My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 21-25

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 21

“Look,” Terry showed her a post posted by an entertainment fan page which often released unproven rumors.

“There’s only a vague sentence. There are no pictures, too.” Cindy pursed her lips. Nevertheless, she felt a lot better after reading that post.

Back then, Lucas agreed to attend her birthday party even though he was in front of his wife. That could only mean one thing—his wife meant nothing to him.

So what if he washed the dishes as told? Perhaps it was the woman’s ploy, she thought.

Inside the president’s office of Nolan Entertainment, a tall figure was seated behind the mahogany desk.

Dressed in an expensive bespoke suit and a black shirt underneath, the man looked elegant and swanky. When he stretched his hands out, his sterling silver cufflinks sparkled under the light.

The senior managers of the company were all standing in front of Lucas quietly. They were usually imposing in public, but each of them lowered their heads fearfully in Lucas’ presence.

Why is Mr. Nolan here? They wondered.

As Lucas had appointed a CEO to run Nolan Entertainment, he rarely asked about the entertainment section as he was busy enough running Nolan Group.

Oh, is he here because of Cindy? He is rumored to be linked romantically to her.

Is he here to stand up for his lover?

Lucas didn’t know what the senior managers thought about him.

He couldn’t bring himself to stay in his office, so he left and wandered around. He had no idea why he ended up at Nolan Entertainment.

With his head lowered, he flipped through the reports irritatedly.

He didn’t even remember how he got home from the hospital last night. The only thing he could remember was that the bed was freezing, uncomfortable, annoying and unfamiliar.

The image of Ashlyn striding away in her doctor’s coat kept popping up in his head.

Lucas suddenly paused as his thoughts started to wander. He wasn’t interested in the report one bit.

Best surgeon?

How could someone like Ashlyn end up being the best surgeon?

Famous doctor?

How could that be? If Lucas hadn’t witnessed that scene yesterday, he wouldn’t have believed it even if someone told him about it.

However, his ex-wife had just given him a massive slap in the face.

15-year-old top scorer?

I don’t recall a genius top scorer a few years back.

If it’s true, the media would’ve blown it up.

Lucas prided himself on his impeccable memory, but he had no recollection of the top scorer at all. Every year, the media would report the top scorers of the yearly national exams. Everyone would lavish praises on the intelligent top scorers.

He wouldn’t have forgotten about a 15-year-old genius. The media wouldn’t miss the opportunity to report about her, too.

But then, the nurse needn’t lie to him.

The senior managers started sweating profusely as he had been reading the report for over half an hour.

Is there something wrong with the report?

Why did he stop at that page for so long?

Lucas looked up at the CEO icily. “Have you heard of a 15-year-old genius top scorer in the national exams?”

“Ah? What?” The CEO’s mind went blank and he failed to react in time.

The other senior managers were taken aback at their boss’ sudden question.

They were in the entertainment division, not the education division!

“Looks like you’ve never heard of that, too.” Lucas’ dignified expression wavered slightly. “Help me find out the youngest top scorers in the national exams in recent years.”

I must get to the bottom of this, he decided.

“Er, yes. Yes.” The CEO wiped off the sweat on his brows and hurriedly relayed Lucas’ order.

Ten minutes later, the head secretary walked in with a file and handed it to the CEO.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 22

The atmosphere in the office was too heavy, so the secretary did not dare to stay a moment longer and left.

Oh my gosh! The big boss has arrived! Scary!

“Mr. Nolan, this is the data you requested about the top scorer of the national exams,” The CEO reported and passed the report to Lucas.

The man started flipping through the document with his long and defined fingers.

It had ten pages filled with every top scorer in the last ten years. Nolan Entertainment was especially efficient.

The company would not settle for anything less.

“Where’s the top scorer for the sciences in 2013? There’s only the top scorer for the arts here,” Lucas demanded as he tapped the table with his finger.

“I’m not sure. There isn’t a word about the top scorer for that year all over the internet. Our men can’t find it either. It seems that someone has erased the data to keep him or her anonymous,” The CEO answered in a tiny voice.

In 2013, Ashlyn was fifteen. Now that it was 2020, she was but twenty-two years old.

She had married Lucas when she was eighteen.

Four years had passed in the blink of an eye.

In H Nation, as long as you were a legal adult, you could get married. Hence, it was not uncommon to see people starting families at a young age.

However, Lucas had no interest in marriage or dating.

Don’t tell me the missing data is Ashlyn’s? What methods did she use to keep her information confidential? If it was confidential, then how did the nurse know?

The more Lucas thought of it, the more he was confused. He felt frustrated.

“Mr. Lowe, I have no choice! My idol has been busy with divorce and won’t write me any songs!” A crisp and melodic voice interrupted the heavy mood in the room.

He could be heard even before he arrived.

A handsome young man opened the door and charged in.

Jonathan was stunned when he opened the door.

He often frequented the CEO’s office, but he had never seen such a crowd before.

Neither had he seen his CEO, Wilson Lowe, standing respectfully before a man in front of his own office.

His jaw dropped and queried, “Mr. Lowe, what’s going on? Why are you standing?”

Wilson was vexed. Damn it, I don’t care if you usually run your mouth carelessly, but the boss is here! Can’t you take a hint?

Wilson tried to give Jonathan a signal by winking at him, but it did not register. Jonathan inquired, “Mr. Lowe, your eyes are twitching uncontrollably. Do you need to see a doctor?”

Wilson was speechless. Someone, anyone, get Jonathan out of here!

Lucas’ gaze fell upon this thin young man. He was dressed casually in a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.

He had an unforgettably handsome face as well.

Lucas knew that this man was Nolan Entertainment’s pop star, Jonathan Quickton, and he had a large fanbase.

The reason for his fame was his melodic tone. It was literally a gift from the heavens.

As if that was not enough, he had a strong backer in the industry as well.

This supporter had singlehandedly written all of his songs and lyrics for him, transforming him from a rising star to one of the top singers in the nation.

His albums sold like hot cakes and his fans were everywhere.

His songs were loved by the young and old alike and many people loved singing them. Nearly every mall used his songs as background music.

Even someone like Lucas who did not pay attention to the entertainment industry knew who he was from a single glance.

After he gained fame, Jonathan had received countless offers for endorsements and events. His schedule was filled to the brim.

However, he had not released a single album that year.

Some people said that he had run out of tricks, while others said that he had a falling out with his backer, Snowstorm.

Suddenly, Jonathan turned to stare at the man on the seat as though he was an alien.

This man exuded such an authoritative pressure that the carefree and fearless Jonathan gulped as well. In his presence, Jonathan felt somewhat intimidated.

However, when he recalled his aim in coming here, he greeted the man, “Good day, Mr. Nolan.”

“Why are you looking for the CEO?” Lucas questioned expressionlessly.

“My idol, Snowstorm, has been busy with divorce and won’t be writing me any songs for now…”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 23

“However, Snowstorm wrote me a script. This script is awesome. I’d like to try my hand at acting instead. I want to be the male lead,” Jonathan explained nervously.

“You can look for me for small matters like these!” Wilson snapped as he dragged Jonathan aside. He suppressed the urge to throw him out and roared, “Mr. Nolan is too busy to care if you’ll be acting or not. Get out now! Can’t you tell this is serious?”

“Mr. Lowe, you’ve never supported my interest in acting. Now that the boss is here, I need to take the opportunity to appeal to him.” Jonathan frowned. I can’t possibly rely on Snowstorm for my entire life, can I? What if Snowstorm suddenly stops supporting me? Am I supposed to end my entire career like that? I’m still young and I graduated from Crescent School of Music and Drama! I’ve got good acting and singing skills!

When Lucas heard that Snowstorm was getting a divorce as well, he suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of calmness.

So I’m not the only one going for a divorce, huh? Even a talent in music like Snowstorm is getting a divorce.

Lucas felt better.

Snowstorm was renowned in the music industry. Although Snowstorm singlehandedly raised Jonathan into a superstar, the genius’ whereabouts were unknown and no one had seen them before. According to Jonathan, Snowstorm is good at scriptwriting as well. What a genius. But so what? So what if Snowstorm’s talented? At the end of the day, even a genius is getting a divorce, just like me.

Lucas’ twisted way of thinking suddenly gave him a headache. Have I gone mad? What happened to my calmness and rationality? It must’ve been because I learned about Ashlyn’s true identity yesterday. That’s why I can’t keep my emotions in check.

He remained expressionless the entire time, so none of the executives could guess what he was thinking.

None of them would have guessed that their cool, calm, and aloof boss was completely flustered.

Jonathan carefully observed Lucas’ reaction. Why did he suddenly stop after listening to me? He could not tell what this scary man was thinking about either.

He gulped and attempted to talk, but Wilson gave him a glare and told Lucas, “Mr. Nolan, Jonathan is still young and naïve. He doesn’t understand how cruel the industry is. If it turns out that his acting isn’t as great as he thinks it to be, it will affect not only the company’s interests but also his future.”

He hinted to Jonathan that the company’s main goal was to gain profit and that he would never approve of this change.

Lucas’ train of thought was interrupted by that. He pulled himself together and scanned the room with his cold gaze. Then, he commented, “It’s good that the youth have their own ideas. We shouldn’t limit their growth and development. The new album will consist of a mix of both Snowstorm and Jonathan’s works, with emphasis on Snowstorm. Pass me the script. If it’s well written, we’ll let Jonathan star in it.”

“But… Snowstorm is ignoring me,” Jonathan whined. I want Snowstorm to continue writing me songs as well, but the guy’s busy!

Although he wanted to write songs as well, he knew that the songs he wrote would never match up to Snowstorm’s. He suddenly realized that he could not rely on Snowstorm forever, which motivated him to switch to acting. Many singers were good at acting as well. Now that music albums did not sell as well, he had to forge another path for himself. He could not possibly wait to just slowly fade away.

Surprisingly, Lucas had agreed to his ideas as well.

Perfect! However, he suddenly lost confidence as well and was overwhelmed by nervousness.

None of my songs has been written by myself before! I can’t be sure if this will work out!

Jonathan was conflicted.

“If he isn’t free, then find a way to make him free.” Lucas frowned. “Well then, that’s that. Send me the script for now.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 24

He got up, buttoned the second button of his blazer, and walked out the door.

His assistant, Spencer, followed close behind him.

A bunch of executives followed suit.

The CEO heaved a sigh of relief. The boss has finally finished his inspection. He suggested, “Mr. Nolan, it’s going to be noon soon. I made a lunch reservation at Imperial Hotel.”

Imperial Hotel was the most premium hotel in the city.

The top floor had a revolving restaurant that was frequented by the rich.

However, it was extremely difficult to get a reservation there.

“No need,” the man replied indifferently as he walked away.

The CEO turned to Spencer for help. The boss rarely comes to Nolan Entertainment. Surely he can stay for a meal at least.

Everyone feared this important man, but at the same time, it was a great honor to have a meal together with Lucas.

They would be able to brag about it for an entire year.

Although the employees had worked for the Nolan Group, they did not have many opportunities to meet Lucas. Even when they did, it would be in a meeting filled with other executives.

Even though Wilson was the CEO and the highest-ranking man in Nolan Entertainment, he was simply a big fish in a small pond.

He would not let such a rare opportunity slip.

This isn’t just any ordinary man! He’s the boss of the Nolan Group, the man in charge of South Star Airlines, as well as the first captain of South Star Airlines, Lucas Nolan! Everyone in H Nation knows him! He’s so powerful and rich that even the president has to treat him with respect!

Spencer understood what the executives were thinking, but he was just an assistant. He could not affect the boss’ decisions either.

However, he had to at least try. “Mr. Nolan, it’s difficult to get a reservation at Imperial Hotel. I’m sure Mr. Lowe has put in a lot of effort into this.”

Lucas stepped out of the elevator and walked out in a commanding aura. His calm and aloof eyes were especially frightening and struck fear into the hearts of others.

Many female employees and stars stole quick glances at him but did not dare to stare.

He’s scary! Of course, everyone’s afraid of him, he’s the boss! Ah, he’s so handsome! What a waste though, I heard he’s married. I wonder if Mrs. Nolan is scared of him as well?

All of them had an innate fear of Lucas.

Hence, they felt that Mrs. Nolan must have been the same way. Mrs. Nolan is probably on her knees all the time at home. Kneeling while walking, kneeling while cooking, and kneeling while scrubbing the floor… Then again, with the wealth and status of the Nolan family, it’s probably worth it!

Lucas strode out of the lobby. The sun was unbearably hot and on days like these, his house would stock up on cold drinks and ice-cream made by chefs from Imperial Hotel. Only the best ingredients from the top chefs from Imperial Hotel would be used.

Ashlyn loved such desserts and would often invite him to join in as well.

When she left, the home became nothing more than a house.

Suddenly, Lucas stopped and replied, “Imperial Hotel.”

The boss agreed?

The CEO, who was worried up till a moment ago, was overjoyed and instructed the executives behind him, “What are you guys waiting for? Let’s go!”

The executives had already lost hope and did not expect Lucas to change his mind.

They were nearly brought to tears by this. We must really be lucky today! We managed to get a chance to have lunch with Mr. Nolan!

A few luxury cars, led by a Bentley, headed for Imperial Hotel.

At Imperial Hotel’s revolving restaurant.

It was extremely difficult to get a reservation there. The restaurant was decorated in a refined and extravagant manner and had a good ambience. It felt like it was a different realm altogether.

The entire restaurant was filled with a peaceful and romantic atmosphere.

A woman in a light, purple-colored round-neck knee-length dress was seated in a corner of the restaurant.

She had a cream-colored cardigan over the dress, making her look graceful and pure.

Her silky black hair had been tied into a bun and she did not wear any accessories other than two ruby-adorned earrings. The earrings had tassels attached, so when she looked down or turned around, the earrings would gently brush against her face.

Almost all eyes turned towards her beautiful face.

She was outstandingly beautiful.

In fact, she was more beautiful than any other woman they had seen before.

Jared rushed over, drenched in sweat. When he took a seat opposite Ashlyn, his worried expression contrasted with her beautiful poise.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 25

He took a napkin from the table and wiped his sweat while grumbling, “What a hot day. I just came from the office and I’m already drenched in sweat.”

Ashlyn glanced at him with an aloof gaze. She had a naturally intimidating presence.

“You shouldn’t have worn something so suffocating,” she teased.

“I’m the CEO of your Centennial Healthcare. I can’t possibly show up at work in casual wear,” Jared groaned. His breath was taken away when he saw Ashlyn. The boss looks great in whatever she’s wearing. Ah, it makes me feel so ashamed.

“I’ve ordered everything you like here,” Ashlyn changed the subject and gestured for a waiter. The waiter inquired, “Ms. Berry, is there anything I can help you with?”

Ashlyn ordered, “You may serve the main course now.”

“Sure, in a minute.”

“Boss, what do you plan to do after the divorce?” Jared asked as he took a sip of red wine.

“Oh, I’ve found a job,” Ashlyn replied coolly.

“Pfft!” Jared spat a mouthful of wine out.

Thankfully, Ashlyn had good reflexes and avoided it.

She glared at Jared, “Hey, Mr. CEO, shouldn’t you upkeep your image in public?”

“Excuse me. I mean, aren’t you busy enough as it is? You’ve found a job? What job is it?” Jared wiped his mouth as he called for a waiter to help clean up the mess he made.

“I’ll tell you about it later,” Ashlyn answered. She had lost her appetite thanks to Jared and instructed, “Pass me the proposal for the partnership.”

Jared should consider himself lucky that the food hasn’t been served yet. Otherwise, I’ll kill him.

For convenience, Jared took a seat beside Ashlyn as they discussed the details.

When Lucas and his men entered the restaurant, they saw Jared and Ashlyn engrossed in a discussion side by side.

Lucas’ face fell and the temperature in the restaurant dropped by at least ten degrees.

When the executives saw their boss’ expression, they started to panic.

What’s up with the boss? Does he hate Imperial Hotel? Oh my gosh, he’s like a walking air-conditioner now. Scary!

Everyone cast a pitiful gaze toward Spencer. It must be tough being his assistant.

Spencer was speechless.

They took a seat at a rectangular table with Lucas sitting at one end and the executives sitting on either side.

Everyone was worried and wondered what the boss was thinking.

When Spencer noticed Ashlyn from afar, he suddenly realized what was going on. No wonder he’s so angry. We ran into Mrs. Nolan!

Ashlyn was especially sensitive to people looking at her and could identify Lucas’ cold glare almost immediately. She looked up and locked eyes with him.

Lucas’ gaze darkened and his handsome face exuded a harsh chill.

Ashlyn raised an eyebrow. We really run into each other everywhere, don’t we? We’re already divorced, but we still run into each other during lunch.

Jared noticed that Ashlyn was not responding to him and followed her gaze to see Lucas. He sneered and headed toward Lucas, greeting him, “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Mr. Nolan.”

Although Centennial Healthcare had been progressing well in recent years and both of them were the people in charge of their respective organizations, Jared still had cold feet in front of Lucas.

He was smiling on the outside but cursing his luck internally.

Does this man even have facial muscles? How can he look so grumpy all the time? How did the boss survive four years of being married to him? No wonder she wants a divorce.

“Mr. Quickton, are you here for a meal with your girlfriend? Want to join us?” Lucas offered. He remained as expressionless as ever, but his words were shocking nonetheless.

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