My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 16-20

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 16

Ashlyn had no choice but to give in.

Did he come out from the cockpit just to ask if I have taken my meds?

Spencer had already forced me to drink two glasses of water! It’s troublesome to keep going to the toilet, okay?

Jenny who was standing not far away heard them talking about ‘water’ and ‘meds’. She furrowed her brows instantly.

Her instincts told her that girl wasn’t Spencer’s girlfriend.

Instead, she seemed more intimate with Captain Nolan.

Lucas pulled Ashlyn’s blanket up in an oppressing but elegant manner. “Cover up.”

He turned to Jenny and ordered, “Bring her another blanket.”

Jenny bit her lip and left to get another blanket. When she returned, she handed it to Ashlyn, but Lucas took it from her. He spread the blanket and placed it on Ashlyn gently. “It’s cold at night.”

Jenny’s eyes widened as she stared at the couple in disbelief.

Did I just see the notoriously indifferent Captain Nolan being a softie by putting the blanket on that girl?

What is going on?

Isn’t she Spencer’s girlfriend?

Jenny’s thoughts were in a whirl.

“Got it,” Ashlyn mumbled. “Why aren’t you going back? Who’s flying the plane?”

“The co-pilot is taking my place now,” Lucas’ reply was crisp. A tinge of displeasure entered his voice. “Do you want me to leave?”

Ashlyn hurriedly flattered him in return. “No, I’m just worried about your job. Over 100 lives on this plane are in your hands.”

Lucas laughed at her reply. “Mm!”

He turned and headed to the cockpit.

Ashlyn smirked. She knew all men would fall for flattery easily. When she looked up, she realized the flight attendant was still standing in front of her.

Ashlyn shot the pretty flight attendant a smile. “Anything I can help you with?”

Jenny snapped back to reality upon hearing her question. “Oh, I just wanted to ask if you need anything else?”

“No,” Ashlyn said and shook her head. Looks like she has been charmed by Lucas as well. Otherwise, she wouldn’t look so dejected.

Jenny’s heart thumped almost uncontrollably. I saw it with my own eyes. Captain Nolan’s nickname is literally Iceberg. But why did he smile at that girl so warmly? She couldn’t hide the jealousy within her as she wondered who that girl was.

When she returned, she heard the other flight attendants talking about that incident.

“Oh, my. Captain Nolan really put a blanket on her!”

“Is she Mrs. Nolan?”

“But I thought they got married four years ago? Is Mrs. Nolan that young?”

“Yeah, I don’t think she’s his wife.”

When they saw Jenny coming over, they immediately stopped chattering.

Jenny’s feelings were in turmoil as she poured herself a cup of water and gulped it down.

Who on earth is that girl?

It was already four in the morning when the plane finally landed.

The day was breaking.

As the chilly breeze hit Ashlyn, she felt her body gradually getting cold.

She tightened the Ctene trench coat around her as she thanked Lucas silently for his foresight.

“Mr. White, I have a question,” Ashlyn said as she and Spencer walked to the shuttle bus waiting for them.


“When will Lucas sign the papers?” She looked up at the sky. “Will he sign it tomorrow?”

“Mrs. Nolan, I have no right to interfere in Mr. Nolan’s business,” Spencer responded cautiously. What’s that supposed to mean? She couldn’t help but think.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 17

After leaving the airport, Ashlyn and Spencer got into their car.

They waited for over 10 minutes before Lucas arrived.

Ashlyn knew he must be exhausted after the long flight.

As an understanding wife, I have to please him so he will agree to sign the divorce papers, she decided.

Immediately, she reached out to massage his shoulders. “Do you feel comfortable?”

The man took her hands. “Let me hold you for a while.”

He pulled her into his arms and closed his eyes to rest.

When the car finally reached the garage, Ashlyn realized Lucas was sound asleep on her shoulder.

Even when he was asleep, he looked astoundingly handsome.

His long, curly eyelashes were, of course, envied by many.

He had thrown his captain’s cap on the seat carelessly, but the uniform he had on complimented his figure perfectly.

Spencer was about to wake Lucas up, but Ashlyn stopped him by putting her finger at her lips. He got off the car quietly and left them both alone.

Ashlyn’s shoulder was aching as the man was leaning on it. However, she couldn’t bear to wake him up. Her eyes closed.

Being a pilot might seem like a dignified job, yet in reality, it was laborious.

After the plane took off, the pilots had to focus intently on their task so nothing would go wrong.

A slight mistake might lead to dire consequences.

Hey, I’m no saint. Why am I worried for him?

Ashlyn smiled wryly.

Am I contributing my last bit of duty as a wife right before our divorce?


Lucas was staring at the divorce agreement on his table in his office at Nolan Group.

When he wasn’t flying planes, he’d come to Nolan Group to handle some affairs.

South Star Airlines belonged to his grandmother, Wendy Webber’s family. None of the Webbers wanted to take over the family business.

The previous successor had two daughters, but one ended up being an artist while the other worked as a photographer.

Their jobs had nothing to do with the aviation industry.

In the end, they had to pass the business to Wendy. Her dying wish was that her family business would get passed down to the next generation.

A few years ago, Lucas took over South Star Airlines and promised his grandmother he’d take care of the Webber daughters for the rest of their lives. He had also promised South Star Airlines would flourish under him.

Lucas had his own plan, of course. He had taken over South Star Airlines, but years later, if the Webber daughters managed to produce an heir and brought him up well, he’d return the company to the Webbers.

To take over an airline company, he had to get to know the industry himself.

He was a responsible man. Once he decided to take on the task, he would do his best.

The same thing applied to his marriage. Since he had decided to get a divorce, he shouldn’t drag it out.

Lucas tightened his grip on the pen before he signed on the agreement.

After penning his signature, he summoned Spencer. “Give one copy to Ashlyn.”

“Mr. Nolan, did you really sign it?” Spencer gasped in horror. Their divorce was the last thing he wanted to happen.

“Why? You’re upset that I agreed to the divorce?” Lucas raised his brows.

Spencer took a deep breath before he answered, “No. I’ll give it to Ms. Berry now.”

Sigh, she’s no longer Mrs. Nolan, he thought sadly.

Meanwhile, Ashlyn was in Whitland Villa, typing on her laptop nimbly when someone knocked on the door.

She immediately slammed her laptop shut.

Spencer walked in. “Mr. Nolan has signed the divorce papers.”

“Great!” Ashlyn took the divorce agreement and let out a relieved smile. “Mr. White, please tell Lucas to be at the Registry Office at three in the afternoon. I’ll be waiting for him there.”

With that, she picked up her packed luggage and left the villa.

Spencer immediately called Lucas and repeated her words to him.

“Is she that eager to proceed with the divorce?” There was a lump in Lucas’ throat as he choked out unhappily.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 18

Lucas had married Ashlyn four years ago because of his grandpa. Now that his grandpa had passed away, he should proceed with the divorce procedures.

There was no need to drag it out.

Without waiting for Spencer’s reply, he continued, “No need to wait till then. Tell her I’ll head there now.”

Ashlyn hadn’t even walked out from the villa’s courtyard when she heard Spencer yelling her name. She stopped and saw him running over to stop her in a huff. “Ms. Berry!”


Did Lucas change his mind?

“Mr. Nolan said he can head to the Registry Office now. He told me to give you a ride there.”

“Great! Thank you, Mr. White.”

At the Registry Office, there was no one there at the divorce division late that afternoon.

The whole hall seemed empty and desolate.

After a few minutes, Lucas and Ashlyn walked out with their Certificate of Divorce.

Ashlyn looked up at the unusually blue sky and took in a deep breath of the exceptionally fresh air.

Finally, they had gotten a divorce, ending their marriage, which lasted for four years.

“Where are you going? I can give you a ride.” Lucas’ deep voice rang above her.

Ashlyn shot him a smile. “No need.”

She waved at a Land Rover parked across the street, which immediately zoomed over to them. The car door opened, and a familiar face appeared in their sight.

“Mr. Quickton?” Lucas’ expression darkened. He didn’t even know Ashlyn and Jared Quickton knew each other. Jared Quickton—the president of Centennial Healthcare—was currently single. At that thought, a trace of displeasure flashed across Lucas’ heart.

“Mr. Nolan, long time no see. Thank you for taking care of Ashlyn all this while.” Jared’s mouth quirked in a warm smile as he picked up Ashlyn’s luggage and threw it in the car.

Frowning, Lucas watched as Ashlyn climbed into the passenger seat. No wonder she was so eager to proceed with the divorce. Turns out she has found another man!

Is Jared Quickton hotter than me? Is he richer than me? She… Wait, damn it. Why am I comparing myself to Jared Quickton? There’s nothing to compare!

Strangely, he felt thoroughly upset.

“Mr. Nolan, see you never!” Ashlyn waved at him and grinned brightly.

She will never call me Honey anymore. For the past four years, she was gentle and warm, but I’ve never seen her smile this brightly.

Lucas was stunned by that sight.

Suddenly, he had a hollow, empty feeling in his heart as if something important had just left his life.

As the Land Rover drove away, Spencer came to Lucas carefully and said, “Mr. Nolan, we should leave now.”

Lucas’ handsome face was grim as he got into his car silently and banged the door shut.


Ashlyn didn’t return to Bayview Villa immediately. Instead, she headed to Northern Cemetery.

She knelt in front of Charles Nolan’s grave and touched his photo on the gravestone gently. The old man in the photo was gazing at her kindly. It was as if he had never left in the first place.

“Grandpa, I’m sorry. Lucas and I had gotten a divorce. I hope you won’t blame me for that. I’ll come to visit you next time.”

When she spun around to leave, a tall figure appeared in her sight. The said figure, dressed in a matte black suit, was gazing at her intently.

They met again after a brief separation.

Fancy running into him here, she thought. But since we’re divorced now, I don’t have to smile at him.

She rose to her feet. When she brushed against his shoulder on her way out, he grabbed her arm. “Why are you here?”

“I’m here to visit Grandpa,” she replied indifferently.

Ashlyn’s usual gentle demeanor was long gone. Right now, even though she remained expressionless, her presence was intimidating and oppressive as if she were his equal match!

This Ashlyn who was dressed in a black dress seemed utterly unfamiliar to Lucas. She was entirely different now.

“Mr. Nolan, please let me go,” Ashlyn parted her lips and uttered coolly.

At her words, Lucas released his grip. She immediately headed for the exit, her high heels clicking loudly against the ground. Each step she took felt like a stab to Lucas’ heart.

It was right at this moment when he finally realized she was no longer his wife. Their divorce had been finalized, so they were now as good as strangers to each other.

After paying his respects to his grandfather, Lucas had just gotten into his car when he received a call from Spencer. “Mr. Nolan, Cindy Wynn sustained injuries while she was shooting a stunt scene which involved wire-flying. She broke her leg and was sent to First Hospital.”

Lucas started his car and switched on his Bluetooth headset. “Why was she that careless?”

“How should we deal with this matter? Nolan Entertainment hasn’t released a statement yet. The management is waiting for you to make a decision.”

“I’m going to First Hospital now. Wait for me there,” Lucas ordered and hung up.

Spencer arrived at First Hospital ahead of his boss and waited for him anxiously at the car park. When he finally spotted Lucas’ car, he immediately went up to him. “Cindy has been transferred from the ER to the operating theater. She’s currently undergoing surgery.”

“Let me find out her current situation first.” With that, Lucas headed to the entrance. However, Spencer stopped him from doing so. “Mr. Nolan, the paparazzi is swarming the entrance right now. You should take the fire escape.”

If the paparazzi spot Mr. Nolan, they’ll make up wild stories like, ‘President of Nolan Group Visits Cindy Wynn!’ he thought.

Lucas stopped in his tracks and headed for the fire escape.

The operating theater was on the fifth floor.

Lucas exited the fire escape and looked up as a group of people who had just exited the elevator approached him.

The leader of the group was a female doctor in a white coat. Her long hair was tied up in a simple bun, exposing her swanlike long neck. She strode forward swiftly and flipped through the patient’s record professionally.

There were over ten doctors and nurses trailing behind her, listening to her every word intently.

When the strikingly beautiful woman’s face appeared in his sight, Lucas’ cold and indifferent expression cracked abruptly.


My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 19

Someone tell me why my ex-wife is here? I thought she’s unemployed and depends on me to survive? Anyone? Why is she in a doctor’s coat? Lucas’s mind was blown by the sight that greeted him.

The woman stopped three feet away from him, so the surgical team stopped abruptly, too.

Silence ensued in the hallway.

“Mr. Nolan,” Ashlyn greeted him politely.

“Why are you here?” Lucas had snapped back to reality, but he couldn’t stop himself from glaring at Ashlyn.

He had to admit the woman would look gorgeous even if she had a sack on. The doctor’s coat she had on gave her an air of aloofness.

Lucas couldn’t help but imagine her long legs wrapping around his waist.

He gulped abruptly as his lips went dry.

“Dr. Berry, we’re ready for the surgery.” Right then, a young nurse ran out from the operating theater and reported to Ashlyn as a look of admiration lit up her face.

“Mr. Nolan, I have to get back to work.” With that, Ashlyn turned and headed into the operating theater. As she walked in, she announced to her surgical team sternly, “Everyone, let’s do it. Don’t get distracted halfway!”

“Yes!” The surgical team replied respectfully like she was some kind of queen to them.

Spencer rubbed his eyes and inched closer to Lucas. “Mr. Nolan, was that Ms. Berry?”

“Yes,” Lucas gritted out through clenched teeth.

Did she really get bad grades as she claimed? She even told me she’s unemployed because she didn’t graduate from college!

Damn it, she didn’t even tell me she’s a doctor!

He was all riled up as he thought all this while she didn’t even get to graduate college due to her bad grades. Marrying him was the only chance for her to survive.

Right now, his head throbbed painfully, reminding him how much of a fool he was.

“About Cindy…” Spencer reminded him.

“I’ll leave it to you to handle the matter. Quash the story ASAP. I don’t care what you do as long as you don’t involve me in the issue. Also, release the truth in that statement.” Lucas had no time for Cindy or Mindy, whoever that woman was.

For the first time in his life, he acted recklessly by stopping a nurse who happened to walk past him. “Is that Dr. Ashlyn Berry?” he inquired.

Even though he was good-looking, the nurse was terrified by his grim expression and answered timidly, “Dr. Berry? Yes. She’s a skillful surgeon. She has always been my idol.”

In a daze, Lucas muttered, “Skillful?”

The young nurse grew excited at the talk of her idol. “She’s the best surgeon in our hospital. Don’t you know her? S-She’s so famous that many influential men came to our hospital to get treated by her. But she only performs one surgery every month, so it’s quite hard to see her in action. Oh, and she’s the top scorer in the national exams! She even graduated with a double degree! How amazing is that? I’m her junior in college. She was so popular back on campus. Because of her, I decided to study medicine. I’m no doctor, but I’m happy enough to be a nurse who can save lives.”

Both Lucas and Spencer were dumbfounded.

They knew about the best surgeon in First Hospital who was rumored to be a young woman. She had created countless miracles in the operating theater.

Never in a million years did they think that doctor was Ashlyn!

Just now, Ashlyn’s icy and indifferent expression was so different from the gentle demeanor she had put up at home. That was the very reason Lucas found it hard to accept the reality.

Was that her true self? Did she put up an act for all these years?

In the operating theater, Ashlyn barked out orders professionally.



“Heart rate.”


The patient was a 95-year-old man. He fell down on his back and injured his spine. As he was old and it was high-risk to operate on him, no one dared to perform the surgery.

The hospital director had no choice but to ask Ashlyn to take up the surgery.

The surgery went on for seven hours.

Sweat beaded on Ashlyn’s forehead. Even her legs felt numb after standing that long.

Finally, after sewing the last stitch, she exhaled deeply. “Done,” she announced.

She left the operating table and informed a doctor in his forties who was behind her all the while. “Dr. Hendrickson, finish up the rest.”

“Yes, of course, Dr. Berry,” Dr. Hendrickson replied politely. “Don’t worry. You can nap in peace.”

Ashlyn left the operating theater and removed her surgical gloves tiredly.

She plopped down on the ground and rested for a while. Then, she took off the surgical gown and washed her hands thoroughly.

After she finally cleaned herself up, the rest of the surgical team had already finished up and walked out from the operating theater.

Ashlyn informed them regarding some important matters before leaving the operating theater.

The moment she stepped out, she saw Lucas waiting outside the exit.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 20

Anger flashed across the man’s face. “I didn’t know you’re a doctor. Why have you never told me about that?”

Ashlyn looked at him like he had gone crazy. “Excuse me. I’m busy.”

The nurses and doctors exited the operating theater right then. “Dr. Berry, I have a question regarding this procedure.”

“Dr. Berry, remember the arteries? You avoided them so deftly. I nearly gasped in shock when I saw you make that cut right next to the arteries.”

“Dr. Berry, was there really a lesion? I didn’t see anything wrong back then.”

Lucas watched as the woman answered the questions from her surgical team in a low voice. She looked dazzling and charming in her element and was no longer gentle and coy.

Instead, she treated him like a stranger indifferently. It was as if they were miles apart from each other despite being so physically close.

Just what kind of person she was?

In the ward, Cindy Wynn lay on her bed and whined, “Terry, what’s going on? Why isn’t Mr. Nolan here yet? Did you tell him I got seriously wounded?”

“Don’t worry. He’ll be here soon,” Terry Peters, her manager, assured her.

“It’s all your fault for coming up with this horrible idea. You said I wouldn’t get hurt, but I twisted an ankle!” Cindy stared at her bandaged ankle which was hurting a lot.

“Darling, you’re lucky enough you needn’t get operated on,” Terry replied and glanced at the door. He made sure no one was near the room before he declared, “I lied to Lucas and told him you’re in surgery. I even informed the paparazzi to wait at the entrance for him. When he arrives, I guarantee he make the headlines.”

“But will he come?” Cindy sighed. “I’ve waited since noon. It’s near midnight now.”

Right then, a knock sounded at the door.

Both Cindy and Terry brightened up at once. Cindy put on a weak look before she called faintly, “Come in.”

“What are you doing here?”

Upon seeing Spencer behind the door, Cindy couldn’t help but demand shrilly, “Where’s Mr. Nolan?”

“Mr. Nolan is busy. He told me to visit you.” Spencer immediately understood Cindy’s intention. Lucas was indeed, irresistible to most women. “How are you feeling? Please let me know if you require anything.”

“I think I won’t be able to walk for the time being.” Cindy was dismayed. Why did Lucas send his assistant instead of coming himself? Damn it!

“Well, have a good rest. We’ll help you reschedule your filming schedule with the production team,” Spencer announced and left right after.

He had just shut the door when endless sounds of things smashing to the ground rang from the room.

Shaking his head wryly, he thought, You want to be Mrs. Nolan? With that attitude of yours? Dream on!

“Damn it!” Cindy knocked everything off the table with one large sweep of her arm.

All her stuff clattered to the ground noisily.

“Cindy, calm down. I think the matter isn’t as bad as you imagine.”

Her manager hurriedly consoled her while picking up the stuff from the ground.

“Mr. Nolan sent his assistant. That means he cares for you. If he doesn’t feel anything for you, he wouldn’t even send his assistant here!”

Cindy’s face twisted with anger as her cheeks gradually turned crimson. “Why did I pretend to get hurt? For him! But in the end, I got hurt for real, and Mr. Nolan didn’t even show up! My plan had backfired!”

“Rumor has it that they are going to get a divorce soon. You’ll get him in no time,” Terry revealed this piece of news to Cindy. “I heard Mrs. Nolan has already moved out from their current home.”

“Who did you hear this from?” Cindy recalled what she saw in Lucas’ house that day.

The woman even ordered Lucas to wash the dishes. Would she step away from him easily?

Impossible. She wouldn’t, Cindy decided.

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