My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 56-60

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 56

Stretching out his slender fingers, he furrowed his brows. He initially felt that since it was a loveless marriage, it would be better for them to move on to a different life.

What’s more, I’d gotten married in the first place because grandpa was impatient. However, he is now gone. Hence this farce of a marriage need not continue.


Everything had changed unexpectedly after the divorce.

He had grown accustomed to having Ashlyn by his side, adjusting his likes to the food that she had cooked.

As long as Ashlyn was around, he felt calm and peaceful.

After his divorce, his mania symptoms exacerbated, and years of symptom control through medication had failed. He had regressed back to his original state.

Upon listening to Lucas’ story, Sinclair solemnly announced, “Friend, you do have to understand that the reason that you’re suffering from mania is due to psychological reasons. Drugs and medication are simply the means to assist you, they are not means to an end. You really have to deeply consider this… Is your wife merely a partner you live with? Do you really have no other feelings for her?”

Sinclair paused before continuing, “Lucas, you are a smart man. You should understand what I mean.”

Lucas understood the logic. Yet, when he thought of Ashlyn’s cold attitude, he could not figure out what she was thinking.

Ashlyn’s temperament had always been unpredictable.

“During the four years of our marriage, she was gentle and friendly. She was almost the perfect wife material. After the divorce, I found out that she seemed to be hiding another side of her. It seems as though she was in a role-playing game. That was not the real her at all. I’d never known that she was a surgeon, much less her martial arts prowess.” Lucas felt helpless for the first time in his life.

“Lucas, you’d ignored her for too long. You never tried to approach or understand her. She could be concealing her real identity on purpose? This is an interesting perspective worth pondering on.” Sinclair rubbed his chin. “Unfortunately, I am not a relationship expert. I don’t know what is going on between you and her, as a pair of husband and wife.”

Lucas was slightly remorseful.

Indeed, he had never taken the initiative to understand Ashlyn. Neither had he tried to be involved in her world.

In the past, he had merely regarded her as a wife-by-contract, and both of them did not intrude into each other’s life much. Ashlyn had always been tactful, and she had hardly asked him for anything.

If he had given, she would gladly receive. If he hadn’t, she wouldn’t have asked for it.

They treated each another as though they were mere acquaintances.

They had never quarreled either. Looking back at it now, they were basically two strangers, living under one roof.

Except occasionally, when their bodies were in need of some physical connections…

Lucas sighed.

His mind was in a mess.

“Sinclair, right now I just want to know this. If my symptoms worsen, would it affect my flying? You should be aware that for someone who is mentally ill or psychologically unstable, you wouldn’t be able to pass the flight test. Instead, you will be forced to be grounded.” Sinclair prescribed him some medication and instructed, “Take these first. Although I can’t exactly say that I understand what your situation is, I’d still suggest that you reconsider your marriage carefully.”

When all was said and done, Lucas walked out of Sinclair’s office.

He drove to a less prosperous commercial boulevard, in search of a particular shop. Soon, he found it, as the shop was the only one on the secluded street.

Without hesitation, he pulled up beside the entrance, into this plush doll shop, which was about three hundred square meters in size.

The shop was full of colorful and cute plushies.

As he alighted the car, a burly man stopped him. “Mister, ticket please.”

Lucas took out a black card from his coat and placed it on the counter. “Swipe it.”

The fierce-looking man looked him up, from head-to-toe, swiped his card, handed him a ticket, before saying, “Go in and turn left at the end.”

Lucas did not say anything. He merely followed the man’s directions. He stepped through the hidden door located far inside the doll shop.

Upon entering the door, there was a narrow corridor.

There were dim, yellow lamps hanging along both sides of the corridor. When he turned at the corner, he could hear shouts of excitement and frenzy from below.

“Go! Go!”

“Beat him up!”

“I’ve bet two million on you! Get up now!”

“Damn! You are weak! Weak!”

The deafening shouts were endless, and the scene was violent and bloody.

He would have never set foot in here if it weren’t for the fact that he was feeling so vexed. He had needed a place to release his pent-up frustration.

He had not walked into an underground boxing ring for four years.

Hearing these bloodthirsty shouts had calmed his vexation slightly.

He wanted to let loose, to yell! He wanted to release his primal thirst just like the rest of them.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 57

Lucas stepped out of the corridor, through a rusty iron door. The area in front of him was vast and spacious.

The area could easily accommodate thousands of people; the floor was tiled, and in the center stood a huge colosseum-like ring.

The area around the boxing ring itself was empty, except for some spectators who stood below, shouting. The seats around the arena, meanwhile, were very crowded until there were almost no seats left. Everyone was in a worked-up frenzy, yelling, cheering, and booing…

There were a few VIP spectator boxes built around the second floor of the arena.

Compared to the distinguished guests seated in the boxes on the second floor, the bets placed by the ordinary crowd were not worth mentioning.

The VIPs were the real gamblers, spending tens of millions every match.

During this time, in the ring surrounded by the iron fencing, two muscular, half-naked men were fighting for their lives.

Illicit places like this underground boxing arena required all of their boxers to sign off a life disclaimer agreement.

Their fighting styles were also extremely bloody. It was basically a no-holds-barred brawl filled with violence and desperation.

There was a bar on the westernmost side of the underground boxing arena. There were dozens of seats in front of the counter. A few men sat there. Many were foreigners and there were some dark-skinned men as well. All who were mentioned were currently facing the ring while drinking and shouting excitedly.

A man dressed in all black stepped into the boxing ring and immediately attracted a lot of attention.

With his oriental-looking face, and with a height not shorter than the typical European or American man, he carried an air of nobility and indifference. A truly stunning presence! He was like a nobleman who had descended from the ancient noble families. His presence stood out, in stark contrast to this noisy, rowdy, and bloodthirsty atmosphere.

His built figure and toned legs, coupled with an extraordinarily handsome appearance, exuded his uncaring and aristocratic attitude.

His presence caused the lavishly dressed female audiences seated in the boxes above to glue their eyes on him.

His icy aura of indifference caused others to keep their distance from him.

Lucas walked over to the bar and ordered a glass of whiskey without any intention to drink it.

He still had to pilot a plane tomorrow, and he was not allowed to drink.

A bearded bartender took the whiskey bottle from the shelf and poured Lucas a glass.

He was familiar with the types of people who had usually visited the underground boxing ring. However, this was his first time seeing this handsome man. In fact, Lucas seemed to be the type who should be sitting in the VIP private room on the second floor comfortably, instead of being here. There was something admirable about this man.

Hence the bartender gleefully asked Lucas, “Are you here to spectate the final match?”

“Final match? What do you mean?” Lucas was expressionless as his fingers fiddled with his whiskey glass.

“Woah, geez! There are actually people who aren’t aware!” The bartender excitedly filled him in. “Do you know the Blackhand Mafia? They are fighting for territories and had stepped on too many toes. My brother, you are lucky to be here today. The final match features the reigning boxing champion, Henry. Whoever can defeat him will gain the rights to his turf. The Blackhand Mafia has been very aggressive recently, and even though other gangs have tried to retaliate, it is said that no one can win against Henry!”

Lucas did not expect to spectate such an exciting match as soon as he arrived.

The Blackhand Mafia had a long history of violent acts, for the aggressive expansion of their turfs.

He had also heard about this boxing champion, Henry. He had vanquished strong boxers around the world in the past few years, and he reigned undefeated.

The bartender sighed. “There are four mob families currently fighting over the turfs. We had three matches yesterday and Henry had won them all. Today is the final match. Have you heard of the Shadow Way clan?” the bartender asked. “I’d heard that after the don of Shadow Way passed away, the clan has been in slow decline. Just a few years ago, it was standing toe-to-toe with the Blackhand Mafia. Unfortunately, after the death of the don, the Shadow Way has always been defeated by the Blackhand.”

“Hasn’t Shadow Way clan just installed a new leader? Lucas frowned.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 58

The headquarter of the Shadow Way was said to be located in the H Nation. Most of its members arose from there as well.

“The new boss of Shadow Way doesn’t come by Italy much. From what I’ve heard, she is a lady! What can a woman do these days anyway!” The bartender smirked with arrogance.

His words were filled with disdain and contempt for women.

Lucas sat quietly in his seat, not saying a word. He was more interested in what was going on inside the ring.

“Gimme a beer!” a customer yelled.

“I’ll be right there!” The bartender hurriedly filled up a pint glass from the keg.

There was a big screen next to the ring. Right at this moment, a picture of Henry, the boxing champion, as well as his personal information suddenly appeared on the screen.

Henry – twenty-four years old. Height of 1.88 meters. Weight of 105 kilograms. His stats were amazing!

At the age of thirteen, he entered the boxing training camp conducted by the Blackhand Mafia. All the protegees trained in this camp were ruthless – The perfect killing machines without mercy or emotion; relentless fighters in the ring!

Henry had been competing in the ring since he was twenty years old and had gone through more than 500 bouts with a win rate of 97%.

In the past three years, he had remained undefeated.

Almost everyone in the arena was looking forward to the identity of the fighter chosen to represent Shadow Way.

Shadow Way may have had many skillful warriors, but there were none, who possessed the caliber and strength like Henry.

Meanwhile, in the Shadow Way private room on the second floor, Luigi was in a bind. His nervousness was felt by his anxious subordinates. “Luigi! The match will start soon! Let me be the challenger!”

“No, let me! I’m not afraid of death!”

“Forget it. None of you are as good as I am. I’ll personally handle this.” Luigi took off his coat and opened the room’s door.

A group of his subordinates shouted in unison, “No Luigi! You can’t!”

At this moment, an announcement rang out, “Now, we will like to invite our two fighters on stage!”

“If I don’t go now, we’ll have to forfeit,” Luigi angrily retorted. “That woman has no care for anyone, other than herself. How can I stand by and watch our turf get taken away right under my own nose? Without our territory, what will you all live off on?”

With a spirited roar, Luigi slammed the door and left!

He walked towards the arena. Every step he took felt like walking towards his doom. His trepidation drowned out the shouts and noise from the audience in the arena. With a steely determination to face his death today, he stared contemptuously at Henry, who was already standing on the stage.

Right away, the large screen on the other side of the ring displayed the picture and information of the Shadow Way fighter.

“Oh, my god! I must be dreaming!”

“What is going on?”

“Shadow Way must have gone all out and poured all their money into him!”

“My god! It’s none other than Kris!”

“I thought Kris disappeared? Someone had even told me that he was dead!”

“Maybe he’s an imposter?”

“Oh, my god. Kris was the famous uncrowned king of the ring. Henry had just debuted when Kris was already at the peak of his fame.”

“Woah! Kris is my idol! I still remember the impression he made on me back then!”

“I felt like crying! I never thought that I’d be able to see Kris again in this life!”

“Me too!”

A bolt of lightning had seemingly struck Luigi, out of nowhere. He was already standing at the bottom of the stage.

Kris? How could such a legend be helping their Shadow Way clan?

Am I dreaming? I must be! The spectators around him in the whole arena were going into a wild frenzy.

Everyone present was chanting Kris’ name, as though they were worshipping a god.

All of his hatred, anger, and contempt towards Ashlyn, had now been turned into doubt.

Could this have been Ashlyn’s arrangement from the very beginning? What is her relationship with Kris? No, it’s impossible! How would she have known Kris?

Kris is simply a god to all!

After recovering from their initial elation, as sudden realization set in, some of the members of the crowd began to wail, “Ahhhhhh! I’ve already placed all of my bets on Henry!”

“I have also bet it all on Henry.”

“What should I do? What should I do?”

“I don’t care anymore. I’m going to bet on Kris.”

“No don’t do that. Kris has disappeared from the scene for many years after all. Who knows if his strength has regressed?”

“Say no more! We don’t even know if he is the real one. Kris used to enter fights wearing a mask. I have never seen him take it off.”

“I feel as though this Kris is an imposter.”

“I feel the same. This must be some sort of a ploy.”

Lucas sat glued, on his seat at the bar, drinking all the commotion in while feeling somewhat surprised at the turn of events.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 59

Kris emerged suddenly, with no one knowing where ‘he’ came from. ‘He’ appeared all of a sudden, before disappearing into thin air in the next moment.

Staying at the underground boxing club for merely a year, ‘he’ had never lost a single fight. Although Henry was strong too, he had suffered a lot of defeats since his first debut.

He had only watched one of Kris’ competitions in the past. ‘He’ was simply a scrawny teenager, unable to take a single punch. He had never imagined the skinny teenager to have such a huge burst of energy.

‘He’ was unlike a muscular man like Henry.

Hence, Henry remembered Kris very vividly.

In fact, anyone who had seen Kris before would have had ‘him’ etched in their memory.

Kris had an extremely huge fanbase. ‘His’ fans were all very impressive, some of which included millionaires from all around the world.

Kris’ income was the highest amongst all the boxers, second to none! Even though ‘he’ only fought in the matches for a year, other boxers still could not surpass his income till now.




Everyone yelled Kris’ name loudly.

Even the esteemed guests in the second-floor VIP suite stepped out and stood by the railings at the corridor. To witness Kris in action, some even dashed to the bottom of the boxing ring. However, there were already no seats left as the place was overflowing with people.

Everyone howled and yelled like madmen.

They were like a pack of wild beasts, waiting for their king!

The king had returned!

Bang! With a loud sound, the door that linked the backstage to the boxing ring was thrown open.

The cheers in the venue died down into strange silence. Everyone’s gazes locked onto the door.

A lean and tall figure strode out slowly. With a mask on the person’s face, only a pair of dark eyes were revealed. The eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s. They were so cold that others had felt suffocated.

She wore a black costume, paired with a pair of black tactical boots. Her hair was tied into a high ponytail, revealing her slender and long neck that made her look like an elegant black swan.

This… This isn’t that teenage boy from years ago!

She’s obviously a woman!

“Oh my God, is my idol a woman?”

“No, she’s definitely not Kris.”

“She’s fake!”

“Yeah, get lost!”

“Don’t impersonate our idol!”

“You’re insulting Kris!”

“Get lost right away!”

The enraged audience started to curse at her frantically. A woman is standing on the boxing ring and impersonating Kris. What kind of joke is this?

When Lucas raised his head, his heart skipped a beat.

Damn it!

Is this woman crazy?

Why is she in the boxing ring?

Lucas was on the verge of a breakdown. What else do I not know about my ex-wife?

I’ve slept with her on the same bed for four years. Even if she’s wearing a mask, even if she has disintegrated into ashes, I can still recognize her.

Ashlyn! Is fighting at the underground boxing club your purpose of coming to Italy?

Does she know how dangerous this is? Does she even know who Henry is? Henry is the reigning boxing champion. He can send her flying, or even smash her skull in, with a single punch!

Lucas frantically made his way through the crowd and dashed towards the boxing ring rapidly.

The boxing venue was extremely crowded.

Many of Kris’ fans had rushed over, after hearing that Kris had re-emerged from ‘his’ disappearance. They swarmed into the boxing club like locusts.

Lucas made his way forward with much difficulty.

A lot of the audience complained in annoyance, “Why did I even come to this crowded place? She’s a fake!”

“Yeah, she’s a fake. I came here for nothing!”

The enraged audience yelled at Henry, “Kill her! Kill this woman!”

“She’s committed an unforgivable sin by impersonating my idol!”

“She deserves to die!”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 60

When Luigi and the rest saw Ashlyn standing on the boxing ring, they could not help but feel faint.

As Luigi was standing the closest to her, he yelled with all his might, “Come down now! Do you want to die?”

Doesn’t she know the consequences of this?

How can she impersonate Kris and lie?

Why did I get involved with such a foolish head of the sect?

In nicer terms, she’s sacrificing herself for the sect. However, to be brutally honest, she’s overestimating herself. She’s so crazy that she’s biting off more than she can chew!

“Come down quickly!” The other men started yelling too, feeling extremely flustered.

Although they did not like Ashlyn, they did not want to see her send herself to her death!

Ashlyn stood before Henry with her back straight. It seemed like everything beyond the boxing ring had nothing to do with her.

Regardless of the insults, commotion, and jeers, she stood there quietly like an oak tree—straight and emotionless.

Although she was skinny, her aura was very intimidating!

On the other hand, the audience in the crowded underground boxing club, who initially wanted to see Kris, now wished to see Henry beat the woman to death.

There were a lot of millionaires around the globe who could not make it in person to see Kris. Hence, when they heard that Kris had reappeared, they spent a lot of money to ask the underground boxing club for a live stream.

The boxing club started the live stream immediately.

Some of Kris’ biggest fans started to comment on the chat, “I think that she’s Kris. After all, Kris was very skinny back then. I’ve always suspected that he’s actually a woman.”

“But he’s too powerful. How can a woman be so strong?”

“I believe that she’s Kris!”

“No one has the guts to impersonate Kris! Don’t forget that Kris had fought at this boxing club four years ago. Do you think that the owner of the boxing club is so foolish as to let an impersonator up onto the ring?”

“Have some brains! She’s Kris!”

For such a phenomenal fight, the bets were not as low as tens of millions or even hundreds of millions.

Kris’ fans were distributed across the globe, with many of them being big-shots from various industries.

Their bets had started from a minimum of hundreds of millions.

Hence, at this moment, the bets were sky-rocketing. The numbers were so shockingly high that some could not even count them properly.

On the large LED screen beside the boxing ring, the amount of the total bet kept changing madly.

Although fights like these were bloody, they were shockingly profitable.

When the clock showed that it was already nine in the night, the audience erupted into cheers and both fighters started to move!

Like a beast, Henry pounced at Ashlyn.

When Lucas saw Henry aim his punch, he was on the verge of breaking down.

Gritting his teeth, he yelled, “No!”

He wanted to dash into the boxing ring, but it was already too late. Everything was too late! Ashlyn!


He wished for nothing more than to fly to the boxing ring right away. He was only a few meters away from the boxing ring, but the huge crowd had already blocked him from entering.

Pushing the bodies in the crowd away, he tried to find an opening. However, everyone was tightly packed together, unable to accommodate any gaps at all.

As light as a sparrow, the woman in the boxing ring moved agilely and swiftly.

Her aura changed drastically, making her seem like a cold, ruthless, sharp sword.

Just when everyone thought that she would be sent flying by Henry’s punch, she spun around, leaped into the air, and slammed her knee on Henry’s right cheek.

Henry staggered backward and spat out a mouthful of blood.

The blood had awoken Henry’s beastly instincts as he pounced at Ashlyn again.

The woman’s slender waist looked even thinner under the black costume. However, all of her attacks were charged with immense strength.

Suddenly, she bent down and weaved under Henry’s arm. Before he could react, she had already climbed onto his back and locked her arms tightly around his neck.

Yelling loudly, Henry tried to shake her off his back.

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