My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 41-45

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 41

“Alright, alright, now that we’ve found the money, let’s leave it at that,” Horace consoled Mary. “What can I do? She’s my mother.”

“I don’t care; I don’t want to see her anymore!” Mary threw Susan back onto the ground and sat on the sofa. She turned to Horace. “If it weren’t for me, this family would’ve been finished!”

Mary’s only useful skill was attracting investors. Over the years, she had brought Horace quite a few investors for his company.

Horace had spoiled her a lot, so in his book, it was alright for her to act unreasonably. On the other hand, he shot Susan a look of despise. Why is my mother such a piece of trash? She’s stealing, and she won’t even admit it when she has been caught!

“You’ll be sleeping in the storeroom.”

“But sir, the storeroom is in a mess and it’s filthy! It’s summer now, so how could you let Old Mrs. Berry stay there without air-conditioning?” Aunt Sally, the housekeeper, pointed out.

She felt bad seeing Susan in such a state.

However, she was just a housekeeper and did not have a say in their matters. She took her pay from Horace and Mary, so she could not protest much either.

“She’s so old, surely warm air is better than the cold. Hurry up and pack it up. Enough with the nonsense,” Mary spat and continued bawling on the sofa.

“Argh, my life is terrible! When I was raising my child, my mother-in-law wasn’t here to help out and just stayed in the countryside. She wouldn’t even come and take a look at her own grandchild! Now that she’s gotten old, I’ve got to take care of her. Alright, fine, that’s my duty. How did I get a thief to be my mother-in-law though? It’s just my bad luck!”

Horace pacified Mary and hugged her. “I’ve already punished her, haven’t I? She’s getting old, so don’t make things difficult for her. While you were giving birth to Xavier, she was taking care of Ashlyn in the countryside. She couldn’t leave.”

“Ashlyn is her granddaughter, but Xavier is her grandson as well! She’s biased!” Mary continued crying for a while. Good, at least I’ve achieved my aim. Now that this hag is going to stay in that stuffy storeroom, hopefully, she’ll die of heatstroke soon.

Susan staggered up the stairs. The Berry Residence had three floors. The housekeeper’s room was on the first floor. The Berry family lived on the second floor, with Horace and Mary sharing a room while Penelope and Xavier had their own rooms.

On the third floor, there was a piano room for Penelope and a room storing Xavier’s toys.

Above that was an attic which served as a storeroom.

The storeroom was filled with a cluttered mess. Aunt Sally brought Susan’s belongings upstairs and set up a foldable bed.

She then made the bed for Susan.

Taking a seat, she suggested, “Old Mrs. Berry, if Ms. Ashlyn is capable of supporting you, I think it’s best for her to take you away to live with her. You can’t possibly stay in a place like this.”

“Ashlyn is just a doctor. She doesn’t have the money to buy a house! I don’t want to cause trouble to the child anymore. She lost her mother at a young age and had a tough life with me in the countryside. I don’t have much time left. I’ll survive for as long as I can.” Susan wiped her tears. She felt terrible to lose her granddaughter’s money like that.

After all, she knew that Ashlyn did not have an easy time earning money and assumed that she had saved up for a long time before giving her the twenty thousand as allowance.

Yet, she allowed Mary to take it away so effortlessly.

The more she thought of it, the worse she felt and her tears started flowing uncontrollably.

Aunt Sally consoled her as she started rearranging the mess in the attic, “I don’t think Ms. Ashlyn is a pushover. I think we should consult her about this.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 42

Old Mrs. Berry has had it tough in the Berry Residence. I wish I could tell Ms. Ashlyn that Old Mrs. Berry wasn’t sick at all! Horace had pierced his mother’s hand using a needle to make it look that way. Horace and Mary have been abusing her and now they’ve even accused her of stealing! Old Mrs. Berry is living worse than me right now, and I’m a servant! I’m already sweating after staying for a few minutes in this storeroom. Who knows what will happen if I let such an old woman stay here!

“Forget it,” Susan mumbled. Her head still hurt, so she lay on her bed and stared blankly at the ceiling.

I can’t forgive myself. Ashlyn’s mother’s death doesn’t seem natural no matter how you slice it. It must’ve been that son of mine! After Ashlyn’s finally escaped from the Berry family’s clutches, I can’t possibly drag her down any further!

Meanwhile, in the South Star Airlines meeting room.

Lucas was engaged in a pre-departure briefing.

Everyone present could tell that he was in a foul mood.

The man’s cool and aloof expression was much sterner than usual.

Every word that escaped his lips had an icy and threatening tone. Finally, he ended the meeting with, “Dismissed. Prepare for departure.”

As Lucas stood up, his captain’s uniform was bulging and highlighted his muscular build.

Lucas adjusted his cap and left.

The co-pilot and the purser, Nancy, followed behind him.

Then, the flight attendants followed suit as well.

The entire group made their way to the plane.

One of the flight attendants whispered to Jenny, “Is it just me, or is Captain Nolan in a bad mood?”

“Doesn’t he look more charming this way?” Jenny smiled as she stared dreamily at the tall figure walking in front.

When she considered the possibility that he was in a bad mood because he had a tiff with his wife, she was overjoyed.

After all the routine checks, Lucas prepared for takeoff as per usual.

He recalled the last time he flew a plane. Back then, Ashlyn was with him and they had not divorced yet. In the four years of their marriage, she had only accompanied him once. “Captain, all systems go,” the co-pilot reported.

Lucas pulled himself together and nodded.

Before take-off, he did a routine check on the passenger list.

When he saw Ashlyn’s name, he frowned and stared at the name for a long time before returning the list to Nancy. His eyes narrowed as he instructed, “Keep an eye on her and the passengers around her.”

Nancy was taken aback. Ashlyn Berry? Is there anything special about her?

When she took a look outside, she understood what was going on. Isn’t she the girlfriend Mr. White brought last time?

She was in a light purple dress which made her skin look even fairer. Her defined features were beautiful and captivating.

Just by leaning against the window, she was a sight for sore eyes.

There were countless beautiful flight attendants working for South Star Airlines and Nancy was a beauty herself. However, she had to admit that they all paled in comparison to this woman.

Everything was normal with the flight and the clouds shone with a pale glow.

Soon, Nancy walked in and reported, “Ms. Berry took a quick nap but woke up because her male neighbor dropped his earbuds on her seat. She picked them up and returned them to him.”

Lucas frowned. That’s got to be intentional!

“That man dropped his portable charger while fumbling for it in his bag and Ms. Berry picked it up for him again.”

Shortly after, Nancy entered the cockpit again.

Before she could speak, Lucas sneered, “What did that man drop this time?”

“This time, he didn’t drop anything, but he offered to help Ms. Berry stow away her luggage.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 43

“Yakov, from Russia, huh?” Lucas read out the male passenger’s name.

His eyes narrowed and his expression became stern.

The co-pilot felt the pressure in the cockpit increasing after every one of Nancy’s reports.

He felt crushed by the pressure.

“Captain Nolan, your memory is astonishing! Did you remember the names of every passenger?” Nancy exclaimed in shock. “Well, Ms. Berry declined his offer. She…”

Nancy looked troubled.

“What did she do?” Lucas demanded.

Nancy covered her mouth as she recalled that heart-pounding scene that happened earlier. I’ve never thought that the word ‘cool’ could fit a woman so well!

“She lifted her luggage with one hand, and like, bam, she just tossed it to the overhead stowage! It was so cool! She did this so gracefully like the luggage was weightless! If Ms. Berry were a basketball player, she would be famous!” Nancy automatically thought of her as a national athlete.

She had been a flight attendant for many years and seen many types of passengers, but she had never seen such a suave man before, let alone a woman!

“Oh, right, she did the same to Yakov’s luggage as well,” Nancy sniggered. You should’ve seen the look on his face!

Lucas’ face had remained stern until he heard that last sentence.

His lips then formed a smirk.

A woman who can take down a six-foot-tall goliath like Winsor Jaquin probably has a trick or two up her sleeve, but I didn’t expect her to put Yakov to shame like that.

When Nancy noticed Lucas’ sudden change in expression, she wondered how this woman was related to him.

I’ve never seen Captain Nolan so concerned about someone else before.

“Ask her if she’d like strawberry juice,” Lucas instructed indifferently.

“Sure,” Nancy replied.

It was not time for the in-flight meal yet.

Back when they were married, Ashlyn loved to make her own strawberry juice.

She would often offer Lucas a glass as well.

After Nancy left, the co-pilot, Fred Langsley, teased, “Captain, can I have some too?”

Lucas refused him immediately, “Denied.”

He had prepared the strawberry juice specially for Ashlyn.

The co-pilot was speechless.

In the business class cabin, Ashlyn closed her eyes to rest after flinging her luggage overhead.

She had completely ignored the shocked expression from Yakov and the other passengers.

Nancy walked over and inquired softly, “Miss, would you like a glass of freshly-squeezed strawberry juice?”

Ashlyn opened her eyes and scanned her surroundings. It’s still a little early, isn’t it?

She frowned. “No need. I don’t like strawberry juice.”

When Lucas heard that from Nancy, his gleeful expression faded. She doesn’t like it? Then why does she drink it all the time back then? Just how many lies has this woman told me?

Anger welled up within him.

He checked the time and instructed, “When it’s time for the in-flight meal, pass her all of my fish and chicken wings.”

Soon, it was time for the in-flight meal.

Nancy prepared this behind Jenny’s back.

When Yakov saw this, he asked in broken English, “Why she have prawn, have fish, me only chicken?”

Nancy gave a professional smile. “I’m sorry, this is a special service prepared for this lady only.”

It’s special alright. The captain’s only left with rice and vegetables now!

Ashlyn stared at her food in doubt but accepted it in silence.

When Nancy returned, Lucas enquired, “Has she eaten it?”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 44

“She already ate,” Nancy answered quietly.

Lucas gave a satisfied smile after hearing this.

Seeing the purser coming out from the cockpit, Jenny got curious and asked, “Nancy, what are you up to? You’ve been in and out of the cockpit a few times!”

Jenny examined her expression closely, wondering if Nancy also had a thing for Captain Nolan.

She put up her guard instantly.

Nancy was speechless. She was not interested in getting into any drama. “A few planes crashed in other countries recently, so Captain Nolan has been asking for frequent updates on how the passengers are doing.”

“Don’t you think it’s unnecessary to report back to him so frequently?” Jenny felt something was a little off.

“You know the captain takes his work seriously. Do you think I enjoy running in and out so many times?” Nancy replied, stretching her limbs after she finally got to sit down.

The flight was crossing into Italian airspace.

Lucas immediately reached out to the local air traffic control, requesting a lower altitude so the flight could be more stable.

It had been five to six hours since they took off. The co-pilot said to Lucas, “Captain Nolan, let’s switch.”

Lucas nodded and got up.

The co-pilot quickly moved over.

By the time Lucas opened the cockpit’s door and stepped outside, the sky over the horizon was already dark.

The cabin was dimly lit. Some passengers were sound asleep, while others had their headphones on listening to music.

Lucas could hear a few people snoring away.

Ashlyn was in the third last row. She had bought tickets for the whole row of seats, so there was no one next to her.

Right now, she was resting her head against the seat with her eyes closed.

Across the aisle, Lucas spotted Yakov. His blond hair fell loosely on his forehead, making his skin look particularly fair. His glasses elegantly rested on his prominent nose bridge, but to Lucas, he was still not the best-looking guy.

He walked down the aisle, sat down beside Ashlyn, and took a good look at her.

Ashlyn was alerted. Sensing a warm presence, she reflexively opened her eyes.

The light was faint. But she could still vaguely see Lucas’ refined and flawless features.

She found herself lost in his mesmerizing eyes until his sturdy voice called her name.

“Ms. Berry,” Lucas called softly. “Welcome onboard, I’m your pilot, Captain Lucas Nolan.”

She did not realize Lucas was the pilot when Nancy asked her about the strawberry juice. It was not until the meal was served just now that she found out that he was indeed the pilot—and that he even knew she was on this flight.

But she did not expect Lucas to come over to the cabin and look for her.

Since we have decided to go our separate ways, why not just treat each other as strangers? Ashlyn wondered.

“Captain Nolan, I’m resting. Please stop bothering me,” she said indifferently.

“I want to rest too,” he replied, giving her a determined look.

Ashlyn could not do anything with him. “Well, then go back to your own seat.”

“I like this seat,” Lucas replied wittily.

“Mr. Nolan, I already bought this seat,” she retaliated.

“Well, why not you kiss me? And I will leave immediately,” he said cheekily. He gently took a strand of her hair and started playing with it.

Ashlyn pushed his hand away. But Lucas continued making fun of her, saying, “The guy over there, do you think he’s handsome?”

Ashlyn really thought Lucas was the most childish man ever. She knew who he was referring to. Looking at Lucas for a few seconds, she went back to sleep. She did not have the energy to deal with him.

“I will take it as you think I am more handsome then,” Lucas whispered in her ears.

His breath tickled her ears and she could not help but tilt her head a little.

Snippets of memories came flooding back. This man used to come up close and whisper all sorts of nonsense in her ears. Those were the days.

She shook off the thought. Seriously, what is he doing here? He should be working instead of babbling nonsense here.

“Honey, you are always so nice to other people. You even helped him with his luggage. But you’re always so cold to me.” There was a hint of jealousy in Lucas’ voice.

“Oh, is that what you want? Can I throw you into the overhead compartment too? Do you want to try?” Ashlyn replied impatiently.

“Don’t you used to like strawberry juice? Oh, and you used to like me biting your ears too, which is just what I’m about to do.” Lucas made his voice deep and sexy, throwing a provocative glance at her ears. He opened his mouth slightly. Biting her earlobe, he gave it a little tug, and smiled.

Is he for real?

He must be crazy!

Feeling his lips on her ears, Ashlyn became slightly disconcerted. She almost let out a moan.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 45

They were married for four years. He knew just right where to touch.

“I don’t like strawberry juice anymore. It’s better to let go of things when you have already outgrown them,” Ashlyn said coldly. But this was exactly why Lucas found her attractive.

A shade of pink lingered on her fair cheeks. The faint lighting made her all the more desirable.

Her almond-shaped eyes glistened in the dark.

He had not slept with anyone after they divorced, and this woman in front of him suddenly became more irresistible.

Never had he realized that this woman had such powers over him.

Just a look from her could make him want her there and then.

Ashlyn could sense his pent-up frustration, and it was suffocating.

He locked his gaze on her face.

She finally pushed him away and said, “Go back to your seat and rest.”

“I’ll just rest here.” Before she could even react, Lucas grabbed her waist and scooped her up, putting her on his lap.

For a moment, Lucas felt he finally found the missing piece of his life. His heart was full.

He did not like being alone in an empty room. I don’t like it at all.

Everything now felt so familiar. The woman in his arms, her scent, her body. She made his heart pound.

Ashlyn struggled to break free from him. But Lucas was not letting her go.

“Stop it. Just stay here or you’ll have to clear up more mess,” Lucas warned her.

Ashlyn understood what he meant. She sat still at last.

She could not do anything but her face was crimson red from anger and embarrassment.

Fine! We were married for four years anyway, so it’s not like this is anything new!

I’ll just take it as a random handsome man hitting on me.

She glared at him and closed her eyes.

After some time, Lucas opened his eyes and gazed at her. Just as he was slowly moving toward her, a shout broke the suspense.

“Gosh! Just let me sleep in peace, will you?” An angry passenger shouted, slamming the magazine in his hand on the floor.

Lucas opened his eyes, looked at Ashlyn, and located where the voice came from.

The vexed passenger was a man in his 20s.

The commotion startled the other man sitting beside him, who was also now awake. He turned toward the first man and said, “Come on man, what is the fuss about? I need to sleep!”

The noise had awoken many other passengers.

“What the heck? You’re the one who has been disturbing my sleep! You’ve been snoring all night through, and now you’re saying I’m being noisy?” The irritated first man shouted.

The situation quickly escalated into a heated fight.

A few flight attendants quickly came out to appease the two.

Nancy handled the situation professionally. “I am the purser here. Let’s settle this calmly, shall we?” she said to the two men.

“Settle this? What do you know? All you know is ‘tea or coffee!’ I want to see your captain!” the second man ridiculed.

“Get out of the way! Do you own this plane?” the first guy pushed Nancy away.

This was not something new— flight attendants were never treated with much respect.

Nancy was taken aback. She tried to hold her anger in and said slowly, “Please calm down. We need to make sure no one’s safety is affected here, okay?”

Just as the two men were about to start a fight again, a severe and commanding voice came from behind.

“I am the captain. If you continue to disrespect my cabin crew, I will order an emergency landing.”

A tall and imposing man in uniform appeared before them. The air around him was intimidating and solemn.

Anyone could tell he was not in his best mood. But they did not know it was because someone just interrupted his kiss. Lucas would make sure these people pay up.

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