My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 51-55

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 51

Meanwhile, in the cockpit of the aircraft, trouble was brewing.

Lucas Nolan was in his captain’s uniform, and his big hands were focused on maneuvering the plane.

His handsome face was stern and strict, while his gaze was fully focused on the front view of his cockpit.

There was a strong echo displayed on the radar, which appeared as a huge red blip on the large map. Only a small portion of the area on the map was shown in yellow, and there was hardly any area shown in green.

The airborne radar was showing signs of a thunderstorm ahead. In terms of weather variance, a thunderstorm of this magnitude was possibly the most dangerous situation that any pilot could face.

On the radar, the red represented an area affected by a thunderstorm. Yellow indicated an area that one could fly through, albeit cautiously, while green signified a safe zone.

This time, unfortunately, almost all the blips on the radar were displayed in red.

Lucas knew that this approaching thunderstorm covered a very vast area.

“Damn! Captain Nolan, what should we do now?” His co-pilot Fred was feeling nervous. His forehead was drenched with cold sweat.

He had been flying with Lucas for a long time and had never encountered such a situation before.

How did Captain Nolan manage to face such dangers without even a change in his expression? One wrong move, one wrong decision, and the entire plane full of passengers would be in great jeopardy!

“We must go around!”

Lucas’ face was unflinching and solemn, filled with decisive determination.

His gaze was sharp, staring head-on without a trace of panic as though what was in front of him was not a matter of life or death, but rather just another ordinary flight day.

“If we fly around, the rapid airflow outside would be unimaginable! The intense pressure may even damage the plane!” Fred’s voice sounded flustered.

“We must chart a course with a wider distance around to avoid the thunderstorm.” Lucas scanned the readings on the control screen, for he had turned off the autopilot earlier.

Fred calmed his mind and began contacting the air control for permission to fly around. The distance charted would be extremely long, much longer than the normal flight path.

Indeed, weather changes were simply too unpredictable.

Furthermore, thunderstorms could cause dangerous air torrents that would cripple an aircraft flying through, especially for airplanes that were already experiencing violent turbulence.

Perhaps Lucas’ carefully thought-out decision was correct after all.

He began to expand the scope of the radar.

However, at that moment, the air traffic control radioed in and informed them, “Your 558X does not have enough distance and safe clearance to fly around.”

Lucas immediately commanded Fred, “Begin the ascent.”

The air traffic control echoed his decision, “You may ascent. Please choose your height of ascent.”

Lucas’ voice was cool and decisive over the radio. “Applying for 2000 feet!”

Upon receiving confirmation from the air control, Lucas guided the plane up for the ascent.

The plane began its detour ascent to avoid the storm. Five minutes later, the turbulence gradually eased. At long last, after the plane had been ascending for ten minutes, the flight became stable with no further turbulence.

Fred heaved a sigh of relief, “Captain, I almost peed my pants.” All signs of tension seemed to dissipate from his expression.

Just then, a flight attendant entered the cockpit and asked, “Captain Nolan, how’s the situation?”

“The plane is now flying normally. Everything is under control.” Fred wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead. As they were working hard to get the plane under control, Fred and Captain Nolan hardly paid any heed to the surroundings of the cabin.

Realizing that the stewardess who had entered earlier was not Nancy, he asked, “Where is the chief attendant? How is the situation in the cabin?”

The flight attendant appeared spooked and answered, “Nancy was knocked over by the turbulence and had bumped into a door earlier. She’s currently injured.”

“She’s injured?” Fred stood up with concern. “Let me go over and have a look. The bad turbulence must have caused the passengers to be scared witless as well.”

“It was really scary. Even I was frightened. However… Mrs. Nolan managed to make calm of the situation.”

As the flight attendant relayed the previous events, her eyes appeared star-struck, as a hint of envy and admiration laced her tone. “You must’ve been unaware. Mrs. Nolan was so cool earlier! More so than I, who has been an air stewardess for so many years! She was more professional and experienced than anyone else, especially when it came to reassuring the passengers of their safety!”

Lucas’ unflinching, good-looking face relaxed upon hearing that.

As his icy demeanor seemed to have melted, Lucas’ charmingly baritone voice asked incredulously, “ Did you just say… My wife?”

“Yes! Captain Nolan! Why didn’t you introduce your outstanding wife to us earlier?” The flight attendant, seeing that the plane was safely on its way, cast aside her worries as she excitedly chattered on. The atmosphere grew lighter and increasingly cheerful.

Right after that, she turned around and left. “I’m going to announce the good news, now that we’re safe.”

Soon, the voice of the flight attendant reverberated throughout the cabin’s intercom.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 52

The plane had returned to normal as the turbulence had passed.

The passengers, who had been nervous all this while, heaved a long sigh of relief almost simultaneously, joyful that they were now safe.

“Great! It’s finally over!”

“I’d thought that we might’ve died today.”

“Mom! Isn’t Mrs. Nolan cool? Captain Nolan is awesome too!”

“Yes, agreed!”

“Mrs. Nolan is so calm and collected. She’s so awesome!”

Some passengers even started cheering and jumping for joy.

The air stewardesses quickly stopped them, as they requested for them to quiet down.

The one who was feeling the most downcast was probably Yakov. My goodness! I didn’t expect such a magnificent and good-looking lady to be already married.

Right at this juncture, a captivating baritone voice broadcasted from the intercom, “Hello everyone. This is your captain of this flight speaking. I’m Captain Lucas Nolan. The airplane was affected by a nearby thunderstorm earlier, causing severe turbulence. On behalf of South Star Airlines and all the crew members, I sincerely apologize to everyone. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and for your trust in me and my crew. Finally, I wish to thank my wife for calming everyone down during such an ordeal. Thank you to all the members of the cabin crew for your efforts. Our plane will be arriving safely in Italy in fifteen minutes. Lastly, I wish you all a pleasant journey and thank you for choosing South Star Airlines.”

The pilot spoke in English first before repeating the broadcast in French.

“Oh my goodness!”

“This Captain Nolan is so perfect! Not only is he handsome, but rather, his voice is irresistible as well!”

“His piloting skills must be top-notch!”

“Awesome! I will only travel with South Star Airlines in the future!”

“Mrs. Nolan has such a kind heart. She has a beautiful look to match it too!”

“What a perfect pair made in heaven!”

Ashlyn had just returned to her seat when she heard Lucas’ voice over the broadcast. She felt reminiscent all of a sudden.

The passengers around her kept thanking her as she smiled at them.

Meanwhile, Jenny’s head was buzzing. Is it true… That she is really Mrs. Nolan?

Lucas Nolan’s legal wife?

The bombshell revelation was too much for her to handle. She was dealt a devastating blow.

Meanwhile, Nancy sat on her seat with a headache. Upon hearing that the plane was finally safe, the adrenaline rush that was holding her together subsided. Her eyes went dark as she blacked out.

A flight attendant who was standing nearby took notice of this and asked, “Chief attendant, what’s the matter with you?”

Ashlyn got up and walked over, touching Nancy’s nose to check her breathing. Soon, she flipped Nancy’s eyelids open to observe her pupils. She checked Nancy’s body again and felt relieved to sense her steady breathing and strong pulse.

Fortunately, it was not serious. She had merely fainted from the pain. It was just a minor trauma.

Jenny exclaimed irritably with an aggressive tone, “What are you doing?”

“She’s just passed out temporarily. It’s nothing serious,” Ashlyn told the annoyed flight attendant. “In addition to that, she’d suffered from extreme mental pressure earlier. Let her rest to regain her strength, and she’ll wake up after a while.”

“Excuse me! Are there any doctors around? Doctors?” Suddenly, a nervous-looking young man who was sweating profusely rushed over from the economy class section of the cabin.

Ashlyn handed Nancy over to the nearby flight attendant and said, “Take good care of her.”

Immediately after that, she rushed towards the young man. “I’m a doctor. What is wrong with your mother?”

“You’re a doctor? Great!” The young man could not care less about Ashlyn’s youthful appearance. He grabbed her by her arm. “My mother has mild high blood pressure. She had it under control all this while. However, when the plane shook wildly, she panicked. She is now gasping and experiencing difficulty in breathing. The oxygen mask doesn’t seem to help at all!”

The young man ranted on, as Ashlyn followed him to his seat. She saw a plainly dressed middle-aged woman sitting there, her face deathly pale, her lips drained of color, and her chest constantly rising and falling as she gasped for air.

She exhaled more breaths than she inhaled.

“She is showing obvious symptoms of anxiety, panic, dizziness, and mental fatigue. Does she carry any oral antihypertensive medication on her? The type she usually takes at home?” Ashlyn asked as she held the middle-aged woman’s wrist and checked her pulse. As she did not have her stethoscope with her, she had no way of performing any auscultation on the woman, and could only rely on visual observation of the woman’s breathing pattern.

“Ever since my mother’s high blood pressure had dipped some time ago, she hadn’t had any medication. That’s why she’s here now. She’d wanted to fly abroad to relax. She had never been overseas her whole life. I can’t believe such a disaster had happened on her very first flight!” The young man lamented bitterly.

He seemed as though he was a very filial son.

“Don’t cry,” Ashlyn tried to comfort him. “I’d noticed some middle-aged passengers present on this flight. Now go and ask them one by one whether any one of them has medicine for lowering blood pressure. Your mother is nervous, and that’s why her blood pressure had spiked so suddenly.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 53

The young man wiped away his tears as he started going around to ask others.

Ashlyn clasped the middle-aged woman’s hand and soothingly assured her, “Madam, hear me out. Our flight is very safe. My husband is the captain of this flight. He’s Lucas Nolan, and I am his wife. Don’t be afraid. Being on the same flight as him, my husband definitely wouldn’t want me to die. He will certainly prioritize our safe arrival in Italy.”

The middle-aged woman shook her head weakly, her breathing still unstable.

“You must be strong. Once we get off the plane, you will be sent to the hospital immediately. You have a filial son so you must hold on for his sake. Do you understand?” Ashlyn continued to comfort the woman.

“Thank goodness! Someone had brought along some antihypertensive pills!” exclaimed the young man excitedly.

“Give it to your mother. And come over here to comfort her. If you continue to cry, who is going to take care of your mother?” Ashlyn commanded.

The other passengers in the cabin observed Ashlyn silently. Not only was she beautiful, but she was also confident and her presence radiated a certain comforting assurance to all who were around her.

Ashlyn stayed beside the middle-aged woman all the way until the airplane had landed smoothly.

Several ambulances were already waiting, along with the medical staff. The passengers alighted from the plane in an orderly fashion one after another as directed by the air stewardesses.

From afar, the doctors and nurses came rushing over and carried away the middle-aged woman, as well as Nancy in stretchers before loading them up into the ambulances. Soon, the ambulances sped away from the scene with sirens wailing.

The passengers who alighted the plane did not immediately leave.

Instead, they waited patiently at the airport tarmac for a long while.

They had waited for all the cabin crew members to disembark until they had finally seen Lucas. Without a word, they all applauded in unison.

Standing at the door of the cabin, Lucas appeared tall and slender. His captain’s uniform fitted him perfectly, carrying with it a certain confidence-inspiring aura.

His handsome face was stoic and serious, as his expression was capable of making others shudder.

However, everyone there felt awed and assured by his presence, for he was the hero who had piloted the plane, landing it safely.

He ordered the air stewardesses to return the passports that were previously confiscated from the dark and light-skinned duo.

The duo looked at him excitedly and proclaimed, “You are the best pilot. We are honored to be your passengers.”

This was followed by another burst of applause from the crowd.

Lucas bowed and thanked the crowd. The co-pilot and the stewardesses behind him did the same. “Thank you all for your understanding and trust!”

“Captain Nolan! Thank you!”

At this moment, the airport ground crew began to usher them away from the tarmac. “Please don’t disrupt our normal workflow. We understand everyone’s desire to linger around. However, there will soon be other planes landing, hence it will be dangerous for everyone to stay here.”

Lucas motioned for the crowd to disperse and make their leave.

The passengers pushed their luggage away reluctantly.

Ashlyn pulled her own suitcase along and walked, with the departing crowd.

Suddenly, a big hand reached out and grabbed her arm, “Mrs. Nolan, may I know where you are headed to?”

“Excuse me, Lucas Nolan. I referred to myself as Mrs. Nolan on the plane to calm and comfort the passengers. Coincidentally, at that time, your chief stewardess was injured and couldn’t do anything. I simply didn’t want the cabin crew to panic and get out of control. After all, I don’t plan on dying just yet. Especially not while I’m still in the sky.”

Ashlyn looked up to see Lucas, who was holding his captain’s cap in his hand, peering down at her.

Their eyes met, and an icy gleam flashed in her eyes.

Lucas replied with annoyance, “Ashlyn, I’m just here to tell you that the title of Mrs. Nolan can only be used once.”

He had thought that Ashlyn had some form of sentimental nostalgia for that name, so he took the initiative during the flight to call her by that title.

As a result, this ungrateful woman had actually wounded him with her snide remarks.

Ashlyn coldly smiled, “Captain Nolan, I do intend to only do so once. This time, it was merely an accident. Don’t worry, I won’t cling to you.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 54

Having said that, she turned and walked away.

Lucas stood there helplessly, as he watched her leave, closing his eyes in annoyance. Evidently, he had not intended to say such a thing upon chasing after her. However, when he heard her words of sarcasm, he could not control himself and blurted those hurtful words out instead.

After leaving Ashlyn, his temper had gotten worse.

He quickly took out his mood stabilizer medication from his pocket and popped two pills. If he allowed his temper to worsen, the consequences would be disastrous…

Several young stewardesses noticed the exchange and whispered amongst themselves. “Is Captain Nolan arguing with her?”

Jenny could not hide her glee. “I think that she is definitely not Mrs. Nolan. Why wouldn’t they walk together otherwise?”

“However, it was Captain Nolan himself who’d stated that she was Mrs. Nolan!”

“I guess that it was merely an act to calm the passengers down? After all, back then, our chief stewardess was injured, and the rest of us were terrified. No one stood up to take charge except for her.”

“I think that she is really cool! Although she appears young, she is full of courage!”

The few of them ignored Jenny and continued their lively chattering. “Also, when she’d saved that madam… Woah! I’d loved her look of pure confidence!”

“Yes, that’s agreed! She didn’t seem to panic at all from the beginning!”

“Truth be told, although I am also a girl, I am slightly attracted by her bravado.”

Jenny stared at them with a distorted look. “Can we all work together nicely? Don’t just ignore me.”

“Dorine, have you forgotten about the Armani lipstick that I’d given you?”

“And you Sterwina, what about the YSL cushion foundation that I’d gifted you?”

She almost screamed as she called them out, one by one.

Her expression was filled with jealousy and viciousness.

She was so jealous of Ashlyn that she felt like tearing her hair out.

“It was you who had said that these brands were not suited for you. You threw them at us like trash. I, for one, didn’t feel a single ounce of sincerity from your gifts.”

“Me neither. So, Jenny, we are your colleagues. Even though our families are not as rich as yours, we are not your servants and we have no obligation to serve you.”

Dorine and Sterwina retorted this softly, emptying the thoughts that they had long kept inside.

A mere mention of Ashlyn makes her mad. Now, these colleagues are doing the same.

Jenny was so angry, to the point where she felt like fainting. She vehemently walked away alone, pressing down her high heels as though the floor beneath her feet was Ashlyn’s face.


As Ashlyn emerged from the airport doors, there were already people waiting for her. Upon seeing her, they greeted her respectfully.


“Let’s return to the safe house.”

Ashlyn calmly gave the order.


Her car brought her to a luxurious manor in the span of half an hour.

The manor was extremely marvelous, surrounded by a garden of lavenders. Whenever a light breeze blew by, the air would be filled with a faint fragrance of the flowers.

Two rows of men in black lined the gate to the manor. Upon seeing the car rolling up and stopping at the gate of the main building, everyone immediately bowed in salutation and shouted, “Boss!”

As the car door opened, a beautiful, fair, and delicate hand appeared, followed by a pair of white flats that came into view. A pair of slender legs stepped out of the door, and a lady in a creamy purple dress emerged, before everyone.

The lady’s face was exquisite; her glittering eyes were calm like water, almost as if nothing in this world could disturb them.

“Well, come in.”

Ashlyn spoke and stepped into the living room with confident strides.

The inside of the manor was decorated luxuriously, filled with priceless ornaments.

Sitting down on a white, genuine leather sofa, Ashlyn waited, as a dozen henchmen lined up, standing in attention before her.

“Status update?”

“Boss! The Blackhand Mafia has tried to control our territory. They had deliberately set fire to our cargoes the night before!” A man in his thirties, Luigi, had been in charge of the Italian branch of the business all this while.

With eyes full of mockery, Ashlyn sneered, “So someone has the guts to insult me. Let’s make them pay the equivalent price. Grabbing my territory? Very well.”

“Boss, they are simply too arrogant! The other gangs have been swallowing their anger all this while. However, the Blackhand Mafia had kept up their turf-grabbing antics, causing so much havoc that even the Interpol in charge of this jurisdiction had to get involved. Hals and Dmitri have discussed this and have decided to settle things with a one-on-one boxing showdown.” Luigi anxiously informed.

Dmitri was a deputy in the Blackhand Mafia, who was managing their turf.

“They’ve decided to duke it out in the ring? What kind of a game is this?” Ashlyn took a sip of tea and narrowed her eyes dangerously.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 55

Luigi and the others were angry. “Boss, please! You must take this matter seriously! You can’t let our turf be snatched, under our very own noses!”

“I’m very serious.” Ashlyn blinked her clear, round eyes.

Luigi was about to collapse from desperation. You had always seemed to be vacationing! How was I able to trust you?

“Boss! Are you aware of it? Dmitri has employed a strong boxer under him. That man has dominated the boxing ring for two years. No one can defeat him. He is strong, well-built, and extremely muscular! Boss, there is no one who can really beat him. We have no chance of winning this time.”

“Agreed, boss! We have a lot of skilled fighters, but against this one-on-one boxing champion, we are simply outmatched.” The others echoed the same sentiment.

“Boss, why are you here alone this time? Where’s Harrison and Anderson?”

“Boss, please think of a way!”

Henchmen like Luigi were all formerly under the previous don. When the previous don had passed on his position over to Ashlyn, many of the mafia crews were left unconvinced.

Although the Shadow Way had always been an underground organization, it had never been involved in any illegal businesses. It had always followed the right path, unlike the other mafias, such as the Blackhand.

The old don took Ashlyn in as his adopted daughter. Before his death, everyone had thought that Luigi or some other veterans would succeed the don.

Unexpectedly, the position was instead passed on to Ashlyn, the inexperienced brat.

Ashlyn was only at the age of nineteen when she was chosen as the successor. How could one so young convince the mafia family and the underlings of one’s leadership?

However, after she took over, she managed the affairs of the family in an orderly manner. Gradually, all dissenting voices died down. After all, the family had prospered, and money had always bound everyone together. As long as there’s enough profit for everyone.

Now, they were faced with this kind of turf war.

Those who were dissatisfied with Ashlyn before were immediately enraged.

The seeds of doubt and distrust towards Ashlyn sprouted, and displeasure broke out almost instantly amongst the ranks.

The Shadow Way mafia had branches all over the world, and the Italian branch was placed under the command of Luigi.

Seeing Ashlyn’s apathetic attitude in this matter, their impatience soared.

Some had already broken their silence and muttered, “If you’re not going to care, then, you might as well leave it to someone else who is more capable.”

“After all, we’ve been treated like a small branch anyway, one that is incomparable to the main headquarters.”

“Our turf has been taken, and we’ve got to survive on leftover crumbs now.”

Ashlyn scanned the faces of desperation around her, as she gently lowered her cup in her hand, and commanded, “Send me the information on the boxing champion. Also, I’ve been flying the whole. I’m feeling tired now and I need a rest.”

Having said that, she got up and walked towards her room.

“Look at her attitude!”

“What was the don thinking? He’d actually passed the position over to her.”

“She’s merely a lady. What else can she do?”

“She can’t even handle anything properly. She is only aware of how to dress up nicely.”

Luigi looked on worriedly, stressed beyond comprehension as he felt his hair graying by the minutes. “Let it be. We’ll find our own way.”

They originally thought that the two siblings, Harrison and Anderson, would tag along. They, at least, would be more helpful.

Instead, Ashlyn personally arrived, and all of Luigi’s hopes were dashed.



In a certain quiet office.

Lucas sat, with a blank expression facing Sinclair, who was wearing a white coat. His expression was as per usual. It was cold as his icy, baritone voice spoke, “I want to request for an increase in the dosage or change to a more effective alternative.”

“What’s the matter?” Sinclair raised his eyebrows and gazed at his long-time friend.

Though Lucas’ face was expressionless, his emotions were slightly tense. It took him a while before he could reveal the truth, “I’m divorced.”

“Huh?” Sinclair could not control his astonishment. “Divorced? Why? Didn’t you tell me that your lives had been peaceful all this while? Why would you go for a divorce?”

“I… “ Lucas sighed.

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