My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 191-195

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 191

Blair Nolan grabbed a glass bottle from the table and went straight for the man’s head. “You sick bstrd! How dare you touch my sister! You tired of living?”

Blair was always hot-headed, so how could he not get himself into a fight with this guy who was harassing his sister?

The sound of bottles clashing instantly filled the room.

The room was in total chaos.

Blair saw red as Hayden Haddock and his men circled around him, throwing their fists at him and kicking him occasionally.

Naomi was trembling with fear, “Blair, no! Don’t hit my brother! Please, I’m begging you!”

To the Nolans’ shock and horror, Hayden and his people had knives on them. Out of the blue, one of the men took out a knife and headed for Blair.

While all of the men were occupied with Blair, Naomi took the chance to run away from the private room. She sprung into the hallway and immediately shouted for help.

“Help! Someone is trying to kill my brother!”

Meanwhile, Ashlyn and the rest had waited long enough for Blair. They headed into the hallway to look for him.

However, not long after they had gotten out of the room, they bumped into a disheveled, teary-eyed Naomi.

The instant Naomi saw Ashlyn, she dashed towards her at top speed. “Ashlyn, help! My brother… they have a knife and they want to kill my brother!”

Ashlyn knew how reckless Blair could be, and seeing how anxious Naomi was, she knew he was actually in trouble.

“Let’s go!”

“Damn it! How dare they beat up my friend!”

Tinsor threw his jacket onto Naomi as he charged forward. “Put on this jacket and show us the way!”

Meanwhile, Blair, who was severely outnumbered, was bleeding from his nose. His lips were swollen like a prune.

He was struggling to crawl outside when the men grabbed ahold of the beer bottles on the table and whacked him on his dome.


In a flash, there was an unsightly gash on Blair’s head.

Blood streamed out from the cut profusely.

Half a beat later, Ashlyn showed up at the private room. Immediately, she was greeted with a beer bottle coming straight at her face.

Her calm yet alert eyes, like that of a hawk, narrowed.

Without any delay in movement, she flung her handbag in front of her.

The beer bottle exploded midair, and the broken shards fell onto the ground.

Ashlyn swiftly extended her arm forwards and retrieved her handbag as it dropped.

The people who were fighting inside heard the clamor outside noticed they had visitors.

They turned their heads towards the entrance, just in time to see Ashlyn shatter the bottle with her handbag.

Hayden and his men were shocked to see a beautiful lady like Ashlyn so agile with her limbs.

Inside the private room, Blair laid lifelessly on the floor. He reached out to Ashlyn as he moaned weakly, “A-Ashlyn, help… me.”

Hayden figured that the crowd outside was coming to Blair’s rescue. Without thinking, he pulled out his knife and thrust it at Blair.

Previously, at the Haddock family’s charity gala, Lucas Nolan had stolen the show from the Haddock family by donating a staggering amount of 9 million to Ms. Saunders.

Since then, Hayden had held a grudge against the Nolan family. Now that Blair Nolan showed up at his doorsteps, he was not going to miss the opportunity to take his revenge against the Nolans.

Tinsor at the rest had their hearts in their throats when they saw Hayden with his knife. They shouted, “Blair, look out!”

As they yelled, the knife came within centimeters away from Blair’s back.

In the split of a second, Ashlyn hurled her handbag towards the knife like a boomerang, and it smacked the knife precisely on its grind.

Hayden’s hand wobbled as the bag weighed his arm down and the knife slipped from his hand.


The knife fell to the floor and broke into two.

Everyone’s eyes were bulging in astonishment.

It was the first time they had seen someone breaking a steel knife with a handbag.

A knife of that length was obviously made of Grade 340 stainless steel alloy, one of the hardest materials in the world.

The two halves of the knife plopped onto the ground in front of Blair. His eyes gaped wide at remnants of the deadly weapon. Due to the trauma inflicted on his head just now, his vision was blurry.

Blair opened his mouth to shout for Ashlyn, but his throat was too dry for him to say anything.

The others were still in disbelief when Ashlyn strode further into the private room and uttered, “Don’t you dare hurt Blair.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 192

Ashlyn Berry’s footsteps were soft, but every ruffle her heels made against the mat was clearly heard by everyone in the room.

The domineering yet grim aura of that woman was thrumming in the air.

Everyone could feel chills traveling down their spines.

Blair Nolan, who laid motionless on the floor, didn’t expect his sister-in-law to care so much about his safety, especially since he had not been very respectful to her.

Out of the blue, Blair seemed to have lost his marbles. He giggled like a madman, and with the bloody marks on his face, he looked like a character straight out of a 90s thriller movie.

Meanwhile, Hayden Haddock and his men backed up with their faces written in total terror.

Where did this menacing woman come from?

Tinsor bolted into the room and the first thing he did was to smack Hayden’s face. “What you did is unforgivable! Let me tell you this, only I can beat the lights out of Blair! Keep your hands off him!”

The truth was, Hayden had also bullied Tinsor before, being the evil spawn he was.

Thus, Tinsor hated him from the bottom of his heart and now was the best opportunity he had to teach Hayden a lesson.

“You guys are crazy! Y’all bring knives around just in case someone gets in your way? What the hell! If not for Ashlyn, Blair would have been murdered by you guys in cold blood! You guys are murderers!” Henry blathered angrily.

Ashlyn’s fury was even more stoked as she was reminded about their intentions to kill Blair.

She picked up the phone on the wall and dialed for room service. She ordered harshly, “Hello, this is Ashlyn. I need you to bring over some men. We’ve got a problem on our hands.”

A minute had barely passed when the sound of footsteps came from outside.

The manager led a bunch of his staff into the room. He wiped his sweat on his forehead frantically and bowed at Ashlyn. “Ms. Berry, my apologies! We didn’t know you’re here! Please forgive us for not welcoming you!”

“Cut the gibberish and teach these people a lesson on my behalf!” Ashlyn pointed at Hayden and his people.

The manager glared indignantly at Hayden and barked at his men, “Beat the hell out of these people before you throw them out!”

“My brother is Dixon Haddock, and I myself am from the Haddock family too! You don’t want to mess with us!” Hayden hollered as his men were getting beaten up.

“Ms. Berry calls the shots here! Your brother is nothing to us!” The manager wanted to show how capable he was in front of Ashlyn. He then turned to Ashlyn and asked in a servile tone, “Ms. Berry, do you have any other requests from us?”

Ashlyn narrowed her eyes at Hayden’s men who were squealing in pain. “Since they wanted to hurt Blair with a knife, how about… all of them can have their backs slashed with their own knives?”

“You crazy b****! Don’t you dare!” Hayden bawled in fear.

Immediately, he was slapped in the face by one of the staff.

Hayden was in no position to speak at all.

“If you retaliate, I will make sure you get out of this place in an ambulance!” Ashlyn stared at Hayden coldly.

While Ashlyn was speaking, Tinsor and the rest carried Blair off the ground.

However, their eyes were still fixated on what was happening ahead.

The club had a strict policy against violence, thus there were rarely fights at that place. Only customers from an influential household like Hayden would dare to make a fuss.

But now, it appeared that Hayden had finally been taught a painful lesson on how to behave in public.

Before this, Hayden was infamous for toying with women and bullying the heirs of other families.

If Ashlyn had not shown up, Blair and Tinsor would have fallen into his hands too.

It didn’t take long for the staff of the club to tie Hayden and his men up.

Next to Ashlyn, Blair and Tinsor felt their worth dwindle to zilch.

Everyone at the club listened to her commands.

Now that Ashlyn was done with Hayden and his men, she instantly headed outside. “To the hospital, people.”

The manager and his staff stood in a file as they sent Ashlyn off.

The customers who just got out of the neighboring rooms were shocked to see such a big entourage around Ashlyn.

Is she a celebrity or something?

Everyone gasped in awe when they finally saw the woman in the center of the group of people ahead. She was an absolute beauty in her twenties, and with her silky fair floating around her thin waist, she gave off the aura of royalty.

Many could not believe that such a young maiden could command so much respect that she had a patrol sending her out of the club.

“Ms. Berry, please visit us again! Have a nice day ahead!”

The manager of the club uttered in deference.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 193

Before she left, Ashlyn Berry nodded and squinted her eyes at Hayden Haddock and his men. She spoke to the manager, “I believe you guys know what to do with them.”

“Of course.” The manager responded at once.

9pm at night.

In front of the Haddock household’s gates.

Out of the blue, a minibus drove into the driveway.

Two burly men, all clad in black, dumped a gunny sack in front of the gates and left the place in a hurry.

The guards at the gates were shocked by what they saw when they pried open the sack.

Inside the sack was Hayden Haddock, all covered in blood.

At that point in time, Hayden’s friends were also dropped off in front of their houses in their gunny sacks.

All of their families exploded in anger when they saw their kin all marred with their own blood.

Who would dare hurt their precious children?

Who had the guts to offend these many important families in Lake City?

At the hospital.

Blair Nolan was asleep in his bed.

Naomi was sitting on a couch in one corner. She had changed into a fresh set of clothes and was now getting some shut-eye.

The time seemed to pass unbearably slow in the room.

Lucas Nolan glared at two of his useless siblings.

“Tell me what happened at the club.”

“My boyfriend tricked me into a private room at the club and before I know it, Hayden was forcing alcohol down my throat. He even wanted to r-rape me.”

Naomi was choking on her tears. Her pitiful eyes were bloodshot. “I didn’t know my boyfriend was one of Hayden’s people. Lucas, I was wrong! I will be more careful next time!”

“You imbecile!” Lucas was furious at his sister for being so reckless.

The Haddock family was around for a long time, and thus it wasn’t surprising that they had a lot of resources at their disposal. Moreover, the Haddocks were greedy people. They wanted to monopolize the real estate industry in Lake City, which would allow them to control the economy in that region.

Dixon Haddock was a rising star that the Haddock family had bred to expand their family’s business.

Of course, the Nolan Group had had a hard time because of him.

The Jaquin family was also a prominent family in Lake City, but they were righteous people. They would never rely on unlawful hustles to build their family’s fortune.

However, the Haddocks were not such people. They wanted a piece of anything that could increase their family’s wealth.

“Ashlyn…” Naomi crept over to Ashlyn.

Naomi was not her naïve old self anymore. She now knew who in the family could bring her security.

Just now, if it weren’t for Ashlyn, both she and Blair could have died at the hands of Hayden.

“Ashlyn will not be protecting you from today onwards!” Lucas shot daggers at Naomi. “Because of my ignorance, you have become a reckless young lady! I do not condone your misbehavior! I want you to enroll at Shelby High three days from today.”

“Lucas, please.” Naomi refuted meekly. “I don’t want to go…”

“Remember what I told you before?” Ashlyn asked in a callous tone.

“What?” Naomi swallowed. She did not quite understand what Ashlyn meant with that question.

“Dumb people are better off in schools.”

Naomi could feel her heart shatter.

How can a goddess who just saved my life become such a meany in just an instant?

Suddenly, Blair on the bed was roused. He blinked his eyes hazily as he tried to make sense of his surroundings.

“Blair, you’re awake?”

Naomi quickly got on his feet and ran to Blair.

“Yeah. Where is Ashlyn?” Blair fondled his wound through his bandage. The sting jolted him awake even more.

“Relax, she’s still here.” Naomi hurried on to answer.

Lucas now turned his icy gaze towards his brother. He was not happy with him looking for Ashlyn the moment he woke up.

“Since your brother is here, I will set things straight.” Ashlyn got on her feet. She looked apathetic as she spoke, “Your brother and I are divorced for about two months now. Next time you get yourself into trouble, just call your brother directly, Blair.”

“What? You guys are divorced?” Blair almost fell from the bed when he heard the news.

Tears rolled down Naomi’s cheeks. “Why are you leaving us, Ashlyn? Do you not care about us anymore?”

Naomi had just shown her vulnerable side to Ashlyn and now she wanted to leave them?

No wonder I sense a different vibe from Ashlyn lately!

She’s leaving the Nolan family!

But wow! Now that she’s divorced, Ashlyn is such a savage now!

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 194

He had been dying to live with Ashlyn Berry so she could stick with her twenty-four-seven. That woman was her idol!

“You guys used to hate me before. But suddenly you don’t want me to leave? Is this a joke?” Ashlyn raised her brows as she stared at them.

“Ashlyn! Please! I’m dying! My head’s gonna explode! Don’t you see how hurt I am? Please don’t divorce my brother!”

Blair Nolan clutched his head as he started going into a frenzy.

“It’s not a big deal! Stop being dramatic!” She glared at him and turned to leave without so much as a glance at Lucas Nolan.

Lucas’ eyes greedily fell on her retreating figure. A trace of constrained emotion and forbearance hid behind his orbs.

Yet, he still chased after her in the end.

He had been chasing after her like this ever since they divorced.

Ashlyn heard the footsteps behind her and in just a second, the man managed to stop her.

She lifted her gaze to meet with his dark ones.

His pupils dilated as he stared at her intensely. He, the man who had always been cold and calm, now had emotions surging in his eyes.

“Something wrong?” she asked.

“Thank you,” the man said after a while.

“No need. You’ve never made it difficult for me to repay you for these four years of marriage,” said Ashlyn softly before walking around him to stride into the elevator.

She looked down and when she was about to press the close button, the man successfully squeezed in.

Before she could react, he pressed her against the wall and captured her lips fiercely.

Ashlyn’s heart skipped a beat as she widened her eyes. She tried to push him away but he was too strong.

She was completely sandwiched between him and the wall.

Suddenly, the elevator fell speedily with a strange buzzing sound above their heads.

A second later, the elevator went pitch black.

Lucas instantly wrapped his arms around the woman.


Ashlyn inhaled sharply. The elevator seemed to hook on something as it stopped falling.

“The elevator’s broken,” Lucas said in the dark. “Are you scared?”

As his words fell, the elevator jerked again, which produced a loud ‘bang!’ sound.

Lucas let go of Ashlyn to start probing around the elevator. “Darn it! Which floor are we on?”

Ashlyn remained silent, which was weird for him. He frowned and turned his head to look at her. Unfortunately, it was too dark that they couldn’t see each other even if they were only a step away.

“Honey?” he called out.

Nobody responded.

Ashlyn’s mind went blank as her pupils dilated.

She turned from left to right, causing the elevator to shake again.

She was clutching her head tightly, trying her best not to lose herself to the demon haunting her thoughts. However, it seemed like she failed.

She could feel the Spirogyra trembling in her body which was giving her endless chills. The fear of the darkness triggered the Spirogyra, and it would gradually spread all over her.

She recalled the memories and scenes she did not want to remember the most. She had locked them deep inside her mind but the Spirogyra opened them up and now, it was as if she was reliving her trauma.

Her body started to tremble. “Stop…stop. Dad, stop hitting me…please…let me out.”

She fell on her knees. Her chest tightened as she was panting for air. The Spirogyra almost completely controlled her consciousness. She was scared. It was as if she had traveled back in time to her childhood. The time where she was helplessly living in fear because no one came to her rescue. No one.

Her heart broke into pieces as she looked up to stare at the man who was holding her tight fists.

Lucas rushed to her side when he heard her cries. When he grabbed her hands, he jolted at how icy they felt.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 195

“Honey? Honey?”

Ashlyn’s hands shook even more violently. She was already too lost in her own world.

Her lips were getting paler and her throat was getting drier by the second. She felt like she could see her mother.

“Mom, please take me with you. Dad hit me again today. I miss you, mom.”

“Mom.” She extended a hand to take her mom’s before throwing herself at her.

Don’t be afraid, Lyn. She heard her mother’s voice and saw the gentle smile on her face.

“Mom,” she sobbed as tears streamed down when she felt her mother’s tight hug around her.

Her mind was getting blurrier as time went by.

“Honey? Honey, are you still with me?” Lucas asked when he felt the tight clutches on his hands loosening slowly.

He quickly embraced her cold body. “Honey, can you hear me?” His tensed voice was filled with a trace of worry he didn’t even notice.

However, the elevator was silent as soon as his voice fell. The woman never replied to him.

At this moment, a group of maintenance staff arrived with their tools. “Is anyone inside?” one of them asked from the outside.

“Yes! Yes!” he hurriedly answered. “Please hurry open the doors! Someone’s suffocating!”

Hearing that, the staff immediately started pounding and prying open the doors. Finally!

The group worked together to crack open the doors.

When they did, a small ray of light finally illuminated the dark elevator. Lucas looked down to see Ashlyn, who had already fainted in his arms.

His face lost all its color at the sight. He had never been this scared before. “Honey, how are you feeling?”

He anxiously turned his gaze to the staff outside. “Hurry! Please hurry!”

The elevator seemed to be stuck in place, though. It was difficult for them to widen the crack.

“No. Honey, can you hear me?” His voice trembled as a result of extreme worries and fear. He tightened his arms around her as his wet eyes reddened.

Right at this moment, they had successfully opened the doors.

Lucas quickly carried the unconscious Ashlyn and exited the elevator.

Both their bodies were all soaked in their own sweat from being inside the elevator for too long.

There were a lot of medical staff waiting outside the elevator. They surrounded Lucas when they saw the unconscious woman in his arms. “Carry her to the ward! Hurry!”

Soon enough, the doctors started pacing back and forth. “Oxygenate her first,” uttered one of the doctors.

Lucas laid her on the hospital bed. Her face was still as pale as a ghost.

His heart was a mess as he gloomily stared at the person on the bed.

He was feeling so distressed that he could hardly breathe. His mind had completely gone blank.

Why? Why did this happen to us? What would’ve happened to her if I wasn’t there with her?

His heart clenched painfully when he thought of the worst-case scenario.

No. She’d be fine. She’d definitely be fine. That woman’s tough and strong. On top of that, she even learned martial arts. Nothing could bring her down!

“Mr. Nolan, we have to examine Dr. Berry. You may leave first,” said a doctor cautiously.

The cold man’s terrifying aura was so strong that shivers went down people’s spines.

Lucas exited the ward as the door slammed shut as soon as he stepped out.

When he was registering what had transpired, Jared Quickton appeared out of nowhere and delivered a punch at him. “Damn it, Lucas! I’ll not forgive you if something happens to her!”

Lucas’ whole body stumbled back as he clenched his jaw to endure the pain.

He did not fight back because what Jared was true. I failed to protect her.

“Go investigate why the elevator’s broken!” Jared ordered Harrison and Anderson, who were behind him. This couldn’t be a coincidence. I think someone’s trying to harm Ashlyn, but who?

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