My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 31-35

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 31

This woman came in cartoon-themed loungewear and red slippers?

He had seen Ashlyn in the Nolan residence multiple times. Every time, she was dolled up and dressed to the nines with the latest branded goods. Her outfits always screamed ‘I’m rich!’.

Why has she dressed this way today? She even has an eerily calm expression…

“Woman, don’t think you’re a big deal just because you’re married to my brother!” Blair declared in a fit of rage.

Ashlyn stared at him coldly as though he was a stranger.

Blair felt an inexplicably strange feeling. It’s like Ashlyn’s a different woman from when she was at the Nolan residence. I’ve mocked her countless times, but she’s done nothing but smiled in return. Why the sudden change now?

“Mrs. Nolan, I presume?” Winsor queried indignantly. He did not appreciate the fact that he had been ignored.

He was a burly man with a ferocious expression. Although he was not ugly, he did not look like a nice person.

“I’m not Mrs. Nolan. Were you the one who called me earlier?” Ashlyn asked Winsor expressionlessly.

“I called Blair’s sister-in-law. You’re his sister-in-law, but you’re not Mrs. Nolan?” Winsor demanded. He felt that this woman was toying with him.


Ashlyn’s whip struck the ground beneath Winsor’s feet.

Winsor retreated intuitively.

This woman and her moves…

Winsor’s arrogant expression was replaced with one of anger.

Blair was completely taken aback as well. Is this really the Ashlyn I knew? I always thought Ashlyn is someone who wouldn’t fight back even when bullied!

“You’ll have to pay the price for disturbing my rest.” Ashlyn’s eyes widened and turned into a cold glare.

It struck fear into one’s heart but was charming at the same time.

Winsor was stunned.

He was a powerful man in Lake City and his bodyguards were all intimidating.

When he left home, everyone who met him treated him like a king.

Only a few important men in Lake City did not fear him.

Who dares to assault me with a whip? No one in Lake City has the guts to do so! Who is this woman? She has no respect for the Jaquin family at all!

Winsor got up and stood at his full height of a hundred and eighty-five centimeters. He glowered at Ashlyn.

This woman is young, has a sharp gaze, and defined features. Even if she is in loungewear, she is extremely beautiful. What a waste that she has such a bad temper for a pretty face!

“Winsor, you’ve got to teach Blair a good lesson! Ouch, my mouth!” An arrogant voice sounded from the second floor. A man around the same age as Blair had walked down the staircase while rubbing his jaw.

However, the moment he came down, he was stunned.

What’s going on?

“So you started this, didn’t you?” Ashlyn snapped at Tinsor.

She showed no change in expression as she raised a hand and whipped him.

The whip struck Tinsor’s calf, bringing him down to his knees and shrieking in pain. “You wench, how dare you hit me?”

“If you didn’t fight with Blair, I wouldn’t have been disturbed from my sleep!” Ashlyn explained angrily.

Blair was taken aback and squirmed backwards. However, that was not enough to avoid Ashlyn’s whip. Snap!

Ashlyn had stricken Blair’s back.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 32

Blair scowled. “I’ll definitely get my brother to divorce you!”

Winsor was fuming and watched as both of them were hit by Ashlyn’s whip.

Blair was one thing; he was tied up and could not dodge. However, Tinsor had learned martial arts before. He was skilled enough to capture Blair!

Yet, Tinsor did not manage to avoid the whip as well.

He screamed, “Winsor, help me!”

Winsor charged towards Ashlyn and grabbed her whip.

Ashlyn simply smirked and deflected his attack.

Winsor was dumbfounded.

I used fifty percent of my strength back there! An ordinary woman would have broken down in tears with twenty percent! This woman managed to deflect my attack like it was nothing!

Winsor lunged forward again, but Ashlyn was faster. She struck Winsor with her palm, sending him crashing against the coffee table.

The marble coffee table crumbled upon impact.

Ashlyn dusted the non-existent debris off her hands and threatened, “I hope the three of you will learn your lesson today. Don’t disturb my rest in the future.”

She then turned to leave.

As she reached the door, she glanced at Blair, who was lying on the floor. “Aren’t you going to leave as well?”

Blair was taken aback. He swallowed, scrambled to a standing position, and hopped after Ashlyn.

She hit me! Even Lucas hasn’t hit me before… But, she’s taking me away as well… What on earth is going on?

Blair was still shocked at the turn of events.

Ashlyn knows how to fight with a whip and managed to send someone like Winsor flying with a single hit! Is this a stunt double?

His brain could not process what was going on.

Tinsor hurriedly got up and helped Winsor up. When the security guards heard the commotion in the living room, they rushed to their aid.

“Master Winsor!”

“What happened?”

“Winsor, are you alright?” Tinsor asked. He had not expected his brother, whom he thought was the strongest in the world, to be defeated by a woman in a single strike.

He still felt giddy. Looks like I didn’t lose in vain after all. Even my brother lost! I’m no match for her!

“I’m fine,” Winsor replied. How could I, the heir to the mafia family of the Jaquins, have lost to a woman? I grew up getting into fights! Just who is she? She’s saved as a ‘sister-in-law’ in Blair’s contacts but she said that she’s not Mrs. Nolan and not his sister-in-law either. Interesting…

His waist had gone numb from the impact.

However, that was of secondary importance. Who on earth is that woman?

“Winsor, are we just going to let them off like that?” Tinsor stared at the door. He could hear Blair screaming from the gate, “Hey, untie me!”

This was followed by a female voice mocking him, “Mr. Blair Nolan, since you’re so great at getting into fights, surely a few ropes won’t be able to hold you down.”

The sound of Blair hopping then filled the entire corridor.

When Tinsor heard that, his mood improved significantly.

“Let them go,” Winsor instructed the guards. “No need to hold them back.”

After all, he could not possibly admit to his men that he lost to a woman and had to get them to gang up on her.

Even if they did not despise him for that, he would look down upon himself.


As Blair hopped behind Ashlyn, his newfound fondness towards her had disappeared without a trace. This damn woman won’t untie me!

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 33

Blair hopped behind Ashlyn in a sorry state. Argh, she’ll be the death of me!

Ashlyn quickly strode out of the Jaquin Residence.

“How are you?”

“Are you alright?”

Anderson and Harrison quickly asked her out of concern.

“Of course she’s fine. I’m the one who’s suffering!” Blair whined softly.

Ashlyn ignored them and instructed the twins, “Let’s go.”

The moment she said that, Blair yelled, “Lucas! Lucas!”

He had never felt like seeing Lucas so much in his life.

A Bentley slowly pulled over at the Jaquin residence.

A tall man got off the car and glared icily at Blair, then at Ashlyn.

The sunshine spilling on her fair skin gave her a natural glow.

She was unbelievably stunning!

“Ah, so that’s Lucas.”

“He looks better than in the photos.”

“Well, he looks cold and scary. Good thing the boss divorced him.”

“That’s right.”

The twins had been gossiping in what they thought were hushed whispers, but even the security guard could hear them.

These two idiots!

Ashlyn glared at them and signaled for them to shut up.

This gesture had attracted Lucas’ attention. He scrutinized the two men with similar looks and bright expressions.

They somewhat resembled Jared.

First Jared, now these two?

Lucas was filled with an uncontrollable rage.

Does this woman like these types of men? Those who can’t keep their mouths shut? Tell me she has better taste than that.

“Lucas, help untie me!” Blair squealed worriedly. Why is Lucas staring at that wretched woman and ignoring me?

Lucas did not even give Blair a second glance and demanded, “Stop whining! You picked this fight!”

Spencer was about to untie Blair but stopped in his tracks. Mr. Blair, you heard him.

Blair was astounded. Lucas and I have never been close and I’ve always lived in fear of him. It’s impossible to live happily under the shadow of this genius. I look like a complete moron compared to him!

“Why are you here?” Lucas questioned Ashlyn. He scrutinized Ashlyn and realized that she was wearing red flip-flops and cartoon-themed pajamas.

In the past, she would only wear silk pajamas in front of him. He had never seen her in such cheap attire before.

In the past, she would only wear branded slippers.

Lucas glared at the Jaquin residence. There was a ruckus inside and the door was left wide open.

Within minutes, he saw Winsor being supported into the car by two security guards.

What’s going on? How did Ashlyn bring Blair out from Winsor’s clutches in one piece? Impossible!

Lucas refused to believe the circumstantial evidence.

Just as he was about to ask what happened, Ashlyn grumbled, “Lucas, we’re already divorced, so please get your brother to delete my contact number from his phone.”

“Did Winsor do anything to you?” Lucas ignored the question. This woman has been stirring up a lot of trouble in just a few days after the divorce.

He was frustrated.

At this point, Winsor’s car drove out of the villa. He wound down the window to see Ashlyn and Lucas side by side.

“I’ll remember this!” Winsor spat at Ashlyn. This chick is beautiful alright. Even when standing beside someone as handsome as Lucas, she doesn’t look inferior in any way. To hell with this couple!

Lucas thought Winsor was going to talk to him, but to his surprise, his words were directed at Ashlyn.

Ashlyn smirked. “I’m sure you’ve experienced something unforgettable today.”

Winsor choked and could not find the words to respond.

Lucas’ face fell and bellowed, “Mr. Jaquin, how should I settle the score with you for abducting my brother?”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 34

“Mr. Nolan, my brother has been severely injured by this woman and I have to send him to the hospital!” Winsor refused to admit that he lost to a woman.

“Severely injured by who?” Lucas gasped. This woman used to be too weak to open a bottlecap on her own! How could she beat Tinsor up?

“Mr. Jaquin, please come up with a more believable excuse next time.”

“Lucas… He isn’t lying. I was hit too. Lucas, Ashlyn is too much, she whipped me so hard it hurts!” Blair protested in his pseudo-sushi-roll state.

He felt pain everywhere.

Thus, he had hoped for his brother to divorce that woman.

Tinsor was completely taken in by the way Ashlyn beat up Winsor and kept playing the scene back in his mind.

He had become Ashlyn’s fan.

When he heard Lucas express his disbelief at Ashlyn’s feats, he stuck his head out of the window and shouted, “That’s right! Mr. Nolan, my brother was beaten to a pulp by her! She was like, bam, then she sent my brother crashing into the coffee table with one hit! And then, boom, my marble coffee table worth hundreds of thousands just shattered like glass!”

Winsor felt like burying his head inside a hole.

I’m finished! Argh, my reputation has been ruined by this dumb brother of mine! Can I get a refund for a younger brother?

His pride was shattered in front of Lucas.

Even though he tried to cover up the fact, his own brother announced it to the entire world at a voice eight times louder than his, as though he wanted everyone in the world to know.

Can I sacrifice my brother in the name of justice?

Ashlyn? Beat Winsor up?

Lucas shuddered to imagine the scene.

“You…” Lucas struggled to find his voice. “You beat up Tinsor, Winsor, and Blair?”

Blair aside, the Jaquin brothers were involved in the underworld and hence skilled fighters.

“Why do you ask? Do you want to get revenge for them?” Ashlyn queried as she blinked.

Winsor was captivated when she saw her beautiful eyelids moving so gracefully. His anger vanished into thin air.

Maybe, just maybe, it isn’t such a bad thing to be beaten up by a beautiful woman like her after all. No other woman in this world would dare to hit me. She’s Ashlyn, right? That’s what Lucas called her, right? Ashlyn, Ashlyn, what a nice name!

Lucas emanated a strong chill as he stood there.

His expression was as bleak as the winter frost.

“Ashlyn, how much are you keeping hidden from me?”

“Mr. Nolan, you sound like a man who has just been dumped,” Ashlyn chuckled as she brushed her hair aside. It was an unintentional action, but it looked nothing short of stunning.


“Hack! Cough!”

Anderson could not hold back his laughter and Harrison quickly held him back. As a result, Anderson started choking on his own laughter and forcibly stopped laughing.

Looks like the boss hasn’t lost her touch at all! She dealt with three of them alone! Well, that’s what you get for disturbing her beauty sleep!

Winsor was astounded. This woman… She’s not afraid of Lucas? How could she taunt him like that?

Winsor felt much better after hearing that.

Compared to watching Lucas get attacked by his own wife, his injuries were nothing.

Now I’ve really seen it all.

Winsor smirked and his previous frustration and embarrassment had vanished without a trace. He raised an eyebrow at Lucas and sneered, “Well then, Mr. Nolan, I’ll be taking my leave.”

“Tomorrow, the price of Jaquin Group’s shares will drop by three percent,” Lucas retorted, although he still did not take his eyes off Ashlyn.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 35

“Mr. Nolan, empty threats won’t work on me,” Winsor snorted and instructed the driver to leave.

Tinsor swept his fringe aside like a model in a shampoo advertisement and winked at Ashlyn. “We’ll meet again, my goddess.”

This was followed by a bam!

Winsor had grabbed Tinsor back into the car and slammed the door shut. He ordered, “Drive!”

Tinsor yelled in pain, “Argh! Winsor, it hurts…”

Ring… A familiar ringtone sounded.

When Ashlyn checked the caller ID, her gaze turned cold as ice. She said, “Mr. Nolan, I have urgent matters to do. Farewell.”

Then, she headed to the Land Rover. Anderson took the driver’s seat while Harrison pulled the door open for her in a gentlemanly manner.

Lucas’ face fell. Damn it! What is their relationship with her?

“Hello?” Ashlyn finally picked up the phone after the caller called thrice.

“Ashlyn, your grandmother misses you a lot. Will you come back to visit her?” Horace Berry, Ashlyn’s father, inquired. Although he was asking her nicely, she could tell that he would not stop pestering her until she agreed.

“I’ll think about it.” Ashlyn dismissed him.

“Your grandma has always doted on you since young. Are you really not going to come back?” Horace attacked her soft spot for her grandmother.

If it were not for the fact that he must meet Ashlyn this time, he would not have bothered calling his temperamental daughter.

“The one who loves me is Grandma, not you. Don’t use her as an excuse, got it?” Ashlyn snapped in an intimidating tone.

Horace suppressed his anger and pleaded, “Ashlyn, I know you hate me, but your grandma has really fallen ill this time. Are you not going to visit her even when she’s sick?”

“You’ve used that excuse countless times already. I’m afraid you’re the only excuse of a man in this world who would curse his own mother like that,” Ashlyn sneered.

Horace felt like smashing his phone when he heard this, but he continued, “I’m not lying this time, your grandma really is ill. She’s getting old and she has a poor constitution.”

“Alright, I’ll go back right now.” Ashlyn hung up. She did not want to continue talking to this shameless man.

“Boss, are you really going to go?” Anderson inquired.

“I’ll go alone. Pull over,” Ashlyn ordered. She got off and took a cab to the Berry residence.

Horace ran a renovation company. It was not large in scale, but it earned a lot of revenue all the same.

The Berry family was not one of the top-class families, but it was decently rich.

Back when Ashlyn’s parents were first married, both of them were poor as paupers. Ashlyn’s mother had eloped with Horace and brought her secret stash of savings with her.

With that sum of money, the newlywed couple started a small business and slowly built it into a large firm.

However, when Ashlyn turned eight, her mother died in a car crash.

She was unable to meet her mother one last time before her death.

That became her greatest regret.

Soon after her passing, Horace married Mary Canter and took in her child, Penelope Canter, as well. Now, she was known as Penelope Berry.

Penelope, who was one year older than Ashlyn, was now the official heiress to the Berry family!

Ashlyn always felt that her mother’s death was not as simple as it seemed. However, after investigating for many years, she was unable to find any leads.

Now that many years had passed, the chances of finding evidence was slim.

However, she would not give up as long as there was a glimmer of hope.

Her mother’s death had left a great impact on her.

She would not be able to sleep soundly at night if she didn’t find out the truth.

Mary acted like a kind and gentle stepmother in front of Horace, but when he was not around, she would reveal her true colors. Ashlyn had been screamed at and abused countless times by her.

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