My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 6-10

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 6

Without sparing these one meter eight men another glance, she stepped into the neighborhood in her high heels.

Whitland Villa District was a notoriously high-class residential area, and the people who lived here were either rich or powerful.

A villa here was worth ten million.

But to Ashlyn, there was nothing appealing about this place, and she really didn’t want to come back.

Placing her finger on the fingerprint lock to verify herself, she entered the house and saw Lucas sitting on the couch with a laptop on his lap.

Upon hearing a click on the door, the man looked up at her. “Where did you go?”

“Oh, uh, I went house-hunting today,” Ashlyn lied. We’re gonna divorced, anyway. This man has never cared about where I was going or what I was going to do. It’s probably less likely that he’ll know in the future.

“You really don’t want to consider keeping this villa?” Lucas closed the laptop and beckoned her to come forward.

Ashlyn blinked, putting on a gentle and lovely face, and walked up to him.

The man straightaway pulled her to sit on his lap before she could speak, holding her in his arms.

Ashlyn wrapped her arms around the man’s neck, looking at him fondly and replied bluntly, “Nope.”

“Aren’t you looking for a house?” The man gently stroked her hair. “Just keep this house and you can save the trouble.”

“I’m lazy and this house is too big. I can’t afford to hire a maid.” Ashlyn smiled, her eyes forming a rather adorable crescent moon shape.

Lucas gazed at her pleasant smile and couldn’t help but say, “Don’t you think it’s a bit of a loss that you don’t want anything?”

“We’ve never quarreled in the past for years and you’ve never mistreated me. I got the best of everything,” Ashlyn said, her eyes glowing. “So, what am I losing?”

Regardless of any festive seasons, the man would present her with rare and resplendent gifts, like the ancient kings doting on their concubines.

Even though there was no love between the two, they had treated each other with respect.

“Do you really not have any feelings for me?” Lucas hugged Ashlyn. “Whatever you want is at your fingertips if you stay with me.”

Ashlyn was unambitious. Married for four years, she had never asked him for cars, houses or money like any other women.

In response to Lucas’ intimate approach, Ashlyn softly nestled in his arms, half-squinting her eyes like a lazy kitten.

This marriage was a lifesaver to her.

It had saved her for four years, and now it was time for it to end. She wasn’t one of those women who sought money and love. All she wanted was to live.

As Lucas said, since they were getting a divorce, they might as well cherish the time that they had left.


The air was fresh with a hint of coolness in the late autumn morning.

Ashlyn was wakened by a man clasping her hand, whose deep black eyes shone with a deadly allure.

The man had a remarkable look. He had a prominent nose and a pair of beguiling eyes that exuded an innate nobility.

“But I still want to sleep,” she mumbled.

The man chuckled softly.

It was already one in the afternoon when she woke up again.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 7

Ashlyn got up with a stretch, her stomach rumbling.

She was just about to get out of bed when she heard the bathroom door being pulled open with a clatter.

The man came out with a white towel wrapping around his waist, exposing his eight packs that were shaped like a bar of chocolate.

This man was so perfect that one could find nothing to cavil about, even his body.

“Aren’t you flying today?” She blinked at him wonderingly.

“I’m flying tonight,” Lucas said, ruffling his wet hair with a towel. “Take your time to find a house. There’s no rush to move out.”

Ashlyn regretted lying about finding a house last night.

There was no easy way out now.

She could only nod with a smile. “My husband is still the best.”

The man handed her the towel and sat down in front of her. She naturally took it and started drying the man’s hair gently.

Then she tossed the towel aside and dried his hair with the hairdryer.

Lucas squinted his eyes to the warm wind and the whirring of the hairdryer, like a lazy lion.

Ashlyn groaned inwardly once again.

We really look like an ordinary loving young couple!

How does this even look like we’re about to divorce?

“All done.” Ashlyn put the hairdryer away. “How’s pasta for breakfast?”

Lucas lay on his side on the bed and propped up his jaw, staring into the woman’s eyes. “Can I get a pancake, too?”

“Sure.” Ashlyn smiled, bending over to kiss the man’s lips. “You’ll like it; I assure you.”

But the man suddenly reached out and pulled her into his arms. “The thought of not being able to eat Mrs. Nolan’s food from now on is a little upsetting.”

“The cook here is no worse at it than I am.” Ashlyn nudged him and said coyly, “Let me go. I’m starving!”

Seeing Ashlyn putting on an apron and entering the kitchen, Louis, the butler, was all smiles. “The ingredients have been replenished in the refrigerator, Mrs. Nolan.”

“Okay.” Ashlyn smiled in return.

Louis had been serving Lucas for many years. He knew the man’s appetite best, and that he was a foodie and a picky eater, which was a headache to all the cooks and nannies of the Nolan family.

He would always complain that it was either too salty or too sweet; or too spicy or too sour.

Eastern food was too troublesome, and Western food was too bland…

Regardless of the cuisine, he wasn’t interested at all.

He was simply ridiculously strict about what he ate.

However, it was also such a man who insisted that he wasn’t a picky eater in the slightest.

He would always reply “Whatever” calmly whenever the chef and nanny asked for his preference.

His irascible and cold temper, when it came to meals, made the servants want to send him to outer space and leave him to fend for himself.

Even though his answer was “Whatever”, once the food was served, it was almost certain that a plate or a bowl would be broken on that day and he would say, “How dare you feed me this rubbish?”

Thus, it wasn’t easy to satisfy Lucas’ stomach.

Louis was always worried about getting Lucas to eat more.

As a picky eater who made people’s blood boil, he tended to fall sick easily. Stomach pains in the middle of the night were a common occurrence until he got married four years ago.

Not only did Ashlyn have a gentle personality, but her cooking skills were also comparable to a Michelin chef. No, she was better than a Michelin chef.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 8

No matter how simple it was, whether it was just pasta or pancakes, Lucas would always eat with gusto as long as Ashlyn made it.

Louis was gratified for the past few years. Since Lucas got married, his cold and irascible temper had become mellow, and he had become much gentler, especially when Ashlyn was with him.

Now that there were about to get a divorce, Louis was very reluctant to see it come to pass.

What would happen to Lucas’ stomach after the divorce?

Ashlyn moved very nimbly. She first put the cooked pancakes into the oven, then boiled water before she started cooking the noodles.

Her series of movements were as graceful and elegant as flowing water, as though she wasn’t making pasta but some artwork.

Lucas stood at the entrance of the kitchen, looking at the woman’s slender back. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t feel good when he thought that he would never see her cooking again.

Habit was a terrible thing.

As if she could sense his presence, Ashlyn looked back and flashed a sweet smile at him. “I’ll be done soon.”

Being a natural beauty she was, her smile when she looked back was all the more alluring.

Lucas’ Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat, his eyes turning dark. Seized with a sudden impulse, he walked up to her and hugged her gently from behind.

Feeling the man’s obvious changes, Ashlyn couldn’t help but roll her eyes at his restlessness.

But her tone was so gentle that one couldn’t hear anything unusual as she said, “The noodle is gonna get soggy. Go away!”

Putting the finished pasta on a plate, she went back to fetch the pancakes from the oven.

Lucas naturally and habitually carried out the pasta before turning around to take the plate of pancakes from her hands. “Be careful. It’s hot.”

Looking at this heartwarming scene, Louis lamented silently.

Why do they want to divorce when they obviously have such a good relationship? Isn’t it good to have children and let me take care of them?

It must be because they don’t have a baby that they’re getting a divorce.

“Louis, come join us,” Ashlyn invited him to join them at the table.

“I’ve already eaten, Mrs. Nolan,” Louis quickly said.

See, where can you find a woman as nice as Mrs. Nolan? She’s always polite to the servants.


This is such a waste. They shouldn’t get divorced.

Lucas had just taken a bite when the doorbell rang.

Louis got up to answer the door and upon seeing the visitor, he said with a straight face, “May I know who you are looking for?”

“Is Mr. Nolan in?” asked the woman in a light yellow dress.

Lucas came over to the door with a frown, giving the woman a once-over. “What are you doing here, Cindy?”

Cindy, a rising starlet, was a contracted artist under Nolan Entertainment, whose popularity soared after taking part in a romantic web drama.

Recently, she had gotten into a scandal with Lucas, stating that she was single-handedly made famous by him and that her resources were all given by him to support her as the number one celebrity of Nolan Entertainment.

Rumors had stated that she wanted to be a homewrecker, to take over Ashlyn’s place as the legitimate Mrs. Nolan.

Ashlyn sat unmoving as she continued eating.

“Mr. Nolan, it’s my birthday party next Saturday. It’s my first birthday party and I’m a bit nervous, so I’d like to invite you to attend. Is that okay?” Cindy stood at the door and took out an invitation card from her Ctene purse.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 9

Chapter 9 Did She Actually Order Lucas Nolan To Do The Dishes

Cindy held the invitation card in her hands, staring at Lucas unwaveringly. If Lucas agreed to attend her birthday party, her status at Nolan Entertainment would definitely take another qualitative leap.

“Take it.” Lucas somehow agreed after looking back at the woman who was eating peacefully.

Louis accepted the invitation card. But deep down, he was feeling a little unhappy.

This woman looks petty, unlike Mrs. Nolan, who looks bright and generous. How could Mr. Nolan get involved with such a woman?

This woman’s ulterior motive cannot be any more obvious.

“Thank you, Mr. Nolan. I’ll see you there.” Cindy swept her eyes over to the shoe cabinet at the entrance. There were several pairs of branded lady shoes placed there.

Rumor says that Mr. Nolan has a secret wife. It seems to be true. But is she not home? I’ve been standing here for so long. If she’s at home, then why didn’t she come out?

If any woman were to be Mr. Nolan’s wife, they probably won’t be able to stay calm upon hearing that a woman is looking for him.

However, she was wrong.

Ashlyn was simply too calm and collected. She had already eaten a piece of pancake and finished the pasta on her plate.

Turning around and putting the plate in the kitchen, she went straight upstairs after instructing, “Honey, remember to wash the plates.”

Cindy couldn’t help but crane her neck upon hearing the woman’s mellifluous voice. She only saw a slim figure and that the woman was tall and wearing silk pajamas. It was merely her back that she saw, but she found it beautiful and charming. But what was even more frightening—

Did she actually order Mr. Nolan to do the dishes?

Mr. Nolan’s a lofty and cold-blood president in the eyes of the public.

I can’t believe he would do such homely and humble things at home.

Just as Cindy was still in a daze, she heard the handsome man before her answering, “Okay, honey.”

Then he looked up at Cindy and said, “I’m sorry. I need to go and do the dishes. Is there something else?”

Cindy’s eyes widened in disbelief. “N-Nothing.”

Lucas rolled up his sleeves with his well-defined fingers and turned toward the kitchen, the sound of water streaming coming shortly after.

Cindy had no clue how she walked out of Whitland Villa.

Lucas Nolan is actually doing the dishes at home… A woman who can order Lucas Nolan to do the dishes is really so enviable!

Cindy got into the car and upon seeing her disoriented look, her manager asked anxiously, “How did it go?”

“He accepted it,” Cindy sighed.

“They why do you look so down?” The manager blinked.

“He…” Cindy shook her head.

Forget it. No one will probably believe me if I say it. Even I still can’t believe my ears. Does a man like him really know how to wash dishes?


After washing the dishes, the remaining uneaten pasta on Lucas’ plate had already stuck together. But he didn’t mind at all as he finished his plate of pasta and had two pieces of pancakes before going upstairs.

He glanced at the clock and saw that it was already past three o’clock in the afternoon.

Lucas went up and changed his clothes. “Fly with me tonight.”

Ashlyn was lost for words.

But looking at the man’s face, she immediately flashed a gentle smile. “Okay! So long as it is to accompany you, I’ll happily oblige. Anything for you, honey, even if it means climbing a mountain of swords or plunging into a sea of flames.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 10

“You’ve never been on my flight since we got married.” Lucas reached out to hug her slender waist from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder, suddenly feeling the urge to do many things that they had never done together before.

In the four years of marriage, they had never traveled together before, never ate out together before, nor did they go shopping or watch movies like an ordinary couple.

The place where they hung out the most was this villa and…

“So I’ll fly with you tonight.” Ashlyn put down her phone and nudged him. “Let me pick out a dress. Say honey, what should I wear?”

“My wife looks good in anything. Whatever you like, honey,” Lucas said without thinking as he buttoned his shirt.

Those weren’t flattering words. Ashlyn had a nice figure and was beautiful, much more beautiful than the air stewardesses of South Star Airlines and more dazzling than the celebrities of Nolan Entertainment.

“Where are you flying tonight?” Ashlyn asked, suddenly remembering that Cindy was wearing a light yellow dress when she saw her from the stairs just now, so when she saw a light yellow dress in her wardrobe, her hands stiffened. Then she heard the man say, “London.”


“Which means you’re only flying back tomorrow night?” Ashlyn took out the light yellow dress.

Lucas nodded. “Yes. We’ll have to stay there for one night.”

Ashlyn was annoyed at the fact that she would have to take a suitcase, but she hid her emotions well.

She put the dress on her body and made a twirl, smiling brightly at Lucas. “Honey, how do I look?”

“Great.” The man bent over and gave her a kiss. “You look great, honey.”

“Greater than Cindy Wynn?”

“Of course,” Lucas said honestly.

Cindy was pretty, but she was soulless; there was something missing about her, unlike Ashlyn, who was perfect in every way.

The light yellow dress, in particular, accentuated her perfect figure to the fullest, setting off her snowy white skin.

Ashlyn couldn’t help chuckling.

“Are you jealous of Cindy?” Lucas smirked. Over the past four years, Ashlyn would neither make a fuss nor be jealous, no matter the women who showed up by his side. She was very accommodating, which was also what he liked about her.

“Well, if Ms. Wynn is interested in you, I think it’s not too bad. Once we get a divorce, you can easily take her as your wife.”

Lucas’ hands on the buttons froze.

This woman is still so accommodating and sensible.

Saying that, Ashlyn turned around and started packing.

She really didn’t want to go to London, but she had to go. The man had yet to sign the divorce agreement. If she pisses him off and he refused to sign, she will have to rack her brain for ideas to make the divorce happen.

After she was done packing, she heard him say, “Put my daily necessities in too.”

“Okay,” Ashlyn said, trying to govern her temper.

How she wished to smash these things in front of her.

After packing up, she turned around and saw that the man had already put on the captain’s uniform. Compared to the man’s usual cold appearance, he looked a little more austere and solemn, especially with the four bars on his shoulders.

The two went out together and got into the car. Lucas sat beside her and habitually held her hand. “I’ll be in the conference room later.”

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