My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 61-65

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 61

Ashlyn landed on the ground gently before resuming the fight with Henry.

Henry launched a barrage of attacks at her, but none of them managed to reach her.

On the other hand, Ashlyn was left completely unscathed.

Like everyone in the audience, Henry thought that he could defeat this woman with a single punch.

Now, he had no choice but to admit that this woman was strong.

Extremely strong!

I must win! I cannot lose!

It’s too humiliating to lose to a woman.

He leaped into the air all of a sudden and gripped Ashlyn’s waist tightly, trying to slam her against the ground.

However, Ashlyn grabbed his neck calmly and domineeringly.

As if her hands were made of steel, she gripped his neck tightly, making him feel as though he was going to suffocate.

He widened his eyes in fear. Without any doubt, he knew that this woman would break his neck at any given moment.

His strong will to live made him howl like a despaired beast, as he mustered all of his strength to fling Ashlyn’s body away.

The woman’s thin body landed heavily on the boxing ring.

However, as if she could not feel any pain, she jumped into the air immediately. Her actions were extremely fluid and skilled, causing the audience to feel amazed.

They felt like they were watching a martial arts blockbuster!

Having broken free from her restraint, Henry panted heavily. Before he could react, the woman had already sent him flying with a kick.

The 1.88-meter tall man, who was like a 110-kilogram rock, was kicked off the boxing ring like a sack of corn. The crowd surrounding the boxing ring tried to dodge frantically, afraid that they would be hit.

Henry’s body flew in the air, following a trajectory before landing on the ground. He fainted on the spot, with blood dribbling out of his mouth uncontrollably.

The medical team rushed over instantly, helped him up, and started to treat him urgently.

Lucas’ eyes were locked onto that familiar, slender figure on the boxing ring.

His heart kept pounding rapidly, threatening to leap out of his chest.

If it were not because of his young age, he might have had a heart attack, dying on the spot.

Who are you, Ashlyn?

How many secrets do you have?

Why would you know how to fight in such a fatal manner?

Everyone erupted into thunderous cheers!

“Kris! Kris!”

“She’s really Kris. Oh my God!”

“She’s actually defeated Henry!”

“Did you see that? The way she kicked him off the boxing ring was so cool!”

“She’s so cool. I can’t take it. I’m going to cry! Her actions were so fluid, just like a female warrior in the movies.”

“I can’t believe that Kris is a woman. Indeed, my idol is the most unique!”

Many of Kris’ fans started bawling, while some even bowed at her in apology.

They were apologizing for doubting and misunderstanding her, and for being so blind that they could not recognize her.

On the other hand, the big-shots watching the live stream started to send money over frantically.

They knew that the money that they had sent would be distributed to their idol too.

Hence, they spent so much money as if their lives depended on it.

“If I can watch Kris fight again, I’ll have no regrets when I die!”

“Kris, I want to propose to you. Please accept my love!”

“I want to have a child with you.”

“Marry me, Kris!”

“Kris, accept my love! I have money and power. I’ll give you whatever you want, and I’ll protect you well.”

“Kris, can you take off your mask and let me see your face?”

The big-shots were going crazy.

They wished for nothing more than to abandon everything to rush over to meet Kris.

The LED screen beside the boxing ring kept displaying the rapidly changing comments in the chat box.

The judge had already declared that Kris had won.

Luigi, his subordinates, and the audience were stunned.

However, the reason why Luigi and his men were stunned was different from the audience.

Instead, they were wondering if the head of the sect would kill them, as they now had knowledge of such a huge secret.

The head of the sect is Kris, whom so many big-shots had admired?

Will she kill us and give us up as an offering?

I’m terrified…

When Ashlyn was about to leave the boxing ring, the door linking the boxing ring and the backstage was suddenly flung open!

A tall and handsome European man rushed out rapidly, stretching an arm out and pulling the thin woman into his arms.

Overcome with excitement, he yelled, “Kris!”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 62



“It’s you. It’s really you, Kris! You’re not dead!”

“It’s great that you’re not dead.”

“Kris, it’s really you!”


The audience recognized him instantly. He was none other than Wilson, the owner of the underground boxing club. He was the typical Italian, with a burly figure, brown hair, and a pair of dark and deep-set eyes. His face was extremely handsome.

Not only was he the boss here, but rather, he was also the leader of the Blackhand Mafia.

Lucas glared at Wilson as he hugged Ashlyn, having recognized the man. Why is the leader of the Blackhand Mafia acting so intimately with Ashlyn? He even dares to hug Ashlyn in public! Even I haven’t hugged her in front of so many people like that! Why does this woman keep attracting men wherever she goes?

Taking in a deep breath, he felt a sense of frustration overwhelm him. When he recalled the fear and worry he had felt earlier, he found it hilarious.

He wished for nothing more than to cut Wilson’s hands, feeding them to the dogs!

However, the audience was absolutely astonished again.

It’s Wilson! He was one of the most powerful men in Italy. With him confirming Kris’ identity personally, no one dared to doubt her anymore.

Furthermore, Wilson seemed to have shared a very good relationship with Kris.

The people who had doubted Kris’ identity were cruelly proven wrong when Ashlyn had won.

Now, they felt increasingly humiliated.

Everyone stared at the boxing ring fixedly, looking at the legendary Kris. Some people started to take pictures of her frantically as they did not know when she would reappear. A big-shot like her would not fight every day like Henry. If not to protect her turf, she would probably not have appeared.


This means that Kris is from Shadow Way? Is she related to Shadow Way?

Wilson was hugging Ashlyn so tightly that she felt very uncomfortable. After all, she was still not used to acting so intimately with other men.

“Let go of me first, Wilson,” demanded Ashlyn coldly. Wilson withdrew his muscular arms quickly.

His face was filled with excitement. “Oh Lord, my subordinates reported to me that you had arrived. I- I can’t believe it. I thought that I was dreaming! Kris, how have you been? Where did you go? If you’re alive, why didn’t you return to look for me?”

“Wilson, I’m doing fine,” replied Ashlyn calmly. “If it were not for Blackhand Mafia trying to coerce Shadow Way, I wouldn’t have appeared. According to the rules created by Blackhand Mafia, the allocation of the territories will be determined by Shadow Way.”

“Kris, if I knew that you’re related to Shadow Way, I wouldn’t have tried to snatch the territories away from Shadow out of my respect for you!” explained Henry with an appeasing smile. “Kris, I’m telling you the truth. You don’t even have to act personally. You could’ve just called me to settle this problem with a short chat, but you’d insisted on taking action yourself. Did Henry hurt you? If he did, I’ll punish him severely.”

“Him? He’s still too weak to hurt me.” Ashlyn smirked. The confidence in her eyes was almost blinding, making everyone tempted to rip off her mask to see how gorgeous she was.

Naturally, no one dared to.

Luigi was already discussing the details of the territories with the other men from Blackhand Mafia.

On the other hand, Wilson invited Ashlyn to the break room.

The audience was reluctant to leave. They stayed at the boxing club, discussing the matter regarding Kris and Wilson.

“I’ve never seen the mighty leader treat someone so nicely.”

“Oh my God! Did you see what happened earlier? Wilson was acting like a bellboy. He was bowing and stretching his hand out, inviting Kris to enter.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 63

“Yeah, my impression of Wilson is gone now! My idol, Kris, is even more powerful than him!”

“I bet that Wilson’s acting so deferentially because Kris has beaten him up before.”

“Haha! Oh, right. How much did you lose just now?”

“F***! I lost a lot because I didn’t believe that she was Kris.”

Suddenly, a burst of frantic laughter erupted in the crowd. “I’ve won the jackpot! I’d betted on Kris and won a hundred million! From now on, I can afford a house and a car. My wife and children can lead happy lives now!”

After laughing, the man started to bawl. In the direction of the meeting room Ashlyn was in, he fell onto his knees and kowtowed.

“Kris, thank you!”

Although some people were overjoyed, some were despairing. Around 90% of the audience had lost the bet.

On the other hand, the big-shots watching the live streams did not care if they had won or lost. All they cared about was whether their idol, Kris, was doing well!

Lucas wanted to know exactly how many secrets Ashlyn was hiding from him.

Why did she know how to fight so… deadly?

When she was fighting Henry, it was like she had changed completely—ruthless, fierce, and cold, like a lone wolf in the forest.

What has she experienced in her life to become like this?

He dared not imagine.

When he closed his eyes, the scene of Ashlyn risking her life and charging forward kept filling his mind.

His heart ached so badly that he could hardly breathe.

The gentle woman from the four years of his marriage seemed even more distant from him.

It was like she had only appeared in his dreams.

He was even doubting whether he had actually married Ashlyn.

Is the woman, who could not even open a bottle of water and needed my help to kill a chicken, the woman who defeated the reigning champion of the boxing club so easily?

Are they really the same person?

Isn’t she the gentle and cute woman who would welcome me home with a bright smile?

Isn’t she the best surgeon in First Hospital? Why can’t she remain a doctor? Why did she become Kris?

Why did she suddenly become an untamed lone wolf? Why…

A thousand unsolvable questions surfaced in Lucas’ mind.

He kept waiting outside the meeting room, wanting to seek the answers from Ashlyn herself.

After half an hour, a tall and slender woman stepped out of the meeting room, surrounded by a large crowd of people.

She was still wearing a mask, only revealing her scarlet lips and sharp, clear eyes that looked like a pristine lake.

“Stop right there.” Suddenly, a hoarse and familiar voice sounded from a corner.

Ashlyn looked over in surprise. She saw a tall, familiar figure standing in the shadows a short distance away from the meeting room.


Why is he here?

Did… he see everything that happened just now?

Why? We are already divorced.

For some reason, Ashlyn felt guilty, as if she had been caught doing something bad.

However, when she thought about it again, she realized that there was nothing for her to be scared of. He was just her ex-husband. She did not think that Lucas would be so blind that he would not recognize her. Hence, this man was probably there because he was prepared to confront her after recognizing who she was.

Smirking, her scarlet lips curved into a dazzling smile. “Mr. Nolan, what’s the matter?”

Although Lucas could not see her expression under her mask, he could not help but feel very frustrated. “Why are you here?”

“Oh, I’m here to steal territories! Well, as you’ve seen, I’ve succeeded,” replied Ashlyn nonchalantly, as if they were having a casual chat about something insignificant.

She did not look like she had just experienced a deadly battle.

“Do you know what you’re doing? If Henry managed to hurt you, have you ever thought that you might die?” Gazing at this indifferent woman, Lucas wanted to pull her into his arms and smack her butt, so that she could be taught a lesson.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 64

“Are you concerned about me, Mr. Nolan?” asked Ashlyn as she raised her eyebrow.

She was a bit annoyed by how Lucas, her ex-husband, kept appearing in front of her.

We’re already divorced. What is he doing?

She did not believe that this man was still clinging to their previous relationship.

She knew how heartless he was. If he still cannot forget me, we should’ve already fallen in love with each other four years ago. After four years of marriage, both of us never developed any feelings for each other. How is it possible for him to fall for me right after our divorce?

Who is he trying to bluff?

“I just wanted to warn you against putting yourself in danger all the time.” Lucas was at a loss for words on how to answer Ashlyn’s question. This was not the first time, ever since they had divorced.

“Mr. Nolan, this is Blackhand Mafia’s territory. Kris is my esteemed guest and my good friend. Please be more polite to her.” Naturally, Wilson recognized this handsome man. He was Lucas Nolan, the president of the famous Nolan group in H Nation.

Wilson had heard that the Nolan Group was wealthier than entire nations.

Lucas’ cold and furious gaze fell onto Wilson’s face. This bastard hugged Ashlyn just now.

“I share a more intimate relationship with her than you do!” snapped Lucas in annoyance, feeling very jealous.

His words sounded childish and irritated as if he was a child competing for attention.

He wanted Ashlyn’s gaze to stay on himself forever, instead of being snatched away by others.

I’m crazy.

I must be crazy!

Ashlyn glanced at Lucas like he was a madman. Wasn’t he always so cold and distant in the past? He’d acted like a dignified noble.

I’ve never seen him so frustrated before. Wasn’t he also so high and mighty, forever calm and dignified? How could he say something so childish? I can’t believe that there are times when he is riled up.

After our divorce, Lucas seems… a little different from his past self.

At least, he’s becoming easily irritated. In the past, he was as cold as ice—gentle on the surface and distant on the inside. He didn’t seem to have a temper. It was as if nothing could ever stir his emotions.

Right, just like a paper cut-out.

Wilson glared at Lucas. “Kris and I have gone through life-or-death situations before. We treasure each other a lot.”

How dare a man, who only knows how to earn money, try to compete with me for Kris’ attention?

To Wilson, Kris was not only his goddess but rather, she was also his idol.

He would never allow his idol to be spoken to with such a disrespectful tone.

They locked eyes, exchanging menacing glares with one another.

It was as if there was an electric current surging between the two men, with neither of them willing to budge.


“Sir, Kris has already left.”

Unable to withstand it any longer, Wilson’s subordinate reminded him softly.

Only then did the two men realize that Ashlyn, the main character, had already left the underground boxing club.

Lucas dashed out furiously. However, by the time he reached the entrance of the plush doll shop, he saw Ashlyn getting into a Land Rover.

The imposing Land Rover started its engine. With a few luxurious cars following behind it, it took off in a grandiose and intimidating manner.

Damn it!

Lucas cursed under his breath. It’s all Wilson’s fault.

He got into his car quickly and chased after her.

After a mad chase, he realized that the luxurious cars’ destination was the airport.

Ashlyn, who had already taken off her mask, got out of the Land Rover, while a man in black helped her pulled her luggage respectfully.

“Thank you for this time, Boss.”

“Not only did Blackhand Mafia allocate the largest territory for us, but they were also exceptionally polite to our men because of you.”

“Yeah! They’d even promised to give us a lot of profits and collaborate with us.”

“Boss, you don’t know how impressive you were! Look at the way you beat Henry up!”

“Boss, can you teach me your amazing fighting skills?”

With Luigi taking the lead, the men kept complimenting Ashlyn in a thousand different ways. How blind were they to have treated such a beautiful and strong boss as a weakling?

They wanted to slap themselves hard.

“Stop flattering me.” Ashlyn scratched her ears. “If anything happens, call me. Luigi will be in charge of the collaboration with Wilson. After the contract is drafted, send it to me for a review. Wilson is not a bad guy, it’s just that he’s a bit petty sometimes. As for Dmitri, he’s merely a sidekick. There’s nothing to fear about him. Okay, it’s time for me to board the plane.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 65

If Dmitri knew that a deputy like himself was being called a sidekick, he might have bawled his eyes out.

Grabbing the luggage, Ashlyn strode towards the waiting hall.

The men waved at her reluctantly. It was an amazing feeling to be protected by their boss, so they were sad to see her go. Indeed, the don had such a good judgment!

“Boss, you must come to Italy often!”


After speaking, Ashlyn left swiftly.

Lucas glared at her slender back resentfully. Damn it! She’s leaving Italy now, instead of together with my flight, which is scheduled for tomorrow!

Is she unhappy that we had faced turbulence when I was flying the plane yesterday?

Or am I not handsome enough when I’m flying the plane?

How dare she board someone else’s flight?

I’m not allowing this to happen!

Striding over confidently, he chased after Ashlyn.

At that moment, a police car skidded on the road and stopped outside of the airport with an ear-piercing screech.

A man from H Nation stepped out of the police car. Wearing a police uniform, he walked domineeringly and intimidatingly.

He heard that Kris, that bastard—no, that brat—had reappeared!

Only today did he discover that Kris was a woman.

When the men from Shadow Way entered their car, they widened their eyes in shock. “Oh my God! Isn’t he Jackson Bush, the highest-ranking commander of Interpol? As the most impressive detective in H Nation, he was promoted to the highest-ranking commander of Interpol within a few years. He’s one of the most outstanding personnel in H Nation!”

These organizations often looked down on foreigners.

However, Jackson managed to become the highest-ranking commander in Interpol. Rumor had it that many people were not willing to acknowledge Jackson and their commander. They challenged him but ended up getting overwhelmingly defeated.

“I guess that he’s here for Boss.”

“I think so too. Our boss is so amazing. After all, she’s Kris!”

“Do you think that Wilson knows that Kris is actually the new head of the Shadow Way?”

“I’m not sure. It looks like he only knows that Kris is affiliated with Shadow Way.”

They started to look forward eagerly to Wilson’s reaction when he discovered who the head of Shadow Way was.

“Alright, stop being so nosy. Let’s return now,” hurried Luigi as he smiled.

In the waiting hall, Ashlyn was about to find a seat when a warm palm grabbed her from behind, pulling her away.

Subconsciously, she struck the person. However, instead of releasing his grip, he deflected her attack swiftly.

Ashlyn was at a loss for words.

It was rare for her to meet someone who could rival her.

A boxing champion like Henry could only exchange a dozen blows with her. Yet, this man could deflect her attack immediately?

When she raised her head in surprise, a familiar handsome face appeared in her line of vision.

“Lucas? What are you doing?”

She was about to withdraw her hand, but the man tightened his grip further. Wanting to break free from his restraint, she gathered that their actions had already attracted a lot of attention from the passers-by.

She did not want to argue with him here.

As this man was gripping her so tightly, she would definitely need to fight him in order to break free.

Furthermore, he looked like he was ready to fight if she dared to attack him.

“Why aren’t you taking my flight tomorrow?” When the man spoke, he sounded extremely jealous.

“Lucas, did you chase after me just to ask me that?”

Ashlyn felt like he was absolutely bonkers and childish.

How did he pretend to be so cold and distant in the past?

Poor Mr. Nolan! He had to keep up the act for four years.

In reality, he’s just an immature man, who is easily irritated.

“I want to bring you home. You must take my flight home tomorrow. Do other people fly planes better than I do? You’d said that I’m the best at it. Do other pilots fly as safely as me?” Lucas’ dark eyes were filled with a domineering look.

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