My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 111-115

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 111

Did Mrs. Nolan really did that?

Isn’t this domestic violence?

But, why does Mr. Nolan seemed excited after getting hit like that?

Could it be that one of his screws is loose or something?

Everyone was drowned in their own wild imaginations, trying to picture what really happened to Lucas.

The more they thought of how the cold and ruthless Lucas was pinned to the floor by his wife and getting hit by her, the more it felt wrong.

“What? These bruises are proofs of love. Start the meeting,” Lucas said as he scanned the room.

All the executives stared at Lucas and applauded him for being such a doting person, to the point where he believed that being hit by his wife was an act of love.

It also explained Lucas’s update on his social media that same morning about his wife, which the executives believed that Lucas was forced to post it by Mrs. Nolan because the photo of him with his mistresses angered her.

That was Lucas’s punishment, or so everyone thought, which made sense.

The executives began to wonder what would happen if their wives found out they had a mistress and came to an agreement that they would suffer much more than Lucas did.

Just like that, a few new hashtags popped up on the internet which garnered the same attention as Mrs. Nolan’s account.




All of these happened when Lucas appeared in the company’s canteen without covering his face. A few of his employees secretly took photos of him and posted them on the internet.

From one photo to two photos, the internet was soon covered with photos of Lucas’s face.

The internet was thrown into chaos once again.

‘That’s why Mr. Nolan tagged Mrs. Nolan’s account this morning! It was all Mrs. Nolan’s doing! She’s asserting her dominance over his mistresses!’

‘Mr. Nolan just got sh*t on by his wife for cheating on her.’

‘But his pretty face…’

‘Don’t you think the bruises look good on him too?’

‘Mrs. Nolan sure is cruel.’

‘How can she bring herself to injure such a pretty face?’

‘In the name of the moon, I’ll punish this bitch!’

The internet was immediately divided into two different opinions. The only thing that everyone had in common was their increasing curiosity toward Mrs. Nolan’s identity.

Ashlyn scrolled through the comments furiously, cursing the man who caused the commotion.

That shameless b*stard! He’s the one who used my phone to register an account, not the other way round! How is it my fault now?

The more Ashlyn thought about it, the angrier she got. To take her revenge, she took a photo of the bite mark without showing her face and posted it on her account to show that she was a victim.

Yet, to Ashlyn’s surprise, Lucas immediately shared her photo and commented, ‘I’m so sorry, babe. I shouldn’t have bite you.”

Lucas’s comment instantly pushed the show to its climax.

The netizens continued to spam the comment section.

‘Mr. Nolan is a true man! He fought back by biting her!’

‘I guess their fight ended peacefully?’

‘Peacefully? You should say their fight ended with both side suffering!’

‘W*f! How can you bring yourself to bite on such a beautiful skin?’

‘Isn’t this another way to show off?’

Lucas replied to two of the comments because he was in a good mood.

‘This is a proof of our love.’

‘I left my unique mark on her.’

Lucas returned back to the meeting after posting the comments as if nothing had happened.

On the other hand, Ashlyn had no idea what Lucas was planning.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 112

Why is he doing this? We’re divorced! A proof of love? Are you kidding me?

Ashlyn let out a deep sigh as she deeply regretted posting that photo out of impulse.

Am I going crazy just like Lucas did? Since when did I become so easily irritated?

Ashlyn threw her phone to the side and went back to sleep.

After she woke up, Ashlyn returned to Bayview Villa.

The servants had gathered around to gossip about what happened on the internet

“Don’t you think Mr. Nolan and our lady is a match made in heaven?”

“Too bad they’re divorced.”

“But still, there must be something wrong with Mr. Nolan’s judgment. Why can’t he see that his mistresses are plain whores?”

“Right? Our lady could even take down a group of men on her own. How can they even compare to her?”

Ashlyn overheard the conversation as she was heading down to grab some snacks.

“You guys have nothing better to do?” Ashlyn’s expression darkened.

The servants turned around and jumped when they saw Ashlyn standing behind them. “M’lady…”

The servants tried to keep their mouths shut, but one couldn’t help but asked when she noticed the bite mark. “M’lady, should I boil an egg for you?”

“Egg?” Ashlyn questioned in an angry tone.

“My mother always told me when I was little that rolling a warm egg on your face can reduce the swelling.”

“Is that so? Get me 10 then!” Ashlyn ordered and pulled a cake out of the fridge before heading back up to her room.

When Jared returned and saw the ‘love’ mark on Ashlyn, he couldn’t help but laugh out hard.

Ashlyn glared at him. “Shut your mouth or I’m going to tear it off your face!”

What’s funny about this? You should laugh at Lucas instead!

“Looks like you two really went at each other last night!” Jared joked.

“Shut it!” Ashlyn threw the tissue box next to her at Jared.

“You should keep the mark. It looks good on you.” Jared avoided.

“Get lost!”

“M’lady, please do not move.” The servant who was pressing a hard-boiled egg gently on Ashlyn’s face stopped her.

Ashlyn instantly stopped her movement.

Jared moved forward to take a close look at the bite mark. “That’s quite deep. Will it go away before the charity gala?”

“What? Do you think I’m still going with you when you’re laughing at me like this? Dream on!”

Jared was taken aback. God! Please give me the power to reverse time! I swear to never laugh at Ashlyn!

Just as they were arguing, Ashlyn received a video call.

She quickly grabbed her phone that was on the tea table and realized it was from Lucas.

Ashlyn remembered how crazy Lucas could be if she did not pick up her phone. Not only would he rush over to her place, but he might also even do something insane like driving a plane straight to her villa like last time.

Ashlyn knew that no one could stop Lucas if he went crazy, which left her no choice but to answer his call.

“What do you want?”

“I just finished showering. Have you showered yet?” Lucas was wiping his hair dry and his body half-naked, showing the perfect separation between his muscle fibers.

His dripping-wet hair only made him look even sexier.

“Are you crazy? Why do you even care? I’m hanging up!” Ashlyn scolded.

“Wait! Can you come with me to the charity gala?”

“Hell no!” Ashlyn scoffed. “This ex-wife of yours isn’t suitable to be by your side. Wait… I can hear Ms. Chapman and Ms. Wynn calling out to you.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 113

Ashlyn hung up right after that, feeling at ease for rejecting Lucas’s invitation.

This is how a divorced couple should act.

Ashlyn knew that as long as she wasn’t in the same room as Lucas, her judgment would not be clouded by her desire, which did not feel good at all.

Lucas stared at his phone and threw his towel on the floor. His swollen face had no expression on it as the woman who moaned happily next to him the night before was treating him coldly.

What a heartless woman!

Ashlyn stayed in her room for the next few days until it was Friday.

Jared rushed back from his office in the noon and begged with everything he got until Ashlyn agreed to attend the charity gala with him.

Everyone knew that Jared was bringing a beautiful lady. If Ashlyn did not go with him, he would’ve been teased by his friends at the gala.

At 5 in the evening sharp, the professional makeup team that Jared hired arrived at Bayview Villa. The whole makeup took about two hours until it was seven.

Ashlyn opened her eyes lazily after her makeup was done and asked her maid to bring her some snacks.

After finishing her fruits and desserts, she drank a cup of fruit tea before heading down.

The members of the makeup team were staring at Ashlyn dumbfoundedly. The team had serviced a lot of A-tiered celebrities, including award-winning actors and actresses. All their clients were either the epitomes of having a perfect face or charm.

Yet, this was the first time that they’d saw a woman who had all of those qualities. She was the woman they were staring at, one that was elegant, sculptured, and powerful.

One of the male makeup artists quickly ran up to Ashlyn and helped lift the train of her dress. “Be careful on your way down, Ms. Berry.”

“Thank you,” Ashlyn smiled. As she turned around and noticed that Jared was standing not far from her.

When Jared saw the smile on Ashlyn’s face, he gulped as it was a beautiful sight that was different from her usual coldness and without her mockery.

Jared knew that his boss could be very seductive, but he’d never imagined she would be this seductive.

It explained why Lucas still wanted her back after they were divorced because the woman’s look could make a country fall.

As the president of Centennial Healthcare, Jared was always required to befriend a lot of big shots. Thus, the makeup team that he’d hired was one of the bests in the country.

Since Ashlyn hadn’t looked at herself in the mirror, she’d no idea about the perfect job the team had done to her.

Jared’s car arrived at Alita Grand Hotel at 8 pm sharp.

A long-red carpet extended from the hotel’s entrance to the drop-off area. The interior was elegantly decorated and attendants in uniform were pacing back and forth to help the attendees.

Reporters surrounded the red carpet, ready to take photos of the guests that would be arriving.

Many dressed in suits and elegant dresses walked past the red carpet. Most of them were well-known celebrities.

Since it was a charity gala, preparing an item to auction off was a must.

Jared looked at the celebrities and explained, “The Haddocks would host a charity gala annually. This will be the tenth year. Since the gala is widely praised all around the country, only the best of the best in the industry has the chance to attend. As for the celebrities and smaller enterprises, being able to participate is something to be proud of.”

“It would be perfect if the Haddocks are as generous as you said,” Ashlyn sighed.

Jared could not understand what Ashlyn meant, and she chose not to explain it.

Since Ashlyn remained silent, Jared took something out. “I’ve prepared an item for you to auction off as well. A jade bracelet.”

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 114

Ashlyn perched her lips and said, “I already handed mine over to the auction.”

“What?” Jared responded with a surprised look.

“I felt it was only appropriate of me to turn up with an item or two with values befitting the evening’s banquet. We can’t afford to disgrace Mr. Quickton now, can we?” Ashlyn replied as she gave him a look.

The spotlights shone brightly as it focused its attention on the red carpet.

The celebrities took turns to pose for the cameras.

But in the presence of the veterans, they knew their place and stepped aside.

The world favored capitalism.

Celebrities were nothing but mere tools for that.

Ashlyn and Jared exited from their vehicle and quickly found themselves in front of the camera lens.

The reporters were caught with their pants down but only momentarily. They sprung back into action and were frantically snapping away.

Click! Snap!

Jared’s girlfriend?

Was this a joke?

He brought his girlfriend to an important charity event!

What a shocking turn of events.

Jared the old fossil really did have a girlfriend.

“What’s her story? Who is she? I have never seen her before.”

“Was she an international model or starlet? How did we not know about her?”

“With that face, it was impossible she was not recognized right away!”

The whispers were hushed, and the industry gossiped. People were astonished by the exquisite beauty that stood beside Jared, and her elegance was breathtaking.

Jared was a man adored by millions, and he was also the CEO of a multinational corporation. Yet, he was overshadowed entirely by her. He was nothing more than a backdrop, and no one paid any attention to him.

Jared was in tears! I still got it, don’t I? Sob… sob… sob! Am I destined to be her bag carrier for the rest of my life?

Both of them arrived at the entrance.

As soon as they stepped in, all eyes were on Ashlyn. Anybody who was anybody dropped their conversations.

They were all speechless.

How could such beauty exist on this planet?

Her beauty was mind-blowing. In that instant, every woman present paled in comparison to her grace. The magnificent hall lost its brilliance as she strolled across it.

They quickly regained their composure as soon as they realized she was Jared’s partner.

Jared sent word out through a social media post and announced that there would be a goddess at the banquet.

He attached a side profile picture, and it created a frenzy on the internet. The narcissists and self-absorbed had a field day with it.

She looked stunning in person!

It was enough to tempt a monk to rethink his celibacy vows.

“Mr. Quickton,” his name was announced.

Immediately the spotlights were focused on him.

With a long stride, Jared held Ashlyn’s arms in his and whispered into her ear. “Boss, you could easily make a living off your looks, yet you chose to depend on your talents and hard work. Look at them grovel at your feet.”

Ashlyn stared at him coldly. “Zip it.”

Jared laughed even harder and said, “Ouch. Am I not allowed to pay you a compliment?”

Ashlyn lifted her head and replied gracefully, “What you said was the truth; thus, it did not count as a compliment.”

The reporters noticed their intimate behavior, and their camera shutters started to go off frantically once again.

The distinguished guests in the hall had disappointment written all over their faces. Jared certainly pulled no punches this time.

It was bad enough they were playing catch up with Centennial Healthcare in the business world. This gorgeous beauty who walked alongside Jared was the nail in the coffin.

They could not come to terms with the situation.

Back at Nolan Group in the CEO’s office.

Spencer gulped as soon as he entered the room.

Since Ms. Berry rejected Mr. Nolan, he tore up the invitation to the Haddock Group’s charity gala.

However… he came across a live stream of the event on Weibo and caught a glimpse of the mysterious beauty who was rumored to be Jared’s girlfriend.


Within seconds the internet was abuzz and netizens speculated who she was.


His blood began to boil as he stared at the man who sat in the leather armchair. “Ms. Berry is Jared’s partner!” he yelled in fury.

With a wounded pride, he pulled himself away from work and gnashed his teeth together. “Damn that woman!”

It seems like I went too easy on her. She forgot her place and turned to Jared!

His pupils dilated with murderous intent. The room was overwhelmed with his menacing aura.

The tension was palpable, and it made Spencer gasped for air. His body froze unwillingly as he stood there rooted to the ground. His eyes caught sight of the torn-up invitation, and despair overcame him.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 115

Oh oh oh! Mr. Nolan, your outbursts seemed to have taken a turn for the worse. Did you realized that?

Ms. Berry first used you and was abused by you. Then, she humiliated you by beating you up, and now she has gone to be with Jared.

You are already divorced. Let it go… it’s over. Have you forgotten you were the one who suggested getting the divorce in the first place?

He was spiteful and furious. The rage that had built up within him was like a caged beast that was bloody thirsty for revenge.

“Ashlyn you wretched woman. How dare you go against my orders.”

“Go! Bring her to me,” his voice boomed.

Spencer was taken aback by Lucas’s fit of rage and replied hastily, “Alright, alright. I will head on out right now.”

“Wait!” He erupted as he sprung up from his chair. His towering figure stood over with a downcast vibe. “I will do this personally!” he declared.

Shortly after, a black luxury car arrived and took off with him in a grandiose manner!

She was not someone to be trifled with. Spencer may not be her match!

As Lucas journeyed in his car, he shut his rage-filled eyes.

At that moment, the charity gala had begun. The first order of business was the typical charity auction.

The auctioneer stood on stage and peered at the audience below.

Dixon of the Haddock Group occupied the front seat.

Just behind him were the seats reserved for Jared’s and Jaquin’s families, as well as members of the other distinguished families.

Lucas’s seat was naturally positioned alongside the Huo family on the same aisle.

All eyes were on Dixon as he took his seat. He seemed lonely and withdrawn as he took his front-row seat.

Hushed whispers could be heard all around, “Mr. Nolan isn’t here.”

“He did not attend the past years gala too.”

“It would seem that Mr. Nolan had no interests in the charity gala whatsoever.”

Winsor had already taken his seat. He arrived ahead of time. He was not interested in the gossips and idle chit-chats out in the main hall.

Due to his family background, he loathed the unnecessary formalities and red tapes that sought to control his behaviors.

Shortly after he sat down, he overheard someone striking a conversation with Jared. “Hello, Mr. Quickton.”

“Good day to you Ms. Berry.”

Winsor chuckled under his breath. It was not too long ago when Jared’s post with his lover caused quite the uproar. And here they are out together in the public’s eye already? Who do they think they are? And who is this woman everyone’s talking about?

Jared was known in the industry to be a man of integrity and morals.

At this point he could not help but turned to take a look.

Ashlyn also happened to turn her attention in the direction of Winsor, and their eyes met momentarily.

Winsor was surprised. Ashlyn? What was she doing here?

He noticed sitting next to her was none other than Jared. In an instant, a sense of pending doom overcame him. “Is she… Jared’s goddess everyone’s talking about?”

You have got to be kidding me!

Jared that bastard, how did he get a jump on me?

Jared was soon done with his small talks and escorted Ashlyn to their seats next to Winsor.

Tinsor was also present at the event. He saw Ashlyn and exclaimed excitedly like a doll. “My dear goddess! What are you doing here? Ahhh, the gods must be smiling down at me and, as fate brought us here together…”

He jabbered uncontrollably to the point where Winsor jabbed him in the arm and interrupted him. “Shut up and keep quiet!”

“Brother…,” Tinsor protested in a whimper. He continued to gush over Ashlyn in a milder tone and extended his arm as he said, “My dear goddess, I would be honored to shake your hand.”

Ashlyn kept herself aloof as she replied coldly. “No.”

Crash! Tinsor’s fragile heart shattered into a million pieces.

Dixon sat in front, and he overheard the commotion between Tinsor and Ashlyn. When she rejected Tinsor, it put a smile on his face. Tinsor’s groans of disappointment were music to his ears.

So what if she was good-looking and had an attractive voice? She was only a woman who relied on another man’s fortunes to get ahead in life. She was not worth his attention.

Meanwhile, over at the hotel’s main entrance, bystanders stared in disbelief at the invitation that had been shredded and stuck back together. Their hearts filled with remorse.

Mr. Nolan, how much did you hate the Haddock Group that made you commit such an act? What good came out of humiliating them?

Ripping apart the invitation and piecing it together again… damn, that was just downright despicable!

Spencer was embarrassed beyond words as he handed over the invitation card.

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