My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 151-155

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 151

Besides, some of them even sent the video to their friends and families.

Before today, Hera was known as a graceful lady who came from a family of renowned pianists. Besides, she was talented in drawing and even sold one of her paintings for five hundred thousand in an auction before.

There was a time when many clan leaders from different prominent families saw Hera as a role model to their children. As such, many socialites were annoyed for being compared with her at home.

“Look at the daughter of the Chapman family. She can play piano and even drawing! What about you? You know nothing but live an extravagant lifestyle! Can’t you discipline yourself and work on something meaningful instead? Alas, I can put my mind at ease if you can acquire at least half of Hera Chapman’s skills.”

Hence, the socialites were more than happy when Hera showed her true colors.

Well, she is just a b***h after all! Besides, she is even blacklisted by LX!

Before the staff acted, Lucas furiously gave Spencer a signal to drag her out of the outlet.

The atmosphere in the Bentley was tense.

Hera curled herself up on the corner and sobbed from time to time.

Meanwhile, Lucas felt annoyed by her voice.

“How dare you insult her?” That man sneered at Hera ferociously.

As the terrifying air surrounded the car, Hera curled up to avoid his gaze. At this moment, she really wished to vanish from the world.

My god, it’s horrible. Why does Lucas look so terrifying when he gets angry?

As she began to sweat, she dared not to wail but only sobbed softly.

Even though tears continued to stream down her face, she dared not take deep breaths and remained as quiet as possible.

The next moment, Lucas said in a piercingly cold voice, “There will be no more next time!”

Once Lucas said it, Hera felt that the air was frozen.

After a while, Hera was driven out of the car and stood helplessly at the roadside.

She couldn’t help but squat down and hug herself. The next moment, she began to wail to let out her emotions.

I have irked Lucas! What should I do? It all happened because of Ashlyn Berry.

Since Hera felt that she was wronged, she looked ferocious with her tears filled with envy.

It’s Ashlyn Berry… Ashlyn Berry did all these to me!

As Cindy wished, she finally became one of the trending searches online.

Nevertheless, she didn’t make it because of paying any money to be on the list.

On the contrary, the group photo of Ashlyn, Lucas, and her became the trending search.

Furthermore, the brand of LX also became one of the trending searches.

Netizens began to search for more information about the reputation of LX and its impressive designs.

Even Terry was surprised and couldn’t help but say, “You finally have the luck. I don’t even have to spend the money for it.”

“Well, I can’t always be unlucky,” Cindy said satisfactorily. “To be honest, I really have to thank Ms. Berry for it. She is indeed an impressive lady.”

“Besides, Hera Chapman was silly enough to show her true colors in front of everyone. When you met her during the birthday party, I thought she was really a noblewoman,” Terry also said in disdain. “She has disgraced the entire Chapman family this time.”

“You’re right!” As Cindy spoke, she looked at the list of trending searches again excitedly.

I guess no one will accuse me of being the other woman again even though I’m in the trending searches with the president.

After all, I was invited by the brand to become the Outlet Manager for One Day. On the other hand, Hera Chapman came to the outlet with Lucas together. Under such circumstances, everyone can see clearly who the other woman was!

Even though Cindy did think about being Mrs. Nolan one day, she didn’t go overboard like Hera.

Moreover, the issue about LX blacklisted Hera also became one of the trending searches.

At that time, the socialites took photos and videos when Hera made trouble in the LX outlet and even uploaded them online.

Hera Chapman ruined her image as a talented lady.

She reveals herself as a b***h!

Is this how a family of prominent pianists educate its daughter?

It’s indeed eye-opening.

I used to think that she is pretentious, but she is even worse than I thought.

She deceived us all.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 152

What’s more, Hera Chapman even wanted to cause trouble to Jared Quickton’s girlfriend!

However, Lucas stopped her and protected Ashlyn Berry like he was her boyfriend.

Even though Lucas looked cold, he was still very handsome! Although the short videos were recorded randomly without applying any shooting techniques, Ashlyn still looked beautiful and graceful, while Lucas was breathtakingly handsome.

Besides, netizens were all impressed as soon as they saw the pictures of them.

Hey, do you guys think Mrs. Nolan knows that Mr. Nolan protected Ms. Berry?

Will Mrs. Nolan punish Mr. Nolan violently?

I guess he has to repent for his mistake. Anyway, he looked so cool when he protected Ms. Berry!

But still, I have to say it out loud. Does Mrs. Nolan know that you care about another woman so much?

Since Ms. Berry is so graceful, Ms. Chapman looked like an evil witch in comparison. The outsiders might even think that Ms. Berry is the lady from the family of prominent pianists!

Exactly! Ms. Berry is a socialite that lived up to my imagination.

Hera didn’t expect that the news wouldn’t cease and snowballed as time went by.

Therefore, she hid at home and dared not to go out.

On the other hand, Mrs. Chapman almost fainted in the hospital when she read the trending gossips on the internet.

She immediately went home and saw Hera, who curled up on the corner of her bed, sobbing pitifully.

Sisley said furiously, “You always boasted that Lucas would be yours sooner or later. But look at what happened now! I mean, you offended almost everyone! Will Lucas still be fond of you from now on?”

“Mom, what should I do now?” Tears began to stream down her face when she continued, “I didn’t know why I reacted in such a manner.”

“Have you lost your mind? How did I teach you in the past? Your Grandpa is still in the hospital now. Do you still want to be the family’s successor?” Sisley was disappointed in Hera. “I tell you what, you have to reconcile with Lucas at all costs, even if that means you have to kneel and beg him!”

“Mom!” Hera looked up at her and said between sobs, “Mom, he’s irritated by me now. How can I beg him…”

“Are you stupid? Can you use your brain to think?” After taking a deep breath to calm herself down, Sisley whispered in Hera’s ear to give her some instructions.

After listening to her carefully, Hera replied, “Mom, I understand. I will accomplish this.”

“You better do it seriously and don’t ever disappoint me again,” Sisley warned her coldly.

After returning to Whitland Villa, Lucas glanced around the empty living room and heaved a sigh.

The next moment, he began to feel famished since he hadn’t had any food after breakfast.

Hence, he went to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

He was in a better mood once he saw loads of food in it.

After that, he took out a bowl of noodles and put it in a microwave.

Since Lucas was aware that Ashlyn prepared the food in the fridge, he enjoyed eating the noodles very much.

Eventually, his stomach felt better after having some food.

Nevertheless, Lucas began to feel cranky when he recalled the reason that Ashlyn prepared so much food in the fridge – She wouldn’t return to the villa anytime soon.

Damn it! Does she really hate to come back to this place so much?

Why did she prepare so much food? I think it can last for at least a week!

After having the noodles, he took a picture of the empty bowl and sent it to Ashlyn on Twitter.

“I have finished eating it.”

Even though Ashlyn didn’t reply, he still stared at the chat box silently.

Nonetheless, there was still no answer from Ashlyn after five to six minutes.

As Lucas became impatient, he clicked on the video call button right away.

Meanwhile, Ashlyn heard the video call ringtone once she came out of the bathroom. Who calls me at this hour?

The moment she grabbed her phone, the video call invitation popped up on the screen.

It’s Lucas…

After hesitating for a while, she clicked on the button to accept the call.

The next moment, a handsome man came into sight and asked, “Why didn’t you reply to my message?”

“Oh, I was taking a shower,” Ashlyn replied blandly.

Ashlyn was wearing a long white bathrobe that covered the curve of her hips nicely. As the light penetrated the bathrobe from the side, Lucas could roughly see that she wasn’t wearing any clothes underneath the bathrobe.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 153

The night breeze, which swirled under the moonlight, blew into the window and birled the corners of her shirt.

The shadow of the light could be faintly seen in the dark.

Ashlyn smoothened the corners of her shirt with one hand and flipped her damp long hair with the other.

A wisp of hair that swept above her left shoulder had thoroughly wet the left side of her bathrobe.

Droplets of water gently glided down her long silky smooth neck to her fair and delicate collarbone. Under the light that shone right on it, they sparkled with radiance.

With a tint of red on her fair cheeks, her skin glowed like white porcelain.

Her glistening eyes were not only pretty but seductive.

Even just looking at her through the screen of a phone made Lucas feel instantly dry and thirsty.

Lucas gulped, and his sensuous Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, “The bowl of dried noodles is very nice.” But you’re more delicious!

Ashlyn giggled. She then gently used a towel and wiped off the excess moisture on her hair with her long smooth hands, “Really? But it’s just a simple dish. As a CEO, I’m sure you must have savored all kinds of exquisite gourmets.”

The man looked cold and responded with a deadpan expression.

He remained silent, so did Ashlyn.

Ashlyn did not know why did he switch on the video cam.

She stood up slowly, and a subtle sound crept into his ears. Soon, she returned to her seat.

Lucas noticed she had a hairdryer in her hands.

Before he could open his mouth and ask, he heard the buzzing sound coming from the hairdryer.

Lucas’ mouth opened, and he shut it back without saying anything.

He used to help her blow dry her hair. Ashlyn’s hair was not only long but also soft like silk. It was definitely smooth to the touch.

This was why he would tend to play with her hair out of habit.

But right now, he could only stare at his empty palms and reminisce that feeling.

After blowing her hair dry, Ashlyn applied a layer of hair serum and gently massaged her hair.

Upon realizing her hair was almost dry, she put down the hairdryer, “I’m done.”

As a beauty, she could effortlessly charm anyone by just twirling her hair with her fingers and look noble and glamorous.

He had to suppress his urge.

“You promised me you’ll arrange for me to meet Ms. Saunders.”

“Oh, yes. How about tomorrow? She’s available,” Ashlyn responded casually.

Lucas was at a loss for words upon hearing Ashlyn’s response. She made it sound as if anyone could casually meet Ms. Saunders.

“Are you close with her?”

“I think so.”

Lucas suppressed his voice and said, “I’ll… see you tomorrow then.”

“Alright. Anything else?” Ashlyn looked at him calmly with her beautiful eyes that did not show any emotions.

As if he was a stranger.

“Nope,” Lucas replied in an even suppressed voice.

“Goodnight,” Ashlyn ended the call right away. She did not even give time to Lucas to add anything more to his sentence.

The screen turned dark.

Lucas sat still like a statue.

He looked at the empty room and whispered, “Goodnight.”

He stared at the black screen, and his eyes were full of disdain. What a cruel woman.

Without hesitation, she just simply hung up on him.

He waited for a long time for her to blow dry her hair, yet this was the treatment he got in return.

Early next morning at the Chapman residence, Hera did not sleep well last night. Her eyes were red and swollen and had dark circles beneath them. She looked ashen-faced and haggard.

Mrs. Chapman knocked on the door and went into her room. She saw tissues scattered all over the floor and her daughter still crouching in a corner.

She could not help but let out a deep sigh.

Seeing her daughter in this state, how could she not feel bad for her?

Yet, she was too young and still rebellious.

“Alright, alright. It has already happened. There’s no point for you to sit here and cry over spilled milk. Come, I’ll accompany you to visit Lucas, so you can apologize to him nicely, okay? Go and freshen up now.”

Mrs. Chapman pulled her hand and dragged her out of her bed.

Hera, who still seemed zoned out, nodded. She looked absolutely depressed.

“Mom, can you help me think of ways to deal with that woman Ashlyn?”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 154

Hera was already frail and skinny, and now she looked even more fragile than ever. A gust of wind would have easily blown her away.

“Listen to me. I’ll take care of that b*tch for you,” Mrs. Chapman consoled her, “I’ve much more life experiences than her. I bet she can’t do anything to me.”

Hera was relieved to hear her mother’s assurance.

After freshening up a little and putting on light makeup, she looked much better.

She then walked downstairs with Mrs. Chapman. The moment she sat down by the dining table, she heard a sarcastic voice, “I don’t want to sound like a bad person, but you’ve really embarrassed yourself.”

Dressed in an emerald, green dress, the second wife of the Chapman family walked into the dining hall.

Since every member of the Chapman family stayed together in the same villa, where internal strife and disagreements were bound to happen.

They did not engage in arguments openly, but all of them were schemeful and had something up their sleeves.

Mrs. Chapman smiled and looked at the second lady of the family, “What are you talking about? Those posts that you’ve read from the Internet are just rumors. Do you think Hera would do that?”

“That brand has posted about it on its social media, and it even mentioned Hera’s name!” Clearly, she was gloating over the incident.

“What?” Upon hearing those words, Hera’s heart sank even deeper even though she was already depressed.

“Didn’t you know?” The second lady of the house rolled her eyes from one side to another and turned her attention back to Hera. She intentionally emphasized every single word, “This morning, at 7 am, LX published a post about you on their official social media account. Glorious Group also posted something about you.”

Hera’s face instantly turned as pale as a ghost, and her voice trembled, “That’s impossible…”

“Go and check on their social media accounts yourself.” The second lady took a sip of milk, “Oh dear, if our old master finds out about this, his illness might become worse! Look at the things you’ve done, Hera. I think you should avoid going to the hospital in the next couple of days.”

She then went on saying something else, but Hera did not bother to listen to her anymore.

At that point, she had come across trending topics on social media.

LX’s official statement

Glorious Group’s official statement

She clicked on the topic on LX and read, “In regard to Ms. Hera Chapman’s abusive remarks on our brand, we reserve the right to pursue legal actions against her. As of now, we hereby declare our brand will put an end to any form of collaboration with Ms. Hera Chapman from now onwards.”

Hera then immediately went to check on Glorious Group’s official account.

“Glorious Group has always upheld the values of peace and harmony as they set the direction of our company. Ms. Hera Chapman’s inappropriate action clearly opposes our values, and we do not endorse such behavior. Hence, we hereby declare from now on, all companies under Glorious Group will no longer work with Ms. Hera Chapman.”

Glorious Group!

Glorious Group was the distributor of luxurious brands in H Nation.

Whether they were mid-range or high-end or products, Glorious Group had the exclusive right to import them all.

Not only were they the distributor of these luxurious goods, but they also owned many world-renowned stores that sell premium products.

This was why Glorious Group had a powerful presence in not only H Nation’s fashion industry but also that of worldwide.

Being boycotted by Glorious Group meant Hera had also offended the entire fashion industry.

As a socialite, she had totally burned bridges with the fashion world.

When socialites gathered, they would talk about new bags, clothes, and custom-made facial products.

Now, the reality had slapped Hera in the face. She no longer had access to this social group.

But what had this got to do with Glorious Group?

Its president, Richard Shaw was an influential businessman who resided overseas.

If he were to stay in the country, he would top the list of the wealthiest bachelors.

What was Ashlyn’s relationship with Glorious Group?

Hera was dumbstruck.

Being boycotted by LX alone was not a big deal as she could still shop elsewhere. Buying newly launched products at LX was not a must, after all.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 155

But what if the other premium and international brands decided not to entertain her as well?

Could she still make a public appearance in the future?

Without products from luxurious brands, what else could she wear?

Does this mean I have no choice but to wear old clothes to attend events and social gatherings?

The thought of people giving her a pathetic look drove her mad.

“Ah!” Hera was so mad that she threw away her phone. She then buried her head in her hands and cried in agony.

“I can’t take it anymore! I can’t! How could Glorious Group side with that bitch?”

Her expression turned gruesome, and a towering rage could be seen blazing in her vicious eyes.

The second lady of the family was taken aback, “Oh my, Hera! You almost scared the daylights out of me.”

She gulped down her milk, ate a sandwich, and left.

Ha, what a laughing stock!

Not only does this brat throw tantrums like a spoiled child at home, but she also did the same in public.

Mrs. Chapman gritted her teeth, kept the phone away, and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll pay someone to take care of the trending topics. We can always go on a shopping spree overseas since we can afford it. Glorious Group is just the distributor of those products. They don’t monopolize the market, anyway.”

“But I feel so embarrassed, mom!” Hera’s red eyes swelled like a pair of walnuts.

Tears that gushed down her cheeks had messed up the makeup on her face.

She wished she could tear Ashlyn into pieces right now!

“Alright, alright. Hush, hush. Let mommy settle the problem on social media for you first. Let’s see who dares to make fun of you when you marry Lucas in the future. With Lucas around, all these brands would come crawling and beg for you to return to their stores!”

“But…” Before Hera could finish her sentence, Mrs. Chapman interrupted her, “Shush. No more buts. Mom is here to help.”

These trending topics on the social media were abuzz, and Netizens could not stop making fun of Hera.

Some socialites, whom Hera had boycotted in the past, took this opportunity to expose all her wrongdoings.

Spitting saliva into a classmate’s cup and wearing classmates’ clothes without their permission were among the atrocities she had committed.

She had even violently attacked a female classmate, causing the victim to transfer to another school.

Some fashion brands also exposed Hera for taking their sample products when she attended their events and did not even bother to pay.

Wow! What she did in the past blew my mind! This Hera Chapman is truly one of a kind.

She is such a terrible person. She has truly brought shame to her grandfather Mr. Chapman, who has maintained a good reputation as a renowned pianist.

Argh, disgusting.

I’d strangle her right away if she’s my classmate.

She even had the face to take advantage of those brands by taking their products?

Not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse for brands to have this kind of socialite at their event.

Ashlyn read through the posts on social media and froze for a second.

Why did Glorious Group make this move though?

At that moment, she received a call.

“Hey, did you get Glorious Group to do this?” Ashlyn asked in a puzzled voice.

The man smiled and replied charismatically, “Are you going to thank me?”

“She’s just a nobody. You shouldn’t have wasted your time and energy to deal with this kind of person,” Ashlyn said blandly.

“Ashlyn, what have you been doing in the last four years? Why didn’t you come to find me?” Richard seemed to be implying something, “You’re so close with Jared but you always keep a distance from me. Why?”

“You’re jealous? Come on, he’s my subordinate, and you’re my brother,” Ashlyn chuckled, “You’re the CEO of Glorious Group, a busy businessman. How can you get jealous of a man who works for me?”

Upon hearing her silvery laugh, Richard’s dark eyes glistened, “Let’s have dinner once I get back, okay?”

“Dinner with you? Please. I don’t want your admirers to catch us and tear me into pieces,” Ashlyn mumbled.

“Stop being so ridiculous!” Richard exclaimed in frustration.

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