My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 196-200

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 196

“On it.” Harrison and Anderson cast a worried look at the ward’s door before leaving to start investigating the matter.

These past few days, Jared had been busy trying to deal with the paperwork of the piece of land for the Larsons.

He had called Ashlyn but Lucas was the one who answered the call.

He was nearly exploding in rage when he learned that Ashlyn had lost consciousness in the elevator.

Their boss wasn’t afraid of anything. Even so, she still had a weakness.

She would be in fatal danger if anyone who had bad intentions got a hold of this bit of information!

During this time, Spencer White hurried over. He was a bit startled when he saw Lucas’ bruised face.

He then looked at the handsome man beside Lucas. Before he could jump to a conclusion, the latter ordered, “Go investigate why this happened!”

“Yes, Mr. Nolan!” he responded before walking away. However, he stepped back again when he remembered something. “Mr. Nolan, I may have found a lead to the hotel’s incident.”

“What is it?” The man stared at him.

“I think Ms. Chapman is kind of involved,” Spencer informed while observing Lucas’ facial expression.

Hera Chapman was favored by Lucas. He also treated her quite well so Jared could not read the man’s reaction to this.

The man raised his brows as he narrowed his sharp and icy eyes. “What?”

“I found a hacker and had him hack into some of the surveillance. Ms. Chapman had contacted a drug dealer who sells illegal drugs the night before the incident,” Spencer quietly explained. “It’s the same one we found in your body.”

Lucas’ face turned ice-cold as his aura drastically changed into a more hostile one. “Continue to investigate!”

“Yes.” Spencer quickly nodded before leaving the spot.

Meanwhile, outside the hospital, a man quickly walked over to a BMW. When he got inside, the car drove away in an instant.

He looked very proud as he fished out his phone to make a call. “Ms. Chapman, it’s done. Ashlyn walked into the elevator.”

He was Jayton Levine, Hera’s pursuer.

He was rather rich, and he fell in love with Hera at first sight. In plainer words, he was her simp, even the word ‘rebound’ did not suit him.

Hera would find him whenever she needed help, including dirty deeds because she knew the man would help her no matter what.

In the meantime, Hera rushed out of her room when she heard that Ashlyn had entered the elevator. “Thank you so much, Mr. Jayton! I’ll treat you to a meal some time!”

“You’re too courteous with me, Ms. Chapman.” Jayton beamed excitedly. Having my goddess invite me to a meal is something I’ve always dreamed of!

The Jayton family had some money because they were running a toilet business.

Nevertheless, the business circle had always looked down on them, for Jayton was an incompetently ignorant person.

Hera drove to the hospital in her red Porsche.

She initially thought she would hear people talk about someone crashing in the elevator all around the hospital. However, it was quiet as usual, as if nothing major had happened.

Nonetheless, though Jayton was not an influential figure, she knew he would not lie to her.

What’s going on?

She strolled to her grandpa, Bob Chapman’s ward in doubt and confusion.

Bob had been in good colors these past couple of days. “Dad, drink some water,” offered Anthony Chapman, Hera’s uncle.

“Okay. You must be tired too. Take a seat.”

Soon after Anthony sat down, he caught a glimpse of Hera walking in with her bag. “Hera, what are you doing here? It’s my turn to take care of him.”

They had decided to take turns in taking care of Bob by alternating between two days.

“I just miss grandpa, that’s all,” she responded with a smile. “Uncle, do you want to take a breather? I can stay with grandpa here.”

“No need. Something happened to the elevator today, and it almost snatched Dr. Berry’s life. What if that happens to us? I’m not going,” he exaggerated.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 197

He had always been someone who liked to talk nonsense.

“You know, when the medical staff rescued her, her face was all pale. The first thing they did was to oxygenate her. Also, Mr. Nolan was stuck in the elevator with her too. Fortunately, he’s fine,” he elaborated.

“What did you say, uncle? Lucas was also inside?” Hera was initially listening with gusto, but she was quickly baffled when she heard the unexpected mention of the man’s name.

Hearing that, her face lost its color as her mind became a mess.

Why was he inside too?

“Yes! Nobody knows why Mr. Nolan was there too but he’s fine! Dr. Berry, on the other hand, is still in the emergency room!”

Anthony let out a sigh, “Dad, she’s Dr. Ashlyn, the woman who performed your surgery!”

“She’s such a good child. I wonder how she is now? Please visit her for me later.” Bob held the cup. “I’ve always taken a liking to her. She seems familiar.”

“Grandpa, you don’t even know her. All she did was merely perform your surgery. Besides, that’s her job as a doctor. You don’t need to thank her,” uttered Hera angrily.

He cares for her as if she’s his granddaughter! Ask her to come to visit you like I am then!

The old man frowned as he was displeased with her attitude. “Other doctors’ surgery isn’t as good as Dr. Berry’s. What does a young girl like you know?”

“Fine. I don’t know anything,” she replied and stood up. “I’ll take my leave first. Rest well, grandpa. I’ll come back in two days.” She was only here to inquire about everything, and now that she did, she had no reason to stay here any longer.

Bob gave her a look before responding, “Okay.”

Hera left the ward and headed for the emergency section.

Uncle said she’s still in the emergency room. Is she dead yet?

She had never shown herself in this matter from the beginning to the end.

Although there was surveillance in this hospital, it was all Jayton’s doing.

It had nothing to do with her at all.

Even if people were to investigate, they would not find out she was involved.

The only person they would find was Jayton. That man was desperate for her. He would not rat her out no matter what.

Actually, it’ll be easier if he disappears.

He had already bought a plane ticket to the United States. That way, he could flee and hide from the limelight.

Hera had promised him that they would get together relationship after this matter was over.

Hearing that, the man got carried away as he beamed with delight.

Therefore, Lucas would not find anything even if he were to do a thorough investigation.

He indeed has so much power and influence in the country, but it’s not the same abroad. Jayton already ran out of the country. Let’s see how he’ll investigate. If Ashlyn were the only one in the elevator, I bet nobody would care about what happened. However, Lucas was also inside! He’ll definitely look into this issue! Luckily, I already arranged for Jayton’s escape over the phone call earlier.

At this moment, she had already arrived in front of the emergency room.

Sure enough, she saw Lucas from a distance. The man’s face was red and swollen, and his lips were a bit torn with blood oozing out. Despite that, he still looked as handsome, maybe even more so.

He was leaning against the wall with an emotionless expression.

“Lucas, I didn’t know you’d be here,” Hera muttered in surprise as she stood right in front of him.

Lucas’ cold eyes narrowed at her when he thought of Spencer’s report regarding the drug incident.

His mind drifted back to their childhood when she was a sweet girl with a tough personality, even at a young age.

The Hera back then was completely different now.

She was now a money-minded and good-for-nothing woman who was greedy for personal gain, with a pretentious angelic front. However, she would continuously and cautiously do things behind his back.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 198

She was especially good at acting and playing the victim. All this time, she had been pretending to be weak and fragile to win the sympathy of others.

He was so disappointed because he had always had a good impression of her.

Unfortunately, she herself had ruined the childhood memories he had of her.

Right now, he did not even want to see her face for a mere second.

Hence, silence was the best answer. `

Hera felt a bit awkward when he did not answer her. “What’s the matter? Did you come here to deal with something?” she tried again, trying to get him to talk.

Finally, Lucas coldly hummed a reply.

Jared, who was sitting on the waiting seat, could not help but raise his brows and chuckled. “Ms. Chapman, can’t you read the room?”

Hera was wearing a pink dress, matched with a pair of pink high-heels and a pink bag.

She looked tender and girly in an all-pink outfit, but her heavy makeup did not match her outfit, which ruined the whole image.

She had only noticed Jared was here when she heard his voice.

Is he courting me? Why is he suddenly talking to me? I thought he has a scandal with Ashlyn?

Despite her thought, she was actually satisfied that the other party took the initiative to strike up a conversation with her.

She flicked her bangs using her finger to appear graceful in front of him. “What are you talking about, Mr. Quickton? I don’t catch it.”

“Mr. Nolan clearly doesn’t want to talk to you!” His voice echoed in the corridor.

Hera’s smiling face froze for a second.

“How can that be? Are you kidding me, Mr. Quickton?”

Jared cocked his brows. “I’m not. I’m telling the truth.”

I dislike her ever since I met her during the charity gala. Now I finally can intercede for my boss! I’m not going to miss this chance.

His words irritated her, but she knew he was someone she could not afford to offend.

She could only resort to seeking help from the other man. “Lucas…”


The door of the emergency room flew open right at this moment.

A doctor walked out with a nurse beside him.

Lucas strolled past her to approach the doctor. “How is Ashlyn?”

“Is she awake?” Jared also questioned.

The doctor pulled off his mask to reply to them, “She’s resting now, so please don’t disturb her too much. You guys can still go in for proper visits, though.”

The medical staff then pushed Ashlyn out of the room to transfer her into an ordinary ward.

Hera felt humiliated that Lucas ignored her just like that. Her heart was filled with jealousy and hatred when she saw the pale yet still beautiful Ashlyn.

That b****! Why is she still alive? Why isn’t she dead!

Lucas and Jared quickly followed them to the ward, leaving her alone in the corridor.

Hera stomped her feet in frustration. She hated the outcome of the situation, but there was nothing she could do.

She could only watch Lucas enter the ward and shut the door right in front of her, blocking her sight.

Inside the ward, Ashlyn looked so peaceful on the bed. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her long, luscious eyelashes were covering her eyelids. She looked like Sleeping Beauty.

Lucas could not help but frown as he stared at her pale face with a slight pain in his heart.

I never knew she’s claustrophobic. Who would’ve known such a strong woman like her also had a weakness.

It terrified him to see Ashlyn muttering to herself earlier. He failed to make it clear what she uttered, though.

Jared stared at his tall and stalwart figure standing in the ward. It was indeed an eye-catching sight.

However, he was infuriated when he suddenly recalled that his boss got hurt when she was around him. “Lucas, I’m warning you. Stay away from her.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 199

Lucas’ expression instantly changed as it got colder tenfold. “Jared, I don’t need your opinion on whatever happens between her and me.”

Jared’s face darkened after hearing that. “Lucas, everything about her isn’t your business!”

Ad interim, Hera attached her ear to the door to eavesdrop on their conversation. Her lips twitched in dissatisfaction when she heard them arguing about the other woman.

I hope she doesn’t wake up. I wish she’ll stay like this for the rest of her life without anyone caring for her at all. Ashlyn, please don’t wake up!

She silently and harshly cursed her.

“Jared, don’t be so full of yourself just because you’re living under the same roof as her,” Lucas sneered. “We don’t need you here. Leave.”

“I’ll always stay with her. It’s not like she’s your private property. What right do you have?” Jared refuted.

They’re already divorced but he’s still so clingy to boss. He has been with her for days now. Even so, he still couldn’t protect her. I really doubt this man’s strength now. Those who can’t protect her shouldn’t be with her!

When the men were endlessly quarreling in the ward, Winsor Jaquin and Tinsor Jaquin rushed to the hospital.

As soon as they stepped out of the elevator and got Ashlyn’s room number, they ran like they were running for their lives.

When they were nearing, the first thing they saw was Hera eavesdropping through the door.

Winsor glanced at her in disdain. “Excuse me, Ms. Chapman.”

Hera was listening seriously to the quarrel of both the presidents over the other woman. Her nails almost broke in jealousy as she pressed them against the door.

When she was lost in the immense hatred and jealousy, a sudden disdainful voice rang above her head.

“Ah!” she yelled in shock.

She stumbled back in her high-heels and accidentally knocked the back of her head on the door, creating a loud sound.

The pain made her see stars.

“Ouch!” She grabbed her head and gritted her teeth in pain. She did not look like a high-level socialite at all. At this moment, she could care less about her image.

She felt as if a bump was going to form on the hit spot on the back of her head.

Tears burst out from her eyes at the immense pain.

She was embarrassed to have been caught eavesdropping, but the embarrassment could not top the pain she felt.

It hurts so bad!

Jared went to open the door after hearing the commotion outside. The sight of Hera, who had tears in her eyes, was the first scene that greeted him.

Winsor held the bouquet of gypsophila as he stared at Jared. “What are you doing in my goddess’ room?” he asked angrily.

“Yeah! What are you doing in our goddess’ room!” repeated Tinsor, trying to show the power that he never had.

He had always been a supportive of the relationship between his brother and Ashlyn.

He could never forget the scene of Ashlyn rescuing Naomi Nolan and Blair Nolan.

Winsor and Ashlyn are meant to be! Nobody can covet the goddess!

“Tsk,” Jared snickered as he stared at the siblings before letting them in.

He then looked at Lucas as if something interesting was about to transpire.

On the other hand, Hera thought she was also invited in. She couldn’t wait to whine to Lucas about her injury to get his sympathy.

However, when she had only taken one step, the door was slammed shut right in front of her again, just like it did earlier.

Tinsor was the one who had slammed the door fiercely. Why are there so many people here? Darn! Mr. Nolan’s here too! He didn’t notice how hard he had shut the door, for he was lost in his own thoughts.

This time, the door hit Hera’s nose that she felt like it almost broke.

“Ah! It hurts!” she cried in pain.

It freaking hurts! I feel like my nose is about to fall off!

Hera raised her hand to rub her nose. “Blood!” She stared at the red liquid on her palm in shock. Her eyes rolled back as she almost fainted.

Luckily, a nurse passing by noticed her, and she quickly held her. “Are you okay, miss? Your nose is bleeding.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 200

“I-” Hera’s tears could not stop falling from the immense pain, so she followed the nurse to see a doctor.

S***! It hurts so bad!

When they arrived at the consultation room, the doctor checked the bump on the back of her head before checking her nose.

“Ms. Chapman, have you done plastic surgery on your nose before?”

Hearing his question, Hera glared at him, enraged. “You’re the one that did plastic surgery! Damn you!”

The doctor ignored her horrible attitude since he had encountered all kinds of patients before.

“If you didn’t, then your nose is too fragile. You have to put a filler in your nostrils for a week. After a week, please come back here so I can recheck.”

“What about the bump on my head?”

“It’ll go down in a few days,” replied the doctor before he ordered the nurse to put a filler in her nose.

When she left with the nurse, the doctor stared at her back coldly as he scoffed. “Why does she deny she had done plastic surgery when it’s so obvious? Her nose wouldn’t be that crooked if she hadn’t,” the doctor said to another doctor.

“Which woman doesn’t get plastic surgery nowadays?”

“Dr. Berry! She’s hundred percent natural!” the doctor responded with a smile. “I know best when it comes to facial features. I kid you not. Her face features perfectly fit the golden ratio! She’s stunning!”

“Gee! You pay a lot of attention to Dr. Berry’s face!” the other doctor joked.

“Go to hell!”

Meanwhile, there was an indescribably tensed atmosphere in the ward.

Ashlyn slowly fluttered her eyes open only to see three men and one teenager standing in front of the bed.

However, she closed her eyes again right after that as she felt her head spinning.

It took her quite a while to open her eyes again.

When she did, the men were still there.

What’s going on?

Memories started flooding back to her scene by scene.

Did I…faint in the elevator?

Ashlyn took a deep breath as she felt helpless.

I’m scared of nothing, not even Spirogyra, but confined spaces.

Whenever she was in a confined space, it would trigger the Spirogyra in her body, which would cause it to shake to seek comfort desperately.

Therefore, at that time, she was completely controlled by Spirogyra. She even regarded Lucas as a lifesaver when she clutched on him tightly before fainting right in his arms.

Now everything’s a mess. People already found out what my weakness is! Darn! I hate Spirogyra! It’s going to be the death of me!

Ashlyn was too weak to actually swear.

She blinked her pretty eyes before trying to speak, but her throat was too dry that she felt like she had eaten sand. “I…”

“Would you like to drink some water?” Jared hurriedly walked to the water dispenser to pour her a glass of water. “Here.”

“Thank you.” Ashlyn accepted the water and took two sips. Her throat immediately felt better.

Upon seeing this, Winsor rushed to put a pillow behind her waist and helped her into a sitting position. “Feeling better now, Ms. Berry?”

Ashlyn nodded. Although her face was still pale, she did not look half-dead as earlier.

“A little.”

Lucas’ face darkened when he saw those men trying to suck up to Ashlyn. It infuriated him to no end! His sharp eyes glared at them as if he wanted to murder them right then and there!

I’m the one who’s supposed to do that! Darn it!

He gritted his teeth to prevent himself from attacking those two and feed their flesh to the dogs. A deadly aura exuded from his body.

“Are you hungry?” he asked in a dangerously deep tone. “I’ve had Spencer make soup.”

Winsor snorted when he heard him, “Do you want to eat some fruits? I brought a fruit basket.”

“Are you tired? Do you want me to massage you?” asked Jared as he did not want to lose to the other men.

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