My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 11-15

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 11

Ashlyn recalled her duty as a wife and forced out a smile. “Sure. Don’t worry about me.”

“Spencer will take the flight with you,” Lucas told her lightly.

“Okay.” Ashlyn nodded.

Deep down, she was extremely reluctant because she was really busy. There was no need for him to act as if they were in love right before their divorce!

However, to get an amicable divorce, she had to stay calm and bear with his actions for a couple more days.

Both of them stayed silent after that. Ashlyn whipped out her phone and sent a few texts to Jared Quickton on WhatsApp.

She told Jared she was boarding the plane later and would be back in the country by tomorrow night. Jared would have to take care of everything himself for now.

Jared: I thought you’re getting a divorce? Why are you going to London with him?

Ashlyn: I have no choice. I don’t want to cause any conflict and fall out with him. You know how much I hate conflicts.

Jared: Yeah, got it 🙁

Ashlyn turned off her phone without sending a reply, utterly irritated.

The car reached South Star Airlines half an hour later.

Spencer remained with Ashlyn as she waved to Lucas. “Bye, honey!”

Lucas nodded and left.

In the conference room at South Star Airlines, Lucas sat at the head of the table after going through the pre-flight physical inspection.

He flipped through the weather report, which his co-pilot had handed him earlier.

The purser started going through the pre-flight briefing with the other flight attendants.

Jenny Holt—one of the flight attendants—kept stealing glances at Lucas.

The purser on this flight, Nancy Jesson, couldn’t help but frown. What’s wrong with Jenny? Captain Nolan had already announced that he got married. Why won’t she give up?

In the airport lounge, Spencer handed a ticket to Ashlyn. “Mr. Nolan told me to reserve your ticket two days ago. We’re sitting next to each other. You’re getting the window seat.”

He reserved the ticket two days ago? Why did he inform me right before the flight, then? Ashlyn mused.

She took the ticket with a winning smile. “London must be gorgeous in this season.”

Right then, Spencer glanced at his watch and got to his feet. “Mrs. Nolan, please come with me.”

Ashlyn didn’t know what he wanted to do. “Where are we going?”

Spencer whipped out a pair of binoculars from his briefcase and gave it to her. “Mrs. Nolan, look south. You’ll see Mr. Nolan there.”

Oh, he wants me to look at Lucas? What is there to see? He might be hot, but I’ve gotten bored with his looks after four years, Ashlyn thought in resignation.

Nevertheless, she picked up the binoculars and looked at the south side of the airport.

A tall figure in an immaculately pressed captain uniform appeared in her sight.

Lucas seemed strict and serious. Even when his wife was on his flight, he didn’t request any special arrangements. Well, he doesn’t love me, anyway. There’s no way he’ll make special arrangements for me, she thought. I have to wait at the terminal and board the plane just like every other passenger.

After the pre-flight inspection, a sweet voice rang from the speakers, informing everyone to board the plane as soon as possible and to take note regarding the necessary precautions.

Spencer and Ashlyn headed to the boarding gate.

In the cockpit, Lucas was checking all the controls and flight software himself. “Altimeter, set. Directional gyro, set. Variometer, check.”

He sat in the cockpit and started going through the details with his co-pilot.

Fred Langsley—the co-pilot—had only been working in this position for six months. He was two years younger than Lucas and had been working alongside Lucas ever since his promotion. Even though he had seen Lucas at work so many times, he couldn’t help but feel amazed at how hot he was.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 12

No wonder the flight attendants were so upset when they heard he got married, Fred thought.

Lucas continued down the checklist. “Standard instrument departure?”

“Set up done.”

“Visual meteorological conditions?”



“14.8km flight visibility; clear of clouds; ceiling at 5700 feet AGL.”

After going through the checklist, Nancy came to the cockpit and reported, “Captain Nolan, all passengers have boarded. Here’s the list.”

Nancy had flown with Lucas enough to know he was very particular about the details. She handed him the passenger list she had confirmed earlier.

Many pilots wouldn’t even bother checking the passenger list, but Lucas insisted on doing so to minimize the possibility of unwanted accidents.

“Do the passengers look healthy?” Lucas flipped through the passenger list idly. When he spotted Ashlyn’s name, his lips curved up in a faint smile.

Finally, the plane was cleared on the runway for takeoff.

Lucas steered the plane onto the runway and sped up. The plane eventually lifted off and climbed steeply into the sky.

Right then, Ashlyn rested her chin on her palm and stared out the window at the clouds. After a while, her eyelids started to droop.

It’s so boring here. Why did he insist on asking me to come?

The cockpit was right ahead of her seat.

She imagined how Lucas was steering the plane in the cockpit with quick yet steady hands. Hmm, that sounds cool, she thought as her heart skipped a beat.

The plane had reached its cruising altitude, so the cabin crew relaxed and started chattering. The flight attendants had flown with Lucas a few times and knew Spencer was his assistant.

“Hey, is that Mr. White’s girlfriend?”

“She’s quite pretty. When they both boarded the plane, Mr. White waited on her carefully. He even asked me for a blanket so he could place it on her lap.”

“Is Mr. White that thoughtful and gentle? Wow, I wonder if Captain Nolan is this soft when he’s with his wife.”

“Well, you can ask him. He’s in the cockpit.”

“Of course not. Captain Nolan is too stern.”

The other flight attendants immediately cracked up.z

Jenny came over and spotted the others laughing merrily. “Why are you guys laughing?” she inquired.

“Hey, Jenny. I dare you to ask Captain Nolan something.” The flight attendant inched nearer to her.

“What is it?”

“Nothing. They were fooling around.” Nancy nudged that flight attendant and glared at her.

Everyone here knew Jenny was infatuated with Captain Nolan for years.

Realization dawned on the flight attendant who hurriedly added, “We were talking about Mr. White’s girlfriend. We wanted to ask if Captain Nolan knows about his girlfriend, but we don’t have the guts to do so.”

“Oh, I see.” Jenny smiled and said nothing else.

At that moment, the captain’s voice rang through the speakers.

Lucas’ familiar voice was broadcasted over the system. It was a deep, husky, and masculine voice.

After English, he repeated his announcement in French once again. This was the first time Ashlyn had ever heard him speak in French.

His pronunciation was perfect and fluent.

Ashlyn leaned on the window and looked out at the starry night sky as she listened to his announcement.

Strangely, her heart fluttered as she imagined him working as Captain Nolan.

She couldn’t help but recall how sexy and husky his voice sounded in her ears when they used to spend passionate nights together. Her ears heated and reddened at that thought.

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Around her, some Frenchmen started praising his pronunciation.

“This captain speaks French fluently.”

“Très bien!”

“I love hearing him speak in English, too.”

Ashlyn heard them praising Lucas in their native language clearly.

Spencer puffed his chest up proudly. “Mrs. Nolan, he did a good job, right?”

“Yes, my husband is great. He did well!” Ashlyn smiled and lavished praises on him generously because she knew Spencer would report everything she said to Lucas later.

When they finally arrived in London, it was eleven at night.

The moment Ashlyn stepped off the plane, she let out a sneeze.

She was clad in a yellow dress and a khaki coat, but the night breeze was too much for her. So, she couldn’t help but shiver at the sudden chill.

Spencer stood by her side as they waited for Lucas together.

After handling the landing procedures, Lucas walked out with the purser and the other flight attendants behind him.

They looked so good-looking in their uniforms that they immediately became the center of attraction in the airport.

Especially Lucas, whose captain’s uniform accentuated his masculine sexiness.

Ashlyn shot him a sweet smile before she remembered they were getting a divorce soon. Naturally, she shouldn’t do anything strange in front of his colleagues.

She stood silently beside Spencer.

“Captain Nolan, see you tomorrow.”

“Bye, Captain Nolan.”

Nancy and the other flight attendants bade goodbye to Lucas before they left separately.

“Did you see how fair Mr. White’s complexion was? He even brought his girlfriend on a business trip.”

“But why do I have a hunch that she’s Captain Nolan’s wife?”

“That young woman seems around 20? Captain Nolan is 26 this year. He wouldn’t have married such a young wife.”

“Captain Nolan has an impeccable taste. He won’t be interested in that young girl,” Jenny snorted and arched her brow.

Once she spoke, the other flight attendants fell silent. After a short pause, they changed the topic and started chatting about something else.


The car Lucas and Ashlyn were in headed toward the hotel slowly.

Once Lucas got into the car, he immediately held Ashlyn’s hands. “Why are your hands so cold?”

“The weather is slightly cooler at night. I’m fine.” Ashlyn rested her head on his shoulder.

If they weren’t about to get a divorce, they might seem like an old married couple.

When they reached the hotel, Ashlyn took a shower and climbed straight into bed as her head felt groggy.

By the time Lucas exited the bathroom, she had already fallen asleep. He lay by her side and was about to switch off the lights when he realized her body was scalding hot.


The woman’s eyes were shut tight as she had fallen into a deep sleep.

He reached out to touch her forehead and frowned at the heat he felt. “You’re burning up.”

As there were two unnatural red spots burning on her cheekbones, Lucas called the reception immediately. “Can I get a doctor? A female doctor, if possible.”

Ten minutes later, the doctor arrived with her kit in hand.

She took Ashlyn’s temperature and found she was running a temperature at 39 degrees Celsius.

“She has a fever. Sir, can you help me take off her clothes?” The blonde doctor cladded in her blue uniform asked Lucas politely. “I need to give her a shot.”

Something gleamed across Lucas’ aloof gaze as he helped the doctor to take off Ashlyn’s clothes.

After giving Ashlyn a shot, the doctor prescribed some medicine for her before leaving the hotel room.

For the rest of the night, Lucas kept reaching out to feel the woman’s body temperature. He didn’t know why her fever wouldn’t go down.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 14

Ashlyn was half asleep when she suddenly felt her body burning. Even her breath was heated.

She shifted uncomfortably and opened her eyes. At once, she met the man’s dark gaze.

Ashlyn propped herself up and touched her forehead. “What time is it?”

“Four in the morning.”

“Why aren’t you asleep?” She stared at Lucas curiously.

“Since you’re awake, take the meds.” He got off the bed and got her a glass of water. He then removed the packaging of the pills and gave them to her.

“Meds?” Ashlyn gazed at the pills resting on her palm blankly.

She wasn’t used to taking meds when she was sick.

Lucas furrowed his brows. “Didn’t you realize you have a fever? I shouldn’t have brought you here. You must’ve caught a fever because of me.”

“No wonder my body is aching so badly.” Ashlyn didn’t like taking medicine, but since Lucas was staring at her, she had no choice but to swallow the pills.

After taking the pills, she snuggled into his embrace. Her voice was weak as she thanked him, “Thank you, honey.”

Lucas must’ve summoned the doctor as he realized I had a fever.

Well, for the past four years, he did his duty as a husband.

The thing is, we don’t love each other.

Lucas wrapped his arm around her waist upon hearing the affection in her voice. “Seducing me again?”

Ashlyn giggled coyly. “I feel much more refreshed after sleeping. I also feel more energetic now.”

“You’re naughty even when you’re sick,” the man chided and patted her head.

“You don’t want it?” Ashlyn shot a seductive look at Lucas. She glanced around the room which was obviously decorated romantically like a honeymoon suite. “Let’s not waste the room’s decoration.”

Lucas couldn’t resist her advances. At once, unveiled desire flashed in his eyes. “You asked for it.”

Ashlyn only woke up when the afternoon rolled around the next day.

When she opened her eyes, Lucas handed her a beautifully wrapped box. “Put this on later.”

“I brought clothes with me.” Ashlyn blinked in surprise at the man’s sudden concern. He even prepared thick clothing for me? she wondered.

“It’s raining out there,” the man replied, rather overbearingly.

Ashlyn said nothing after that. As a dutiful wife, she had to go along with her husband’s arrangements.

She opened the box to reveal a trench coat from Ctene’s latest collection.

There was also a pair of trousers in the box.

After washing up, she changed into her new clothes.

She came to the window and stared at the drizzle raining on the city. “What a pity we can’t go sightseeing.”

“Your fever has just subsided. We can go shopping at the nearby mall. No other sightseeing activities allowed,” Lucas scrolled through his phone and replied coolly.

Ashlyn opened the window and stretched her hand out to touch the drizzling rain. It felt cool to her touch. “Honey, look. Even the gods know we’re getting a divorce. The only vacation we have can’t even be perfect.”

Some things were meant to be regrettable.

For the first time, Lucas snapped at Ashlyn irritably, “Can you stop mentioning the divorce?”

Ashlyn closed the window and turned around, stunned. “You were the one who wanted a divorce.”

“I’ll sign the papers when we return.” Lucas retorted and strode into the bathroom.

Ashlyn couldn’t help but roll her eyes behind him. What was that? Did he change his mind? she thought in exasperation.

Meanwhile, Lucas lit a cigarette and took a huge puff of it. He let out a swirl of smoke as if he were releasing his oppressed emotions with it.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 15

Isn’t getting a divorce the best choice? But why do I feel agitated when she talks about our divorce?

For the past four years, he had rarely been this agitated.

His mania symptoms had abated, so he thought it was because he took his meds regularly.

When Lucas finally exited the bathroom, he had regained his composure.

Ashlyn was playing games on her phone on the sofa. “If you refuse to take Whitland Villa, I’ll buy the entire Mossy Lake residential area and put it under your name.”

“What?” Ashlyn’s nimble fingers froze at his words. She couldn’t even focus on her game, causing her opponent’s attack to land on her. Her character immediately lost.

The man stood before the French windows with his back facing her. The light shone on him and highlighted his broad shoulders, long legs, and tall figure.

“All three hundred units within the ten blocks in Mossy Lake will be yours. You can have your pick.”

The entire Mossy Lake residential area was developed by a property development division under Nolan Group. It was rumored to be opened for sale on the first day of the next month.

Why is it mine now before its opening? Ashlyn was confused.

“No, no. Captain Nolan, even if you’re rich, you can’t spend your money like this.” Ashlyn wasn’t about to accept his offer.

“I bought it with my own money. It has nothing to do with Nolan Group.” Lucas’ reply was nonchalant like he had just bought vegetables in the market instead of buying the entire residential area.

Indeed, Nolan Group belonged to him, but it wasn’t appropriate to allocate the group’s assets to her.

Moreover, he paid 10% more than the original price for the residential area.

Nolan Group had definitely earned a profit.

The only one who suffered losses was him.

Ashlyn thought he was being crazy. “Honey, we’re getting a divorce. We’ve signed a prenup, so your assets have nothing to do with me.”

“2.8 billion is nothing to me,” Lucas replied coolly. The agitation in his heart had faded away.

Ashlyn thought that gift of his was nothing but a hot potato.

If she accepted the Mossy Lake residential area, then their divorce would be a mess.

Damn, that’s irritating.

Lucas, however, came to her. “Since we can’t go out, why don’t we do something fun?”

“No!” Ashlyn refused instinctively.


At seven in the evening, they boarded the flight back home.

Ashlyn sat next to Spencer like before. She was so exhausted she felt like falling apart on the spot.

As she had a fever earlier, her entire body felt uncomfortable right now.

A childish thought occurred to her. Why didn’t Lucas get infected by me?

When the flight attendant distributed their supper, Ashlyn didn’t have any appetite.

“You should eat some. If Mr. Nolan finds out you refuse to eat, I…” Spencer trailed off, seemingly stumped.

Hence, Ashlyn forced herself to take a few bites of the food.

After she had finished eating, Spencer gave her a glass of water. “Take your meds.”

“Did he order you to do so?” Ashlyn had enough of the medicine. She never took them whenever she was sick. All she did was hold up for two days and she’d recover soon after.

However, she took them to avoid unnecessary trouble.

She had no idea Spencer was this naggy.

When Lucas walked out of the cockpit, he saw Ashlyn glaring at Spencer angrily.

How dramatic of her, he thought.

“Did you take the meds?” The man towered above her.

“Yes, she did,” Spencer answered on behalf of her. “I don’t think she wants to drink water, though.”

“You need to hydrate,” Lucas reminded her calmly. As he was in his captain’s uniform, many female passengers were looking in his direction.

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