My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 186-190

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 186

Ashlyn was already walking for five minutes now. She had made it out of the villa district but was not able to hail a cab yet.

She was feeling irritated when her phone rang insistently.

It was Lucas. She pressed the answer button.

“Where did you go, damn it?”

The cold voice that reached her ears conveyed its master’s unamused mood quite adequately.

“What do you want?” Ashlyn’s tone was even ruder than Lucas’s.

Holding his phone to his ear, Lucas’s expression darkened noticeably. He was carrying a bag of fresh seafood that he bought from the morning market.

He had decided to go to the market this morning to buy fresh seafood just for Ashlyn.

And yet, this was how she decided to repay him, by vanishing without so much a single explanation.

When he returned to the villa and found the house empty, he flew into a terrible mood.

He went through a rapid series of emotions, ranging from frustration, irritation, panic, and maybe even the slightest hint of disappointment.

That led to him calling Ashlyn immediately.

“Where are you?”

“Going home.”

Hearing Ashlyn’s annoyed voice inexplicably made Lucas feel better. “Home? What home? Your home is right here.”

He put the bag of fresh seafood into the kitchen, striding to the living room to pick up his car keys before heading out. “I’m coming to fetch you now.”

Well, I don’t need you to. Ashlyn was about to retort when she heard Lucas end the call. The beeping sound of the disconnect tone reached her ears.

He hung up on her, just like that. Ashlyn was furious, but she put her phone into her pocket and continued walking forward, hoping that she could find a cab before Lucas got here.

Unfortunately for her, the surrounding areas were entirely villa districts. Cabs were rarely seen here, if ever.

In the distance, Ashlyn could already see Lucas’s Bentley speeding towards her. He pulled up beside her with a loud screech.

Under his straight nose, Lucas was pressing his lips together tightly. He opened the car door and pulled Ashlyn inside without another word. Obviously, he was in a foul mood.

He growled angrily. “Why didn’t you wait for me to come home?”

However, his frown suddenly eased when his gaze landed on her. His dark eyes swept over her from head to toe. Ashlyn looked different today.

The black shirt she wore looked very familiar, almost like it was one of his. The same could be said for the khaki slacks she sported. The oversized shirt hung loosely on her slender frame, tied in a messy knot above her waist that exposed a hint of fair skin.

A thick man’s belt held up her loose slacks, flattering her slim waist and tempting him to see if he could close his entire hand around it. She had casually folded up the over-long pant legs as well, exposing her delicately pale ankles.

These clothes were supposed to be men’s formal wear and yet Ashlyn managed to make them look like the perfect vacation ensemble.

She had done her hair in an intricate braid that hung in front of her chest loosely. If someone gave her a hat to complete the look, she was all set to be lounging by the beach instead of walking beside the road.

There was no way else to describe it. Ashlyn was beautiful. Even wearing his clothes, she was drop-dead gorgeous.

In fact, the thought of her wearing his clothes was enough to make Lucas swallow in anticipation, feeling a pleasant heat build in the pit of his stomach.

That thought alone was enough to make him feel burn with longing, feeling unbearable heat snake through his stomach intimately.

Lucas stared at her domineeringly. “Have you ever wore any other men’s clothes?”

Ashlyn just glanced at him, baffled. “Are you out of your mind? Why would I do that?”

Does that mean she hasn’t? Lucas felt his originally envious heart soar victoriously but kept his expression neutral.

He just sneered coldly, sparing another glance at her. She only wore his clothes before. Lucas turned to look at her fully, committing the sight to memory. Their tumultuous relationship remained messily tangled and undeniably close, just the way he liked it.

On the other hand, Ashlyn was questioning Lucas’s sanity. She had no idea why he suddenly seemed so angry in one moment before looking extremely happy in the next. Whatever it was, he was annoyingly prone to mood swings like these since their divorce.

“I wanted breakfast.” Lucas hoisted her bodily into the car. “So I went out to buy some ingredients.”

His hands tightened on the steering wheel imperceptibly. “Why did you leave?”

“Why wouldn’t I leave? You woke me up so rudely.” Ashlyn said mutinously. Lucas was making her already frayed nerves unravel even more quickly.

She needed her sleep to function. When they were still married, Lucas was careful to make as little noise as possible when he had to wake earlier for work so that he would not wake her.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 187

Lucas drove quickly, flooring the gas pedal. Soon enough, they were back at Whitland Villa.

By now, Ashlyn was a bit hungry herself. Since Lucas already bought the ingredients, she did not mind making breakfast personally.

After all, nothing could beat the sheer happiness of taking a nap after having a filling meal.

With her mind made, Ashlyn did not object as Lucas led her into the villa.

The sight that met her eyes left her stunned. Inside the living room, a few live crabs were scuttling around here and there, parading about the room as if they owned it.

Seeing someone intrude on their newfound territory, the crabs even scuttled towards Ashlyn quickly, clicking their pincers threateningly.

“Why are you just standing there?” Lucas asked, walking over with his car keys when he saw her stand dumbly at the door.

“Lucas, why the hell didn’t you put them in the sink?” Ashlyn pointed at the freely roaming crabs. It was far too early for a headache. “You know what? I give up. I order you to take care of it.”

Feeling sleepy already, Ashlyn was rubbing her eyes to keep herself from nodding off. “Just call me when you’ve finally cleaned them up. I’m going to take a nap.”

Yawning, she made her way to the bedroom. Suddenly worried that Lucas would slack off, she was about to turn back and tell him what he actually needed to do when she saw him tie an apron around his waist.

The sight was jarringly hilarious. The pink floral-print apron tied around Lucas’s waist was a stark contrast to his black button-down shirt and casual pants. Even as she watched, he snapped on a pair of rubber kitchen gloves and prepared to face the crabs.

Even dressed like this, Lucas was still handsome enough to make the earth itself shake in fear.

She bit back the instructions she was about to give him. Lucas had already caught most of the escaped crabs, sticking them back into the bag and walking towards the kitchen.

Alright, he can probably handle it. Ashlyn thought to herself.

In the kitchen, Lucas dubiously poured the crabs, some oysters, a couple of scallops, and a few squids into the sink. The crabs were still waving their pincers at him smugly.

He stared at the sink full of squirming seafood before him, feeling a headache start to build.

In hindsight, he probably should not have bought seafood. He should have bought beef or mutton instead. As someone who never handled fresh seafood before, he did not have any idea on how to prepare it for cooking.

Heaving a sigh, Lucas pulled out his phone and started to search the internet for help.

By the time he was finally finished with cleaning all of the seafood, it was almost noon.

He went upstairs to wake Ashlyn immediately.

In the bedroom, Ashlyn was sprawled on the bed sleeping deeply. Her beautiful face was as peaceful as a newborn baby’s. Her dark hair spread around her head like a halo, still wavy from the braid she had tied it in earlier.

Ashlyn was awoken by someone nibbling on her lips.

Her lashes fluttered open like a butterfly spreading its wings. Ashlyn saw the very familiar man holding himself above her, a very distinctive floral-print apron tied around his waist as he gently bit and sucked on her lips.

Lucas’s outrageously handsome face shone under the sunlight, exuding a deadly charm. His eyes were half-closed, long lashes brushing across his cheeks. His nose brushed against Ashlyn’s face occasionally as he continued his ministrations.

There was a lingering hint of passion in his affection. What they were doing now felt just like what they used to do before their divorce.

But we’re divorced! Ashlyn grumbled internally. This bedroom held all their memories of the past four years.

Before she could start having any second thoughts, Ashlyn pushed Lucas off her ferociously. She sat up, making the thin blanket covering her fall onto the floor.

Lucas looked slightly annoyed at being interrupted. His voice was husky with desire. “You’re awake?”

He licked his lips as if he were not satisfied yet, eyes shining hungrily like a wild animal.

Ashlyn stretched lazily, making her slim waist sway temptingly with the motion. She pulled on her slippers and walked towards the kitchen, her long hair drifting behind her. “Are you done cleaning them?”

In the next second, Lucas strode over to her and grabbed her arm. Ashlyn’s back crashed against the cold wall as he pinned her against it. His breath was hot on her face. Before she could speak, he sealed her lips with his again.

His burning kisses were desperate, pushing against her lips forcefully as he kissed her again and again.

Just then, Ashlyn’s stomach growled insistently. Breathlessly, she placed her hands on Lucas’s chest and pushed him gently. Her voice was soft and weak. “I’m hungry.”

“You get a pass for now.” Lucas said lecherously, sweeping her off her feet and carrying her to the kitchen.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 188

Lucas Nolan was also hungry.

Ashlyn Berry walked to his back and untied his apron. She then slid herself into the apron and started to prepare lunch.

Instead of dawdling around, Lucas stayed behind in the kitchen to help Ashlyn.

From time to time, he would take a peek at the busy girl next to him. There was a faint warmth in his eyes.

At that moment in time, the air of superiority around that man suddenly had a humanly touch to it.

It was soon twelve noon

The table was filled with seafood dishes.

The aroma of each dish was different, but nonetheless, they were tempting altogether.

Out of the blue, the door creaked open.

The butler had returned from his errand. Upon stepping into the kitchen, he could smell the scent of a freshly made meal.

When he saw Ashlyn standing in the dining room, he almost thought he was in the wrong place.

“Mrs. Nolan, you’re back?”

After his divorce, Lucas had returned to his hometown for quite some time.

Who would have thought that he would meet Ashlyn right away once he came back?

The butler put down the luggage in his hands at once and exclaimed, “Mrs. Nolan, are you getting back together with Master?”

Ashlyn squinted her eyes at Lucas. It’s all your fault!

“Ah, I came back to cook for Lucas because he wanted me to. So here I am! Anyway, nice to see you, Louis!”

“Master, why don’t you keep Mrs. Nolan around? She’s not only a gorgeous woman but also good at cooking.” The butler walked to the dining table in excitement, “Mrs. Nolan, don’t leave us again!”

Ashlyn hurried on to reply, “I still have some chores to do at home! I’ll be leaving after lunch.”

Ashlyn did not know how to deal with seniors who treated her well, especially Louis Turner who had been so welcoming of her ever since she married into the household.

Lucas’s dark eyes were staring at Ashlyn grimly, which somehow infuriated her.

In an instant, she lost her appetite even though a scrumptious meal was laid out in front of her.

On the other hand, Lucas was devouring the seafood on the table in a jovial mood.

Ashlyn rolled her eyes and grabbed her purse. “I am leaving now.”

Lucas suddenly spoke, “Didn’t you know that you left behind quite a few of your clothes in the closet?”

Ashlyn examined the menswear on herself and glared at Lucas. “Thank you, but I like what I am wearing now.”

She had made up her mind to not touch anything Lucas had bought her.

Lucas watched on as Ashlyn sashayed to the exit of the restaurant. As she left, he smirked.

Didn’t you say you like my clothes?

In the afternoon, Spencer White brought back to the Whitland Villa a pile of men’s clothing, all of which were what Lucas would usually wear except that they were one size smaller.

Spencer grumbled, “What’s wrong with Mr. Nolan? Why did he ask for so many clothes that are not his size? He can’t even wear any of it!”

The butler had a mysterious smile on his face. “You’ll see later.”

Pfft! As if I care about what Mr. Nolan’s going to do with these clothes! My job here is done!

The moment Ashlyn reached home, her phone rang.

It was an unknown caller. She hesitated a while before picking the phone up.

“Ashlyn? It’s me, Blair!”

Blair waited for the person on the other end of the call to respond, but he didn’t hear a response for quite some time. Puzzled, he checked his phone. Hmm…this can’t be wrong. I am indeed calling Ashlyn’s number!

He then continued on the phone. “Ashlyn, you do remember me, right?”

Ashlyn finally replied blandly, “Yes I do.”

“You have to save me, Ashlyn! I am about to break down! I am losing everything to Tinsor! I am really at my wits’ end, Ashlyn. I didn’t dare to call my brother so I called you instead. You have to save me!”

Blair was squealing like a pig while he sobbed over the phone.

Meanwhile, at the club, Tinsor had a look of disgust on his face. “Blair, quit your teary act! It is annoying me.”

However, Ashlyn’s voice remained cold. “Blair, if you give Lucas a phone call, I am sure he will be willing to help you out.”

“Ashlyn, my brother will definitely beat the hell out of me if he hears about what I’ve gotten into! He will definitely confiscate all of my allowance for the next month. Please, Ashlyn, you are the only one in the family who I am close to!” Blair blubbered like a child who had lost his favorite toy.

He then continued to wail, “Ashlyn, I know you are the most capable person in the family, and I look up to you the most! So please come and get me out of here! Oh, remember to bring some money! They are not letting me off unless they get their cash.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 189

Before Ashlyn Berry could make a reply, Blair Nolan had hung up the phone.

He looked at his gambling buddies in front of him gleefully. “Tinsor, you have experienced how scary Ashlyn is. If you do not want to experience her wrath, it’s better if you return me my money right now.”

“Why should I? I have rightfully won the money from you through a proper game of cards, so why can’t I keep the money?” Tinsor grunted.

Henry Golding, one of the youngsters close to Tinsor, chimed in, “Forget about getting back your money, Blair! Isn’t Ashlyn going to bring you money? We can continue gambling after this! I would love to get some more moolah from you, hahaha!”

Blair was flabbergasted. He yelled at the smoking teenagers sitting across from him, “Tinsor, have you not learned your lesson from your previous encounter with Ashlyn? How can you still be so truculent? Also, can y’all stop smoking? Ashlyn won’t be pleased with all this smoke.”

Tinsor gazed at Blair indifferently and pointed at the teenagers sitting next to him. “Quit smoking and clean up this place. I do not want to leave a bad impression on Ashlyn!”

“You are worried about leaving a bad impression on Ashlyn? Huh, since when you have a liking for women of her kind?”

“Just shut your trap and tidy up!”

At Tinsor’s order, the youngsters got on their feet to clean the place.

When the servants came to serve them drinks, they were surprised. Hurriedly, they said, “Sirs, just let us do the cleaning! You don’t have to trouble yourselves!” However, no one seemed to pay any attention to them.

“Blair, is your brother really getting married? Is Ashlyn going to become your sister-in-law for real?” Henry sputtered.

Blair remained silent. Last time at the Jaquin Residence, Blair had sensed an unsettling vibe around Lucas and Ashlyn. Thus, he figured it was best if he commented nothing on their marriage.

“Where did you hear that from? Ashlyn doesn’t want to marry Blair’s brother!” Tinsor arched a brow. “Let me tell you all something. My brother is pursuing her now! If anything, Ashlyn will be my sister-in-law instead!”

Blair was disgruntled. “You’re a liar! Your brother is pursuing Ashlyn? Bah, he is not worthy of Ashlyn!”

“Where did you get the idea that my brother is not worthy of Ashlyn? Is the Jaquin family a joke to you?” Tinsor stood on the sofa and had his arms on his waist as he glared furiously at Blair.

Just this moment, the doorbell rang.

Blair made a break for the entrance. When he saw Ashlyn outside, he gladly shouted, “Ashlyn!”

Ever since Ashlyn had saved him at the Jaquin Residence last time, Blair was very fond of Ashlyn, especially since he had great respect towards those who were skilled in close combat.

In his eyes, Ashlyn was the righteous Wonder Woman who was undefeatable.

The youngsters all gaped their eyes in awe when they saw Ashlyn.

What a beautiful lady!

Ashlyn’s hair draped around her waist, and she had an elegant smile that could rival that of a princess.

No wonder Tinsor’s brother wants to pursue her!

“Milady!” Tinsor immediately leaped off of the sofa and ran to welcome Ashlyn. “Milady, please come in!”

Ashlyn’s eyes scanned the room, and to her surprise, the place was spick and span.

Her attention eventually shifted to Blair who only had a singlet top and a pair of trousers on. Blair noticed her gaze at himself and chuckled awkwardly, “Hehe, I wasn’t lying when I said I lost everything! They even took off my clothes! Hehehe… so you did bring the money, right?”

“Nope.” Ashlyn was nonchalant.

“Huh? You didn’t bring any money with you?” Blair was suddenly on tenterhooks. “Ashlyn, you can’t be kidding me, right? You’re my only hope!”

“You guys are playing poker? Mind if we play a few rounds? It’s been a while since I last gambled.” Ashlyn glanced at the cards on the table and strolled towards it.

The people in the room were astounded.

This pretty gal here knows how to play poker?

Blair was also stunned. “Ashlyn, do you seriously know how to play poker? I don’t want to see you strip like me in case you lose.”

Lucas will definitely kill me!

However, Henry was accepting of the idea of Ashlyn joining them for a game. “Ashlyn, you do look like someone who knows how to play a hand. C’mon guys, let’s sit down for a game!’

Ashlyn nodded lightly but she had no expression on her face.

Her attitude towards strangers had always been cold and impassive.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 190

Henry Golding was slightly disappointed by the unexpectedly bleak reception of him by Ashlyn Berry. He had always thought that he would be well-liked by everyone wherever he went. “Tell me, Ashlyn. Am I ugly?”

Ashlyn sized Henry up. In her opinion, he was actually quite cute. If not for his horrendous outfit, he could have been quite a dashing little prince.

Hence, she replied truthfully, “You’re not ugly, but you dress ugly.”

A grin broke up on Henry’s face almost at once. “Then how do you think I should dress?”

Thank God it’s not because I am ugly!

“Um, maybe something like what Blair is wearing now.” Ashlyn pointed at Blair. He only had a white singlet and a pair of jeans on. Together with his white Vans, Blair looked like a girl’s teenage crush in high school.

But Henry could not agree with Ashlyn. “You want me to dress like Blair? He dresses like a homeless man!”

Blair was offended by Henry’s remarks on his appearance. “Hey, shut your mouth!”

“Are you guys still playing?” Tinsor was tired of Henry being at the center of attention, especially now that Ashlyn was with them. Tsk. Do you even know her?

Kill me please.

Stop being such a suck-up.

Ashlyn saw the boys quarreling among themselves and couldn’t hold in her smile.

Now with a gentle grin on her face, her expression softened a lot.

The few youngsters caught sight of her unintentional smile and were awestruck.

“Oh my Ashlyn, you are a goddess!” Henry quickly responded.

All of these youngsters had older siblings to dote on them. Thus, they were quite outspoken and playful.

Certainly, they had seen a lot of pretty girls before.

In fact, they were even friends with many influencers or celebrities around their age.

However, none of the people they met before had exuded such a dignified aura around them as Ashley had.

After everyone sat at the table, the game of cards began. Ashlyn was the first player to make a move. After rearranging her deck, Ashlyn smiled as she played her hand.

Tinsor howled in dismay right away. “Oh shucks, my hand is smaller than that!”

However, even though the youngsters were off to a rough start, they were able to play a few hands that somewhat impressed Ashlyn.

Still, Ashlyn won the round of poker.

Ashlyn slapped her cards on the table. Plush!

“It can’t be!”

Tinsor and his friends stared at Ashlyn in frustration.

They could not believe that they had lost.

Unsatisfied with themselves, they went for a few more rounds. Still, Ashlyn emerged as the victor for each of the games afterward.

Not before long, Ashlyn had a stash of cash in her hand.

The money she won in less than an hour was more than all the money Blair had lost to them earlier.

Tinsor’s and his friends’ wallets seemed to be getting thinner as time went on.

When Tinsor finally realized how much he had lost to Ashlyn, he asked her shakily, “Milady, h-how are you so good at this?”

Blair was delighted now that he had his revenge.

No one expected Ashlyn to be such an adept player of poker.

A few hours soon passed. The sky was starting to darken.

Ashlyn got on her feet and glanced at the stack of money she won before turning her gaze to the few rascals who had suffered an overwhelming loss to her.

“Alright, we are done for today! Blair will treat us to dinner at the Imperial Hotel!”

“We’re having dinner at the Imperial Hotel? There’s no way we can get in there! We need a reservation to be seated at the Imperial Hotel!” Blair didn’t mind treating everyone, but he was concerned about getting a seat at the Imperial Hotel.

Everyone in the region knew how difficult it was to secure a reservation at the Imperial Hotel. According to hearsay, reservations at Imperial Hotel had to come in at least one week before.

If the lot of them just walked in without making any reservations, they would surely not be seated.

However, Ashlyn was resolved to spend the money she won on the kids themselves. “Let’s just go there. There will be seats for us.”

Ashlyn and the youngsters were in one of the private rooms of a leisure club that also housed many other sports and entertainment facilities.

Before leaving the place, Blair, who had booked the private room under his name earlier, excitedly dashed to the counter to pay the rental fees.

However, on his way back, he heard a familiar voice coming from one of the private rooms.

“Hayden Haddock, get off of me, you monster! Believe me when I say my brother will slaughter you!”

A man shouted back, “Fck you, little slt! You think I’m scared of your brother? Everyone knows he doesn’t care about you! I’ll get myself inside you tonight for sure!”

It’s Naomi!

Anxiously, Blair barged into the private room where the noise had come from. “Naomi!”

The private room reeked of alcohol and some unknown substance. A few men were sitting on the sofa and each of them had a lady in one arm. In one corner, Naomi was pressed under a man with her skirt torn. Her fair shoulders were in plain sight, and there were bruises on her face. She looked disheveled, and the man on her seemed to be the one who had done that to her.

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