My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 156-160

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 156

“Just kidding! Call me when you’re back,” Ashlyn then hung up the call right away.

Ashlyn felt awkward having this conversation with Richard.

She had been put in the limelight and made a number of headlines on social media recently.

She knew Richard would eventually come across updates about her.

Damn it!

She let out a long sigh and fussed with her hair in frustration.

Richard might seem like he did not have a care in the world, but deep in his heart, he was a domineering control freak.

Instead of letting him get to her, she decided to forget about him. She went to her wardrobe, get a pair of attire that she liked, and put it on.

At the president’s office in the South Star Airlines headquarters.

Lucas had fulfilled his flight time for this month, so he would not need to fly in the coming week.

Instead, he planned to spend his time completing his paperwork. This was why he was at South Star Airlines’ office today.

At 9 am, there would be a meeting that all employees must attend.

The lift door opened when it reached the top floor. He walked out of the lift and saw Jenny right there. She had been waiting for him in his office early this morning.

“Mr. Nolan, there’s something I have to tell you.”

Lucas responded aloofly, “You can tell my assistant Spencer.”

“But this is something I have to tell you personally.”

The flight attendant’s attire accentuated the shape of her body, and she looked good in it too.

Yet, in Lucas’ eyes, not a single woman was as pretty as Ashlyn.

Hence, to him, Jenny was as good as invisible.

The last time when she came to him to talk about Ashlyn, he nearly threw a fit.

Now, she felt she had gathered enough evidence and must warn Lucas not to fall into the trap of that woman, who took advantage of men.

She wanted him to know that Ashlyn was nothing more than a gold digger who lined her pockets with money given by all sorts of men.

Lucas stopped walking and look at Jenny in displeasure, “What?”

His icy stare intimidated Jenny, but she went on, “Mr. Nolan, I… I received some news about Ashlyn. She has a close relationship with Jared Quickton, the president of Centennial Healthcare. She is cheating on you…”

Lucas’ pupil flared, “They’re good friends. What’s the problem?”

“She…she’s very close with him. Like really close. I have photos to show she’s cheating!” Jenny immediately took out her phone and showed him the photos.

“This is a photo of her attending a charity dinner with Jared. Look at the way they talk to each other. It was as if they were about to kiss!”

“I have a video too!” Jenny hit the play button. Though there were noises in the video, it was not difficult to tell how intimate they were.

They could even hear their conversation.

“These heels kill me. Massage my legs when we get home.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Lucas held the phone with his large palm. His veins started popping up, and his expression turned grim.

“They might be staying together! Mr. Nolan, you heard what they said, right? She even asked him to massage her feet!”

Jenny exclaimed in agitation. She was so elated to finally have leverage over Ashlyn that she could not stop her voice from trembling.

“Shut up!” Lucas responded aloofly and shot daggers at her.

Jenny did not understand why he reacted in such a manner.

Why is he still so calm and cold? Shouldn’t he go and confront Ashlyn for cheating on him?

“I know all about this already.” Lucas’ brows furrowed, “They two are good friends. That’s all.”

Jenny was dumbstruck, “Mr. Nolan, they’re not just good friends. They’re staying together! She’s cheating on you and has betrayed you!”

Lucas gave her a sullen stare, “Who gave you the right to investigate her?”

Jenny was on the verge of breaking down.

She had presented him with all the evidence. They were all displayed clearly before him.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 157

Yet, he chose to defend that woman.

What’s the difference between him and fatuous kings from the ancient world?

“You’re barred from coming to the top floor without my permission!” A fierce glint flashed through his eyes, “Now, get out!”

Spencer leaned forward and showed Jenny out, “Ms. Holt, please.”

Where did she find the courage to come and talk to him like this?

Yesterday was Hera, and today Jenny. What’s wrong with these women?

They’re constantly trying to get on Mr. Nolan’s nerves.

Jenny’s frustration kicked in and felt sorry for herself.

She then went back to the cabin crew’s office, opened the door with force, and noticed a few crew members were having a chat.

Upon seeing Jenny, Nancy called her, “Hey Jenny, I made floral tea. Come and try some.”

They were rather relaxed since they were not on duty for the next few days.

Anger was written all over Jenny’s face. She sat down and complained, “I really have no idea what’s wrong with the captain.”

A few cabin crew members looked at her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Nancy offered her a cup of tea, “Calm down.”

“It’s clear that Ashlyn is cheating on him. I didn’t get to attend a lot of social gatherings since I’ve been busy flying around, but my friend attended a charity dinner and took some intimate photos of Ashlyn and Jared. I showed the captain, and guess what? He didn’t believe it.”

All the crew members kept silent.

“But that’s their problem, not yours, right?” Nancy could not help but want to talk some sense into her.

Jenny’s eyes widened, “But Lucas is the president of Nolan Group. He’s a dignified and authoritative man, but Ashlyn made him look like a fool. How can I not be mad?”

“Listen to me, Jenny. Calm down. He’s not only our captain, but like what you’ve said, he’s also the president of this group. He should know his wife better than anyone of us. Your action is just going to agitate him further. Besides, he doesn’t like to talk about his marriage in public, and the public doesn’t even know Ashlyn is his wife. This is why Ashlyn can have a close relationship with any man. After all, not everyone knows she’s married!”

“But it’s still considered cheating, right?” Jenny’s eyes reddened, and she was about to burst into tears. I’m a woman with no bad history, and I’ve never even had a boyfriend, but why doesn’t he seem to notice me?

All he could ever think of is that bitch!

Hatred clouded her thoughts as she scrolled through the posts on social media. Upon seeing the trending topics, the corners of her mouth quirked up.

Hera Chapman. Ashlyn Berry. Cindy Wynn.

Very interesting.

If I can’t get what I desire, everyone should suffer with me!

During the lunch break, Spencer brought a lunchbox to Lucas’ office.

At this time, someone was knocking on the door of his office.

Lucas thought the person must be Spencer, so he said in a low voice, “Come in.”

All of a sudden, he heard someone with heels entering his office. The woman then called him in a cloyingly sweet voice, “Lucas…”

Hera Chapman!

Lucas raised his head and looked at her.

She wore a boat-neck strapless dress, and her bosoms were absolutely seductive.

The dress exposed her slim waist, and her fair skin became faintly discernible as she walked.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m sorry, Lucas. I know I’m at fault. Please forgive me.” Upon hearing Lucas’ indifferent voice, Hera’s eyes turned red immediately.

She stood in front of his desk and begged, “For old times’ sake, please don’t ignore me, okay?”

While she was rubbing her eyes, tears started rolling down her cheeks, “I went bonkers last night because I was really mad. Now everyone views me as a laughing stock, and the fashion industry boycotts me. I can’t take this anymore!”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 158

“If I lose you again, I really am going to die.” Hera put aside her ego and was ready to drop to her knees, “As two innocent children, we used to be so close. Now that we’re all grown up, are you planning to kick me to the curb?”

Her sobs continuously echoed in his ears.

It was as if the angelic little girl from his childhood had reappeared before him.

He knitted his brows, “You disappointed me.”

“I promise I’ll not act stupid anymore. You should know what kind of person I am, right? I just lost my mind the other day, especially when… when you defended Ashlyn. I was jealous. I was really jealous of her.”

Hera wailed even louder.

She could feel the man’s tone had softened after hearing her sweet and coquettish voice. She went up closer, stood beside him, wrapped her hands around his arm, and nudged him with her bosom as if it were unintentional.

She continued seducing him very casually and unintentionally.

She looked at the man’s handsome face with her big eyes and said, “On several occasions, you said you’re going to get a divorce. Yet, you’re still married. I know you’re the perfect man that every woman wants. When Ashlyn once again caught your attention, I was scared and worried. Please forgive me for being so jealous of her. It’s all because I like you very much!”

All this while, she had always been open about her feelings for him.

Yet, Lucas had always kept a distance from her. He had never kissed her, let alone held her hands.

He could never imagine himself being in a romantic relationship with her.

Lucas narrowed his eyes in disgust. He detestedthe way the woman rubbed her body against his arm.

If it were not because this woman had saved his life when he was still a child, he would have instantly thrown her out of his office.

He suppressed his irritation, pulled his arm away from her, and said with a deadpan expression, “I cherished my friendship with you because of the childhood memories we once had, but Hera, you truly disappointed me. All those memories mean nothing to me anymore. I’ve never promised to date you or marry you, and my plan to get a divorce has nothing to do with you too. I hope I’ve cleared up all the misunderstandings here.”

“What did you say?” Hera widened her eyes in disbelief and looked at his stony expression. “No. I don’t believe you. You’ve never been close with any other women before. We went out for meals together, and you even gave me flowers.”

“I’ll bring you to meet Ms. Saunders because I owed you one. I can help you achieve your goals, but I’ll never date you or take you as my wife!” Lucas rejected her icily while exuding an aura that would deter anyone away from him.

Hera’s tears gushed down her cheeks uncontrollably.

How did things end up like this?

This is not what I’ve expected!

“No. No, Lucas. You must have liked me before, right? It was clear that you wanted me to be your girlfriend!” Hera shook her head and cried, “You’re only saying this because what I did earlier upset you. You’re trying to make me angry, right?”

Lucas wanted to put an end to this misunderstanding. He had never thought of being in a relationship with Hera.

He never had and never will.

Admittedly, he had shared fond childhood memories with Hera, but that was different from love. Lucas was certain about it.

He would never marry a woman he did not love merely because she had saved his life when he was younger.

Even if Hera had grown up to be unattractive or disabled, he would remain grateful to her.

He would repay her kindness, but falling in love with her was not the way! Impossible!

“Hera, whether I’m still married or divorced, you’re not the one for me. I’m grateful to you, but that’s not love. They’re totally different, so I hope you don’t get confused.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 159

Hera looked at him in agony. Her lips trembled, and she was devastated. “No, Lucas. Please don’t be so cruel to me…”

Lucas frowned, “Go out now. I’ll take you to Ms. Saunders at 4 pm later.”

Upon hearing that, Hera immediately put on a smile as if she had caught a glimpse of hope.

Since he’s still willing to take me to Ms. Saunders, does this mean I shouldn’t take what he said earlier too seriously?

She wiped her tears and exclaimed, “Thank you, Lucas. I’ll leave you now, and I’ll be back later.”

Spencer had been standing outside the office with Lucas’ lunchbox for a long time.

Once Hera left, he immediately entered the office.

That woman must have come to disturb Mr. Nolan at 12 pm on purpose since she knows everyone around here would have gone out for lunch.

On that day, South Star Airlines had introduced a new policy to forbid non-employees from entering the president’s office.

At 4 pm, Hera and Lucas arrived at Imperial Tea House.

Located in the city center’s prime location, Imperial Tea House stood out among all the modern commercial buildings because of its classic façade.

Many prominent figures in Riverdale enjoyed coming here to luxuriate in their afternoon tea.

Almost all the rich and powerful elites would be honored had they earned the right to dine here.

If it were not for Lucas, Hera would not have a chance to enter this legendary tea house.

They slowly walked into the tea house and were greeted by the waiters, who then opened the door for them.

The interior of the tea house exuded a quaint charm, and every detail in the shop was sophisticated.

Most of the tables were occupied, and most of the guests were familiar faces from the elite class.

Clad in a traditional costume, the waiters asked in a courteous manner, “How can we help you?”

“We have an appointment at Celestial Room,” Lucas said aloofly.

Suddenly, a melodious sound of a string instrument coming from upstairs had caught everyone’s attention.

The sound was so harmonious and sweet-sounding that it touched the hearts of all the guests in the tea house.

Even those who did not understand music would appreciate and praise its beauty!

Just when Hera was about to ask the waiter who the performer was, someone exclaimed, “It’s Ms. Saunders! She’s the one playing the harp!”

“We’re so blessed to have hear Ms. Saunders perform!”

All the other guests were just as pleasantly surprised when they heard Ms. Saunders’ name.

Hera had studied music before, so she could tell how skillful she was. She could not help but ask the waiter, “Isn’t Ms. Saunders a professional pianist?”

“Though Ms. Saunders had only spent a month to master the piano, the harp is still her favorite instrument. Whenever she’s free, she would come and perform a tune or two in the tea house. Her presence here has helped boost our business.”

Of course, many guests frequented the tea house because of Ms. Saunders’ fame!

One month!

One month was all she needed to master the piano, and she won the first prize in the World Piano Competition!

For someone who had been taking piano lessons since young, this was a slap in Hera’s face.

Just the thought of it made her head spin, and she nearly fainted.

“We have an appointment with Ms. Saunders,” Lucas said in a cold voice.

Hera smiled and added, “Could you please bring us to Ms. Saunders’ room?”

The waiter looked at Lucas and responded with a grin, “So you’re Mr. Nolan. Follow me.”

All the guests were green with envy as they watched the waiter bring the two of them to the second floor.

The waiter brought them to Celestial Room. The moment he opened the door, a charmingly antiquated room appeared before their eyes.

They were greeted by clouds of smoke from an incense burner on the table.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 160

The faint scent of sandalwood wafted over.

Behind the table was a screen with a drawing of a lady-in-waiting from historical times. The melodious harmony was coming from behind the screen.

The servers poured the two of them cups of tea before leaving the room.

Lucas let the beautiful music carry him away. His slender fingers softly tapped the tabletop in tandem with the rhythm.

Hera carefully blew on her steaming cup of tea as she watched the handsome Lucas.

When they entered the tea house, she had caught sight of several female customers and employees gazing at her with envy.

She could not help but revel in being the object of their jealousy.

She adored being the center of attention.

If only… We could stay like this forever.

As time slipped away, the harp continued to play, its tune just as captivating as ever.

After some time, Hera became impatient and huffed, “Lucas, do you think she’s just out to waste our time? It’s been over an hour and she still hasn’t shown her face.”

“Quiet.” Lucas shushed her expressionlessly.

He could discern wisps of loneliness threaded through the dulcet song.

The legendary genius of Ms. Saunders is in a league of its own. She might be the only person with the ability to comprehend it.

Suddenly, the music changed. It was now brash and ferocious. The sound barraged its listeners from all directions with its intensely brutal melody. The overwhelming gravity of the music’s aggression would ensnare anyone.

Lucas furrowed his brow. Ms. Saunders sure is…

At this moment, a sharp note marked the end of the music. The room fell silent.

Lucas’s cold lips murmured, “Ms. Saunders, my name is Lucas Nolan. You were introduced to me by Ashlyn Berry and Mrs. Field. We come before you with nothing but respect.”

The server from before knocked on the door before stepping into the room. He respectfully gestured towards Lucas and said, “Mr. Nolan, please come with me.”

As such, Lucas and Hera were led by the server to the other side of the screen.

They found the space empty. But the area past it was enormous. The server pulled aside a sheer curtain and they continued waking through. Along the way, they passed a large and ancient-looking bookshelf.

The bookshelf was filled to the brim with books, some of which were the only one of their kind.

After the bookshelf was an antique cabinet. Lucas’s eyes widened slightly at the sight of the numerous priceless antiques placed inside.

As they advanced further, they came across a room.

The entire journey so far had felt as though they had traveled back in time to the golden era.

The smell of parchment paper perforated the air. The intoxicating scent was enough to convince a person they had truly traveled back in time.

The server pushed open the door. The room inside was decorated with a sole dark red table. An antique bench was set down along every side of the table and a gently smoking incense burner sat atop the table.

A woman clad in bright red historical clothing was perched on one of the benches. She cradled a harp in her arms.

Her back was to them so her features remained a mystery.

However, she carried herself with unquestionable elegance and genteel.

Beside the woman was another older, middle-aged woman also dressed in historical attire. She was the epitome of dignity. Her deep red attire was embroidered with intricate peonies, giving her the look of a historical woman from high society.

The middle-aged woman grinned and was murmuring in a voice too low to pick up.

At the sound of the footsteps, the middle-aged woman lifted her gaze to meet Lucas. She smiled warmly and waved Lucas over. “Come here, Lucas. Let me introduce you to Madeline Saunders.”

Lucas’s frigid aura thawed slightly. “Thank you, Madam.” Lucas respectfully replied.

The middle-aged lady was a familiar face to him. She was none other than Joseph Field’s mother, Mrs. Field. She pointed at the bench nearby and instructed him to sit.

She patted the hands of the woman next to her. “Ashlyn, this is my nephew who’s been dying to meet you. He’s begged me multiple times and I had no choice but to oblige him by bringing him here.”

Hera was nothing but a wallflower throughout this interaction. Mrs. Field merely glanced past her before swiftly moving on.

She gritted her teeth and threw a look of indignance Mrs. Field’s way.

She was the wife of James Field. Her eldest son was uninterested in politics and insisted on entering the corporate world. He held the seat of honor as an executive of Nolan Group and possessed unimaginable authority.

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