My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 131-135

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 131

Then, he realized that the red marks were also littered across his chest.

He froze.

Realization struck him like a bolt from the blue. He raised his head to see a beautiful face.

The woman had long lashes, a button nose, and pink lips; it was none other than Ashlyn.

In a daze, he stared at Ashlyn, who looked like she was tortured, as his face paled.

His memories returned like water escaping from a broken dam.

The images of his delirious actions from last night emerged in his mind.

Last night at the dinner, before he rushed after Ashlyn, he drank a glass of whiskey. What happened next… That whiskey! It’s spiked!

If not for that whiskey, I wouldn’t have acted this way and hurt her.

He stared at Ashlyn’s sleeping face. The skin at the corner of her pink lips was broken. Teeth marks and hickeys scattered across her neck.

Her entire body was black and blue.

She looked like a mess.

He narrowed his dark eyes.

Then, he looked out of the window where the sky was still dark. It’s probably around four or five in the morning.

Unable to hold back his urges, he carried Ashlyn to the bathroom and placed her in the tub filled with warm water.

His large hands gently massaged her waist. Surprisingly, Ashlyn, who was a light sleeper, did not wake instantly.

She remained asleep in his arms.

He must have tormented the woman badly last night; Ashlyn was someone who could send Winsor flying with a slap.

As he thought about it, a loving look crept into his eyes.

After cleaning Ashlyn up, Lucas carried her back to the bed before hugging her.

His eyes closed.

Lucas did not know whether it was because of the drug or he was exhausted after the vigorous activity.

He soon fell deep into his sleep.

By the time Lucas woke again, he found himself tied up on the bed.

The woman had worn a set of fitting black leather attire. She barely revealed an inch of her skin, but her figure was showing off in those clothes, and it made him gulp.

A soft whip was in her hands.

He struggled as a hint of rage flashed across his eyes. “Let me go!”

He had never been treated this way in the past.

The woman lifted one of her legs and stepped onto the bed. Crack!

She lashed the whip at him.

Lucas groaned in pain before frowning at Ashlyn with lustful eyes.

Although the woman was wearing conservatively, he realized that fire was crawling in his veins.

He was infuriated. The pity he felt for her earlier dissipated without a trace the moment Ashlyn whipped him.

“Ashlyn, I was drugged.”

She sneered, remembering how terribly the man had tormented her last night.

Even when he was drugged, he still took the reins, and his actions had been rough.

It was as if he was a beast that was just released from his cage after years of starvation, and she was the food.

The bed nearly collapsed!

She ground her teeth whenever she thought about her aching waist, torn lips, and bite marks on her neck.

Will this man die without a woman?

I’ll have to teach him a lesson today!

She swung her whip downward again and struck the man’s naked chest. With a displeased voice, she hissed, “Go on, act ferocious again! How dare you be so vigorous!”

“Can I interpret this as you complimenting that I’m a man full of energy?” By now, Lucas’ muscular body was covered in whip marks.

A trace of pain flashed in his eyes as he stared at the woman in front of him.

She’s brutal!

Yet, while he was furious with Ashlyn’s aggressive actions, he was feeling a touch of enjoyment.

I can’t tear my eyes off her. She looks too amazing as a dominating woman.

Ashlyn swept her eyes across the man before she clenched the hand that was holding onto the whip. “Lucas, you only have yourself to blame for this. I’ll return twice the pain you’ve given to me last night.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 132


The whip landed again. The man’s muscular chest was covered in red whip marks. He did not look disheveled at all; instead, he looked wild and deadly charming.

There was an air of dominance that shrouded him, and there was a crackling flame in his eyes. He hissed, “Ashlyn, you’ll regret this!”

“I’m half-dead from your torment. All I’m doing now is to return you a tiny part of what you’ve done to me,” Ashlyn sneered.

The man started struggling vigorously against the ropes that bound his hands and legs.

He had a terrifying expression on his face as he growled.

When the whip landed again, the man jerked up from the bed.

Snap! It was a loud noise.

He had broken free of his restraints. With bloodshot eyes, he grabbed the whip before it could do anything else.

Ashlyn then fell into his stiff arms.

His divinely features twisted into a wrathful look. When the afternoon sun shone on his face, he looked irresistible.

Being tied up and whipped was an intense humiliation for Lucas.

He scowled and grabbed Ashlyn’s waist tightly as if he wanted to meld her into his flesh.

I’m too lenient with her. She’s acting like she’s the queen of this country!

Ashlyn’s hands clenched into fists.

She had not expected Lucas to be so strong. Those ropes were nylon!

She knew that this man was exceptionally strong all along. But not like this!

She could sense the fury burning in Lucas’ veins. It was burning so strong that he wanted to shred her right here and right now.

However, she was not a cowardly woman.

Just as she was about to struggle her way out, the man’s lips abruptly on hers, as though he was punishing her.

Okay, I admit I was playing rough earlier, but why does it matter?

In an instant, she took control of the situation and started attacking Lucas’ lips instead.

It was as if she was competing with the man.

More than an hour later, Ashlyn lay on the bed, exhausted, and fell asleep.

Lucas huffed angrily as he slapped her bottom twice.

What a disobedient girl!

How dare you do such a thing to me?

By the time Ashlyn woke again, it was already evening.

Her eyes swept across the room before realizing that Lucas was not on the bed. Instead, there were sounds of running water coming from the bathroom.

She picked up her clothes and put them on. Then she nimbly climbed over the window. Pressing down hard on the railings, she swung her legs above it and landed on the grass.

Enduring the discomfort she was feeling, she ran to the gates. After sweeping her gaze at her surroundings, she climbed up the wall and escaped the compound.

She had beaten up Lucas. That tyrannical man was barely a man at all. He had trapped her on the bed for an entire day and night, and she did not want to keep up with him.

Lucas was an energetic ox, and she was but a weak land; she could not continue to endure him endlessly ploughing her soil.

After leaving the villa, she raised her head to look at the beautiful red setting sun.

I hope he never comes for me ever again.

The clouds slowly drifted with the wind. Eventually, the sun was covered up.

The silent land made the world seem more mysterious.

Meanwhile, back in the bedroom.

A cold breeze entered the room and billowed the thin curtains.

Lucas was drying his hair and walking out of the bedroom when he froze.

He stared at the empty bed.

The woman who was supposed to be sleeping on it had disappeared without a trace.

He furrowed his brows in displeasure as he looked around in the room.


Yet, no one responded to him. Where did she go?

With a towel around his waist, Lucas strode out of his bedroom.

The entire house was empty and silent.

Lucas narrowed his eyes and scowled. He then took out his phone, about to call Ashlyn.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 133

However, Spencer called, and Lucas picked it up. “Do you need something?”

“Mr. Nolan, I’ve found out some things about last night.” Spencer’s voice came from the other end of the line.

“Speak,” the man ordered.

Two minutes later, his cold, furious tone made sweat bead on Spencer’s forehead. “Tell those assholes that I want whichever hand of theirs that spiked the drink.”

It was as if the murderous aura traveled through the phone with his voice.

“Of course, Mr. Nolan.” Spencer swiftly ended the call, terrified. Mr. Nolan is mad about yesterday’s incident.

Unable to contain his fury, Lucas threw his phone onto the ground. Even the surrounding air dropped in temperature.

His eyes were gloomy, and his hands clenched so tightly that veins were popping on his arms.

Staring at the room that they had made love, his lips parted.

“Ashlyn, how dare you sleep with me and escape again!”

After Spencer ended the call, he brought several men to apprehend the two servers and send them to Whitland Villa.

When Spencer, huffing from the activity, saw Lucas, he was dumbfounded.

The man’s broad chest was littered with red marks. It looks like… whip marks?

Spencer gulped.

“Mr. Nolan, the two culprits are downstairs.”

Upon hearing his words, Lucas turned his icy gaze to Spencer. “Do you still need me to teach you what to do?”

His voice rang in the latter’s mind like the devil’s voice, and Spencer’s heart skipped a beat. Hastily, he said, “I’ll work on it right away!”

Soon, agonizing screams came from the floor below.



The two servers were rolling on the ground in pain.

Blood was gushing out of their wounds.

One arm from each of them had been chopped off. Moreover, the fingers of their severed arms were still wriggling on the floor.

Spencer uttered, “Are you going to tell me or not?”

One of them, who was sprawled on the ground, shrieked, “A woman! It was a woman in a mask who gave us 200 thousand.”

Another howled, “We’ll tell you everything! She said that we have to let Ms. Berry drink the whiskey. After it’s done, she’ll give us another 200 thousand. She told us the drug is exceptionally potent. If Ms. Berry didn’t get it out of her system in time, she won’t be able to have sex, and she’ll lose all her interest in sex for the rest of her life.”

“No! We won’t dare to lie to you. We really won’t!”

“She gave us cash!”

Upon hearing their words, Spencer gave them a few more kicks. “Where did that woman meet up with you?”

“In the restroom. The restroom on the hotel’s second floor.”

Spencer ordered his men, “Take them away and check the security footage near the restrooms.”

Although Lucas was in his room, he could hear the commotion downstairs.

When he heard that the original target for the drink was Ashlyn, his heart skipped a beat.

He knew how potent the drug was last night.

If Ashlyn had been the one to drink it… I’m afraid she won’t be able to get through the night.

The one behind this is cruel. She aims to force Ashlyn not to have sex for the rest of her life.

In other words, Ashlyn would’ve lost one of her pleasures in life.

Rage swirled in his chest like lava. I have to find out who is behind this!

How dare she hurt my woman?

Instead of returning to Bayview Villa, Ashlyn went back to her apartment that was located far from the city in a remote area.

However, the remote area was in a great environment, and it was close to a lake. Ashlyn had always liked places that were near bodies of water.

When she stood on her apartment balcony, she could see the clear lake, the little yachts on it, and the beautiful blue sky reflected on the surface of the lake. It was a sight that took her worries away.

Right now, she was on the balcony of her eighteenth-floor apartment with a glass of red wine in one hand. Quietly, she enjoyed the calming moment.

The breeze gently blew on her face as she watched the ripples on the lake formed.

The bite marks on her neck were still visible, but it did not affect her mood.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 134

Just then, her phone rang. With a raised brow, she glanced at the unfamiliar number.

After a moment of hesitation, she picked up the call. “Hello.”

“Is this Ms. Berry? Hello, I’m Sienna Oates, the trustee of Haddock Charity and Mr. Haddock’s aunt,” came Sienna’s gentle voice from the other end of the line. There was a hint of mockery in her voice, barely detectable.

Sienna felt that she was lowering herself to call a woman like Ashlyn, who was dependent on a man for a living.

Yet, when she thought about the familiar way the latter flitted around Jared and Winsor, Sienna told herself that she was doing this for the two prominent figures and the mysterious Madeline Saunders.

Otherwise, she would not have wasted her time on Ashlyn. She had always seen herself as a strong and independent woman, and she looked down on women who were dependent on men.

Tamping down the disdain she had for Ashlyn, she muttered, “Ms. Berry, are you there?”

Ashlyn swirled her glass half-heartedly. “Ms. Oates, do you have something you need from me?”

“Our charity will be holding an event soon. We’re hoping to invite you to it. May I know if you’d be interested in it?”

“Didn’t I attend the Haddock Group’s charity gala a few days ago?” Ashlyn queried.

Haddock Group? Ha.

What a coincidence that I’m interested in it right now.

Therefore, Ashlyn said, “Sure. Thank you, Ms. Oates, for the invitation. I’ll definitely come as promised.”

Once she ended the call, Horace called. “Ashlyn, when are you going to come with me to meet Dixon? Arthur’s health has been deteriorating. You’re a good doctor, and I’m sure you can treat him back to good health.”

A sneer grew on Ashlyn’s lips. “When did I agree to meet Dixon?”

Where did he find the confidence?

“Didn’t you agree to it the last time you came home?” Horace softened his tone. “My dear daughter, just save your dad. You can’t possibly watch and do nothing as the Haddock family goes down in flames? My family business will be the one to provide for your grandmother.”

“Don’t drag my grandmother into your matters all the time.” Ashlyn narrowed her eyes. “I’d suggest that you get less involved with the Haddocks’ affairs.”

“How can you talk to me like this? Remember that I’m your father,” Horace fumed. He was upset that he had to lower himself to plead for help from his daughter. “Penelope is way better than you. She consoles me every time she comes back. What about you? Huh? All you do is to infuriate me. Tell me now. Are you going to treat Arthur or not?”

“If I refuse, what are you going to do?”

“Then I can’t guarantee your grandmother’s safety. I heard things can easily happen to old people on hot days like these,” Horace said coldly. “Even if you refuse to treat Arthur, I’m sure you’ll want to treat your grandmother.”

“Horace Berry, I never knew you can be this shameless?” Anger rose in Ashlyn’s heart like a tide. Even his mother can’t escape from his schemes. How can a man like him be my biological father?

The helpless yet furious feeling she was experiencing made her on the verge of exploding into flames.

She had offered to bring her grandmother away from the Berry family, but her grandmother refused every time.

Furthermore, Ashlyn could not pressure the old woman to do things she did not want to.

Now, Horace was blackmailing her with her grandmother.

She would not have batted an eye if it were a stranger, but her grandmother was her family.

She could never let any harm come to her.

“Ashlyn, don’t blame me for this. You were the one who forced me to do this. I was kind to ask you nicely. Since you refuse to do it, I’ll have to take some extreme measures.” Horace could hear the fury in Ashlyn’s tone. He smugly said, “I’ve been nice, but you don’t want it. I’ll invite Dixon to our house tonight. I hope you’ll be punctual.”

With that said, Horace ended the call.

Infuriated by her father’s words, Ashlyn gritted her teeth.

Dixon, I’ve yet to come for you, but you’ve come to my doorstep instead.

Very well.

At six in the evening, Ashlyn reached Berry Residence on time.

After momentarily staring at the evening sun, Ashlyn turned to look at the Berry Residence gates instead.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 135

A black Mercedes-Benz was parked outside the Berry Residence. It did not take a genius to know that the car must be Dixon’s.

She did not expect him to arrive early.

With a tight grip on her purse, she entered the Berry Residence and went straight to the living room.

The moment she stepped into the house, she saw a feminine-looking man sitting casually on the sofa. The man looked unruly, like a playboy.

Penelope was looking at Dixon with admiration in her eyes. Shyly, she served some custards to the man. “Dixon, I made these custards myself. Please have a try.”

“Are you saying that I look like a woman?” Dixon scowled as he glared at her.

The appeasing smile on Penelope’s face froze as she mumbled, “Mr. Haddock, you’ve misinterpreted me. I just wanted to show you my kitchen skills.”

A scoff of disdain escaped Dixon as he ordered, “Take it away. I don’t want it.”

Feeling upset and aggrieved, Penelope murmured with a reddened face, “I’m sorry, Mr. Haddock.”

When Ashlyn saw the scene, she nearly laughed.

It was obvious that Penelope had tried to butter him up, but to no avail.

She wanted to show him that she was ‘wife material’.

Unable to hold it back any longer, Ashlyn chuckled softly before looking at Dixon. “Mr. Haddock, we meet again.”

At that moment, Dixon heard a clear, chime-like familiar voice sounding from behind him.

He turned to look at the door to find Ashlyn looking at Penelope and him with smiling eyes.

However, she seemed amused, as if she had just witnessed the unfolding of a drama.

It’s her!

The woman who knows Ms. Saunders at the charity gala.

The woman who has Jared and Winsor wrapped around her finger.

Unlike the formal attire she wore at the charity gala, Ashlyn had worn a simple white dress and shoes today. Her hair was also tied up in a ponytail.

She did not even apply any colored tint to her lips.

Her milky skin was so fair it was almost translucent.

She was without makeup, but she looked spectacular. She’s part of the Berry family? Ashlyn did not look like she fit into the Berry family. Dixon had been impressed by her, but now that he had found out she was one of the Berrys, he was disappointed.

He did not even know why he felt that way.

Dixon looked at Ashlyn gloomily, who was standing by the doorway. Penelope spotted the shock in his eyes that he could not hide away in time.

Furious, she bit down hard on her lower lip before she pitifully brought the bowl of custard back to the kitchen.


Ashlyn again!

She had finally found someone to invest in, but Ashlyn had stolen the limelight again.

Since young, Ashlyn’s exquisite face had bewitched countless men.

Both of them studied at the same school. In the beginning, the boys were all buttering her up. Once they were familiar with her, they would use her to gift Ashlyn presents and love letters.

She was done with this feeling.

When Penelope reemerged from the kitchen, she had a plate of fruits in her hands.

“Ashlyn, you’re back. Why don’t you come in?”

“Penelope, drop that fake smile on your face. It’s disgusting.”

Ashlyn entered the living room and sat on the sofa opposite Dixon.

She crossed her legs, and those fair legs shone under the bright lights of the living room.

It was an alluring sight.

Penelope froze. In response to Ashlyn’s harsh words, her frown deepened. “Mr. Haddock, I’m sorry. My sister’s not too good with her words.”

“My mom didn’t give birth to you. Don’t pretend we’re close to each other.” Ashlyn shot her a glare, exposing her for her show again.

Penelope took in a deep breath. Mr. Haddock is here. I can’t lose my temper now.

I can’t fall for this b*tch’s tricks.

With the perfect look of a loving sister, Penelope said, “Ashlyn, it’s been a while since you were home, so you must not know about this. I’m working at the First Hospital now.”

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