My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 46-50

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 46

Everyone was dazed. They had never seen such a fine young man before.

His enchanting and attractive aura amazed the passengers.

How can a captain be this good-looking? They wondered.

Lucas’ entrance shocked the two men who were previously fighting. Disconcerted, they stuttered accusations at one another. “He started it,” the second man said, pointing at the first man, who retaliated by saying, “He was the one who started snoring and disturbing me!”

The whole business class cabin quickly became unsettled. Passengers craned their necks trying to see what just happened; some of them gathered around trying to understand what was going on—but no one failed to notice the handsome captain standing in the middle of the two angry passengers.

This man was like a magnet. He attracted all the attention.

Ashlyn was peeved. Rude passengers like these just had to ruin her peaceful journey.

“You guys want to fight? I can land the plane right now,” Lucas stated curtly. “I can also send you to the police station if you like,” he added.

Some passengers started fearing the worst and whispered among themselves, “What… It’s already so late at night! It’s dangerous to land now!”

“I know right? Where are we now again?”

Ashlyn decided to put a stop to all this fuss. “Alright, why not Captain Nolan give each of them a parachute and push them off?” she interjected.

Her eyelashes flapped gently against her beautiful eyes as she blinked hard, trying to elicit a response from Lucas.

That crisp and melodious voice of hers turned many curious heads.

Everyone was in awe.

They could not believe they actually overlooked such a beautiful woman on their flight.

A heather-purple dress adorned her glowing skin and slim body. Her pair of beautiful eyes, plump red lips, and pink cheeks grew so perfectly on her exquisite face.

Jenny was bewildered. She did not expect to see Ashlyn here.

Why is she on board? Why didn’t I even realize she is here?

Lucas was mesmerized. Ashlyn’s voice sent a chill up his body.

It had been a long time since he heard her talk like that. She had always been so cold to him after they divorced.

Her suggestive voice echoed in his ears, reminding him of the times when they were still married—especially when they were doing those things in their bedroom. She would beg him to stop every time they were in bed. But her tantalizing and sensuous moans only made him wanted to go deeper and faster.

Lucas drew in a breath slightly before he collected himself and looked at the crowd. He realized the male passengers were looking at Ashlyn and he was irritated. He shouted at the two men, “Hand me your passports!”

“Why? You’re not a cop!” the first man reacted.

“I am the captain in charge here and I’m responsible for everyone’s safety. Your unruly behavior is disrupting the flight and therefore I have the right to ask for your passports. One more word and you’ll be out!” Lucas was at the tip of exploding.

He wanted to dig out all the eyeballs glued to Ashlyn right now.

If these two scums are not gonna stop, I’ll seriously throw them out!

The two passengers had no choice but to take out their passports.

Nancy quickly came over and took their passports. “An American and a Frenchman,” she reported.

“I will be keeping your passports until the end of the flight.” Lucas glared at them from the side of his eyes. Before any of them could say anything, Lucas continued bombarding them. “According to our country’s Civil Aviation Law, the pilot’s responsibility includes taking necessary and appropriate actions against anyone who damages the aircraft, disrupts order within the aircraft, endangers any personnel or property within the aircraft and poses a threat against flight safety. So if you want to sue me, go ahead. Just be ready to lose.”

After the harangue, Lucas took a glance across the passengers, warning, “If anyone would like to follow suit, feel free to do so. This is what will happen to you.”

“But you can’t…” Before the first man could even finish his sentence, Lucas shot him a fierce glare and he shut up.

Lucas then asked Nancy to keep an eye out for the passengers before he went back to Ashlyn.

Jenny was upset. Why does he even sit beside her?

Why do they look so intimate?

Over at Ashlyn’s side, Lucas finally got to sit down after the whole ordeal. He was in a foul mood.

“Do you think I look cool back there?” Lucas knew Ashlyn was not asleep. He purposely went close to her and asked in a low voice.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 47

Ashlyn did not open her eyes.

“Don’t you think your hubby is the hero?” Lucas probed.

But Ashlyn remained unperturbed and only rolled her eyes in her mind.

Is he crazy? He was so stern and cold back there; now he’s so childish and impudent. What is he trying to do? Ashlyn clearly saw the way those women looked at him just now.

They should really see how childish this man is right now.

Lucas was thinking about that kiss before the fight broke out.

Silence resumed in the cabin and the lights became dim again.

He felt restless and thirsty.

Bending over, he wanted to plant a kiss on Ashlyn’s lips.

Ashlyn did not move. Lucas smiled slyly, moved closer, and was ready to kiss her.

But before he could reach her lips, Ashlyn nimbly tilted her head and he missed.

The kiss landed on her neck.

Her scent intoxicated Lucas and he kissed her hard.

He did not get to kiss her lips, but he got to kiss her neck. That was enough for him.

Ashlyn was not expecting this.

His warm and gentle breath spread across her body. It felt familiar and exciting.

But she quickly pulled away from Lucas and said, “We are already divorced.”

Lucas peered at her in the dark.

He shrugged and feigned nonchalance, saying, “I only kissed your neck, not your lips.”

He advertently licked his lips and asked, “Don’t you miss me?”

Ashlyn laughed and said, “Lucas, please stop being a joke. You are the one who wanted a divorce.”

What do you take me for, Lucas? You want me here when you need me, and you want me gone when you’re tired of me.

You wanted a divorce, and now you want to mess with me again?

Don’t tell me you like playing hard to get.

Lucas was speechless. He realized Ashlyn knew just how to make him speechless.

“Please leave me alone, right now,” Ashlyn demanded.

“I just want to stay with you,” Lucas said, recalling what she did earlier on when she asked him to throw the two passengers off. She looked so naughty and cute.

But she was giving him the cold shoulder now and he did not like it.

Lucas badly wanted to find out what business she had in Italy.

But he knew she would not tell him.

“Whatever,” Ashlyn said. She did not want to talk to him anymore. Then, she curled up like a ball as if she were protecting herself against a lunatic.

Lucas looked at her long and fair neck. A kiss on the neck is not that bad after all.

But of course, the best would be her lips.

He was really tired after such a long haul.

So, he eventually fell asleep beside her.

Meanwhile, Jenny had been looking at them for quite a while already.

She could not believe what she saw.

Her jaw dropped looking at Ashlyn seducing Lucas.

What a cheap woman. How dare she seduces Lucas?

Lucas is a stern and severe man, and all this flirtatious woman does is sway him.

How dare both of them do all these nasty things over at the back!

Jenny was furious. She woke Nancy up and asked, “Tell me, this woman is the reason why you went into the cockpit so many times right?”

Nancy finally got to have some much-needed sleep. She was not happy at all to be woken up by Jenny over such a trivial matter. “Jenny Holt, what do you want? What woman are you talking about?”

“That woman on the third row from the back. I saw them doing all sorts of stupid things at the back!” She was so pissed tears started rolling down her eyes.

The loud noises woke the other flight attendants up.

Everyone looked at her groggily. “What’s happening, purser?”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 48

“What’s the matter?”

“Come on, what’s happening? We really need to rest!”

“Why are you crying, Jenny? I didn’t even say anything to upset you!” Nancy clearly did not want to bear the blame for waking everyone up.

“I saw Captain Nolan kissing that woman just now!” Jenny was infuriated. She had waited for Lucas for so long, and it was not like she did not come from a good family. She gave up her executive job in her family business, took up the cabin crew assessment, and even used some connections just to get on the same flight as Lucas.

She had invested so much time and effort in him, but what did she get in return?

Lucas did not even spare her a look. He only had eyes for that b*tch.

She was treated like a princess at home, but she was willing to go through all hardships just for this man.

When she found out that Lucas got married, she refused to believe it because technically, no one had ever seen his wife. So she stubbornly believed that he was still single.

But after what she had been through because of him, this was what she got. She saw them kissing!

“Which woman are you talking about?” Nancy acted as if she did not know Ashlyn was on board.

“That woman on the third last row!” Jenny replied angrily, wiping her tears away.

“Oh, you mean that woman? Isn’t she Mr. White’s girlfriend?”

Nancy tried acting like she did not know anything. She looked at Jenny and thought hard. This woman must be out of her mind. Captain Nolan has been married for years! Is she still dreaming about becoming his wife?

Although Nancy was not sure herself if Ms. Berry was Captain Nolan’s wife, judging from their interaction, it must be true that she was his wife.

And if she had to choose between Jenny and the captain, she would definitely stand by the captain.

Jenny was a spoiled girl. Many among them did not like her haughty attitude when she was talking to other flight attendants.

Everyone was simply trying to be polite; no one actually treated her as a real friend.

“I saw what I saw! I saw him kissing her!” The scene kept replaying in Jenny’s mind. It was driving her crazy. “What’s wrong with Captain Nolan? She is not even that pretty! What does he even see in her?” she berated.

This quickly became a personal attack against Ms. Berry. Everyone was in a tight spot because they did not know if they should join the conversation.

What if Captain Nolan really liked her? What if she was really his wife?

Besides, Captain Nolan was South Star Airlines’ boss. Back when South Star Airlines was falling apart, Captain Nolan came in and reformed the whole company. He even took up the captain’s role and revived the company.

Because he became the captain himself, South Star Airlines’ business had been growing exponentially.

Who would want to cross a boss like him?

“Jenny, we don’t know what kind of a person she is. I’m pretty sure we made it clear during your pre-job training that we should always be polite to our customers. I hope this is the last time I’m hearing remarks like this from you,” Nancy said after much thought. I am the purser here anyway, so even a princess like you will have to listen to me. This is my territory.

Nancy had to do her job. It was time to set things straight and let everyone know she was in charge here.

Talking bad about people behind their back was way too distasteful to Nancy.

On top of that, Ashlyn really had nothing to do with this. She was not even aware that Jenny liked Lucas, and she did nothing to harm Jenny. It doesn’t mean that you have all the reason to talk bad about Ashlyn just because Lucas kissed her.

Nancy’s blood boiled thinking about the way Jenny looked at the situation. To her, Jenny was simply being unreasonable. Lucas is not even your husband; your feelings for him are purely one-sided.

Who are you to throw such a tantrum?


Lucas was woken up by a sudden turbulence.

Being with Ashlyn made his sleep sweet and sound. He woke up refreshed and in a better mood.

Opening his eyes slowly, he saw the passengers were still relaxed.

But it did not take long before the flight shook violently because of the turbulence.

Ashlyn frowned.

Lucas got up in a hurry and took a look at the woman beside him. From his angle, he could clearly see her long lashes and her frown.

He bent over and gently whispered, “I’ll go over to the cockpit.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 49

“Okay,” Ashlyn mumbled without opening her eyes.

Just as she was about to continue her good rest, Nancy’s voice came from the broadcast speaker.

Nancy assured the passengers that they were going through turbulence but everything was under control.

Just as everyone thought things would be okay, the jittering intensified.

The flight attendants returned to their seats and fastened their seatbelts. The shaking became more serious.

“What is happening?”

“We have the right to know what is happening!”

“It’s getting worse! I thought you said it would be fine?”

“Tell us what is happening!”

The passengers were getting anxious. They started questioning what was going on.

Yakov looked up and asked Ashlyn, “Are you afraid? I hope everything will be okay.”

“Everything will be fine,” Ashlyn replied shortly.

“Are you sure? We are high up in the sky! Geez, do they even know how to fly a plane? It takes more than just a handsome face to fly one!” Yakov teased sarcastically.

The person in front heard Yakov and readily agreed. “Yeah! No doubt he’s handsome, but God knows if he can fly a plane!” the man grumbled.

Ashlyn was irritated. She rolled her eyes and refuted, “Hey guys! He is South Star Airlines’ president, and he is also the best pilot here!”

“The company’s president flying the plane himself? Are you for real? What a joke!” Yakov scoffed.

He was dismayed and doubtful.

The plane shook fiercely again.

“Oh, I might really die here!” Yakov complained.

“If the pilot were a little more experienced, this probably wouldn’t be happening. This captain has no skills at all!”

When it came to Lucas’ competence and professionalism, Ashlyn never once doubted him. They were married for four years, so she saw how much work he put into physical training and his company. He was second to none.

Although they were already divorced, Ashlyn would still readily defend him. What more when these foreigners were questioning her fellow countryman?

She knew where her loyalty lay and she would not just watch them question Lucas.

She smiled confidently and challenged him, saying, “If you doubt him, why not you go and do it?”

These people only knew how to criticize people.

No one dared to answer. But they were still dissatisfied and scared.

This was a matter of life and death.

Everyone was fearful—some of them began to prattle on about what was happening, others were lambasting the cabin crew, asking for an explanation.

Nancy went into the cockpit and reported, “Captain Nolan, the passengers are all nervous and agitated. Ms. Berry even got into a fight with Yakov because of you.”

Lucas had no time to reply her. He fixed his eyes on the radar image.

Outside, Ashlyn was busy thinking. The shaking was just too serious; this was no normal turbulence.

She looked outside towards the immense darkness enveloping the plane and squinted.

Just as she was trying to make sense of what was happening, the plane shook wildly.

It was serious this time. Jenny reflexively held on to the seat handle.

Meanwhile, Nancy just got out of the cockpit, but the intense shaking threw her to the ground and she rolled towards the cockpit door until her head knocked against it.

She let out a cry and shriveled up in pain. Holding her head, she groaned as her vision became blurry.


The nearest flight attendant crawled toward her carefully as she went to check on Nancy.

The bags and luggage in the overhead compartment slammed against each other as if they would fall out anytime.

Hearing Nancy’s shriek, Ashlyn stood up without losing a moment and walked toward the cockpit.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 50

“Please remain seated, you shouldn’t be moving around right now! You’re putting yourself in danger!” A flight attendant quickly stopped Ashlyn. Ashlyn did not heed her advice.

She continued walking forward quickly as she held on to the handles. Jenny shouted, “What are you doing? It’s dangerous!”

Ashlyn disregarded her and finally reached Nancy. Those flight attendants could not even stay as calm as Ashlyn.

She knelt down on one knee and helped the other flight attendant to get Nancy up.

The cabin was in a total mess. Kids started crying and some passengers even started shouting loudly.

“I don’t want to die!”


“Don’t tell me we are going to die!”

A few flight attendants tried comforting and assuring them, but to no avail.

“Please fasten your seatbelt, pull down the oxygen mask, and remain in your seat! Please be cooperative and trust our captain!”

The turbulence raged on. Everyone was tensed up and worried.

Even the flight attendants stuck to their seats and fastened their seatbelts.

The chaos behind her rolled on as Ashlyn checked if Nancy was okay. Nancy looked pale and she was sweating furiously.

“I am Ashlyn, a doctor in Riverdale First Hospital. Your body is very weak now, so please breathe slowly.”

She held her and sat her in the purser’s seat. “Take a rest,” she said softly.

An excruciating pain pierced through Nancy’s head. It was so painful she could not even speak.

She thought she would die as she sat on her seat disoriented and disheveled. “Thanks… Thanks…” She struggled to say something.

Her whole body was in extreme pain.

The cabin crew was all shocked. Although they had been on countless flights, they had never encountered anything like this before. A flight attendant who had only been flying for half a year was so afraid she started crying.

But she quickly collected herself.

She saw a kid before her and reached out to him, saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay, everything will be okay.”

The whole cabin was in disarray.

Fear got the best of everyone and they kept crying and scolding the pilot.

The flight attendants could do nothing to calm them down.

Suddenly a voice came from the broadcast speaker.

“Dear passengers, I’m the flight captain’s… wife, Ashlyn Berry. My husband, Lucas, is a professionally trained pilot. When I married him four years ago, he brought South Star Airlines back from the ashes. To make the company better, he worked hard for his pilot’s certificate. I was with him all the way—from when he was a trainee pilot to when he was a co-pilot—and until he became the captain today. I saw the hard work he put in, and I know he is capable. Please trust him. Since his wife is on this flight, he will make sure I am safe, and he will make sure all of you are safe. He will not desert us. He will bring us to safety.”

Ashlyn stood in front of the cockpit door and held the speaker in her hand, like a brave soldier cheering her comrades on. There was determination in her eyes, and there was assurance in her voice.

Her voice reached every corner of the cabin, and everyone heard her loud and clear.

Everyone finally quietened down and listened to her.

Suddenly, all became calm.

Her soothing voice brought tranquility to the passengers, and they felt comforted.

Seeing that everyone was more composed now, Ashlyn continued, “I’d like each of you to cooperate with us as we bring you to safety. Please remain seated, fasten your seatbelt, and wear the oxygen mask. Cabin crew, do your best to assist and reassure the passengers. South Star Airlines invested so much in training all of you so that you can stay professional and step up in times like this!”

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