My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 116-120

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 116

When the manic Mr. Nolan changed his mood suddenly and unexpectedly, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

They stepped into the venue and walked towards the auction.

From a distance, Lucas saw Ashlyn sitting next to Jared. Her unparalleled face was lightly powdered and her makeup was clear and delicate. She was astonishingly beautiful.

He only had eyes for her!

At this moment Hera had just arrived and she was rather late. Seeing Lucas’ back from a distance, she quickly picked up her skirt to catch up with the man, “Lucas dear!”

The man turned a deaf ear as his mind was focused only on one thing, that is, to grab Ashlyn and bring her back!

“Ouch!” Hera wanted to hold Lucas’ arm but the man walked too fast and she was wearing heels more than ten cm high. The moment she stretched out her hand, the hem of her skirt fell to the ground and she stepped on it.


It was an embarrassing moment as she fell flat on the ground.

When the paparazzi present saw this scene, they took photos in a frenzy.

In their minds, the captions were already composed: Post Domestic Violence Mr. Nolan Avoids Third Party, Hera Falls Embarrassingly At Haddock Group Charity Gala.

Embarrassed and upset, Hera got up to her feet with the help of the waiters. Then she continued with her pursue of Lucas.

Lucas’ appearance attracted the attention of many.

“Mr. Nolan didn’t attend the previous galas, did he?”

“Why is he attending this one?”

“His expression on his face is terrifying… really scary!”

Jared carried a plate of strawberries in his hand and held it up to Ashlyn with puppy eyes, “They are imported from Italy. Give them a try.”

Ashlyn glanced at him, picked up the fork and put one in her mouth. Chewing gently, she said, “It tastes good.”

Not to be outdone, Winsor offered a plate of cantaloupe, “Ms. Berry, this cantaloupe was shipped from Xinjiang and it is very sweet.”

Ashlyn nodded and tasted one as she replied, “Thank you, it’s so kind of you.”

Those around were surprised!

What’s the story behind this woman?

Mr. Quickton and Winsor are vying with each other to please her. Even the son of the Jaquin family is addressing her as the goddess!

Lucas was piqued seeing Ashlyn surrounded by men. He was so furious that he could explode. How he wished that he could throw these stinking men into the Pacific Ocean to feed the sharks!

He sat down bitterly.

Suppressing his anger, he said coldly and irritably, “Sit down next to me.”

Ashlyn looked up as she heard the familiar raspy voice.

She saw Lucas’ gloomy yet handsome face and the glint of anger in his dark eyes.

“Oh, are you talking to me?” Ashlyn lowered her brows and looked at him with an innocent expression. “I’m sorry, Mr. Nolan. Mr. Quickton invited me to come with him. You’re too late.”

“Fine, that’s great,” Lucas suppressed the fury that was inside him. Everything around him seemed to infuriate him and he wished that he could destroy everything.

The crowd were surprised again!


Even Lucas is vying to sit with her. Who on earth is she? We want to know! We want to know!

Even Dixon was surprised by Lucas’ actions. This woman is just superb, twisting a few men around her little finger at one go. Starting with Jared, then Winsor and now Lucas. That is interesting.

At this exact moment, Hera arrived, panting because she had been running and her face was flushed.

If it were not for the presence of the glamourous, beautiful, and elegant Ashlyn, she could be considered pretty and lovable.

Nevertheless, Ashlyn was present and comparatively, she became just a face in the crowd.

This face in the crowd, Hera, deliberately reached out to wipe the sweat from her forehead, thinking that her actions were ‘poetry in motion’, and whispered, “Lucas dear, why are you walking so fast? I just stumbled and my legs hurt.”

As she spoke, she was about to sit down next to Lucas but he slammed his big palm on the seat and said in a cold voice, impatiently and irritably, “This is my wife’s place. Please, Ms. Chapman, sit down in your own seat.”

Hera blushed a deep red, “You… aren’t you…”

Aren’t you about to file for divorce?

However, facing the man’s ferocious gaze, she did not dare to finish her question.

Her eyes filled with tears for she had never been humiliated in this way before.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 117

It hurt especially because this was an important public function.

She felt as if her face had been battered swollen by Lucas.

Crying, she ran to the back row where the seats for the Chapman family were.

Fortunately, she was the only one from the Chapman family today for the rest were in the hospital to accompany Mr. Chapman. The reason why she came was because Mr. Chapman had entrusted her to auction off his calligraphy works on behalf of the Chapman family. Besides Mr. Cheng’s calligraphy works, there were also her own paintings.

As a celebrity one needed to have one or two talents that one must cultivate and hone. Born into a family of pianists, Hera majored in piano and minored in painting.

Her paintings were considered good, not the topmost of inborn gifting but still acceptable as average. Nevertheless, paintings of this standard in this circle were highly sought after.

After all, there are just a handful of painters who are gifted with rare talent!

Hera was also popular on Twitter, perhaps not like those internet stars who have gone viral but no less than sixty thousand followers

She had already contacted the internet ghostwriters and some reporters. As soon as her paintings were photographed, they would immediately conduct publicity and hype on Twitter.

Regarding Lucas’ ways, the public just observed as onlookers.

Just a few days ago on Twitter, photographs of Mr. Nolan’s domestic violence had gone viral.

Apparently from his facial expression, his injuries must have healed. He remembered the pain of his injuries and therefore obediently distanced himself from the third party.

Besides making a good impression, this move had other effects.

A lot of wives of the wealthy were present and their families were plagued with mistresses who were kept secretly by husbands.

Seeing Lucas’ change in behavior after being assaulted, many were envious of Mrs. Nolan.

Sadly, our own rascals will not change no matter how many times we beat them up.

The men, on the other hand, had other views. Lucas is just putting on a show. He’s only keeping a distance in public. In private, he’s still the same.

The host on the stage just ignored these turbulent undercurrents among the audience.

When the time arrived, the auction was announced in accordance with the order of the program agenda.

“Next, I announce that the auction has officially started. The first lot is the pearl earrings handed down by the ancestors of President Wood, head of the Wood Group.”

There were many business leaders present at the function, some of whom had a good relationship with the Haddock Group, some with the Nolan Group of South Star Airlines and some of them were close with the Jaquin family.

After Dixon had greeted Lucas, he sat down on a front seat, watching the auction on the stage.

This was the tenth time the Charity Gala was being held and the items to be auctioned off were the best from the various families. If anything were less, it would be an embarrassment for the Haddock family.

Therefore, the items sent by these leaders of society who participated in the banquet had been authenticated in advance.

The auction proceeded in an orderly manner. After Mr. Chapman’s calligraphy works were sold for the high price of 3 million, the host of the auction exclaimed in an emotional voice, “The following lot is a rare painting by our Ms. Hera.”

After the host had finished speaking, a graceful lady brought a landscape painting up onto the stage.

“This is a painting by Ms. Hera. As we all know, Ms. Chapman was born into a family of pianists. Just now Mr. Chapman’s calligraphy was sold at a price of three million. As for Ms. Chapman’s painting, looking at this mountain and this waterfall, I seem to hear the sound of spring water splashing.”

“Our Ms. Chapman is not only beautiful but also kind and she wants to do her part for charity. Look at the little child carrying a basket in this painting. He is a hard-working child in this mountainous area. This scene is so apt, echoing the theme of our charity dinner, which is ‘Sending warmth to children in the mountains!’ The starting price is eighty thousand.”

Ashlyn sized up the painting, quite surprised that Hera could paint.

She watched as Hera stepped onto the stage, standing beside the host, smiling shyly and humbly, like a demure little white lotus blossom, “Thank you, everyone, for showing me your love.”

Jared bent towards Ashlyn’s ear and asked her, “What do you think of this painting?”

Ashlyn sneered, “Nothing special.”

Those nearby, who heard her words nearly choked. Isn’t this woman just too arrogant?

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 118

Hera was a well-known talent in the elite circle.

At that moment, they were eagerly and impatiently waiting to catch a glimpse of Ashlyn’s precious item.

“Are you not going to bid higher for your lover?” Ashlyn kicked Lucas, who was seated in front of her.

The audience cheered at her arrogance and boldness.

Among the crowd, there were people who assumed Hera to be Lucas’ mistress, but not a single one of them dared to say so to his face.

Even Dixon would not dare to say so.

However, Ashlyn did!

Everyone broke out in a cold sweat as Lucas seemed agitated. His anger was not something she could deal with.

Jared and Winsor, who looked as if they were enjoying the show, were the exceptions. They did not seem to worry about the woman beside them.

Both of them had the same thought.

Ashlyn, my goddess, my big boss! Why would she need to exercise restraint?

Lucas turned around as he glared at Ashlyn with a malicious gaze. This woman just wanted to irritate and anger him!

Hera stood on the stage and thought, This woman has a really horrible temper. She dares to make a move at Lucas. He’ll definitely teach her a lesson she’ll never forget.

At the thought of that, she especially anticipated seeing Lucas. She hoped he would bid higher and put that reckless woman in her place.

However, the man’s thin lips only slightly parted as he spat out four words, “Don’t make a fuss.”

Don’t make a fuss?

Everyone thought they misheard.

No matter how they looked at it, those four words sounded tender. What was that about?

Ashlyn smacked her lips with disdain and retorted, “You are so boring!”

Hera was exasperated. Which planet did this woman come from?

She looked at Ashlyn with hidden hatred, but she suddenly froze.

Isn’t that Dr. Berry?

What is she doing here?

She was too focused on Lucas before and did not notice anyone else in the surroundings.

Dumbfounded, she took a second look.

Isn’t she just an insignificant doctor? Why would she appear at this gathering?

Hera scrutinized the two men beside Ashlyn, who were nodding and fawning over the latter.

How did she manage to get associated with those two big shots? They seem to know each other well.

Slut! Hera cursed in her heart.

In the end, they sold her artwork for five hundred thousand.

A big round of applause erupted from the audience.

“This piece of work is not even worth a hundred thousand,” Ashlyn spoke harshly.

Upon hearing this, Hera’s expression changed into one of stubborn humiliation. As if she had been severely wronged, she said, “Ms. Berry, there is no need to speak so crudely. I really wonder what your precious item is.”

Ashlyn raised her eyebrows. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

“Is it something that can’t be shown to the public, which is why you can’t present it?” Hera asked sarcastically.

“You can present something that’s worth less than a hundred thousand. Why can’t I show mine?” Ashlyn said. Her ability to push someone into a corner was immaculate.

Jared and Winsor knew about this ability of hers a long time ago, and thus, they were not surprised.

Dixon, however, could not tolerate Ashlyn’s arrogance. Before, he thought her methods were superlative, but now, she was just unbearably tawdry.

Hera blushed a bright red and clenched her teeth hard. She looked at Lucas for help. “Look at what she’s doing!”

Lucas kept his head bowed. Without even looking at Hera, he said, “She’s right. Your grandpa’s calligraphy has its achievements and can be compared to everyone else’s. Do you think this insignificant piece of yours is worth displaying?”

Hera became dizzy with anger and her clenched fists trembled. She almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

She glared scornfully at Ashlyn as she returned to her seat.

Joseph Field, who sat beside Lucas, coughed softly. “Don’t you think this situation is a little odd?”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 119

He secretly glanced over at Ashlyn, who sat a row behind. This woman was dazzling, but her personality was also prickly. So they fancy these kinds of roses with thorns?

“You left your wife for this woman? No matter how I look at it, she looks like she’s possessed by an incapable monarch. You deserve a beating for treating Mrs. Nolan so badly.”

“Shut up!” Lucas shouted, unable to tolerate Joseph’s yapping.

It seemed that after flying to Africa for a few days, his memory was still as bad as ever.

Everyone nearby was eavesdropping on the conversation. Previously, they were skeptical about the rumors that Lucas was a victim of family violence. Only now did they believe it.

This was something Joseph had personally confirmed.

The legendary Mrs. Nolan intrigued them. They were especially interested in the woman who could hit Lucas.

After that, a few precious jewelry and antique books were sold. Among them, a few pieces were sold at unbelievably high prices.

Now and then, Hera would glance over and scrutinize Ashlyn.

She wanted to know what ‘precious item’ the latter had.

Just then, the emcee stood stunned for a moment before he said, “Up next, we will put Ms. Berry’s item up for auction. It’s a piece of artwork titled ‘A Hundred Birds Facing Phoenix’.”

“A Hundred Birds Facing Phoenix?”

“Isn’t Ms. Saunders best at drawing birds? A Hundred Birds Facing Phoenix is also one of her famous pieces. Could it be her artwork?” A man who was an expert in collecting calligraphies and paintings said, shocked.

“It can’t be. How could Ashlyn have Ms. Saunders’ artwork?”

“That’s right! It is said that Ms. Saunders draws with her left hand and plays the piano with her right hand. Left hand, they said! Most people can’t even draw well with their right hand, not to mention the left. She’s one-of-a-kind!”

“Ms. Saunders is left-handed.”

“But she uses her right hand to play the piano!”

Everyone was discussing the matter excitedly.

All the ladies that accompanied the men were just props and there was no need to prepare their items.

However, since Ashlyn was there, she naturally had to be prepared. Very prepared.

At that moment, she stood up and marched toward the stage.

Seeing her slender and graceful behind, Winsor smirked, “Mr. Quickton, is Ms. Berry your girlfriend?”

Jared smiled. “You think too highly of me. I just see her as my goddess.”

“She’s my goddess, too,” Winsor said cheekily. “Why don’t we have a fair competition?”

Jared stiffened. He did not dare to woo his boss; he would die a painful death if he did. He seemed to sympathize with Winsor as he rubbed his hands and said, “Well, I wish you a smooth journey.”

To be sacrificed halfway.

Winsor frowned, not understanding what Jared meant.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt it did not sound like a good thing.

By then, Ashlyn had arrived onstage. Everyone had their gaze focused on her.

Only then did Dixon see the looks of the woman he disdained. His heart wavered.

Beautiful! How beautiful! Her beauty hurt his eyes and pricked his heart.

This woman was right to be arrogant.

Not only was she gorgeous, but she also had good connections.

And Ms. Saunders was her strongest connection.

He suddenly understood why she was surrounded by so many big shots. This woman is worth everything!

Ashlyn glanced over at the emcee. “You’re not done with the introduction.”

As if it was his first time seeing such a dazzling woman, he snapped out of it and continued, “This piece of work is from the legendary Ms. Saunders. Her works are priceless. The starting bid of this piece is ten million!”

The audience instantly fell into silence.

That was indeed Ms. Saunders’ artwork!

It was said that her works were incredibly difficult to acquire.

Hera stood up, incredulous. She shrieked, “That’s impossible!”

Her artwork was sold for five hundred thousand. She even arranged for it to be a trending topic beforehand.

She thought she would definitely be in the limelight today. But now, that plan backfired.

After all, the people present had all brought either jewelry or precious stones. Her painting was on a different level compared to their items!

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 120

Yet, Madeline Saunders’ painting actually made an appearance.

Ms. Saunders was a person who was usually uninterested in mundane affairs. Why would she step down from her high horse and give her precious item to Ashlyn for auctioning?

“Tell us. Where did you get that painting from?” Hera questioned with gritted teeth.

“From Ms. Saunders,” Ashlyn replied without sparing her a glance. “Why? Is there a need for you to question who Ms. Saunders gifts her work too?”

Hera choked up, her conceited facade faltering as she looked at the painting.

As everyone knew, Ms. Saunders’ drawings were never for sale and were only gifted to certain lucky people. As such, her works were priceless.

Joseph was astounded. “Ms. Saunders is a wonderful woman. My mother — No, my family has quite a few of her paintings, all of which were gifted to my mom. Is my mother gonna be rich since the bidding is starting at ten million?”

He knew little about art and was unaware of how high the net worth of the people in the industry was.

Lucas kept getting a nagging feeling in his chest. Something was not right.

How did he not know that Ashlyn knew Ms. Saunders?

Madeline Saunders was an unparalleled beauty with an eccentric personality. However, there were also rumors that she was incredibly ugly and thus always wore a mask.

However, her talents shocked the globe.

She had many accomplishments as a pianist and was a natural talent as a painter. Painting with her left hand and playing the piano with her right was something that was unheard of.

She was worthy to be named an incomparable genius.

That was why Joseph felt dizzy. “My mom is so lucky to be associated with Ms. Saunders.”

“This painting is refreshing, painted with vibrant colors. Look at this eagle! With its feathers colored layer upon layer and the immaculate skill presenting its raw textures! Look at how peaceful and harmonious it is! Ms. Saunders’ skills for painting are indeed glorious!” the emcee rambled animatedly. It was as if he had used every vocabulary he knew of to describe the painting.

The whole painting was a stunning three meters long.

Even those who didn’t appreciate art would resonate with them after seeing this painting.

“This painting has an exquisite design and flowy brush strokes. After knowing that I wanted to participate in this charity auction, Ms. Saunders gifted this artwork to me. The true meaning behind this painting is a metaphor for the prosperity of H Nation. Under the leadership of our president, we will advance rapidly and the citizens will be harmonious and at peace,” Ashlyn said indifferently. She went on, “When it comes to charitable deeds, it doesn’t matter who does them. Ms. Saunders is just an ordinary person. She wants to contribute to this charity, and I simply happen to be acquainted with her.”

Her words were a clear indication for them to start the bidding war.

Dixon stared at her.

Her aloofness and grace astonished him.

Ashlyn walked to her seat and said to Jared, “Name a price.”

The latter swallowed nervously. “How much?”

“Up to you,” Ashlyn said as she yawned delicately. She felt that this charity gala was boring.

Winsor immediately butted in. “I’ll be in charge of placing the first bid. What do you say?”

He could not let a person like Jared be in charge. He had to take advantage of this situation and perform well.

“Up to you,” Ashlyn replied with the same three words.

Winsor was thrilled as he threw a glance at Jared.

“15 million.” A distinct voice was heard suddenly.

The two men froze in surprise and looked at Lucas simultaneously.

You… You married man! How dare you steal a bachelor’s thunder!

Winsor instantly became angry. If was any other day, I would have let it go. But how dare you try to steal my goddess!

What angered him the most was Lucas had made a big fuss over Tinsor beating Blair up and caused Jaquin Group’s shares to drop by three percent as his revenge.

Windsor tried to hold back his anger and retaliated with a higher bid. “16 million.”

Lucas turned around to look at Ashlyn. “How do you like my performance?”

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