My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 161-165

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 161

With James Field’s political background, it gave Joseph Field free rein to be the extremely powerful and arrogant yet highly eligible bachelor he was.

However, Mrs. Field preferred to keep a low profile. She refused all public appearance unless it was absolutely necessary.

When the other rich elderly ladies heard Mrs. Field was on the prowl for a daughter-in-law, they mobbed the Field family residence. Naturally, Mrs. Field was only interested in a diamond of the first water. She would not allow her son to meet with any ordinary woman.

Who knew Ms. Saunders would be so young and closely acquainted with Mrs. Field?

Hera was practically green with envy.

When she remembered her purpose for coming here, she forced the ugly feelings of jealousy down and turned her attention to Madeline Saunders.

The room had an air of serenity.

Suddenly, a merry chuckle erupted.

The woman carrying the harp slowly turned.

When she laid eyes on the woman’s face, Hera was frozen with shock. Her eyes widened in disbelief and she burst out, “How can it be you?”

Ashlyn smiled faintly. Her breathtaking features settled into a calm expression. She had a tiny plum blossom painted between her eyebrows, adding to the enchanting glow she emanated.

Dressed in historical clothing, she resembled a dazzling painting come to life.

Lucas was also staring at the devastatingly beautiful Ashlyn with his jaw dropped.

His obsidian eyes shifted from hostility, to shock, then to anger.

No wonder… She spoke about Madeline Saunders with such nonchalance.

No wonder… She could make the decision to send that man a painting.

No wonder… She was able to help Madeline Saunders auction off paintings.

It was because!

She’s Madeline Saunders!

Ashlyn had a cup of tea in front of her, plumes of smoke rose steadily from it. She set the harp down on a nearby harp stand before turning up the corner of the lips into a small smirk. “Mr. Nolan, pray tell what was so important that you were willing to pay nine million just to meet with me?”

Lucas scanned her like how a predator would track its prey.

His gaze was sharp, invasive, and would send shivers down its target’s spine.

“What do you take me for, Ashlyn?”

“Mr. Nolan, did you pay nine million just to sit there and interrogate me?” Ashlyn relaxedly pulled down the scarf covering the lower half of her face. Her brows raised in mock derision.

Is it my fault he’s never asked about my relationship with Madeline Saunders?

Until she introduced me as Madeline Saunders, no one suspected a thing. So no one would believe it even if this got out, right?

Judging from Hera’s bulging sockets of astonishment, she definitely can’t believe it.

Mrs. Field was unaware that Lucas was familiar with Ashlyn. “Lucas, you know Ashlyn?” Mrs. Field asked in surprise.

“Not only do I know her!” Lucas spat, his tone turning fierce.

Noticing his demeanor, Mrs. Field stretched an arm out in front of Ashlyn. “Lucas, Ashlyn is a good friend of mine. I won’t allow you to lay a finger on her! If you injure even one hair on her body, I’ll make sure you regret it!”

The Field family and Nolan family have always been close.

Their children have been friends for as long as they could remember. Lucas was like a second son to Mrs. Field.

In all my life, I’ve never seen her take the side of an outsider and use such a tone with me.

He was floored by her reaction. “Why… Why would I harm her?”

“Then you can speak amicably to her.” Mrs. Field glared at him before continuing, “So, why did you want to meet with Ashlyn?”

Lucas was about to explain when he spotted Hera shaking her head. “No. I don’t want her as my mentor.” She declared resolutely.

Ashlyn’s shapely almond eyes glinted and her radiant features hardened with hostility. “I wouldn’t want to take you in either.”

“Ms. Chapman was it?” Mrs. Field gave Hera a once over. “Don’t you know? Ashlyn isn’t just Ms. Saunders, but she’s also LX’s head of design. You were shut down by LX because of this. As a socialite, you’re supposed to have received an impeccable upbringing yet you act otherwise. The Field Family and the Chapman family are friends and I can say that your behavior would bring shame upon your father.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 162

After checking the trending pages, Mrs. Field was boiling with rage.

How dare that wretched Hera cause a scene at the LX flagship store? She even slandered the LX brand! Worst of all, she even hit Ashlyn!

I won’t take this lying down. Since she came here of her own accord, she can’t blame me for teaching her a lesson for the sake of Ashlyn.

Hera’s face contorted in a mixture of humiliation and rage.

Her features twisted and flushed with the flurry of emotions she was experiencing.

How dare Mrs. Field reprimand me so harshly? If only I could fight back.

But even Mum has to keep her mouth shut and allow Mrs. Field to continuing hurling insults her way.

What’s so special about Ashlyn? How did she get Mrs. Field to become so protective of her?

Tears of indignance and fury surged in her eyes.

She turned to leave but heard Mrs. Field’s voice exclaim, “Do you think the Royal Tea House is someplace you can choose to enter and leave of your own free will? Apologize! You must apologize to Ashlyn!”

Mrs. Field’s influence was undeniable.

Hera looked at Lucas with shame, but he did not even bother to meet her gaze.

If I had known Madeline Saunders was Ashlyn, I never would have brought Hera to meet her, much less request for her to be Hera’s mentor.

Hot tears spilled from Hera’s eyes and she choked out, “It’s all her fault… Why must you treat me this way? What did I do wrong? Why should I apologize? Netizens are all scolding and ridiculing me, all because of her. She’s also the reason behind Glorious Group blacklisting me. I’m clearly the victim here so why should I be the one to apologize?”

Hera’s spiel only further enraged Mrs. Field.

She was about to speak when she was stopped by Ashlyn placing her hand on her wrist. “Sister, lower your hand.”


Ashlyn actually addressed Mrs. Field as Sister!

Lucas stiffened and his eyes flared in anger.

“How could you call her Sister!” Lucas yelled, incensed.

“Lucas, I told you to take a nicer tone with Ashlyn. Do you understand? Ashlyn is my god sister. You should be grateful I didn’t insist that you address her as Aunt! You should count your blessings!” Mrs. Field glared daggers at Lucas.

Lucas took a sharp intake of breath.


She’s only 22 years old, while I’m already 28. Yet I still have to address Mrs. Field with respect. Why is she allowed to call her Sister?

There’s clearly a mistake in seniority here!

His annoyance swelled but was halted before it could erupt.

Hera compared Ashlyn’s situation to her own. Look at my pathetic sorry state. No one even tries to sympathize with me.

She shook her head as her eyes brimmed with scalding tears. “This is so unfair!”

She turned and bolted out.

Lucas stood rooted to the ground, his incisive gaze remained locked onto Ashlyn.

Ashlyn lowered her gaze and her slender fingers closed over the handle of the teapot. She was currently elegantly pouring out tea for Mrs. Field as she soothed the older woman, “Have some tea, Sister.”

Mrs. Field sighed before accepting the cup of tea. “You’re too nice. Only you would allow such a mediocre creature to take advantage of you.”


Aunt! Are we talking about the same person?

The woman who has the ability to strike a man so hard he flew into the air. She’s nice?

Lucas inwardly bagged on her. But now that I think about it, Ashlyn has always been good with altering her personality to suit her audience. She probably acts all cute and innocent in front of Mrs. Field. It’s the only way Mrs. Field would be so taken with her!

I fell for her act during those four years as well.

Ashlyn took a sip of tea before lifting her gaze to see Lucas’s towering figure still seated. “Aren’t you going after her?” She asked curiously.

“I’m not going!”

The man suddenly jumped to his feet, grabbed Ashlyn by the arm and dragging her away from the table.

“Excuse me while I speak to Ashlyn privately. It’ll only take three minutes.”

Ashlyn’s wrist was trapped in Lucas’s grip. He was exerting a significant amount of strength and she felt pain shoot up her arm.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 163

He looks mad.

He practically hauled me out of the room.

Once the bathroom door clicked shut, Lucas exploded.

“Ashlyn! Explain! Explain yourself now!”

Sister? Madeline Saunders?

Lucas could not hold it together any longer.

Ashlyn regarded him quietly. His inky gaze was clouded over by storm clouds of hostility.

“Lucas, you never asked me about my relationship with Ms. Saunders. You also never asked me if I was her. How is this my fault?”

Ashlyn leaned back against the wall, her enchanting countenance shining with tranquil composure.

His arm held the back of her neck and his voice lowered to a dangerously menacing tone, “Are you blaming me? Are you blaming me for not paying attention to you? Or for not understanding you?”

Ashlyn returned his gaze with her own puzzled expression. “That wasn’t my intention at all, Lucas. Why would I need you to pay attention to me?”

“What more are you hiding from me, Ashlyn?” Lucas growled threateningly.

The hand which held her neck gripped it tighter. “Don’t make me guess anymore.”

“When did I make you guess? You’re the one who likes playing games. You’re also the one who sought out Ms. Saunders and begged to meet her.” Ashlyn wrenched her neck out of his uncomfortable hold.

“Mrs. Field is waiting for me. You better…Umph!”

Her lips were suddenly corked.

Mrs. Field was worried about Ashlyn and had come out looking for her when she saw the pair headed towards the bathroom.

When she arrived in front of the bathroom, she heard odd sounds coming from Ashlyn inside the bathroom.

I know all too well what sounds those are…

She was bewildered by this development.

What’s going on? Lucas and Ashlyn? Thinking back, I have to admit Lucas had a strange attitude towards Ashlyn.

I watched Lucas grow up and understand him fairly well. But I’ve never seen him care about anyone so much.

But isn’t Lucas married?

Could Ashlyn be…

Mrs. Field was dumbfounded.

The bathroom was dimly lit. Ashlyn was pressed against the wall, her face bright red.

Lucas glowered at her, jealousy screaming from his gaze. “Just how many people do you have in your heart? First Jared, then the twins, and now Mrs. Field. They all know you better than me…”

Jealousy was driving him up the wall.

I’m only a man.

After four years together, she’s the most familiar person to me in this sea of strangers.

Is there greater agony than this?

Ashlyn cut him off, “Lucas, during the four years we were married, I was never completely honest about myself because I felt it was unnecessary. You know best how our relationship was. You don’t love me and vice versa. You’ve also never looked into my background or cared about my family, hobbies and life in general. All you wanted was a wife to stay home and greet you every day you came home. So isn’t it rather ridiculous that now you stand here, screeching about how you don’t understand me? The only thing we’re familiar with about each other is our bodies. Nothing else.” Ashlyn turned her head away from the imposingly cold man.

She yanked the handle of the door and left.

When she returned to the room, the server at the entrance curtly informed her, “Ms. Berry, Mrs. Field had something to attend to and already took her leave. She wanted me to tell you.”

“Noted.” Ashlyn nodded before stepping into the room.

Lucas continued standing in the bathroom. A long time passed while he remained statuesque.

His heart was utterly vacant. Melancholic winds seemed to sweep in and out of the void.

In the Field family villa.

Joseph Field entered, closely followed by his mother.

He took in the historical garb she was dressed in and a headache immediately set in. “Mum, can you not always dress up in such weird get-ups? You’re no spring chicken anymore so why are you still trying to cosplay?”

“You know nothing.” Mrs. Field shot him a glare before tossing her custom-made historical costume onto the sofa and kicked off her embroidered slippers.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 164

“We’re preserving our traditional culture, and we wear these oriental outfits to promote the traditional Han costumes. Have you been to the Royal Tea House? Do you have its gold card? I’m a Royal Tea House’s diamond card holder. Ashlyn told me that there’re only five diamond card holders, and I’m one of them.”

“Okay, okay. I’m not much of a tea person, so I’m not interested in that place.” Joseph felt his head throbbing.

His mom and Madeline Saunders were so close to each other, to the extent that he felt a little jealous.

“Hmph! Come over here.” Fae sat on the couch and waved at her son.

“What’s the matter?” In bewilderment, Joseph walked over and sat beside his mom.

“How are things between Lucas and his wife? Are they on bad terms?” Fae held her son’s hand while looking at him squarely in the eyes. “Tell me honestly and don’t lie to me, okay?”

“Mom, why do you ask about Lucas suddenly?” Joseph pursed his lips. “Is he your son?”

“Hey, don’t change the subject.” Fae slapped her son playfully. “Tell me already.”

“They were divorced for more than a month.” Joseph sat sluggishly on the couch with his legs wide open, snapping his fingers. “How could Lucas do this to me? Ever since he got married, he never let me see his wife, not even once. Are they really divorced?” Fae’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“It can’t be fake. Lucas will never lie to me.” Joseph tilted his head. “After all, both of them don’t love one another. They got married in a hurry for Lucas’ grandpa’s sake.”

Fae heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s great.”

Thank God that Ashlyn isn’t a mistress.

But Lucas is a divorcee, so he’s secondhand goods. Fae felt slightly awkward that Lucas was pursuing Ashlyn.

Ashlyn is beautiful, kind and talented, so she’s definitely out of Lucas’ league. Even though Lucas is rich, influential and a man of integrity, he’s someone’s ex-husband after all.

That’s not very appropriate.

Fae couldn’t help but sneak a peek at his son. No, no. My son is incompetent, so he doesn’t deserve Ashlyn at all. He is even worse than Lucas.

On the other hand, Joseph still had no idea that he and his best friend were losing their places in his mom’s heart.

He stared at Fae suspiciously. “What’s so great about it? Mom, why are you happy that Lucas is divorced?”

“No, I’m not.” Fae’s expression was inscrutable. “It’s none of your business, so don’t be a busybody.”

I have to ask Ashlyn for her opinion soon…

Meanwhile, James came downstairs from his study and heard their conversation.

“Honey, please invite Ashlyn for dinner at our house one day. The National Day is approaching soon, and I need to organize a National Day celebration. Hence, I would like to ask Ashlyn to be the performing arts consultant and help me with the program planning. Do you think she’ll go for it?”

“How much do you pay Ashlyn for this job? If it’s not a well-paying one, I won’t look for her then.” Fae gave James a sideways glance.

James laughed and said, “Talking about money hurts our relationship.”

“No, it hurts our pockets not to talk about money.” Fae took a sip of water. “Dear, is there any outstanding and brilliant young men at your workplace? Especially the ones with noble character and prominent family background.”

“What for? Are you trying to match make Ashlyn?” James could not hold back his laugh. “Ashlyn is so famous. The words ‘Ms. Saunders’ will scare any talented young man away. Who will dare get into a relationship with her?”

Anyone who praised Ashlyn was a good person in Fae’s eyes.

Whenever Fae talked about Ashlyn, her face reddened with excitement, and her eyes were gleaming. “Ashlyn is breathtakingly beautiful. Look at Jared, he clings on to her every day, but I don’t think he’s the perfect match for her. Ashlyn’s mother passed away when she was young. That’s why I have to pay more attention to her love life.”

“How about our son?”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 165

“Hah! Even Lucas doesn’t deserve Ashlyn, let alone our son. Lucas is a divorcee, while Joseph is useless. So neither of them is good enough.” Fae snorted.

My mom blatantly despises me!

Joseph let out a wail. “Mom, just how amazing Ashlyn is? Am I really your biological son?”

Fae reached out to poke his face. “Of course you’re my biological son, but Ashlyn is better. She accompanies me to go shopping, tea time, concert, and she even plays piano together with me. What about you?”

“Mom, could it be that Ashlyn has an ulterior motive?” Joseph mumbled.

My mom has been bewitched after meeting Madeline Saunders two years ago. At home, she talks about Ashlyn all the time, and Ashlyn is the best and the wisest person in her eyes. Anyone who says a word against Ashlyn is her enemy.

She’s comparable to those fanatic fans who blindly chase after their idol.

“Cut the nonsense,” Fae said through gritted teeth while glaring at her son. “Ashlyn has never once asked us for anything, but we always ask for her help. Look at these paintings on our wall. Each one is worth over ten million, but Ashlyn has given them to us for free!”

Joseph bit his tongue as he looked around at the walls full of Madeline Saunders’ paintings.

We can’t have too much of a good thing. It can be tiresome no matter how artistic they are.

“You two should stop bickering. Please ask Ashlyn whether she’s free on Friday night,” James urged them before heading upstairs to continue working.

When he came upstairs, his assistant called him. “Mr. Field, regarding the Haddock Group’s case, Zero informed us that the Haddock Group fell for the trick.”

“That’s fast,” James said in surprise.

“Yes, but Zero still needs to investigate further to find out the actual situation.”

“Please keep in touch with the secret society. We’ll pump in extra funds if it’s insufficient, as long as we can get hold of the criminal evidence of the Haddock Group,” James said in a steady voice.


After hanging up the phone, James looked out the window at the night sky with an enigmatic look in his eyes.

On Friday night, at the Pearl Restaurant.

It was a private kitchen which served delicious and expensive cuisines. This restaurant belonged to the Haddock Group and was managed by Sienna.

The interior design and furnishings of the restaurant were custom-made according to her preferences. Therefore, she loved to organize gatherings at this place.

Since it was only a gathering, it wasn’t as grand as the previous Haddock Group dinner. However, the Pearl Restaurant dining hall was opulently decorated.

Most guests invited were female, and the hall on the first floor was buzzing with activity.

As a fashionable lady, Sienna invited a well-known female social media influencer instead of the reporters. She was live-streaming the entire event on the official blog of the Haddock Group.

It was the first time the female influencer attended a gathering of the wives of wealthy men, so she felt ecstatic and spoke in an overly excited tone during the livestream.

“Oh my God! Guess who I just saw!”

The female influencer’s name was Coco. She lifted her phone to aim its camera at the middle-aged woman who just stepped through the entrance. “Good day. Mrs. Jones. Please say hi to the netizens.”

Coco jogged over to Mrs. Jones. Although all the guests had been notified beforehand that there would be a livestream during the gathering, Mrs. Jones still appeared abashed and reserved as she waved at the camera. “Hi, everyone. I’m Mrs. Jones, and I’m here today for Mrs. Haddock’s private gathering.”

“Mrs. Jones looks so gracious. It’s obvious that you’re from a wealthy family,” Coco complimented her.

After that, she pranced around the hall and interviewed every guest in front of the camera.

Many comments kept popping out in the chatroom of the livestream.

The netizens had always been curious about the lives of wealthy people. Now Sienna revealed their lavish lifestyle through the livestream. Hence, it attracted countless netizens, and the viewership skyrocketed.

“Wow. The place looks magnificent.”

“These ladies’ outfits are all from luxury brands.”

“Tsk, tsk. I saw Mrs. Gracia. Her husband is a filthy rich real estate developer.”

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