My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 136-140

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 136

“Oh? You must’ve only started work recently, right? Which department are you from?” Ashlyn sized up Penelope. Her grades didn’t meet the academic requirement of medical school.

Horace had to pay five hundred thousand to buy her a spot in medical school because of that.

Besides that, he must’ve spent a lot a fortune to secure a position for her in the city’s First Hospital.

“I’m a surgeon.” Penelope smiled smugly because she got into First Hospital, despite its strict admission requirements.

“Oh, I see.” Ashlyn nodded in acknowledgement because she was a surgeon too.

Penelope must’ve stood in for me the past few days where I wasn’t in the hospital.

The world really is small.

Penelope was a little disappointed because she sensed no trace of envy or jealousy from Ashlyn. She thought Ashlyn would be resentful of her once she mentioned where she worked at.

However, this is not unexpected for a two-faced woman like her. She must be feeling very jealous right now, even though she doesn’t show it, Penelope thought gleefully.

At that moment, Horace and Mary came out from the kitchen with some food in their hands. Horace smiled ostentatiously and said, “Mr. Haddock, please take a seat.”

This dinner was prepared personally by Mary and himself since four in the afternoon.

“Mr. Haddock, these are all home-cooked dishes, so please enjoy it,” Mary said as she signaled Penelope with a look.

The girl immediately understood what her mother meant, so she hurriedly stepped to the dining room and pulled out a chair for Dixon. “Mr. Haddock, please take a seat.”

When Ashlyn saw how pretentious the family of three was, she was so revolted she felt like puking.

Horace only noticed her when she stepped into the dining room as well. “You’re back.”

“Yeah,” Ashlyn replied monotonously.

Dixon was present, so Horace didn’t comment on her behavior. Instead, he turned to Dixon and said, “Mr. Haddock, I prepared this crab dish personally. Please try it.”

Mary smiled and poured a glass of wine for Dixon. “Mr. Haddock, Horace isn’t that great in cooking, but this crab dish of his is undeniably tasty.”

“I dislike crabs immensely,” Dixon said in a haughty tone.

Besides that, he disliked how the family was acting too.

If Horace didn’t mention that he found an amazing doctor who can help Grandpa, I definitely wouldn’t have stepped in here.

During the auction in the hotel, I fired the ignorant project manager.

How can a design company as sh*tty as the Berrys deserve to cooperate with Haddock Group?

It’s absolutely ridiculous!

Someone almost died from that mess.

Right now, Dixon was speculating that Horace was lying to him about the amazing doctor.

I don’t see anyone else except for the Berry couple and their two daughters.

Where the heck is the doctor?

On the other hand, the Berry couple flinched on the spot out of embarrassment.

They were frustrated at how Dixon didn’t even try to be polite to them, but they thought about how their family’s fate was in his hands.

At that thought, Horace had no choice but to say, “Mr. Haddock, maybe you can try something else. I prepared all these dishes myself.”

“This wine is pretty good.” Dixon swirled the glass of wine in his hands.

Evidently, he didn’t even want to have a bite of Horace’s cooking.

Ashlyn observed quietly from aside as she felt her father’s embarrassment.

“Horace Berry, cut to the chase. Where is the doctor you were mentioning about?” Dixon put down his glass of wine and asked impatiently.

“Mr. Haddock, don’t worry. That person is closer to you than you think.”

Dixon looked at Penelope. Is Horace completely bonkers? Penelope is a surgeon, but she doesn’t look experienced at all! Besides that, she said she has just started working in the hospital. She’s definitely just a novice!

Rage surged within him as his gaze turned icy. “Are you messing around with me?”

Penelope flinched as well as she stared at Horace anxiously. “Dad… I only started work a few days ago… I-I can’t do it.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 137

Treating a common cold is fine, but treating old Mr. Haddock is way above my abilities!

Ashlyn cocked her eyebrows. At least Penelope has some self-awareness.

Horace instantly understood that there was a misunderstanding going on, so he explained, “No, no. I was referring to my younger daughter, Ashlyn. She’s really amazing! A lot of important people want her to give them a consultation!”

Penelope was so shocked she dropped her cutlery when she heard that. She shrieked, “Dad, is Ashlyn even a doctor? Did you get something mixed up?”

“Shut up!” Horace glared at her. The family had been hiding the fact that Ashlyn was working in First Hospital from Penelope because they didn’t want to upset their elder daughter.

In particular, Mary knew how competitive her daughter was, so she definitely didn’t want to cause distress to her. That was the reason Horace and she wanted to send Penelope to the First Hospital at all costs.

They thought if Ashlyn could get in the hospital, then Penelope would do the same.

“Horace Berry!” Dixon’s icy expression at that moment was terrifying.

Fury filled every corner of his contorted face as he glared at Horace. “You really have a death wish, huh?”

This Ashlyn lady stole the limelight during the gala, toyed with Winsor and Jared, and even seduced Lucas! What a vixen!

So what if she’s attractive?

She’s nothing but a pretty face!

How dare she refer to herself as a famous doctor?

The Berry family really is a sh*thole filled with pieces of trash!

He pointed at Penelope and said, “At least this one works in the hospital.”

He then pointed at Ashlyn and exclaimed, “What about her? If she really is a doctor, I’ll strip naked right now!”

“Mr. Haddock, you must be mistaken. Please hear me out!” Horace was absolutely petrified.

However, he stood up abruptly as his tall and imposing figure loomed over the rest of them. “Horace, Berry Furnishings is going bankrupt for sure.”

He then left immediately, despite Horace’s desperate pleas.

The whole ordeal entertained Ashlyn as she stood up too. “I’m leaving.”

When she reached the entrance, she saw Dixon’s chauffeur opening the car door for him.

Besides that, she saw her father hovering around the man like a persistent fly.

Ashlyn smiled and approached the car as she said, “Mr. Haddock, I hope you will remember what you said to me today.”

Even though being doubted annoyed her, she was still very pleased when she saw how miserable Horace was.

He always tries to look for shortcuts instead of putting in effort himself, so he will never succeed.

Lady Luck will never favor someone like him.

An evil glint flashed in Dixon’s eyes as he stared at Ashlyn with a mocking gaze. “Haha-”

The car then sped off, leaving an amused Ashlyn and an enraged Horace.

“Damn it! What the f***! Psycho!” Horace cursed.

Ashlyn’s head ached whenever she heard his voice, so she walked away and went back to her house without another word.

When she reached, she thought that something was amiss, yet she couldn’t figure out what it was.

She didn’t eat in the Berry family’s house, so she made some noodles for herself. Only then did she realize what was bugging her. She didn’t see her grandmother.

Well, it’s not unexpected that Horace didn’t invite Grandma because they were meeting Dixon.

She sighed and turned on the customized laptop.

Her fingers flitted nimbly on the keyboard as she logged into an underground group.

The group’s name was ‘Mysterious yet Majestic’, and it had only seven members.

Despite the small number of people, they were the ones who started an underground organization all by themselves.

Messages kept popping up in the group, indicating that a lively discussion was going on.

Flying Fish posed a question. Who do you think is Lucas Nolan’s wife?

Boss responded to him. You’re a lady. Why are you so interested in someone’s wife? Are you a lesbian now?

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 138

Flying Fish retaliated. Hmph! None of your business! Am I not allowed to be curious now?

Quiet Forest chipped in. His wife really is mysterious. I can’t even dig up any information about her. Something crazy is going on here, Haha.

Lone Breeze was intrigued. The harder it is for us to find out who she is, the more curious I am.

Jerk, too. Same here. Y’all saw the plane video the last time, right? Mrs. Nolan really has a nice figure.

Flying Fish’s comment flashed on the screen. The one who posted the video said someone offered a huge amount of money to buy the video from him, but he didn’t hand it over. After that, a hacker hacked into his computer and… guess what happened next?

Quiet Forest was getting impatient. Just say it!

Flying Fish provided the explanation. The video disappeared right in front of the hacker’s watchful eyes!

Jerk vented on his screen. Damn! Did Mrs. Nolan hire Zero? I can’t think of anyone who can delete the video in the face of the elite hackers except for Zero.

Ashlyn stared helplessly at the meaningless gossip and typed. Are you all very free right now? Do you even want to know how the Haddock Group’s case is going right now? You have the time to gossip, so why aren’t you working?

Ah! Zero is here! Flying Fish commented.

Quiet Forest was curious. What’s happening in Haddock Group right now?

Zero updated her progress to the team. They fell for the trap and asked me to join the party. It’s happening on Friday, eight p.m. at the Pearl Restaurant.

Jerk perked up. Zero, how did you even manage to get their attention?

Zero maintained her secrecy. I’m not telling you that.

After chatting for a while longer, Ashlyn logged off.

They gossip every day in the group, but I never thought that someday they will gossip about me.

Ashlyn was left speechless.

She stood up and prepared to take a shower.

However, she suddenly received a call from Spencer. He sounded very anxious and desperate over the phone. “Ms. Berry, please come and take a look at Mr. Nolan!”

“What happened to Lucas?” Ashlyn yawned and looked at the time. It was already eleven in the evening.

“Mr. Nolan didn’t eat for the whole day! I’m scared that if this goes on, something bad might happen to him!” Spencer was about to burst into tears.

He was under immense pressure because he was forced to make the call.

Meanwhile, in Whitland Villa, Lucas glared at the phone with a gloomy expression. All he wanted to do at that moment was to somehow teleport to where Ashlyn was!

She cocked her eyebrows and asked, “Why isn’t he eating? He’s not a three-year-old kid.”

“You know how picky he usually is, too. Besides that, he’s suffering from gastritis right now and he’s drenched in sweat because of pain! Ms. Berry, please show him your mercy and come over!” Spencer continued to beseech Ashlyn due to the immense pressure he was facing, “Mr. Nolan really is in a very bad mood right now. He refused to eat, and he even shattered three plates and four bowls!”

On the other hand, Lucas smirked in satisfaction because the truth was he only broke two plates and three bowls.

He nodded in approval and beckoned for Spencer to continue.

Tears rolled down Spencer’s face as he spoke. If I were to speak like this to him, Mr. Nolan probably would’ve kicked me out of the house.

Why is life so tough?

Ashlyn blinked and replied, “I think the only sickness Lucas has is a mental illness. There’s no use in calling me because I can’t treat mental illnesses anyway!”

After that, she hung up in a huff.

On the other hand, Lucas was so furious he hurled the crystal ashtray on his table.

It fell on the thick carpet with a dull thud.

Meanwhile, Spencer gulped. This ashtray is more sturdy than I thought. It didn’t even crack.

Lucas’ handsome features contorted in rage as he exuded a menacing aura.

Hunger brought pain to his stomach while insomnia enervated his mental strength.

Together, the two sources of pain made him feel like a beast trapped in a cage as it struggled feebly.

Despite the pain, I still can’t find Ashlyn!

That woman really is cunning. She didn’t show up at Bayview Villa yesterday, and she didn’t go there today. Besides that, I have no idea where she is right now.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 139

Even Jared doesn’t know where she is.

He glared menacingly at the phone that Spencer used to make the call earlier.

The assistant could feel the fiery gaze burning into him. He clenched his phone tightly because he didn’t want his recently bought phone to fall victim to his boss’ fit of fury.

“Call her again!” Lucas barked.

Spencer had no choice but to call Ashlyn again. “Ms. Berry, we’re in trouble! Mr. Nolan fainted!”

“Call the ambulance then!” Ashlyn was perplexed. “I’m not an emergency physician.”

I really can’t stand Lucas. What is he up to this time?

Does he think I will believe in everything he says just because he asked Spencer to call me?

Spencer turned around with a pained expression and whimpered, “Mr. Nolan… Ms. Berry….”

“Call the ambulance!” Lucas gazed coldly at the night sky through the window.

What a vicious woman!

Spencer was stunned because his boss heard every word.

Isn’t calling an ambulance a little too much?

Five minutes later, Ashlyn received a call from the hospital.

“Hello, is this Dr. Berry? I’m the head of the emergency department, Quentin Shakes. Our department urgently needs your help right now because there’s an important patient requiring immediate medical attention. Can you make your way to the hospital?”

Ashlyn frowned. She rarely provided emergency care. Why did the emergency department call me?

“Dr. Berry, I know you only carry out two surgeries per month, so I’m sorry for asking for your help. But, we just want you to provide us with some advice about the operation and assist the surgeon. Don’t worry, I definitely won’t ask you to participate in the operation. Is that alright with you?”

Dr. Shakes was so afraid of the patient that he almost sobbed.

Good Heavens!

His knees went weak and his back was drenched in a cold sweat because of the patient’s menacing and horrifying gaze.

Why did the ambulance bring back such a frightening man!

He exuded an oppressing aura while he sat down. All the doctors and nurses were too afraid to even make a sound.

Did a devil come to visit us? Everyone knows President Nolan is ruthless and callous!

“Dr. Shakes, don’t worry. I’ll head over right now.” Ashlyn had her doubts, but she still changed her clothes and stepped out of her house.

He breathed a sigh of relief after he hung up and said to Lucas cautiously, “Mr. Nolan, Dr. Berry will be arriving soon.”

As he finished his sentence, the horrifying aura that Lucas exuded dissipated instantly and everyone could sense the noticeable difference in the atmosphere.

They were suffocating from the fear and anxiety, but they could finally relax.

If Dr. Berry doesn’t show up, we won’t live to see the next sunrise!

“Nolan Group will send fifty ambulances of the latest model to the hospital tomorrow,” Lucas announced while Spencer took out a business card.

“Dr. Shakes, this is my business card. I’ll be responsible for overseeing the donation of the ambulances.”

The doctor was stunned for a brief moment before he broke into an ecstatic smile. “Thank you, Mr. Nolan. Thank you, Mr. White.”

Everyone was rendered speechless.

Fifty new ambulances!

How rich is this man even?

Ashlyn went to the hospital by taxi and headed straight to the emergency department.

The moment she stepped inside, a nurse approached her and exclaimed as if he had met his savior, “Dr. Berry, you’re finally here!”

It’s just one patient, right? How difficult can things get? Why did they send someone to receive me?

Ashlyn frowned because she sensed something was amiss.

She asked very bluntly, “What’s wrong with the patient?”

The nurse had an indecipherable expression as he replied, “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Is it a very rare disease of some sort?

Ashlyn was very curious about the patient’s condition, so she picked up her pace and headed to Dr. Shakes’ office.

However, the moment she stepped in, she flinched in shock.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 140

A man was sitting in Dr. Shakes’ seat, and he was flipping through some medical records with his bony fingers.

The tuxedo he wore was darker than the night sky, yet the diamonds adorned on his sleeve cuffs glistened in a luxurious shimmer.

When Lucas heard the footsteps, he cast a brooding and icy gaze at Ashlyn.

The aura he exuded formed a stark contrast with the modest office, and Ashlyn thought Lucas’ presence made the cramped office seem more luxurious than it actually was.

She regained her senses after a long while. “Why are you here?”

Her beautiful eyes scanned across the doctors and nurses who seem absolutely terrified, and she finally understood what was going on.

“Are you the patient that they’re talking about?”

The patient’s condition really is difficult and irksome.

No wonder the nurse seemed so conflicted just now.

Probably everyone will have a headache when they’re facing Lucas, right?

Meanwhile, Dr. Shakes seemed grateful that he survived a disaster. “Dr. Berry, I’ll leave Mr. Nolan to you. I believe in your abilities!”

In the ward, everyone, including Spencer, had already left.

Ashlyn stared at Lucas with a frustrated look and asked, “What do you want?”

How can a grown man like him be so childish!

“You asked me to call for an ambulance,” Lucas responded with an emotionless gaze that was unwittingly filled with greed.

On the other hand, Ashlyn was utterly vexed.

“What I meant was…”

Screw it. There’s no use trying to reason with a psychopath like him.

“You seem fine. I’ll get going.”

She turned around and prepared to leave, but the man suddenly clasped her wrists.

He said in a pitiful tone, “Ever since you left, I haven’t been sleeping or eating.”

Ashlyn was at a loss for words.

A grown man like you asking for sympathy? Absolutely ridiculous!

Are you a toddler?

Do you think I will pity you just because of your pleas?

She turned around furiously and met his emotional gaze. In an instant, her frustration melted away like a block of ice under the scorching sun.

Lucas has always been a picky eater, and intuition tells me he’s not lying to me.

She declared out of annoyance, “I’ll ask Spencer to buy you a meal.”

The food served in this hospital is quite light and healthy, and Lucas will definitely eat it. He’s a picky eater, yet he’s still very easy to sate.

Before the divorce, he would eat anything I cook, including the bland dishes I make when I’m lazy to whip up anything fancier. He never complained about it being too tasteless or anything.

I really don’t understand how his mind works!

What a weirdo!

In a moment, Spencer came in with a simple and light meal he bought from the cafeteria.

The meal consisted of lightly grilled fish, salad, and a small pile of grapes.

Meanwhile, Dr. Shakes and the other doctors and nurses hung around the nursing station and saw the food Spencer bought. They whispered to each other, “Why did Mr. White buy something so ordinary?”

“I think that Mr. Nolan’s taste is quite weird as well.”

“Do you know what happened? When I drove to pick him up, he looked absolutely terrible because he didn’t eat or sleep for two whole days! What a weirdo.”

“What is his relationship with Dr. Berry?”

“Dr. Berry is so pretty. Do you think that Mr. Nolan took a liking to her?”

Dr. Shakes coughed softly. “Don’t make baseless assumptions!”

The nurses chuckled. “Dr. Shakes, you’re the happiest one out of the bunch, right? The emergency department actually got fifty brand-new ambulances for free!”

“This is definitely one of the highlights in your career, right? Dr. Shakes?”

The ecstatic expression Dr. Shakes had right now was completely different from the dejected one plastered on his face earlier. “I’ll make sure to share the limelight with everyone! After all, I didn’t do it myself!”

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