My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 141-145

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 141

Meanwhile, in the ER.

Lucas didn’t seem to mind the simple dinner as he said, “Please… stay with me.”

Ashlyn sat down in front of him and sighed. Thank God he didn’t ask me to feed him.

“Lucas Nolan, you’re not a kid. You should be able to eat even without my company, right?”

The famished man with a poor appetite nodded as a reply. “Yeah.”

My appetite is coming back to me because she’s here.

I suddenly feel like eating again.

The man picked up the cutlery slowly and cut into the fish elegantly.

It was a very simple meal, but the way he carried himself throughout the meal made it seem like he was in a fancy restaurant.

He ate slowly because his empty stomach couldn’t take a lot of food at once.

His stomach ached slightly, but he ignored it.

Half an hour later, Lucas finished his meal, so Ashlyn stood up and declared, “I’m leaving. Go home.”

Lucas, on the other hand, stared at the bed in the ER and proclaimed, “I want to sleep.”

Ashlyn was perplexed. “Sleep?”

She then pointed at the narrow bed and asked, “Are you sure?”

The man nodded and stood up abruptly. With a healthy stride, he went and lay down on the bed. “Sleep with me for two hours.”

Ashlyn was utterly stunned when she saw the man whose legs were dangling from the bed that was way too short for him.

Has Lucas gone insane?

Is he really gonna sleep on the bed in the ER?

But there’s nothing on it, not even a blanket!

Is he not afraid of catching a cold?

Gosh. Lucas really is sick in his head!

She shuffled toward the door quietly and waved to Spencer.

Spencer hurried to her as she opened the door slightly to show him what was inside the room.

The sight that greeted Spencer was his commanding and powerful boss lying down on the threadbare bed.

“Go and… ask the nurse for a clean blanket,” Ashlyn instructed softly.

Spencer heeded her command, and before long, he came back with a new blanket.

Ashlyn took the blanket from him and gently covered Lucas with it.

He should be asleep right now.

Just as she was about to leave, she was suddenly pulled into the man’s embrace!

In an instant, she found herself lying on him.

She could almost feel his solid and defined pectorals, so she was rendered speechless.

Is he acting up because he gained enough energy from the meal just now?

Does he need me? Can’t he sleep on his own?

“Lucas, go home if you want to sleep. This is the ER, not a place for you to fool around.”

The man pulled her closer and muttered, “Comfy. So comfy.”

Comfy my a**!

Ashlyn was speechless!

On the other hand, Lucas didn’t make a sound anymore as his breathing started to become regular.

He was asleep, yet his powerful arms prevented Ashlyn from escaping. She had no choice but to lay on him in a bizarre position.

She was absolutely helpless in this situation.

She wanted to give Lucas a forceful smack, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

She had a feeling that Lucas was just as skilled at her in combat, or maybe even better.

He was always the strongest recruit during the captain’s physical training sessions. Besides that, I heard that he’s trained in combat ever since he’s a child. Even so, I don’t know how strong he actually is.

As she snapped out of that thought, she realized the man beneath her was so brilliantly handsome that he lit up the whole ER room.

His features were defined and his lips were intricately shaped. Even his hair was perfect in every way.

Because she was lying on him, her lips could reach his sexy neck if she lowered her head a little.

Her lips were dangerously close to his body. All she could do was twist her head at an awkward angle or raise her head.

Why is life so difficult?

The most frustrating thing is, once I get too close to him and take a whiff of his alluring scent, blood will rush to my head and make me lose all sense of sanity.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 142

The Spirogyra was tempting and manipulating her incessantly, so she had to take a deep breath to suppress the lust she felt.

I was abused by this man for a whole night a few days ago.

Even though I took my revenge and dumped him, I still don’t want to make love to him at all right now!

This is just ridiculous!

However, no matter how much she despised that thought, her body reacted honestly.

Why is something so excruciating happening to me?

How long have I been laying on him? My neck aches so much it’s about to snap!

After the ordeal, she was finally about to fall asleep.

However, a sharp knock echoed throughout the silent room and stunned Ashlyn.

She said, “Come in.”

Just as Spencer stepped inside, he saw this… bizarre scene. Ashlyn was leaning on Lucas’ chest, yet her feet were planted firmly on the ground, and her body wasn’t lying on Lucas as well.

Only someone as physically fit as Ashlyn could withstand being in such an awkward position. Anyone else would’ve given up after a few minutes.

Ashlyn knew Spencer was the one who knocked because no one else would dare to do that.

“Mr. White, hurry and pry this psychopath’s hands away from me,” Ashlyn instructed urgently.

She was stiff and uncomfortable, yet she couldn’t break free from his grasp.

On the other hand, Spencer only came in to check on them because they didn’t come out of the room even after two hours.

He gulped instinctively and approached Ashlyn. “Please excuse me, Ms. Berry.”

Ashlyn stared at him excitedly and expectantly. “Hurry.”

However, Spencer lifted her legs and placed them on the bed, and her entire body was now sprawling on Lucas’.

Ashlyn was rendered speechless.

Didn’t I ask him to set me free?

Why am I even closer to Lucas now?

“Spencer, what the hell?”

She glared at him menacingly, and she looked almost just like Lucas at that moment.

His entire body trembled as he tried to muster up the courage to say, “Ms. Berry, Mr. Nolan, um… I’m his assistant, and he likes to be close to you… Um, don’t worry, Mr. Nolan donated fifty ambulances and booked this room so no one else will disturb you tonight.”

After that, Spencer took off in a flash, leaving Ashlyn seething in rage.

All her strength and prestige were rendered useless when she was facing the psychopath, Lucas.

He slept soundly and remained that way even when Spencer shambled around the room just now.

Why is he sleeping so soundly right now?

Is this whole ‘insomnia’ thing an act? Did he lie?

Ashlyn glared at Lucas in rage, but she had a change of mind when she saw the dark circles beneath his eyes.

Maybe he really… didn’t rest well these few days.

“Lucas, let me go! Hey! Wake up! Lucas, this is the ER, not your home!”

The man woke up slowly. His eyes were bloodshot from the lack of sleep.

His gaze at that moment could burn a hole through the walls.

However, when he saw the woman in his arms, his gaze softened slightly even though his expression remained stoic.

Ashlyn remembered that before the divorce, Lucas’ one weakness was when she acted all coquettish to him.

However, she hated doing that, and she never acted that way to him after the divorce.

Even so, desperate times called for desperate measures. She recalled the saccharine and gentle tone she used before and said, “My neck is about to snap. Can we go home?”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 143

The terrifying look in Lucas’s eyes had dissipated in an instant without a trace.

The words he heard were relatively unbelievable. It’s been so long… Since she was this sweet.

The man’s focus was on her round and glistering eyes; they reminded him of a lark. Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind.

If she remains this way, I’d even lay down my life for her, let alone a trivial request.

Lucas replied instinctively, “Sure!”

Ashlyn was overjoyed with his answer, “Great! Let go of me now!”

Her arms and neck were almost broken from being strangled by him.

If this were to go on for the rest of the night, she might be the first doctor to die from such a peculiar sleeping posture.

The man stared at her for a while before pinching her chin gently. Then, he whispered in her ear with a hoarse voice, “I’ll let you go if you come home and sleep together with me.”

“Huh?” Ashlyn was dumbfounded.

She had been talking back to him regularly all this while after their divorce and had left him speechless for many a time.

This time, however, she was the one being rendered speechless.

What I meant was that we go back to our own homes, okay?

Lucas remained his gaze on her with his eyes gradually turning gloomy, “Go back to Whitland Villa.”

Ashlyn had an icy expression on her face while sitting in the car on their journey back to Whitland Villa. It was as though a layer of ice covered her entire body.

Spencer was speechless.

What an intimidating aura! Mr. Nolan might be the only person who can stand up to her! Most people wouldn’t be able to take on this unstoppable woman! So the sweet and gentle Ms. Berry we used to know was just an act?

Ashlyn’s anger didn’t recede even when she was lying on the bed with Lucas.

Screw that damned ER and the ambulance! I’ll get even with you, Lucas! How dare you make a fool out of me!

As the thought crossed her mind, she turned to glare at the source of her rage only to find him sleeping soundly—much to her annoyance.

What the… He sleeps like a baby! I’ve never seen him suffering from insomnia before our divorce. But now he has become an insomniac? Who would believe this bullshit?

Ashlyn gradually fell asleep as she contemplated about this matter.

The man opened his eyes after his slumber when the morning came. A familiar sweet scent of a woman was lingering around his nose; it calmed the irritation and wrath inside of him.

Consequently, his furious expression softened, and he lowered his head to look at his arms only to catch sight of a woman curled up like a furry pet and looked like a sleeping beauty.

At this, the emptiness in his heart seemed to be filled.

Nothing in this world could bring him this sense of relief.

Long ago, he thought that his emptiness could be filled by the girl from his younger days.

Because of that, the coincidental meeting with Hera after his grandpa’s death made him thought that he had found his belonging.

Hence, he proposed to divorce Ashlyn but only noticed afterward that her absence was unbearable for him.

Even though there was no love in their marriage, four years of living together had caused him to be used to each other’s habits, lifestyle and increased in tacit understanding.

He couldn’t adapt to the sudden changes in his life.

At first, he had convinced himself that he needed time to get used to this new life.

But it had been a month, and the circumstances didn’t seem to improve.

It was only when he had seen Ashlyn that he felt alive and comfortable.

There were recurring events of him gritted his teeth because of her, yet the sight of her comforted him much, even if it was from a distance.

Then, it came to his realization that he might suffer from some hidden disease other than his manic episode.

His expression was indecipherable.

But little did he know that Hera, whom he thought was the oasis of his empty heart, had been replaced by another person. His obsession was merely a mirage from his younger days.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 144

The man leaned over and planted a kiss on Ashlyn’s lips.

The morning sun seeped in through gaps between the curtains, and the atmosphere of the entire bedroom was lifted up.

Suddenly, he felt like there was immense energy coursing through his body due to being exposed to the sunlight.

At this moment, the phone on the nightstand buzzed.

So, he immediately picked it up and saw a message from Hera.

Lucas, I’ve heard that LX flagship store is launching their new collection. Will you go shopping with me? I wanna buy you a cup of coffee.

Right then, he glanced through the text and then put the phone aside indifferently.

When Ashlyn woke up from her sleep, she saw a man staring intensely at her.

She then cracked her sore neck and said, “Let’s talk, Lucas!”

The man stretched his palm behind her neck and started massaging it.

At this, Ashlyn maintained her posture and squinted her eyes in comfort, “Ah, that hits the spot! Harder!”

“I would be well pleased if you could ask for the same when we sleep together.” The man with his well-built body approached her from behind and added, “I’ll gladly gratify your request.”

Ashlyn’s expression darkened at his words. Unbelievable! How could he talk dirty shamelessly with such a handsome, noble face?

Without hesitation, she elbowed the chest of the man behind her.

Despite being aware of her action, he didn’t dodge it and took the full blow.

Ashlyn was lost for words.

“Felt better?” Lucas inquired, with a touch of love showing on his face while his hand continued massaging her neck. “If you’re good, then get up and make me breakfast.”

Ashlyn gazed at him awkwardly. What happened to his manic episode from yesterday? His vibe is completely different now. All the rage and gloominess from yesterday had disappeared like they never existed. Right now, he looked exactly like the cold man when we just got married. That was odd!

Even so, she didn’t make any comment and headed to the bathroom. Her toiletries and even her skincare products were still in the same place they used to be.

After freshening herself up, she caught a glimpse of a man with tall stature leaning against the door of the washroom, staring at her with a pair of cold eyes.

Then, she looked into his eyes and asked, “I’m going to make breakfast. What would you like to have?”

The man’s voice could be heard echoing around the bedroom, “I’m good with anything.”

Ashlyn made ten pieces of pancakes and cooked ten bowls of ready-to-eat pasta that Spencer had bought.

After that, she wrapped them up with a food wrapper and kept them inside the fridge.

Whenever Lucas wanted to get something to eat, he only needed to heat it up in the microwave oven.

Planning to escape from him for a few more days, she pondered for a while and prepared a few more lunchboxes.

After Lucas had his breakfast, every cell in his body was revitalized, and his complexion seemed much better than yesterday.

The moment he saw Ashlyn busying in the kitchen, he couldn’t help but walk up to her and kissed her lips before leaving the house.

“Hurry up and go to work.” Ashlyn pushed him away, as she was busy making pastries. She had got no time to pay him any heed.

On the other hand, he curled his lips in a delighted mood that was apparent to anyone.

He then left the house in satisfaction.

As expected, this villa felt like home with her presence.

Nevertheless, Ashlyn remained ignorant of his fantasies and focused on her pastry making.

After baking five boxes of pastries, she checked the time and realized that it was almost noon.

Whew, I’m exhausted! Later at 2 pm is the latest collection launch of LX. I’ll have to rush over quickly.

Without further ado, Ashlyn headed back to Bayview Villa and made a call to Jared, “I’m at home now. The previous styling team was good. I want them to do it for me again.”

“Oh, Boss! You’re back?” Jared said with a smile and continued, “You’re not home for two days. Did the madman decides to let you go already?”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 145

“Shut up!” Ashlyn bellowed, “Are you trying to get under my skin?”

“Well, I wanted to come to your rescue, but I’m helpless. If someone of your caliber was no match for him, then I’m nothing more than just cannon fodder.” Jared explained feebly.

Ashlyn rolled her eyes at his statement, “I have an event to attend at two. Make the call now.”

Meanwhile, Terry said to Cindy at the office in Nolan Entertainment, “Cindy, LX is a popular brand now, and most socialites pride themselves on it. I’ve tried my very best to persuade the mall manager and LX flagship store manager to give you a chance to be their ambassador. So, you’d better go makeup now!

“Hurry, or you’ll be late. You have gotten no contract for nearly a month. If you lose this one, then your schedule will be empty for the whole month. How are you gonna maintain your fan base? Your popularity has finally risen some time ago, but it was screwed by that b*tch, Hera. As long as you make an appearance at LX, I’ll buy your spot on hot searches.”

Terry harped on her earnestly.

LX was a premium brand. This opportunity was given after he pleaded hard for it. LX didn’t have any brand ambassadors until now. If Cindy was lucky, she might become their first.

Cindy heaved a sigh after hearing the two words, hot searches. Then, she got up and said, “Alright then!”

She had been waiting to hear these words.

Needless to say, she would be happy if she became LX brand ambassador. Her only concern was that Terry might not give her any benefits, not even buying her a spot on hot searches. Then, it’ll be pointless for her to attend the event.

While they were walking on the road, Terry said, “You shouldn’t just attend the event, you have to be the Outlet Manager for One Day.”

“Outlet manager? No way! Won’t it be tiring? I have to stand throughout the entire day.” Cindy sighed and added, “What should I do if my calf is swollen? What if they took photos of me during bad moments?”

Terry was annoyed by her complaint. What a spoiled woman! Yet, she dares to dream of getting big. Which Oscar winners didn’t put in the extra effort than everyone else to get to where they are today? Did she really think that she can make do with just taking a few photos?

“Did you even look at your current situation? I’ve put a great deal of effort to let you be the Outlet Manager for One Day.”

After hearing Terry’s angry tone, she replied hurriedly, “Thank you so much. You’re all I have now.”

Cindy’s MPV arrived at the entrance of the mall at 2 pm.

The reporters that Terry had called for were squatting in their positions and ready to take photos of Cindy.

She put on a smile on her face as she walked toward the mall and went straight to the counter.

Following that, she wore LX’s latest white dress that the staff had prepared for her.

It was the launching of LX’s latest collections today. Their new product release was exhibited overseas during Fashion Week. On top of that, there were rumors that LX’s mysterious designer, Ms. X will attend this event.

This time, the latest collections will arrive at every flagship store across the globe simultaneously.

Cindy’s lean figure was outlined by the fitting dress, and her pair of long legs were fairly eye-catching.

LX’s store manager and supervisor came over to greet Cindy and started communicating with her on the itinerary.

Most media outlets in the store were invited by Terry, while LX notified some.

Therefore, the media didn’t give Cindy a hard time, despite her almost being shelved by Nolan Entertainment.

After the photography session, the brand manager came over and shook her hand, “Ms. Wynn, our designer, Ms. X likes your figure very much. For that reason, we think that you’ll bring out our vision and ideal to the fullest.”

Cindy was flattered, “Ms. X said that about me?”

The brand manager had a complex expression on his face as he had difficulty rephrasing Ms. X’s exact words, “Only someone with a figure like Cindy, who has a small waist and large boobs, would look good in this dress. Let’s pick her, then.”

He paused for a while before saying, “Yes. Ms. X is satisfied with your figure.”

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