My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 26-30

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 26

Wait, I didn’t know Centennial Healthcare and Nolan Group do business together. Why is the boss inviting Jared for lunch? Is this in preparation for some future collaboration? But the boss doesn’t look happy to see Jared at all!

Only one man understood the situation- Spencer.

Mr. Nolan is too awkward when it comes to these matters. What’s the point of doing it in such a roundabout manner? Just invite Ashlyn over directly!

As Lucas’ official interpreter and S-tier support unit, Spencer got up and intended to invite Ashlyn over himself.

Lucas’ cold gaze swept over him and queried, “Where do you think you’re going?”

Spencer’s face flushed red and glanced at Lucas. I’m going to get Ashlyn over, that’s what! However, what came out was, “I’d like to use the washroom.”

And thus, the support unit left the room.

Jared then asked for Ashlyn’s opinion before bringing her to Lucas’ table. He replied, “Thanks for the invitation, Mr. Nolan. We’ll join you for lunch, then.”

Jared was sharp and knew that he could not afford to refuse the invitation in front of so many executives.

Ashlyn headed to a seat at the opposite end of the table, far away from Lucas.

However, a certain stone-faced individual spoke, “It’s too cold there. Take a seat beside me.”

Oh my gosh, what did I just hear? The boss invited Jared’s partner to sit with him? What on earth is going on? Isn’t the boss married?

Wilson and the other executives turned their eyes to Ashlyn.

She’s a top-class beauty! None of the people I’ve seen before are as pretty as she is, and I’m working in an entertainment company! None of the girls in Nolan Entertainment can match up to her! Especially that aloof look in her eyes. Where have I seen that look before? That’s right, it’s the same cold glare as the boss’!

“I appreciate the sentiment, Mr. Nolan.” Ashlyn turned around to look at Lucas.

As she turned around, her hair brushed past her face, accentuating her defined features.

The tassels on her earrings danced in the wind.

There was a lively expression in her eyes, as though she was a fairy living in the forest.

Lucas demanded, “Aren’t you going to come over?”

He could not disguise the impatience and helplessness in his tone. Sure, we’re divorced, but we don’t have to be married to sit next to each other, right? Must you really coddle up to Jared the moment we get divorced?

Earlier, when Lucas mentioned that she was Jared’s girlfriend, Jared had not denied it.

Lucas held a grudge and was frustrated when she took a seat with Jared.

Even if they were divorced, he would not allow any other men to set their sights on Ashlyn, at least not for now.

The crowd got excited, as though something big was going to happen.

They were all screaming internally. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe that there’s a woman in this world who can resist the boss’ charm! The boss had to ask twice!

Ashlyn responded, “This seat is fine.”

“The honey chicken drumlets are over here.” Lucas casually gestured at the tempting plate of chicken drumlets right in front of him.

Ashlyn was a good cook and a gourmet.

Hence, she would not be able to resist good food.

After four years of marriage, Lucas naturally knew what her favorite food was.

Everyone was speechless.

The boss even knows what this lady’s favorite food is! What on earth is their relationship? Didn’t the boss just say she is Jared’s girlfriend?

Some of them had already started imagining a love triangle plot on par with some third-rated romance novels.

Spencer, who had returned from his forced pilgrimage to the restroom, came back in time to hear Lucas say that.

Tsk, tsk. Mr. Nolan, why haven’t you invited her back to your side yet? You’re not getting anywhere at this rate!

Just as Spencer was grumbling about Lucas’ inefficiency, Ashlyn got up and took a seat beside Lucas.

That seat was supposed to be Spencer’s. Spencer continued walking to Ashlyn’s original seat as though he had sat there since the very beginning.

The executives’ thoughts started to wander. Is Jared really ok about this? His girlfriend just took a seat beside the boss! Doesn’t he feel his pride being hurt at all?

Jared simply smirked. I’m not important enough to influence my boss’ decisions!

However, he felt uncomfortable watching Ashlyn leave all the same. Why am I feeling this way? In the past, they were legally wedded, so there’s nothing I can say about that. Now that they’re divorced, why is Lucas clinging to my boss like this? When will it be my turn to get some attention? Argh!

Lucas then shot a taunting look toward Jared.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 27

However, Ashlyn caught that look in his eye. What a childish man! Why have I never noticed that such a rational and powerful man acts like such a child sometimes? I can’t believe this.

Even the simplest actions such as eating were done so gracefully by Ashlyn that she looked like a goddess.

All of the executives, and even the other nearby patrons, found themselves captivated by her.

Lucas’ triumphant expression turned to one of annoyance.

Ever since his divorce, his temper had become unpredictable.

He had known that Ashlyn was beautiful this entire time.

However, in the past, Ashlyn had acted like a doll. She was pretty to look at, but she did not look lifelike and attractive.

However, after the divorce, Ashlyn was a master seductress!

Lucas had known this entire time that Ashlyn had not shown him her true self and had been putting on a façade for the entire four years of their marriage.

Now that they had divorced, she simply felt no need to continue putting up an act.

Am I a failure of a husband, or is Ashlyn too good of an actress?

Ashlyn raised her fair hand elegantly and signaled for a waiter to come over. She ordered, “I’d like a banana split.”

Lucas suddenly whispered into her ear, “You shouldn’t be having that on your period.”

Ashlyn was caught off-guard and bowed her head down low to hide her embarrassment.

She shot back with her face flushed, “I didn’t know you can count the days of the month so well, Mr. Nolan.”

We’re already divorced! Why does he still remember when I’m on my period? What exactly is this man up to? He’s a pervert!

Lucas then straightened up and replied in his aloof demeanor, “I happen to be good at mathematics.”

The banana split was Imperial Hotel’s signature ice-cream. It was delicious and had an exquisite appearance.

Once the ice-cream was served, before Ashlyn could dig in, Lucas ordered the waiter to remove it off the table.

“I-I’m terribly sorry, M-Mr. Nolan,” the waiter stammered. “I can’t take this away. Ms. Berry ordered this.”

“We’re the ones paying here,” Wilson quipped.

Oh my gosh, Imperial Hotel sure is something. How dare they refuse the boss like that!

“Sir, it doesn’t matter who’s paying here. We only take orders from Ms. Berry.” The waiter bowed and left.

What do you mean by that?

Ashlyn smiled. “Never mind, I’m done here. Jared, let’s go.”

What? This woman speaks so casually to the CEO of Centennial Healthcare? It’s as though she’s ordering her pet around!

The scariest part was when Jared wiped his mouth and got up, following behind her like he was actually her dog. He offered, “I’ll get your bag.”

Just like that, the woman passed her bag to Jared and strutted off as though she was the queen.

To their complete shock, when this woman got up, all of the staff in the restaurant, including the manager, got up to send her off at the elevator and chimed in unison, “Have a great day, Ms. Berry!”

This loud gesture attracted everyone’s gazes.

Even the boss didn’t receive such treatment!

Meanwhile, Lucas had a grim expression. Darn it! This woman… I really want to pin her down and screw her over now! We’ve only been divorced for a few days and she’s already fawning all over Jared and going everywhere with him!

No one dared to say anything to Lucas for fear of incurring his wrath.

They had been looking forward to this meal, but now, all they wanted to do was leave.

When the meal had finally ended, all of them heaved a sigh of relief.

The moment Lucas stepped into the elevator, a few executives headed to the washroom.

One of the younger men was curious and asked a passing waiter, “Why do all of you act so courteously toward Ms. Berry?”

The moment Ashlyn was mentioned, the waiter’s face lit up with a smile filled with respect.

“We’re all used to treating Ms. Berry this way.”

“But why?” the executive inquired.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 28

Imperial Hotel’s boss’ identity has been kept secret all this while. Some say that he’s a man in his fifties, while others say that he’s a rich young man. Don’t tell me Ms. Berry is the boss’ lover?

“Life’s great because of her!” The waiter explained and walked away in a good mood.

He looked truly happy when Ashlyn was mentioned.

However, this only made the executive more confused. He turned to his colleagues and inquired, “What’s the deal with Ms. Berry? If she really is the lover of the boss here, the employees won’t be this happy to see her, right?”

“He might as well as not have answered your question!” Another executive chimed in. “Ms. Berry sure is beautiful though. If I weren’t married, I’d like to court her as well.”

“Alright, that’s enough. Careful not to let the boss hear you.”

Ashlyn left the restaurant and got into Jared’s car.

“Where to?” Jared queried.

Ashlyn blinked slowly and replied, “Send me home.”

Jared frowned. “Aren’t you going to work?” She did say that she got a new job, didn’t she?

Ashlyn raised an eyebrow and glanced at her phone, “I’m working from home.”

Five minutes ago, she had received a message.

Half an hour later, Ashlyn headed into her own room. Although Jared was curious as to what she was working as, he knew that it was impossible to find out if Ashlyn did not want to tell him.

He drove back to the office.

Ashlyn took a bath, changed into loungewear, brought her laptop to the soft rug, and sat down.

She then linked her phone to the computer network.

Naturally, she had not used her phone number to contact the other party, but a specially encrypted method.

She activated a voice altering software and made a voice call.

This resulted in her speaking in a cold male voice, “What’s the case about?”

“Zero, the other party is offering half a million for this. Will you accept?” A middle-aged male voice replied. It was Ashlyn’s partner, Quiet Forest. Ashlyn had worked with this organization for four years and they trusted each other with their lives.

“Sure, why not,” Ashlyn chuckled. “Who put up this request? Send me his details as well as the details of the job.”

“Alright, Zero,” Quiet Forest replied. After a brief pause, he continued, “The other party has kept his details confidential.”

“Oh, is that so? Looks like he doesn’t want us to find out who he is.” Ashlyn’s eyes narrowed. Well, it couldn’t be easier for me to find out.

She did not think too deeply into this and responded, “Send me the case then.”

“This is a tricky case that requires your IP tracking skills. Zero, if you’re willing to help, thousands of people will benefit from it.”

“You flatter me,” Ashlyn replied. “Tell the other party that I’ll be done with it in three days.

After that, she hung up.

Two minutes later, she received a data file.

It was a simple case that required her to investigate the driver of a hit-and-run accident. However, he was no ordinary man. He was a property developer and had fled before his project was completed.

His employees had quit because they did not receive their pay on time. The construction workers had worked hard but were not paid a single cent.

Ashlyn took a deep breath. The other party has given me this man’s basic information and requested me to catch this man using my skills. Quiet Forest wasn’t exaggerating when he said that I’d be able to help thousands of people.

Ashlyn sighed. Since I took up this case, I’ll see it through and make sure these workers get their hard-earned money.

It was a dark night.

The pitch-black street was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

A shady man quietly popped his head out of a dustbin.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 29

He smelled rancid. It was the tenth day since he had fled to Eastern Europe.

These ten days, he had remained in contact with the local mafia boss and asked him to keep an eye out for houses nearby.

After hiding for ten days, he heaved a sigh of relief. Looks like there isn’t anyone looking for me after all.

He prepared to look for an unpopular motel to take a bath and spend the night.

Ever since he fled the country, he escaped to Singapore, then to Thailand, before finally arriving in Eastern Europe.

Half a year has passed since then. Surely my trail has gone cold. Looks like my patience in hiding has paid off.

As the man thought of this, he dusted his clothes and looked for a small motel using his phone’s map.

After taking a shower, he phoned the local mafia boss, “How’s the search for a house? I want a villa and it must have at least a pool, a garage, and a garden.”

“Yes, money is not an issue.”

“At least three floors in the main building.”

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for your good news then.”

The man had not slept this well in a long time. So what if I knocked over someone? I already offered to pay, but the family insisted on suing me and sending me to prison. The worst part is that although that family is poor, their son has graduated from some police academy. Now, I have no choice but to flee the country. Thank goodness I haven’t completed the project at hand yet. Now, I have all the money I’ll ever need to live a luxurious life.

As he thought of this, the man slowly drifted off to sleep.

Unbeknownst to him, there was a woman tracking him using highly advanced hacking skills.


Ashlyn worked through the night and only turned off her laptop when the sun was up.

She rubbed her dry eyes and leaped into her large and comfortable bed.

Before she could get much sleep, her phone rang.

Ashlyn suppressed her irritation and answered, “Hello?”

“Are you Blair’s sister-in-law?” A casual voice called out from the other end of the phone.

Ashlyn jumped out of bed. She was not in a good mood after being awoken from her sleep.

“What’s happened to him?”

“Blair beat my brother up. How do you think I should deal with him?” The man demanded in a furious tone.

“What about it?”

Ashlyn scoffed. How should you deal with him? I can’t be bothered, honestly, but I won’t let you off for disturbing my rest!

She had a terrible mood after being woken up, especially since she had just hit the bed after working through the night.

In fact, she was in a trigger-happy state and would shoot anyone who dared to disturb her.

“Do you know who I am? No one can afford to offend the Jaquin family!” Winsor Jaquin spat haughtily. He had heard that Lucas was married, but he kept his wife secret from the rest of the world.

He was determined to get Lucas’ wife in his bed.

Since Blair dared to beat up my brother, he’ll have to pay the price. If he can’t pay the price, well, I’ll just have to settle for his sister-in-law.

Blair was tied up and pinned onto the ground. He roared at Winsor, “Who told you to call that woman? She’s not my sister-in-law!”

“Is that so? Why is she saved as ‘My Sister-in-law’ on your phone then? What, is that your pet name for your lover?” Winsor laughed at his own joke and stamped on Blair’s fingers.

Blair felt excruciating pain, but he would die before he yelled in pain in front of the Jaquin family.

“The Jaquin family is despicable! Your brother Tinsor has been bullying his classmates and your family is covering up for him!”

“Winsor, don’t waste your breath with him. If you ask me, we should beat him up and send him to the Nolan family to shame Lucas Nolan,” Tinsor spat, his face still bruised from Blair beating him up.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 30

The Jaquin and Nolan families had been at odds for a long time. The former started out as a triad and had whitewashed themselves to become a successful enterprise, resulting in the Jaquin Group.

Both families had fought over many matters such as vying over resources, capital, and land.

So, it wasn’t surprising that Blair and Tinsor never got along as classmates.


The Land Rover drove all the way to the Jaquin residence.

Ashlyn got off.

At this point, several cars that had been left in the dust finally caught up with her and dozens of burly men dressed in black got off.

She was still wearing a pair of red slippers she usually wore indoors.

Ashlyn’s subordinate, Anderson could not help but inquire, “Boss, what are you going to do?”

The boss said nothing and sped all the way here from the villa! Something’s got to be up!

“Ah, nothing much. I just thought I’d deliver some punishment to a man who disturbed my sleep,” Ashlyn growled as she glared at the overcast sky.

The grip on her whip tightened.

Then, she strode into the Jaquin Residence.

Anderson stared at her and could not make head or tail of what was going on.

He nudged Harrison and queried, “Hey Harrison, is this Jaquin family full of nutcases or something? How did they offend the boss?”

“Anderson, the boss looks livid. She hates being woken from her sleep,” Harrison smirked.

Anderson and Harrison were twins and had worked for Ashlyn the entire time.

In the four years the boss was married, she had lived in the Nolan family, so they had not seen her in action for a long time.

Both of them were itching to see some action.

“Where’s Winsor?” Ashlyn demanded.

The Jaquin family was influential and not many people dared to call out Winsor’s name right off the bat.

Winsor and Tinsor were the only members of the Jaquin family for their generation and Winsor was head of the family.

He had four older brothers and sisters, but all of them had died young due to illnesses or gang wars.

Only he and Tinsor were left.

Most people knew that the Jaquin family had a mafia background and would address him respectfully as ‘Master Winsor’ or ‘Mr. Jaquin’.

The guard was stunned to hear Ashlyn call Winsor by his name and inquired, “Ma’am, do you have an appointment?”

“Looks like you’re strict with visitors, huh?” Ashlyn scoffed. “Get your ass there and tell Winsor I’m here for Blair.”

“Y-You’re Blair’s sister-in-law?” the security guard asked in shock.

So the rumors are true then? Lucas really has a wife he hides from the public eye? Aren’t rich ladies supposed to wear branded goods and high heels? Mrs. Nolan is… unique? She’s wearing flip-flops and cartoon-themed loungewear! She’s married into a rich family, but she sure doesn’t act like it.

The security guard hurriedly dialed the intercom and reported, “Sir, Blair’s sister-in-law is here.”

He could not be sure that this woman was indeed Mrs. Nolan, so he could only call her as ‘Blair’s sister-in-law’.

“You may enter.”

Ashlyn nodded. “Thank you.”

The security guard was flattered. This rich lady is different from the rest after all. She even thanked me!

Just as Harrison and Anderson were about to enter, the security guard stopped them. “Master Winsor has only allowed her in.”

“Aw, looks like we’ll miss the show this time,” Anderson whined.

“Too bad. Better luck next time.” Harrison shook his head.

By then, Ashlyn had arrived in the living room.

The Jaquin family was rich and spared no expense when it came to decor.

There was a young man tied up in the middle of the living room floor.

The man was around twenty years of age. His forehead was injured and blood was seeping out of his lips.

However, that had not affected his looks in any way. His eyes were sharp and his nose was defined. He glared at Ashlyn impatiently.

“What did you come here for? Are you here to laugh at me?” Blair snapped.

Ashlyn had lived a good life after marrying his brother. Blair had seen enough of such materialistic women and were sickened by them.

“I’m not here to save you, at the very least,” Ashlyn scoffed.

Blair choked, “Then what are you here for?”

He looked up and met Ashlyn’s cold gaze.

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