My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 171-175

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 171

“Alright, Honey, when did she say she would come to eat with us?” Mr. Field had wanted to meet Ms. Saunders for some time now. Alas, this hadn’t sat quite well with Mrs. Field.

But thankfully, Ms. Saunders hadn’t harmed her in any way.

“Tomorrow night.”

“That’s it. When tomorrow night comes, ask her about today’s gathering and see what she says.”

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Field could only reluctantly nod her head. “Alright then.”

The next day at 9 o’clock in the Nolan Group’s CEO’s office.

The moment Joseph stepped inside, he said cheerfully, “Hey Lucas, did you know? I’ve got a really special guest coming to my house tonight.”

“Hmm,” came the man’s disinterested reply as he continued with his work.

“Tsk tsk,” Joseph disapproved, “What a heartless man you are. Aren’t you going to even ask me who this guest is?”

“Who’s your guest?” Lucas asked cooperatively. However, the expression on his face didn’t change in the slightest.

Joseph’s lips curled into a mysterious smile. “Do you know who Ms. Saunders is? The woman who can play the piano with her left hand while painting a picture with her right! My mum’s on really good terms with her.”

Joseph thought of something all of a sudden. “Didn’t you ask my mum to set up a meeting between you and Ms. Saunders? Why don’t you tag along tonight?”

However, he was completely oblivious to how his best friend’s eyes gleamed coldly as he tightened his grip around his pen after hearing the words Ms. Saunders.


Lucas didn’t tell Joseph about how he had already brought Hera to go see Ashlyn.

However, since his best friend had made such a sincere invitation, how could he turn his best friend down?

“You’re agreeing just like that?” Joseph felt that Lucas was acting rather oddly today. He then studied his best friend from head to toe. However, Lucas had already regained his composure.

Upon that dashing face was a pair of piercing eyes with dark circles around them. “Hey, couldn’t sleep again?”

The hypomania Lucas had developed a few years ago was accompanied by frequent bouts of insomnia.

The medication he had been taking all this while had helped to suppress the symptoms. Only Joseph knew about this and he seldom saw Lucas with dark circles around his eyes.

Thus, he instinctively associated Lucas’s eye bags with his illness.

“I was flying all night and I just got off not too long ago,” Lucas explained coldly.

“What the f***! You flew for an entire night and yet you still came back for work? Are you a machine? Go back home and sleep! Go on!”

“I can’t sleep,” Lucas said as he rubbed his forehead, “I’ll go back home with you tonight after work.”

Joseph wanted to say something else but eventually thought the better of it.

That afternoon at 5 o’clock.

Ashlyn headed straight for the biggest mall in the city center.

This was the first time she was paying the Field family a visit. Since Mrs. Field was always really nice to her, she naturally had to prepare some gifts beforehand.

As she had always been a very decisive shopper, she was out of the mall in ten minutes.

After she exited the mall, she got into her Land Rover and sped off to the Field family house.

Mrs. Field had already sent her their address via WhatsApp.

The traffic on the way to the Field family house was rather congested. Soon, it was almost 6 o’clock.

Just as she was about to U-turn and try a different route, she heard a siren in the distance.

As she curiously rolled down her windows, she overheard pedestrians discussing what had happened.

“Oh my god! There’s been an accident up ahead!”

“I heard that there were many kids in the car as well. It’s uncertain if they’re still alive.”

As Ashlyn’s brows furrowed, she got out of her car and started walking towards the accident site.

The moment she arrived at the accident site, she was greeted with the sight of a van that had been wrecked beyond recognition by a lorry. Crawling out of the wreckage were three hooligan-looking men. Ignoring the children still in the car, they immediately made a mad dash for the crowd after hearing the police sirens.

Something’s not right!

If those children were theirs, saving them would have been their top priority.

If those kids belonged to a certain kindergarten, those men would have chosen to save them as well.

But now…

They’re running away…

Damn it!

With a frosty expression in her eyes, Ashlyn barked, “Don’t let them get away! They’re human traffickers!”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 172

Not only were there many pedestrians who had stopped to watch, but there were also many drivers around due to the congested traffic caused by the accident.

Upon hearing Ashlyn’s voice, those three men immediately picked up their speed.

Glancing at the children trapped inside the van, Ashlyn was then presented with a dilemma. Should I go after the bad guys first or should I save the children first?

Just then, the van started emitting an ear-piercing screech. Thick acrid fumes then began billowing from beneath the bonnet.

And it seemed as though there were several sparks as well!

Damn it! If this were to carry on, there would be a really high chance that the van will blow up.

Gnashing her teeth together, she turned and began walking towards the van. By then, two passers-by had already managed to extricate one of the children from the wreckage.

There were still three children trapped inside, out of which two were unconscious and trapped in the narrow space below the seats. The child who was still conscious looked hurt as well. At that moment, he was pinned underneath a chair and was bawling his eyes out in fear.

“Make way!” Ashlyn barked at those two men as she walked over.

Although they were confused, they complied and made way upon seeing the frosty expression on her face.

The slim woman raised one of her slender legs and aimed a swift kick at the chair with her high heels, dislodging it in the process.

She then reached out both hands and placed them on the seat. Snap!

With one mighty pull, she ripped off the entire seat.

Ashlyn proceeded to stick her head inside the wreckage and carry out the three children.

Just as she was carrying out the children, the van started emitting crackling sounds.

“Get down!” Ashlyn yelled as she leapt forward.

The van behind her burst into a ball of flames in a deafening explosion!

Dirt and rubble from the wreckage flew into the air and rained down onto the street.

The crowd jumped in shock upon witnessing this turn of events.

The van actually exploded!

Pain seared across Ashlyn’s back as she held the children firmly in her arms to protect them.

Her face immediately turned as pale as a sheet.

Quaking fearfully, one of the children in her arms grabbed on tightly to her shirt. “It’s alright, don’t be scared,” she assured him.

Meanwhile, those three men were still running for their lives.

Upon discovering that the children only had superficial wounds, she immediately gave chase.

There were already several strong and burly men hot on those three men’s heels.

But all of a sudden, a swift figure overtook them!

Before they could even react, they were greeted with the sight of a slender figure leaping off the ground as her dress twirled midair like a blooming flower!

In one swift motion, she split open her beautiful legs and sent two men flying to the ground!

“Ow!” the both of them wailed.

It was a scene right out of the movies!

Even though she was in heels, she still moved at an astonishing speed nonetheless.

Dashing forward, she leaped into the air once more. Even though she looked like a fairy in her getup, it in no way diminished how cool her movements were.

In one smooth shoulder throw, the last man was apprehended by the woman as well.

The rest of the crowd, on the other hand, were pinning down the other two men that Ashlyn had mowed down.

The entire scene seemed to have played out in a second.

The woman’s stern gaze landed on the three men. The moment she turned around, the crowd felt their hearts skip a beat.

What a beautiful woman!

How can one be so beautiful?

What an overwhelming aura.

And those eyes! How stern they look!

Just then, a police car pulled up beside them and several traffic policemen darted out.

Next came the ambulance. The doctors and nurses came out and then helped the injured children into the ambulance.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Ashlyn gazed at her watch and discovered that it was almost 6 o’clock.

She hastily got into her Land Rover and sped off.

It would be rude of her to turn up late.

After she got into the car, the first thing she did was send Mrs. Field a message on WhatsApp, “I got caught in a jam so I might be a little late.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 173

Mrs. Field’s reply came almost immediately. “It’s fine. We’ll wait for you.”

Back at the accident site, the crowd was recounting to the police how that pretty woman had apprehended those three men.

After hearing them out, one of the policemen asked, “So where is she?”

The crowd looked around for her but to no avail. “Eh? She was right here a moment ago!”

“Mr. Policeman, you have no idea how cool she was just now! And how gorgeous she is!”

“That’s right! For a moment there, I even thought that I was watching an action film!”

“Are you sure?” The police had their doubts about what the crowd had said. However, after confirming with the criminal police team, they said, “They really do seem to be that group of human traffickers we’ve put out a warrant of arrest for. Hurry up and take them away!”

Someone from the crowd had actually managed to take a video of Ashlyn kicking the car seat and ripping it out.

The moment he posted this video online, it immediately garnered the attention of the online community.

“Wow, she’s amazing! She looks so cool when she’s saving those kids!”

“Hey, am I the only one who thinks that she looks like Ashlyn?”

“Yeah, she does look like Ashlyn from behind!”

“But isn’t our Ashlyn just a dainty little princess?”

“That’s right…so this can’t be her.”

“No dress or high heels is going to stop Lyn from saving anyone!”

Just then, another video of Ashlyn beating up those human traffickers filmed by another passer-by was uploaded onto the Internet.

In this video, the woman’s moves were swift and precise, especially the part where she leaped into the air and kicked those two men.

What was even more impressive for the viewers was the shoulder throw that she ended with.

Afterwards…this gorgeous girl turned around…and all the viewers were flabbergasted.

“I’m f***ing losing my mind!”

“She really is Ashlyn!”

“Wow, I certainly didn’t expect you to be like this.”

“You’re so cool. You look like a superhero out of the movies!”

“Please accept my humble obeisance.”

“What a righteous goddess she is. I love her!”

“She apprehended a bunch of human traffickers and saved so many families from pain and misery. I’m so touched…”

“No! No! No! She’s saved countless families! I heard that those three human traffickers have abducted many more children.”

“Oh, my goddess, why do you enchant me so?”

“Not only did our goddess twirl her dress so beautifully, but she also even managed to keep everything beneath hidden! How did she do that?”

Ashlyn immediately began trending on Twitter once again.

Goddess Berry Is A Martial Arts Expert

Goddess Berry Saves Children From Van

Ripping Off Car Seat With Bare Hands, Apprehending Human Traffickers

Are You Not Going To Make Your Debut, Our Righteous Goddess

Even those netizens who had previously criticized Ashlyn were completely dumbfounded after watching the video.

“I’ve decided not to criticize her anymore in the future.”

“I think this wasn’t a publicity stunt because this video was uploaded by a passer-by.”

“Well, she couldn’t have been informed beforehand about something like an accident right? And how could she have known of the human traffickers and children inside the van? This means that she did everything on impulse… I hereby apologize for all the nasty things I’ve said about her in the past.”

“I admire all righteous people like her. I won’t accuse her of pulling publicity stunts and using money to make herself trending on Twitter. Neither will I accuse her of having done plastic surgery ever again! And she really had me with that furious expression in her eyes when she looked at those human traffickers!”

“I’m so moved by what Ashlyn’s done! Oh, I’m suddenly really jealous of Jared for having such a girlfriend!”

Just like that…

Jared became trending on Twitter as well.

So Jealous Of Jared For Having A Girlfriend Like Ashlyn

Jared Must Have Saved The World In His Past Life To Deserve Her

Jared, on the other hand, was completely mystified by this unexpected turn of events.

What happened?

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 174

Who am I? What am I doing here?

Just then, Lake City’s official Twitter account posted a rather hilarious message saying, “We would like to thank this brave woman for stepping forward today and apprehending these human traffickers and saving those children. If you’re reading this message, please get in touch with us. Not only is there a fifty thousand dollar reward waiting for you, but so is a brocade flag commending you for your bravery! Thank you so much once again!”

This was a confirmation of what Ashlyn had done!

An official confirmation!

Netizens then began flooding the Lake City’s Twitter account with comments.

“Her name’s Ashlyn Berry. She’s Jared Quickton’ girlfriend. You’ll be able to get in touch with her if you contact the president of Centennial Healthcare.”

“Ashlyn’s so cool!”

“Wow, even Lake City’s official Twitter account is commending Lyn for her actions.”

“Lyn is so cool!”

Ashlyn, on the other hand, had just parked her Land Rover outside the Field family house.

The Field family was staying in a home meant for government officials’ family members. Most of the people staying here were government officials.

All of the houses were separate stand-alone cottages. Although it was no match for Lucas’ villa, it was clean, tidy and rather spacious.

The moment Ashlyn got out of her car, the Director of the police force drove into the courtyard. “Director!” his driver yelped, “Look there! She’s the superheroine!”

The director’s brows furrowed. “What superheroine?”

As the driver watched Ashlyn walk into Mr. Field’s house, he spluttered, “She’s…she’s the superheroine who apprehended those human traffickers and saved those children!”

The director’s eyes immediately began gleaming. “Are you sure?”

Ashlyn walked into the Field family house with the gifts she had bought in hand.

Upon hearing her footsteps, Mrs. Field came out to welcome her, “You’re finally here, Ashlyn.”

“The traffic was a little congested,” Ashlyn grinned before nonchalantly shoving her gift into Mrs. Field’s hands, “This is for you and Brother-in-law.”

As Mr. Field got to his feet, he was greeted with the sight of a slender and gorgeous woman. She was, however, dressed rather casually.

With her white dress, white heels and long hair tied to the back, she looked as exquisite as a little fairy who had just walked out a forest.

Mrs. Field had complimented Ashlyn’s good looks multiple times in front of him. However, he certainly hadn’t expected her to be so beautiful.

“Please, make yourself at home.”

Ashlyn nodded in Mr. Field’s direction. “Hello, Brother-in-law.”

Mr. Field exuded the aura of a gentleman. He was rather slim, unlike many other paunchy middle-aged man.

Tall and lanky; it was clear that he was once a dashing young lad himself.

Mr. Field, on the other hand, was rather unaccustomed to a girl, who was even younger than his son, addressing him as Brother-in-law.

He couldn’t help but lament his wife’s antics internally.

Mrs. Field was instantly stunned after opening up the present and spotting the branded pair of couple’s watches laying silently inside. “Ashlyn, why did you get such an expensive present?”

“It wasn’t that expensive. They’re just watches,” Ashlyn replied airily.

“Ashlyn,” Mr. Field said as he gazed at his wife exasperatedly, “We’re the ones who are asking you for a favor. You certainly didn’t need to get us a gift.”

What a polite child!

No wonder Honey likes her so much.

Upon hearing the commotion downstairs, Joseph and Lucas walked out of the study room.

“Come here and greet your Aunty, you little rascal,” Mrs. Field barked.


Are you really my mother?

You want me to address a girl who’s younger than me as Aunty?

You might as well end me here right now!

Ashlyn’s gaze bypassed the tall and dashing Joseph and landed on the man standing behind him. The pilot’s uniform that he was clad in was wrapped tightly around his tall and broad body, accentuating his perfect figure.

Coupled with his cold and aloof face, he was so handsome that one could barely look him in the eye.


What’s he doing here as well? And why is he in pilot uniform?

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 175

Ashlyn’s brows creased slightly as she began silently calculating how long he had been flying. He was flying last night? Had he not rested since then? Is his health a joke to him?

Just as her mind was running wild, Joseph’s voice rang in the air, “Lucas, this is Ms. Saunders. She’s…my mother’s sworn sister.”

There was no way he was going to address her as Aunty.

“Don’t be silly, son. Lucas and Ashlyn know each other,” Mrs. Field chided her son gently as she gave him a little slap on the back, “Go on then. Take the both of them to wash their hands so that they can be seated.”

Ashlyn and Lucas were both rendered speechless.

How long has it been someone’s told me to go wash my hands… I certainly hadn’t expected this to happen here in the Field family home…

Oh, this takes me back…

Mrs. Field was probably the only person in the world who would tell them to go wash their hands before a meal. For some reason, Ashlyn felt a warm feeling beginning to manifest inside her. And she loved every bit of it.

This was one of the reasons why she always liked to interact with Mrs. Field.

There was an inexplicable homely sort of feeling to Mrs. Field.

The few of them obediently headed off to the toilet to wash their hands.

Lucas habitually applied some hand wash on his hands. He then instinctively grabbed the hands of the woman next to him and hold them gently as he prepared to wash them.

After tugging a couple of times but to no avail. she hissed, “What are you doing?”

“Helping you wash your hands,” Lucas replied coldly.

Back when they hadn’t separated, he loved to wash her hands at home.

They were soft and smooth to the touch. Lucas just couldn’t keep his hands off them.

“I can wash my hands myself!” Ashlyn protested as her cheeks started to flush scarlet red.

As his large hands began rubbing hers gently, her…her chest actually began heating up as her body started feeling weak… Her Spirogyra was acting up again! Damn it!

Joseph, who was standing at the side as he waited for his turn, stared at them unblinkingly.

When his mother had said that they both of them knew each other, he had assumed that they were just normal acquaintances.

But judging by the look of things, the both of them were clearly incredibly intimate and familiar with each other!

Lucas and him had quite literally grown up together. He had never seen this friend of his display the slightest interest in any woman.

Yet, he was being so intimate with Ashlyn now!

After washing her hands, Ashlyn immediately fled the bathroom.

Grabbing on to Lucas before he could give chase, Joseph asked, “Hey, have you lost your mind? Are you trying to become my uncle?”

“Didn’t you refuse to address her as Aunty?” Lucas countered coldly as he gave Joseph a shove.


Back in the kitchen, Mr. and Mrs. Field were already seated by the time the three of them returned.

“You young people should sit together,” Mr. Field suggested with a smile on his face, “Please, make yourselves at home. This is just a casual family dinner. We don’t usually have many visitors and our son doesn’t come home to eat with us that often. It’s such a rare opportunity to have so many people in the house.”

Although he seemed rather friendly, the aura around him seemed to be tinged with an air of authority — a trait exclusive to ambitious leaders.

Yet, he did not come off as aloof while he was speaking.

“You’re too courteous, Brother-in-law,” Ashlyn said with a smile on her face, “Sister tells me that you want me to be the performing arts consultant for the National Day Gala Night?”

Mr. Field could feel his head beginning to throb once this topic was raised. “Every year, the city will spend some money on the gala. However, attendance and viewership ratings have always been a problem. Every year, the attendance and viewership ratings for our gala are ranked behind all the television stations throughout the country. That’s why…I wanted to ask for your help this year.”

“I’m fine with that,” Ashlyn agreed promptly.

After a moment’s hesitation, Mr. Field continued, “So…can I inform the staff in the advertising department to start promoting you?”

As Ashlyn’s pretty eyes gazed at Mr. Field, they betrayed no signs of the fear one might have when facing the mayor. “Truth be told,” she said calmly, “I don’t want to be pushed into the spotlight.”

A glimmer of hope flashed across Mr. Field’s eyes.

The name Madeline Saunders was bound to attract a lot of attention. If they were to release this information, they would immediately attract a lot of audience for the gala.

Lucas gazed at Ashlyn emotionlessly as cold sweat started forming on the nape of his neck.

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