My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 176-180

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 176

It was often said that accompanying one’s sovereign was like accompanying a tiger. In that case, Mr. Field was both the sovereign and the tiger of Riverdale.

Mrs. Field was starting to feel a bit awkward as well. She opened her mouth, planning to smooth out the situation when a cold female voice rang out.

“Don’t you worry, Charles. If you put me in charge of the celebrations later, I can promise you that it’d be a night to remember.”

Mr. Field raised an eyebrow. “What are you planning to do?”

Ashlyn tilted her head slightly. Her gorgeous eyes twinkled like crystals under the LED lighting, almost blinding whoever was looking at her.

“The name ‘Madeline Saunders’ must be a magnet for many people. However, the other performers’ efforts are all going to be buried under that glaringly bright name. They’ll be ignored by the audience; their efforts forgotten. You can use her name to bring in one audience’s attention, but will you be able to do that next year? What about the year after that?”

Her words made complete sense and sent them into deep thought.

James Field couldn’t help himself. “Please continue.”

Ashlyn paused before saying, “What we need is an event that will totally blow the entire audience’s minds. It has to be memorable enough that it will sear Lake City and our performers into everyone’s minds forever. Then they’ll definitely be looking forward to next year. Our views will only come with detailed planning, not from making a one-time attention grabber.”

James nodded. “You’re right. As expected of you young people. You’re full of good ideas.”

Fae’s face was gleaming with pride. “Of course! That’s my baby sister.”

She genuinely adored Ashlyn.

Lucas exhaled slightly. When he looked at Ashlyn, a surge of warmth entered his cold stare.

She was filled with life and practically glowed while talking just now.

She was stunning.

It was as if she had a halo around her.

Joseph was clearly taken aback. This young lady is pretty smart!

“James, I’d like to be involved in stage design. I have to be in charge of all the stage lights, effects, etc.” Ashlyn wasn’t asking for permission, she was making a statement. There seemed to be zero room for disagreement.

This strength she had in her words gave James a slight shock. What a cocky stare! What an arrogant tone! If it were from anyone else, he would certainly have been irked. However, when it came from the pretty girl in front of him, he couldn’t find it in himself to be angry. In fact, he was even more impressed.

Lucas was right next to Ashlyn, and his hand slowly wrapped around Ashlyn’s. His rough fingertips caressed hers gently.

Ashlyn gnashed her teeth.

I mean business here. What the hell are you doing?

She wriggled out of his grasp, but he held on even tighter.

Ashlyn thought about how she had accidentally stepped on the wrong person’s foot back in Bayview Villa and slowly put her raised heel down.

It would be pretty bad if she accidentally stepped on someone else again.

Especially since it was the first time she came to the Field household.

Lucas held onto her hand happily as he passed her a shrimp from the salad. “Try this. It’s really fresh.”

Then, he cut off a slice of his own steak and put it on her plate. “This is one of Fae’s best dishes, mashed potatoes and steak.”

He was close enough to the Field family that he came to eat with them often.

They had a maid, but Fae cooked rather regularly as well. Naturally, Fae had made some of her best dishes to welcome Ashlyn.

“This, too. It’s really good.” Lucas continued passing Ashlyn different dishes from the table with an expressionless face. Despite that, the way he acted clearly showed how much he adored Ashlyn.

He probably didn’t realize how tender he looked as he placed dishes into Ashlyn’s plate.

He was as different as could be from the usual Lucas, who was cold and unfriendly.

The Field family were pretty familiar with Lucas. To whom had he took care of so lovingly before?

No one, that’s who.

The three of them looked at each other. They had known that Lucas treated Ashlyn differently than he treated anyone else, but this was way too much of a difference.

Fae was pretty unhappy. In fact, she was feeling a ton of things at once. However, she didn’t dare to show any of it.

“Don’t give me any more. I’m getting full.” Ashlyn turned slightly to look at Lucas.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 177

She didn’t realize how the tilt of her head emphasized the corners of her eyes, making her look extremely seductive.

Lucas suppressed the sudden urge he felt to take her home and swallowed heavily. “Okay.”

He held onto his glass and gulped down two mouthfuls of alcohol that burned their way down his throat, trying to wash away his impatience.

Then, he closed his eyes and let out a sigh quietly.

“Ashlyn, have some soup.” Fae spooned some chicken soup into a bowl for Ashlyn.

Ashlyn looked at the bowl, her eyes starting to become dewy with emotion.

After her mother had passed away, she had never drunk chicken soup again.

She took a small sip. The familiar taste spread throughout her mouth, tasting more like her childhood than anything.

She couldn’t help but take another mouthful.

Fae’s brow clouded over with sorrow as if she were recalling something. “I had a really close friend when I was younger. She was the one who taught me the recipe for this chicken soup. Sadly…”

“Mom, what happened?” Joseph asked curiously.

“Nothing. Forget I said anything,” Fae said with a smile and a shake of her head.

James gently held onto Fae’s slightly chilly hand. “What are you suddenly bringing this up for?”

Fae stayed silent.

“Lucas, stop giving me food. I won’t be able to finish everything.” Ashlyn felt a little helpless when she looked at the amount of food piled up like a small mountain on her plate.

She had never really been a big eater, either.

Lucas looked at Ashlyn’s small, mildly stressed face. How cute. She was acting completely differently from her usual cold act with him.

He reached over with a long arm and pulled her bowl towards him before starting to eat nonchalantly.

Ashlyn looked at him in surprise, as did the other Field family members.

Wasn’t Lucas has mysophobia?

This was way too weird.

James was aware of how likable this young lady was. She wasn’t like the other rich young ladies who barely ate at the dining table, either from being picky or from being on a diet, and messed with everyone else’s appetites, too.

Suddenly, a loud chuckle came from the doorway.

“Is Mr. Field home?”

Most of the families who lived in the neighborhood never locked their doors.

A loud procession of footsteps followed right after the laughter.

James and Fae got up instantly and walked toward the door.

The chief of police strutted in with a few policemen behind him, toting a medal.

“Chief Chase, what is the meaning of all this?” James asked, dumbfounded.

Chief Chase chuckled. “I stopped by and caught sight of the superheroine in here. I rushed over so I could give her the medal.”

He pointed to the Land Rover still parked outside and said, “The superheroine’s still here, isn’t she?”


James and Fae looked toward the dining room.

That Land Rover was Ashlyn’s. Was Chief Chase here for Ashlyn?

“Who’s this superheroine you’re speaking of?” Joseph asked, confused.

Chief Chase could tell based on their reactions that they didn’t know what happened that afternoon.

He couldn’t help but ask his assistant, “Jenny, how about you tell them?”

Jenny cleared her throat before speaking. “Ms. Berry here helped save some children from a car accident this afternoon at about five p.m. Then, she captured the human traffickers who had kidnapped those children in the first place. She was so cool! It was like seeing Wonder Woman in real life.”

“We plan on rewarding her with fifty thousand and a medal for chivalry. Where is Ms. Berry?” Chief Chase asked excitedly.

Lucas pressed close to Ashlyn’s ear and whispered in a seductive voice, “Honey, I didn’t know you caught criminals in your free time.”

Ashlyn’s ears heated up and she kicked him.

She stood up and walked to the living room, immediately spotting the chief’s extravagant presentation.

Her cold, perfect features betrayed no emotion and she accepted the medal. “I’ll take this, but I don’t want the money. Give it to whoever needs it.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 178

“Ms. Berry, you really are an admirable woman.” Chief Chase hadn’t imagined that Ashlyn would be this gorgeous.

One of the policemen behind him was filming her on his phone, and even asked James and Chief Chase to stand next to Ashlyn for a photo.

Ashlyn didn’t know why they were making such a huge deal.

Fae, on the other hand, was overjoyed. “Ashlyn, is that why you told us you were delayed on the way home? You were out catching criminals, huh? How amazing! You did a great job.”

Joseph watched everything unfold with wide eyes.

How spectacular was this woman?

Even someone like James, who had seen more than a few bigshots in his lifetime, was kind of taken aback. If anyone else had accomplished such a thing, they’d have been bragging about it and trying to busk in the limelight.

But she had stayed silent this whole time since coming home.

If it weren’t for Chief Chase stumbling across her car, would she have stayed silent about it all the way?

Lucas stayed to one side quietly. His cold features thawed slightly with some emotion, which seemed to only appear whenever he saw Ashlyn.

Of course, his wife was the best.

“Alright, since you’re so adamant on not receiving the prize money, we’ll donate it to the Haddock Charity under your name, Ms. Berry,” Chief Chase said.

Fae didn’t have a very good impression of the Haddock Group and couldn’t stop herself from asking, “Chief Chase, Fae is actually pretty close to Madeline Saunders. What about just donating it to the Saunders Charity instead?”

“Mrs. Field, that’s a pretty good idea. We’ll donate it to the Saunders Charity then.” Chief Chase wasn’t about to say no.

As if just anyone could stop by Mr. Field’s house to have a meal.

Chief Chase was smart. After chatting with James for a while longer, he left with his men in tow.

After walking out, he instantly commanded Jenny to upload the video taken just now on Twitter.

“We must spread Ms. Berry’s positivity around. She’ll be a good role model for the citizens. After all, it’s quite rare to see such a genuinely chivalrous person in our society.”

“Yes, Chief.”

Back in the living room, Joseph was looking at his phone. “Those little punks want to meet up at Sparrow. Lucas, you up for it?”

“You can go, just don’t drink too much,” Fae reminded.

Lucas looked at Ashlyn. “You?”

Fae’s heart clenched with worry. “Ashlyn’s just a young lady. She shouldn’t go.”

Lucas’s eyes glazed over frostily as he directed a cold stare at Fae. Her spine prickled nervously when James said, “You young people should meet with other young people more often. Ashlyn, go ahead.”

Lucas’ expression finally warmed up slightly before reaching a large hand toward Ashlyn.

Ashlyn instinctively stepped back. “I can walk on my own, thanks.”

After James had spoken up, she didn’t feel like it was appropriate to turn him down.

She wasn’t the type to beat around the bush and act all indecisive.

As she watched the three youngsters walk off, Fae asked worriedly, “Don’t you think Lucas is planning to do something to Ashlyn?”

“You shouldn’t worry too much about youngsters. To me, it’s a pretty good thing. Have you ever heard of Lucas falling for anyone before?” James saw through them pretty quickly. “Besides, Ashlyn here…to me, she’s not showing everything on the surface. She isn’t like most girls.”

Lucas had drunk a little during dinner, so he couldn’t drive.

At first, Ashlyn was supposed to go there in Joseph’s car. Joseph leaned out of the window and called out, “Ms. Berry, you can sit in my car!”

Ashlyn was thinking about it when a large hand suddenly wrapped around her tiny waist and pulled her into the backseat.

His tall stature pressed close next to her.

Ashlyn fell silent.

Did he have to be so overbearing?

She was under the impression that she had already made things very clear back in Royal Tea House.

However, by the looks of Lucas’ actions, he still didn’t get it.

On the way home, only Joseph tried to make some small talk as the other two stayed silent.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 179

Joseph felt like the other two basically saw him as a driver.

Lucas’ large hand occasionally caressed Ashlyn’s small waist. Her figure was pretty fit, with not an inch of flab to be found.

The skin beneath her white dress was as flawless as white jade.

In the deep velvet of the night’s darkness, her beauty was even more striking.

Lucas’ breathing started becoming heavy.

Ashlyn was on high alert and she felt the man beside her slowly change. She turned, silently moving away from him.

It was her way of soundlessly turning him down.

When Lucas felt Ashlyn’s waist leave his grip, he felt a sudden sense of loss.

He seemed to be unable to control himself, reaching out once again. Ashlyn’s hand shot out and gripped his wrist instantly. “Lucas. That’s enough.”

Joseph was still driving, but his ears were perked. He managed to get a glimpse of what was going on in the backseat through the rearview mirror.


What’s going on?

Lucas’ voice was pressed deep and raspy as he whispered with sultry eyes, “Honey, quit playing around.”

Joseph nearly crashed his car into the nearest lamppost.


What was that?


Was Ashlyn his best friend’s ex-wife?

What a weird turn of events.

Was he joking?

“Lucas, we’ve already gotten divorced,” Ashlyn said clearly as she stared into his eyes.

“So what?” Lucas said, his eyes narrowed and his aura grew threatening.

“We’re divorced. That means we’re no longer together.”

The car had arrived at Sparrow. Sparrow was a club that was frequented by rich young men.

Naturally, the prices were ridiculously expensive.

Ashlyn brushed off Lucas’ hand from her waist and pulled open the door before walking off.

Lucas immediately followed.

The three of them, including Joseph, walked toward their private room.

The moment the door opened, the people sitting inside stood up to greet them. Only Winsor stayed seated.

Lyanna glanced at the girl next to Lucas quickly.

Her heart instantly sank.

She was pretty, down-to-earth, and overall stunning.

Every single one of her features was perfect and her face was dainty. She was almost dazzlingly gorgeous.

Her skin was fair and her neck shapely, like a swan’s. Her body was tall, tight and slim, with curves in all the right places.

Her white dress complimented her gorgeous features so well, it almost seemed like she was a goddess that descended down to earth.

She was the kind of girl who would fire up any man’s burning desire.

Winsor glanced at the doorway casually. The moment his eyes landed on Ashlyn, he got excited.

He walked toward Lucas, which left the others confused. Since when had Winsor become so chummy with Mr. Nolan?

Then, they heard Winsor’s enthusiastic voice. “Ms. Berry, why didn’t you tell me you were coming? You could have called me! If I’d known you were coming, then I’d have picked you up at the entrance myself!”

The others looked at him, even more confused. They’d never seen Winsor act so enthusiastically toward anyone before. He clearly wasn’t being friendly toward Mr. Nolan, either. He was trying to flirt with this young lady.

To be fair, she was very pretty.

Almost unfairly pretty.

After he finished rambling, Winsor reached out and tried to grab Ashlyn’s hand. However, Lucas acted quickly and stepped forward, blocking Ashlyn from Winsor’s creepy glare. “Ignore him,” he said, gesturing for Ashlyn to sit on one of the couches.

Ashlyn glanced briefly at Winsor. “Winsor Jaquin,” was all she bothered to say.

The others were taken aback again. In all of Lake City, there weren’t many people who dared to call Winsor by his full name.

Who was she to immediately call him by his name?

Lyanna scoffed inwardly. Just wait.

Do you really think you can get all high and mighty because he treated you a little better?

She looked up to see Winsor all smiley-eyed at Ashlyn. “Ms. Berry, what would you like to drink? Wine or something else?”


Was he not angry?

Lucas started getting agitated simply by watching Winsor act like Ashlyn’s dog.

He started frowning.

His large hand automatically wrapped around Ashlyn’s waist, silently showing his dominance.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 180

Ashlyn fell silent.

Was it considered harassment if he acted like that? They were divorced, after all.

She twisted away, and Lucas’ angry whisper sounded next to her ear. “If you keep moving, you’ll know what’s coming to you.”

Ashlyn was a smart girl. Her body stiffened, clearly sensing the way Lucas’ breath started to heat up. She knew very well what this all meant.

This man was getting fired up even in front of so many people!

How could he!

When he felt Ashlyn stop moving around, his hand tightened slightly.

Lucas picked up his glass and swirled it around slightly before taking a sip.

“Today, we’re here to celebrate Lyanna’s birthday! Let’s all lighten up, okay?” a different young guy called out. “Come, I’ll give you my gift first.”

Ashlyn finally understood that they came to celebrate the birthday of the pretty woman in the middle of the room.

“Lyanna, this is for you.” Joseph took out a wrapped box and passed it to Lyanna.

Everyone in their inner circle knew that Joseph had a big crush on Lyanna.

Lyanna had never been clear about who she liked, either, keeping their relationship ambiguous.

Lyanna opened the box and smiled at what was inside. “Thank you, Joseph.”

There was a pretty expensive diamond necklace lying inside.

Lyanna was the daughter of the Larson family, and she had plenty of money behind her. She managed to sign a contract with Nolan Entertainment, so she didn’t have much to worry about.

Now, she was the star of Nolan Entertainment. She had quite a few well-received movies under her belt, and most considered her an up-and-coming A-list celebrity.

Compared to some C-list celebrity like Cindy, she was much more famous. Recently, there had even been talk of her making a debut on the big screen.

Since she was a huge celebrity and was an actual socialite, she had plenty of admirers.

Damian was close to Lucas and Joseph, so their bunch of friends usually were huge supporters of her.

Plenty of other rich kids gave them their gifts, too.

Winsor looked at the flirtatious tension between Ashlyn and Lucas and frowned. “Why isn’t Mr. Nolan giving a gift to our gorgeous Lyanna?”

The moment those words left his mouth, everyone looked at Lucas.

Lyanna, too, directed her gaze toward that tall, handsome man with a glimmer of hope in her eyes. However, she managed to hide it well enough that no one noticed.

Lucas’ deep voice said, “Ah. Well, my wife gets jealous pretty easily. She doesn’t like it when I give gifts to other women.”

Ashlyn stayed silent once more.

Lucas, you better watch yourself.

Joseph frowned, not understanding what Lucas was saying. Hadn’t they gotten divorced? Why is he calling her his wife?

Lyanna’s pretty eyes darkened in disappointment, but once again, it happened so quickly that no one noticed it. She purposely acted nonchalant before saying, “That’s fine. Lucas has never given me presents before this, either.”

“Lucas, aren’t you being a little too cold?” Joseph frowned.

Winsor raised an eyebrow as he looked at Lucas mockingly. “I didn’t know Mr. Nolan was such a cheapskate.”

Lucas picked up Ashlyn’s hand and started playing with her fingers in his large palm. His magnetic voice spoke again. “I’m not a cheapskate. I’m simply a slave to my wife.”

Winsor looked at Lucas’ large hand playing around with Ashlyn’s and got even more angry. “Why are you so close with Ms. Berry? Aren’t you, your wife’s slave, scared that Mrs. Nolan will get mad?”

At that moment, everyone looked toward Ashlyn.

They had all sensed the strange atmosphere between Ashlyn and Lucas since they walked in.

Now, with Winsor’s obvious prodding, the gossips started getting interested.

“You’re all welcome to let her know.” Lucas tugged Ashlyn over and casually made her land on his lap.

Ashlyn’s pristine features remained expressionless as she held onto Lucas’ shoulder and whispered next to his ear, “Lucas, that’s enough.”

To the eyes of everyone else, it looked like shameless flirting.

Lyanna’s expression started to sour as she looked at Ashlyn perched on Lucas’ lap like some shameless succubus.

Lucas had been ignoring her for yet another year now. Every year, she held onto the hope that Lucas would give her a birthday gift. Every year, she’d be disappointed once again.

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