My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 146-150

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 146

Cindy almost cried tears of joy because she was selected by Ms. X. She immediately said gratefully, “Please thank her on behalf.”

“You’re welcome, Ms. Wynn,” The brand manager replied and thought to herself. Well, you wouldn’t thank her if you heard what she said word by word.

Cindy was selected to be the Outlet Manager for One Day in name only because her job scope was still of a salesperson.

Besides, she had to cooperate whenever anyone wanted to take pictures.

LX wasn’t a well-known international brand but a local brand instead. Nevertheless, it had gained popularity in recent years due to its creative and eye-catching designs. Hence, it had become one of the favorite brands of many female socialites.

Another important selling point of LX was that only three clothes of the same design were available in its outlets. They were in three different sizes, small, medium, and large. Once three sizes were sold, customers couldn’t buy the clothes in the same outlet again.

In other words, the clothes produced by LX were all limited editions. Given that there were more than a hundred LX outlets worldwide, only three hundred clothes of the same design were available.

In the past two years, wearing LX clothes became a trend among female socialites. In fact, they would be proud of themselves for putting on LX clothes.

One of the reasons was that LX clothes were always selling fast.

Under normal circumstances, new designs would be sold out almost immediately once they were exhibited.

The customers who arrived late would have no choice but to wait for new designs. It’s sold out!

Furthermore, once LX released a new design, Ms. X, its designer, would become one of the trending searches online.

However, Ms. X was a mysterious person because she never showed up in public.

As such, Cindy was excited because she was motivated by LX. Besides, Terry also promised to pay to make her one of the topics in trending searches.

As soon as a customer entered the outlet, Cindy came up to her and said smilingly, “Welcome!”

The woman, who wore a black dress and wavy hair, was none other than Hera Chapman. Once she noticed Cindy, she said in disgust, “It’s you? Why are you here?”

Hera almost thought that she went into the wrong outlet.

At this time, Cindy also recognized Hera. Although she held grudges against Hera and noticed Hera’s disgust, she held back her emotions for the sake of her mission today.

After all, Cindy didn’t want to ruin her chance to be among the trending searches. As such, she remained calm and asked politely, “Ms. Chapman, what would you like to buy? I can recommend all the new designs in this outlet for you.”

Nevertheless, Hera sneered and replied rudely, “Why are you recommending clothes for me? Have you changed your occupation from an actress to a salesperson? Never mind, a salesperson is also a promising job.”

Hera was clearly mocking her.

When the outlet manager noticed that Hera was displeased, she immediately came over and greeted, “Ms. Chapman, it’s been a long time. Please let me serve you.”

Nonetheless, Hera gave Cindy a hostile look and said, “It’s okay. I want this new salesperson to recommend some clothes for me. Let me test her fashion taste. If she can do it well, I will tip her. But if she fails, I would advise you to fire her right away.”

As much as Cindy was furious, she held back her anger and said smilingly, “Ms. Chapman, please come with me.”

Deep in her heart, Cindy cursed her with all kinds of bad words.

At this moment, Lucas was scrolling his phone in a rest area near the outlet.

After a while, Hera said to him, “Lucas, please come here and give some comments. Do I look beautiful in this dress?”

Even though Lucas was a little irritated, he still stood up and went toward the LX outlet.

On the other hand, Cindy stared at Hera with envy once Hera called Lucas’s name. Why does Lucas go shopping with this b***h?

After Lucas came up to her, he glanced at Hera coldly and said, “Not bad.”

“Mr. Nolan, how are you?” Cindy glanced at Lucas and greeted him gleefully.

Lucas shifted his cold glance and rested upon a lady with big boobs. She was staring at him while flashing him a disgusting smile.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 147

Who is this?

He frowned impatiently but still nodded in response to greet her.

At this moment, the brand manager and outlet manager suddenly stood up in unison. They came up to a tall and graceful woman and greeted, “Ms. Berry, how are you?”

“Ms. Berry, our Outlet Manager for One Day is Ms. Cindy Wynn.”

“Ms. Berry, the new designs are fast-selling items now. Would you like to take a look?”

Nevertheless, Ashlyn, who was cold-faced, interrupted them, “I understand. I will look around on my own.”

Since Ashlyn gave a clear response, both of them dared not to speak again.

Instead, they followed Ashlyn behind like her obedient underlings.

Meanwhile, Ashlyn felt that someone was staring at her once she walked into the outlet.

When she frowned a little and glanced at the other side, her gaze met Lucas’ coincidentally.

Lucas? Why is he here? Is he here to support Cindy?

However, she soon realized that she made a wrong guess.

As if she was declaring sovereignty over Lucas, Hera pulled his arm over her and said in a cute voice, “Lucas, look at me. How do I look in this dress?”

Oh, I see. He’s here to accompany Hera Chapman to go shopping.

Meanwhile, Cindy was furious as she stared at Hera’s arms. How dare Hera Chapman wraps her arms around Lucas Nolan’s? I haven’t even touched him once! Damn it!

Fortunately, as an actress, she was trained to manage her emotions.

Besides, the reporters would land her in serious trouble if they took pictures of her showing an angry face.

On the other hand, Lucas put down his arm unknowingly to avoid any physical contact with Hera and said randomly, “Not bad.”

When Hera put on another red dress, Lucas unknowingly felt that it would suit Ashlyn better.

After all, Ashlyn had an almost perfect body shape, particularly her slim waist.

As Lucas unconsciously fixed his gaze upon her slim waist, he suddenly felt some heat at his lower abdomen and was about to get an erection.

He was sexually aroused by merely looking at her.

On the other hand, the reporters, who squatted and took pictures, were stunned when they saw Ashlyn.

“Isn’t she Jared’s girlfriend?”

“Wow, is she a loyal customer of LX too?”

“She elegant and even more beautiful than an actress.”

After a while, a recently graduated reporter plucked up her courage to come up to Ashlyn and said shyly, “Ms. Berry, can… can I ask you a few questions?”

Once the reporter finished, Cindy was exasperated. Humph! I have been standing here for quite some time. But no one interviewed me even though I am an actress! I mean, who is this Ms. Berry?

Ashlyn began to size up the reporter once she finished. The reporter was young, slightly round-faced, and looked a little timid and innocent.

After a while, Ashlyn blinked her beautiful eyes and replied blandly, “Ms. Wynn is our Outlet Manager for One Day now. I would suggest that you have an interview with her. But you can take several pictures of me. Also, remember to take good pictures.”

The next moment, Cindy, who was furious in the beginning, glanced at Ashlyn in disbelief.

Why does this woman forgo the chance to seek the limelight?

As an actress, Cindy witnessed a lot of dirty tricks in the entertainment industry. Since Cindy finally found a woman who didn’t seek the limelight, she couldn’t help but have a good impression of Ashlyn.

On the other hand, Lucas fixed his gaze upon Ashlyn ever since she walked into the outlet.

Surprisingly, he suddenly said to the reporter, “Take several pictures of me too.”

All reporters were startled and stared at Lucas.

Who is this guy? Oh, I remember it! He’s Mr. Nolan!

He was a prominent figure in Lake City, well known for his wickedness.

Therefore, the reporters didn’t dare take private pictures of him even though they had been stationed here for quite some time.

Why does Mr. Nolan ask us to take his pictures now?

At this time, the other reporters looked at the fortunate newcomer jealously.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 148

If we knew it earlier, we would have requested to interview Jared’s girlfriend!

At this moment, all of the reporters glanced at Ashlyn with an unknowing sense of interest.

She must be a lucky person! From now on, we have to treat Ms. Berry respectfully whenever we see her! We can have more news as long as she’s present!

Right now, the young reporter and cameraman were a little dizzy, as if they were shocked after winning a grand prize in the lottery.

After recollecting themselves, they hastily took pictures of Ashlyn and Lucas.

Lucas looked sturdy and handsome when he wore a black suit and stood at the women’s clothing outlet. It was as if a nobleman was choosing a new dress for a princess.

In fact, Lucas was good-looking even without makeup. He could be one of the most handsome men in the world once he put on makeup.

The cameraman’s hands shook as he took photos of them.

However, as soon as he finished, a man said to him in a deep voice, “Take one more picture.”

Before Ashlyn could react, Lucas grabbed her by her waist and posed before the cameraman.

Since Ashlyn still remembered the theme today, she wriggled slightly and said, “Ms. Wynn, come here.”

Once Cindy was cued, she immediately came up and stood close to Ashlyn.

Meanwhile, Lucas couldn’t help but frown. He was a little displeased that it became a group photo of three.

But he eventually accepted it since having a group photo with Ashlyn was better than nothing.

On the other hand, Cindy was exhilarated as she could take a picture with Lucas and Ashlyn together. Although I’m not standing beside Lucas, I’m still the first actress in the entertainment industry to take a picture with Lucas! I’m the first one!

The actors and actresses in Nolan Entertainment were a lot, yet no one was fortunate enough to take a picture with Lucas before.

Hence, Cindy looked at Ashlyn in admiration, just like the other reporters and cameramen.

After taking the picture, she sincerely expressed her gratitude to Ashlyn. “Thank you so much, Ms. Berry.”

“Well, it is my honor to take a photo with you because you’re the Outlet Manager for One Day of LX,” Ashlyn said blandly.

Cindy felt that Ashlyn looked enchanting with her gorgeous eyebrows and fair skin that glowed under the light.

As more socialites visited the outlet, at least half of the new designs were sold out in merely half an hour.

The LX brand manager and outlet manager remained polite as they said, “Ms. Berry, are you satisfied with Ms. Wynn’s performance today?”

Ashlyn nodded in response and replied, “Ms. Wynn has a great curve.”

In fact, the dress suited Cindy well because she had big boobs. A lady without big boobs would not be able to carry that piece of dress.

As Hera was totally ignored, tears began to well up in her eyes. She asked furiously, “Lucas, why didn’t you take a photo with me?”

“Oh, I forgot,” the man said emotionlessly.

As a matter of fact, he totally forgot that Hera was with him once he saw Ashlyn.

“Lucas, I want her dress,” Hera pointed at Cindy as she said. She was furious because Cindy was in the limelight just now.

After Cindy looked at the outlet manager as a signal to ask for help, the outlet manager said politely, “I’m sorry, Ms. Chapman. I’m afraid this dress doesn’t really suit you.”

“Why can’t I wear it, but she can?” Hera said in a huff. “In that case, can I get hers?” The next moment, she pointed at Ashlyn.

Ashlyn’s dress was of the flagship design of LX. It was exhibited in its new product release during Fashion Week.

This time, the LX brand manager replied, “I’m sorry, Ms. Chapman, there are three dresses of this design worldwide, and only one dress is available in our country. Ms. Berry is wearing the only dress.”

“They bully me! I don’t care! Lucas, can you buy the same dress for me?” Hera looked at Lucas pitifully as if she were about to cry.

The next moment, she bit her lower lips and said as if she was wronged, “Ashlyn Berry and Cindy Wynn bullied me.”

“Why don’t you say LX bullied you?” As soon as Hera finished, Ashlyn gave her a cold stare and shifted her gaze toward Lucas in disdain.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 149

Why does he have bad taste in choosing a girlfriend after getting a divorce from me? Why is he fond of Hera Chapman, who is so fake and ugly?

Perhaps because he sensed her utter contempt, Lucas looked grumpy and exuded an air of menace around him.

Hence, a shiver suddenly ran down Hera’s spine before she wanted to make a fuss over it.

After a while, she looked at him pitifully and said in a cute voice, “Lucas, you said… you will do everything as I ask.”

“But I don’t think he can fulfill your demand this time.” Ashlyn sneered and glanced at the brand manager.

As the brand manager got her signal, she immediately added, “As for the other two dresses of this design, one was purchased by a princess from Spain, whereas the other one was purchased by the Queen of Brunei. So, Ms. Chapman, I would suggest that you choose other designs instead. If you don’t make a decision quickly, I’m afraid other new designs will be out of stock soon.”

At this moment, Hera felt that she was humiliated. She stopped looking pitiful before Lucas anymore but said in a piercing voice instead, “LX isn’t any top international fashion brand. Instead, it’s merely a new designer’s brand. In that case, will princesses and queens choose this brand? Are you kidding me?”

Nevertheless, the brand manager answered coldly, “Ms. Chapman, you are our honored guest the moment you have entered our outlet. But because you slandered and belittled our brand, I have to request for your cooperation to leave now!”

As a matter of fact, Hera pretended to behave nicely from the beginning to get Lucas’ sympathy.

Now that she was rude and utterly unreasonable, she totally shattered her image – a graceful lady from a prominent family.

On the other hand, Lucas got increasingly impatient.

He couldn’t understand why Hera could change so much.

What happened to the girl, who was as innocent as an angel when she lent a hand to him?

Does time really change a person entirely?

“Lucas, I think they don’t want to sell their dresses to me and also disrespect you. To put it simply, LX is merely a small brand. How can it be compared with Nolan Group?” Attempting to drive a wedge between them, Hera said, “How ungrateful you guys are even when the president of Nolan Group comes to your outlet in person. I’m pretty sure all outlets of your small brand will eventually close down!”

Hera was clearly looking for trouble by humiliating LX.

After Hera finished, Ashlyn stared at her eyes. Although Hera’s eyes were good-looking, Ashlyn could sense hints of desire, greed, and wickedness in them.

She instinctively sensed that Hera would want to extract a lot of things from Lucas.

“Is the president of Nolan Group really that noble?”

After a while, Ashlyn fixed her gaze on Lucas and continued, “Mr. Nolan, you’re indeed noble in front of me. Besides, LX is indeed a small and dispensable brand compared to your Nolan Group.”

Since Ashlyn said satirically, Lucas frowned a little and replied, “Everyone is equal, and no one is nobler than the other.”

Ashlyn raised her eyebrows but didn’t respond. The next moment, she turned around and said to the brand manager behind her, “From today onward, all LX outlets are not allowed to sell any products to Hera Chapman. Remember her face and inform all persons-in-charge of LX outlets.”

“You… who are you to blacklist me? How are you related to LX?” Hera pointed at Ashlyn and yelled exasperatedly. “You are slightly successful today only because Jared Quickton backs you up! Who are you to give orders to blacklist me? Do you think your family opens LX outlets?”

Much to Hera’s surprise, the LX brand manager replied right after she finished, “Yes, Ms. Berry.”

“Since Ms. Chapman is that noble, a small brand like LX doesn’t deserve the honor to be chosen by you.” Meanwhile, Ashlyn’s lips quirked when she said to Hera.

Ashlyn flashed her a sweet and generous smile.

Meanwhile, Hera was stunned and looked at her in disbelief. After recollecting herself, she asked curiously, “It’s impossible. Who are you?”

“Who am I? I’m merely an ordinary customer of LX,” Ashlyn still said smilingly.

Although Lucas remained emotionless when he listened to their conversation, he was a little impressed whenever Ashlyn smiled.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 150

Even though Hera was arguing with them, Lucas didn’t intend to back her up at all.

On the other hand, the reporters didn’t expect that they could have a piece of shocking news here.

Hera is perhaps the first person to be blacklisted by a brand! I have never seen such a silly person in my life!

As Hera was boiling with rage, she said, “Do you know who I am?”

Nevertheless, Ashlyn looked at her calmly and replied, “Shouldn’t you check your own identification card to get the answer? Why are you asking me instead?”

As Hera didn’t expect Ashlyn to ridicule her, she fumed, “How dare you?”

Hera stared at Ashlyn ferociously and in disgust. After pausing for a while, she said, “Don’t you think that you can do everything merely because Jared is behind you. You’re only a toy to him! Once he is bored of you, you can cry all you want but can’t do anything to change it! Don’t be so smug now!”

As soon as Hera finished, she flung her hand toward Ashlyn to slap her face.

However, before Ashlyn lifted her hand to stop Hera, someone acted faster than her.

It was Lucas who clasped Hera’s arm to stop her. Although Lucas initially looked composed, he gave Hera a cold-eyed stare and yelled furiously, “Who are you to hit her?”

When he flung Hera’s arms away, she couldn’t steady herself and fell shabbily.

She lay on the floor and looked up at him in disbelief. The next moment, tears streamed down her face when she said, “Lucas, why did you treat me in such a manner for that woman?”

Because she bruised her arm against the floor, her arm began to bleed.

Hera felt the pain when she looked at her own bruise. Besides, she couldn’t stop sobbing as she was disappointed with the way Lucas treated her.

She could never believe that Lucas would push her in an outlet in public!

Nonetheless, the pain on her arm reminded her that everything was real.

On the other hand, everyone near the outlet was shocked by Lucas’s reaction.

Why did Mr. Nolan protect Jared’s girlfriend? Do they have an intertwined relationship?

Meanwhile, Ashlyn was startled too because she never thought that someone would protect her.

But I admire Hera’s courage for attempting to slap me.

She sneered at Hera and put her hair gently behind her ears. After that, she said to the LX brand manager, “Escort her out now!”

“Ashlyn, don’t trash-talk me. I won’t be afraid of you. It’s fine that you threaten LX because Jared backs you. But who are you to drive me out? After all, you’re merely a woman who relies on a man to be successful!”

Since Hera was embarrassed, she couldn’t hold back her emotions and yelled at her non-stop.

As she eventually lost her head, she scolded, “You are merely a useless toy to men for their entertainment. You’re a pretty but useless b***h! How dare you…”

“Shut up!” Lucas stopped her before she continued.

Then, he squinted slightly and warned coldly, “How long do you want to keep it going? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?”

Meanwhile, Spencer was both frightened and shocked after witnessing Hera’s stupidity. Impressive! How dare she scold Ms. Berry non-stop! Also, he didn’t understand why Mr. Nolan would want to be with Hera.

As a matter of fact, Ms. Chapman is discourteous and ill-mannered. Besides, Ms. Berry looks far more beautiful than her! I mean, did Mr. Nolan choose this woman because he is visually impaired somehow?

After Lucas yelled at her, Hera shivered and was frightened.

No… It’s not what you think.

I always portray myself as a gentle and cute lady before Lucas. Why did I become a b***h merely because Ashlyn provoked me?

As if she was suddenly conscious, Hera looked at Lucas and said sobbingly, “Lucas, it’s not what you think. I lost my head just now because I was too angry. Please forgive me!”

Since Lucas remained silent, Hera added, “Lucas, what you saw just now wasn’t the real me. I overreacted only because I was too angry.”

“What a mess!” Ashlyn only felt pity for the new product launching that was almost ruined by Hera single-handedly.

At the same time, many socialites in the outlet witnessed the fuss, and some of them even recorded it secretly.

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