucas had never explained anything to anyone. He did not know why he was explaining to Ashlyn who Hera was.

Ever since his divorce, he became increasingly strange.

Taking a bite of her noodles, Ashlyn could not help but think, How yummy!

Without lifting her head, she continued slurping her noodles. “Oh, your savior.”

“She just wanted me to help her. Because she saved my life when we were young, I can’t possibly refuse her,” explained Lucas. Indeed, he was becoming increasingly strange—he was explaining himself repeatedly, with even greater detail.

“Oh, no wonder you were so eager to divorce me. So there’s someone else waiting to take my place.” Ashlyn glanced at Lucas with a smile.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 70

Her lustrous lips appeared extremely moist and tempting.

Lucas felt that his throat was becoming drier. Taking a deep breath, he suppressed the heat rising from his lower body.

“No one is replacing you.”

“Do you think that you’re lying to a three-year-old child?” Ashlyn laughed coldly.

All men are the same! They always think the grass is greener on the other side when it comes to women. After looking at me for four years, it was time for him to change his woman into someone cute like Ms. Chapman.

Very well, then.

“She’s just a playmate.” Lucas raised an eyebrow and looked at Ashlyn carefully. “Are you feeling sour out of jealousy?”

“Well, I did add a little vinegar to my noodles.” Ashlyn pretended that she did not understand him. After stretching lazily, she took the bowls and washed them.

Looking at the clean kitchen, Lucas felt famished. “I’m really hungry.”

“Okay.” Ashlyn nodded. What’s that got to do with me?

“I was used as a tool at the airport,” continued Lucas.

Ashlyn spun around and looked at him calmly. “I already agreed to stay with you here.”

“I didn’t eat for lunch.” Lucas clutched his stomach, which was hurting.

Ashlyn knew very well how picky he was when it came to food. Hence, his stomach was always in a bad state.

Glancing at Ashlyn, Lucas walked to his luggage. He opened it, dug out a bottle of pills for gastric pain, and held it in his hands.

“Although I don’t have anything to eat, I have my pills.”

Ashlyn’s eyes shone with a cold glint. Whirling around, she slammed her bedroom door shut.

He’s trying to trick me again, right?

I’ll definitely not fall for it his time.

Lucas was at a loss for words.

In the past, he had a hot meal waiting for him when he returned home. Now, he seemed so pathetic and miserable in comparison.

When Ashlyn returned to her room, she took out her laptop immediately and started tracking.

The deadline of three days was about to arrive.

She needed to complete her mission on time.

Time ticked slowly and one hour passed. Unknowingly, two hours had passed.

It was already nighttime. A cool gust of wind blew across the dark sky, causing the thin curtains to flutter in the air.

Ashlyn sent the results of the investigation to Quiet Forest.

When she turned her laptop off, she heard a thud outside.

Frowning, Ashlyn opened the door secretly. However, she spotted a tall figure curled up into a ball on the carpet in front of the living room’s sofa.

Did the sound come from Lucas falling down from the sofa?

Ashlyn walked over suspiciously. She discovered that Lucas’ forehead was covered in sweat, while he clutched his stomach tightly with his hands.

The image of the normally cold and domineering man curled up in a ball on the carpet was inexplicably satisfying.

Ashlyn had to admit that she was not an extremely compassionate person. However, when she remembered that Lucas had never treated her poorly in their four years of marriage, she still helped him to the sofa and laid him down.

After pressing his stomach and taking his pulse, she determined that there was nothing serious with him.

He had just fainted because his hunger had triggered his gastric pain.

What a useless piece of trash! Can’t he cook some food for himself if I refused to cook for him?

Would he rather faint because of his hunger?

He’s such a picky eater that it’s so infuriating!

After washing her hands, Ashlyn went to the kitchen, prepared the ingredients, and started cooking the noodles.

After ten minutes, a piping hot bowl of spinach noodles was served. As he had gastric pain, he could only eat something light on the stomach. Hence, she did not include any meat in his noodles.

She walked to the sofa with the noodles, bent down, and patted Lucas’ face. “Wake up! Wake up!”

With his eyes still closed, Lucas did not respond.

Ashlyn started to pinch him. After all, he had to eat something.

Otherwise, his gastric pain would become more severe.

After a few minutes, Lucas opened his eyes slowly, his gaze meeting another pair of bright eyes. He moaned softly, “Mm—”

When he smelled the fragrance of food, his eyes lit up.

“Did you cook?”

Ashlyn kicked his leg. “Get up now and eat!”

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