My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 166-170

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 166

“Isn’t that Mrs. Miller? She looks so luxurious.”

“Cindy is there too! I’m her hardcore fan. She looks great in her white LX dress.”

Just then, Ashlyn arrived at the first floor.

Coco hurriedly turned the camera toward her. “Look, everyone. Our popular queen, Ms. Berry is here.”

More comments popped up on the screen.

“Wow! She’s so attractive!”

“Oh my. My goddess is a charming one.”

“She’s wearing LX latest collection. The pinkish red dress looks elegant on her.”

“She’s so tall. Maybe she’s over 170 cm.”

“Totally stunning and stylish.”

In the meantime, Sienna had been sitting on a couch at the lounge. She was the star of today’s gathering, and all the socialites revolved around her.

Sienna held a high status in the Haddock family.

The first son and the third son’s families were nowhere near as good as her, and there were no signs of them at the gathering.

Even if they came, they would only be here to complement Sienna.

The other Haddock family members cursed Sienna behind her back, suspecting that something was going on between her and Dixon.

Otherwise, why did Dixon have such high hopes for her?

In fact, Sienna was good-looking, carefree, and generous. She had good interpersonal skills as well.

Although she was about to turn forty years old, she seemed youthful for her age because she took good care of her skin and appearance.

However, the moment she saw Ashlyn, a look of astonishment flashed in her eyes.

From a woman’s perspective, Sienna could not deny that Ashlyn was incredibly beautiful.

Every socialite present was wearing branded clothes and accessories, looking graceful and sophisticated.

Nevertheless, when Ashlyn showed up, everyone around her faded into the background. Ashlyn was always the center of attraction.

The pinkish-red dress outlined her perfect hourglass figure.

Her silky long hair was styled in a messy bun, revealing her slender neck. With delicate makeup on her face, she was utterly eye-catching.

Her expression seemed noble and aloof as she scanned through the crowd. Lastly, her gaze landed on Sienna.

Immediately, Sienna smiled and welcomed her, “Ms. Berry, welcome to my private gathering. It’s an honor to have you here.”

“It’s too bad that Ms. Saunders didn’t come together with Ms. Berry. It seems like we’re not as lucky as Ms. Berry and didn’t have the privilege to meet Ms. Saunders,” a young woman said. She was Sienna’s secretary and right-hand man.

Sienna shot her a glance at her. “Lisa, what’re you talking about? Ms. Saunders is not an average person whom we can meet so easily.”

Sienna then turned to look at Ashlyn with a smile. “Am I right, Ms. Berry?”

“Ms. Oates, don’t worry about it.”

Ashlyn nodded faintly at her.

Sienna and her subordinate seem to work together very well.

On the other hand, the other socialites felt jealous that Sienna greeted and entertained Ashlyn personally.

“Look at her face, she must have made her face perfect through plastic surgery.”

“And her boobs too. They looked so full and round. I bet she has breast implants.”

“Her butt is so firm. Maybe she injected fillers too.”

A few women whispered among themselves bitterly. In their eyes, Ashlyn had no prominent status, and she made her way to the top via her connections with Jared. Thus, they thought that she would fret over attending a gathering of the upper echelons.

But they were disappointed after seeing Ashlyn.

She carried herself with elegance and grace. Her gaze was distant yet piercing, giving off an intimidating aura.

At the same time, Naomi was walking past behind the few women who were cursing Ashlyn under their breaths.

She glanced at Sienna and Ashlyn while feeling smug. She could not wait to see how Ashlyn would end up when she had offended so many socialites.

Meanwhile, the netizens were still enthusiastically commenting on the livestream.

“My goddess is out of this world. Her gaze sends chills down my spine.”

“Her aura is domineering.”

“I don’t know why, but her gaze just now reminded me of Mr. Nolan.”

“Me too… Mr. Nolan’s face crossed my mind when I saw her just now. Her strong aura and icy gaze look exactly like Mr. Nolan’s!”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 167

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s too bad that she’s Jared’s girlfriend.”

“I wonder how Mrs. Nolan looks like, whether her gaze is gentle or sharp.”

“Oh, look! Our goddess and Ms. Oates are moving.”

All the netizens could not stop praising Ashlyn in the chatroom.

At that time, Ashlyn was trending on social media. The Most Outstanding One In A Private Gathering; The Beautiful Goddess Ashlyn

Meanwhile, Hera was in her room at the Chapman family villa as she dared not go out these days.

Feeling bored, she browsed her social media and saw the trending topic about Ashlyn.


Most socialites shunned her ever since she got into trouble. Although some of her friends kept in touch with her, they often mocked her indirectly.

Not only did she see Ashlyn’s news, but a few socialites also posted status about Ashlyn with a caption: Did she get plastic surgery? Is that why her face looks perfect?

An idea came to Hera’s mind when she saw this caption.

An evil smile spread across her face. Then she couldn’t help but send an email to that person again.

A few minutes later, the photos of Ashlyn before and after having plastic surgery went viral and became the top trending topic.

Numerous netizens tapped on it and saw many photos of Ashlyn’s ugly face before the plastic surgery versus her current photos.

The photo of her ugly face before the plastic surgery was jaw-dropping.

She had a pair of small eyes, a flat nose, tanned skin and a big mouth.

To make the matter worse, a certified plastic surgeon testified that Ashlyn had undergone plastic surgery for her entire face, which would have cost at least 500 thousand.

He even called Ashlyn ‘a plastic surgery freak’, who went to the extremes to entice men.

His insults toward Ashlyn were awful.

At that moment, Lucas just got off a plane. It was the beginning of the month, so he was on duty.

A group of cabin crew trailed behind him.

The tall and well-built man was dressed in a captain’s uniform, looking aloof yet dashing.

When Jenny switched on her phone, she saw a notification from her social media.

She promptly clicked on it as she read a familiar name.

“Captain Nolan.”

Running to catch up with Lucas, she raised her head to stare at the tall and striking man.

The man was exuding an unapproachable vibe all over.

He looked down at her and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Look…” Jenny plucked up her courage and lifted her phone in front of him. “Ashlyn had plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon compared her before and after photos and verified that she really did it.”

Lucas’s eyes were fixed on the screen, and his face turned grim all of a sudden.

It was full of hue and cry on the Internet, and the so-called plastic surgeon’s confirmation had been shared over ten thousand times.

His expression became increasingly sullen, and a storm was brewing in his darkened gaze.

Spencer cast a cautious glance at Lucas.

Mr. Nolan’s mood is visibly turning sour…

He’s getting restless, irritated and furious…

Lucas’s gaze grew more and more frigid. Then he instructed Spencer, “Get the manager of the Public Relations Department to deal with this matter right away.”

He added in a stern voice, “And that plastic surgeon too.”

Jenny was dumbstruck.

What does Lucas mean?

The proof of Ashlyn’s plastic surgery is right in front of his eyes, but he isn’t against Ashlyn.

He’s even helping Ashlyn to suppress this news.

Is he out of his mind?

He’s protecting an unfaithful gold digger who had undergone plastic surgery.

Jenny became anxious and could no longer hold back her emotions. “Captain Nolan, don’t you believe that Ashlyn went for plastic surgery? She made her face look perfect so that she could seduce men. She’s not a natural beauty.”

A sardonic laugh echoed above her head. “It doesn’t matter if she’s not a natural beauty, and I don’t care about her appearance. As long as she’s Ashlyn, she’ll be my wife.”

Jenny’s eyes turned red-rimmed. “But she cheated on you… She’s a loose woman!”

The man’s voice sounded as cold as ice. “She has her own circle of friends. I’m sure that she’ll never cheat on me. Stop slandering and ruining her reputation, or else I’ll make you pay for this.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 168

Jenny yelled hysterically, “If she’s that great, why did you marry her in secret? Do your parents know about her? Will you dare let her live under the same roof as your parents? Don’t you think that your marriage is abnormal?”

Lucas looked daggers at her and remained silent for a moment.

“It’s none of your business. You have no right to talk about or meddle in our relationship.”

After saying this, the man immediately marched away and left her alone.

The other air stewardess shot glances of sympathy at Jenny. Has she gone crazy?

How dare she talk to Captain Nolan this way?

Something must be wrong with her. Even if she’s madly in love, she shouldn’t behave like a madwoman.

She’s only making Captain Nolan hate her more.

After that, the air stewardess walked past Jenny and ran toward Lucas to catch up with him.

Standing motionless, Jenny broke down and wailed.

Why does Lucas trust a bitch like Ashlyn unconditionally? He’s so protective of her.

Is he not afraid that Ashlyn would have an affair behind his back?

Ashlyn is his wife, but she swindles everyone under the guise of Jared’s girlfriend.

Soon after, the trending topic of Ashlyn’s plastic surgery disappeared.

Instead, the scandal about the plastic surgeon was exposed and spread all over the Internet.

He once caused the death of an average influencer during the operation. However, no one paid attention to the case because the influencer wasn’t popular.

As a result, the plastic surgeon settled the issue with only little compensation.

Someone discovered it, and it became the new trending topic.

All these happened within only half an hour.

The topic about Ashlyn’s plastic surgery had been reversed completely.

“So whatever this plastic surgeon said cannot be trusted.”

“This surgeon is a troublemaker. Why didn’t the influencer’s family sue him?”

“Perhaps she signed a consent agreement before the surgery, but she didn’t read it.”

“He has no regard for human life.”

“Ashlyn’s face seems very natural to me. Her facial expression doesn’t look stiff at all.”

The public opinion took a drastic turn.

At that moment, Ashlyn was still chatting with Sienna. She was clueless that there was a storm on social media because of her.

“Ms. Berry, let me introduce you to some of my friends. They’re in close collaboration with the Haddock Charity and donated a lot to the needy. I am amazed and grateful towards them,” Sienna said with a smile.

In fact, Sienna yearned for Madeline Saunders to join her. It’ll be best if I can merge Saunders Charity with the Haddock Group.

Ms. Saunders’ influence can greatly benefit the development of the Haddock Charity.

Hence, I have to win Ashlyn over first. I heard that this woman is only a pretty face, and she’s busty but brainless.

She’s indeed very stunning and elegant. I can use her stupidity to my advantage.

“I’m keen to meet them then,” Ashlyn replied impassively. “I always admire outstanding women like them.”

Sienna felt a sense of disdain in her heart. What a hypocrite.

Then she brought Ashlyn to mingle with the wealthy wives and showcased her diplomatic skills.

These wealthy wives were courteous toward Sienna, whose status and influence surprised Ashlyn.

Due to Ashlyn’s connection with Madeline Saunders, many of the wealthy wives greeted her enthusiastically while urging, “Please bring Ms. Saunders along next time so we’ll have the honor to meet her face to face.”

Ashlyn maintained an expressionless face, and her gaze was calm. She appeared modest yet dignified.

Nonetheless, some of them looked down on Ashlyn. She’s just a bimbo who depends on a man to make her way up. What’s the point of making friends with her?

Ms. Oates personally entertains her only to get in touch with Ms. Saunders through her.

Why is Ms. Saunders so close to her?

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 169

Cindy saw the close interaction between Ashlyn and Sienna from afar, then she strolled over to them and greeted Ashlyn, “Ms. Berry, how have you been?”

Cindy had a good impression of Ashlyn after the LX brand incident.

“Good day, Ms. Wynn.” Ashlyn had not spoken to any of the wealthy wives, but she greeted and chatted with Cindy.

All the wealthy wives’ expressions turned grim at her reaction.

Are we worse than an actress?

Both of them are lowly people and cut from the same cloth. It’s true that birds of a feather flock together.

“Ashlyn!” a high-pitched voice called out suddenly.

Wearing an unusual outfit, Naomi stormed toward them and pointed at her phone while shouting, “Did you ask my brother to remove the trending topic for you?”


She’s here too?

Ashlyn’s eyes glinted with surprise. She asked discreetly, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

When everyone saw Naomi’s expression, a scornful look appeared on their faces, knowing that a good show was about to unfold.

Naomi was known for her quick temper. After she returned from overseas, she did not go to school, doing nothing other than hanging out with some female gangsters.

She had a few friends in the upper echelons of society. If it weren’t for her identity as the daughter of the Nolan family, the socialites wouldn’t be bothered to look at her.

Some well-educated socialites even refused to associate with her.

“Stop pretending like you’re so pure and innocent.” Naomi was used to scolding Ashlyn every time she met her in the Nolan family home. In Naomi’s eyes, Ashlyn was only her brother’s kept woman.

Hence, she scolded Ashlyn straight away when she bumped into her here.

Ashlyn stared at Naomi with an indifferent face. “Ms. Nolan, are we so close that you have forgotten your manners?”

“What are you trying to say!” Naomi shrieked angrily with embarrassment.

Ashlyn raised a brow in silent while glancing around.

Naomi unconsciously followed her gaze and look around. Only then she realized the wealthy wives around her were staring at her with disgust and contempt.

It suddenly hit her that she was only humiliating herself when she yelled at Ashlyn in public.

“Everyone here can see that you’re ill-bred.” Ashlyn gracefully swayed the glass of red wine in her hand before taking a sip. She leaned closer to Naomi and whispered into her ears, “It’s obvious that someone manipulated you, but you still think that you’re all that. How silly of you.”

Ashlyn shoved the glass into Naomi’s hand. “I told you to study harder in school since you’re so dumb.”

Naomi’s face flushed beet red with shame.

Initially, she had no intention to cause trouble for Ashlyn. But a few girls incited her to start a fight, saying that only she was bold enough to stand against Ashlyn, who was so pretentious and disgusting.

Now she started reflecting on her actions. Are these girls genuinely my besties?

Although Cindy was afraid of offending Naomi, she mumbled, “Ms. Nolan, scolding Ms. Berry in public makes you look like…”

“What do I look like? Explain!” Naomi rebuked her furiously, “What do you think you are to criticize me?”

Cindy’s face turned pale at her words. She could not afford to offend a girl from a wealthy family, but she could not stand to see Ashlyn get insulted.

Cindy was only an average celebrity who had plastic surgeries for her face and boobs. Since the LX brand event, she felt really impressed by Ashlyn.

The world of show business was complicated, and she went through much bullying and oppression, but she eventually adapted herself to people-pleasing and politics. Yet, Ashlyn was magnanimous, and it blew her mind.

Ashlyn’s frigid gaze landed on Naomi. “Shut up. Aren’t you embarrassed enough? Or do you want to continue living overseas? If you don’t, then get back to the Nolan family home now!”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 170

Biting her lips, Naomi stomped her foot in anger and walked away.

I ended up studying overseas because Ashlyn convinced my brother to do so. I just don’t understand why my brother treats Ashlyn so well.

Cindy looked at Ashlyn gratefully.

“Ms. Berry, you’re courageous indeed,” Sienna praised her with a flattering smile. “Everyone knows Ms. Nolan is a fearless spoilt brat, but you managed to subdue her.”

Ashlyn looked down and smiled faintly. At that fleeting moment, she appeared so mesmerizing that she outshone every other woman present.

“She’s still a little girl. Please excuse her tantrum.”

“Ms. Berry, you’ve supported Ms. Saunders’ charity before. Would you like to support the Haddock Charity as well? The Haddock Charity is much more established and famous compared to Ms. Saunders’ charity.” Sienna paused briefly before adding, “As far as I know, you don’t have a job now. How about joining me to manage the Haddock Charity together?”

“Ms. Oates is right. As women, we must have our own careers. We can’t depend on men all the time. By the way, I’m a senior consultant of the Haddock Charity,” one of the wealthy wives said.

Then another wealthy wife said, “I’m at diamond tier.”

Sienna explained with pride, “Almost everyone here is a consultant of the Haddock Charity. Some of us are directors and deacons. Charity can also be a career. It’s not merely donation or financial aid, but it’s also a virtue, belief, and love. I believe Ms. Berry will join the Haddock Charity and spread the love.”

Ashlyn gazed calmly at Sienna.

This is interesting. The Haddock Charity has brainwashed everybody.

These rich wives gather here only because they are given nominal positions in the organization.

They usually had nothing to do other than play mahjong and go shopping. Now each one of them has a so-called career of her own.

In short, charity means donating money.

The Haddock Group must be eyeing Ms. Saunders. Sienna wants me to join the Haddock Charity, so she can make me bring Ms. Saunders here in the future.

“I’ll think about it.” Ashlyn chuckled.

And everyone present held their breaths.

How captivating! She looks even more stunning when she laughs.

These wealthy wives couldn’t help feasting their eyes on Ashlyn. When she smiled, she looked so enchanting that they couldn’t take their eyes off her.

They were green with envy.

Such a minx! So young and beautiful.

No wonder Jared and Winsor have fallen head over heels for her.

“Sure. We organize a gathering almost every week. You can bring your female friends to join us, like Ms. Saunders.” Sienna hurriedly added, “Ms. Berry, we genuinely look forward to your participation. Hope you’ll let us know soon.”

“No problem,” Ashlyn replied indifferently, and the meaningful smile on her face grew wider.

In the Field family villa.

“Is Ashlyn not coming?” James stared at the empty living room in bewilderment.

When Fae saw James come back home, she quickly stood up and approached him while saying with concern, “She’s attending Sienna’s private gathering tonight. Honey, the Haddock family is greedy and heartless. Why does Ashlyn go there?”

James’ brows knitted together as he sat on the couch. “Don’t worry. She’s smart, so she’ll be able to protect herself.”

“But Sienna’s very capable. She keeps inviting me to the gathering, but I rejected her every time. If I had known that Ashlyn would attend the gathering tonight, I would’ve gone there to back her up.” Fae felt a lump in her throat.

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