My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 106-110

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 106

Covering her cheeks, Ashlyn glared at Lucas angrily while clenching her teeth.

She almost blew her top.

What happened to the once soft and gentle Lucas?

Nowadays, his temper is mercurial. He gets moody and angry unpredictably.

“Hmph, so this is what happens after you start seducing other men,” Lucas exclaimed as he stared at the woman in front of him. He didn’t show any signs of regret but instead continued holding onto her chin.

When he thought about the shitty men pursuing her, he couldn’t control his rage, and his blood began to boil.

On the other hand, Ashlyn narrowed her eyes when she heard what he said, and her delicate lips started trembling. Who did I seduce? I’m not trying to attract anyone.

This man is absolutely crazy and immature!

He should just get lost!

She clamped her lips tightly and continued staring at Lucas angrily.

Seeing how angry she was, Lucas couldn’t help but frown and pulled away her hand that was covering her cheeks.

He then saw his teeth marks on her fair face.

That instant, his dark eyes glistened, and he gently stroked her cheeks with his palm.

Curling his lips, he thought to himself, this mark belongs to me.

This vicious woman threw away her wedding ring. Let’s see if she can resist me now.

He then reached his hand downwards and tore her skirt.

“Are you crazy? What are you trying to do?” she exclaimed.

Seeing that her skirt had been ripped, Ashlyn burst out in fury. As her dark eyes filled with rage, Lucas found her even more attractive.

Her dramatic reaction was sexy to him.

Ashlyn raised her arm and started to fight with him.

“Stop moving!” Lucas bellowed.

He grabbed both her hands and held them above her head.

Unable to resist him, Ashlyn now felt helpless and vulnerable.

She looked up angrily and confronted the pair of deep black eyes that were looking at her.

Those deep black eyes exuded an insane degree of dominance and possessiveness.

As Lucas continued staring at her, she still couldn’t uncover his intentions.

She turned her head away angrily with a cold and annoyed look on her face.

Sensing that Ashlyn had stopped struggling, Lucas felt somewhat satisfied.

After so many days of struggling with me, she finally let her guard down a bit.

She just wants to make me feel miserable for a while.

He glanced at her snow-white skin, then laid eyes on her well-defined collarbone.

“What are you trying to do?” Ashlyn asked as she glared at Lucas vigilantly. Is he going to bite my neck?

As Ashlyn grew uneasy, he continued eyeballing her neck while pinching her chin to prevent her from moving.

He could see her bluish-green blood vessels pulsating.

Then, he leaned down and started sucking on her neck.

Ashlyn struggled for her life as she screamed, “Lucas, you are insane!”

Pinning her down and preventing her from moving, Lucas just wanted to possess her and make her his completely!

After a while, he finally let her go. A look of satisfaction appeared on his face as he saw the purplish love bite on her neck.

It was deep and dark-colored like a blooming rose, and it reflected his strength.

Ashlyn was at a loss for words as she stared out the window. The pain on her neck reminded her of how Lucas had just assaulted her.

This man is immature, hot-tempered, and also violent.

I should give him a taste of his own medicine and crush him!

She felt several warm fingers caressing her neck and a pair of eyes fixating a strong gaze on her.

Suddenly, she raised her eyebrows and looked at Lucas from head to toe. Does he have rabies or what?

Some of the symptoms of rabies include irritability, aggression, and biting!

The more she thought about this possibility, the more convinced she was.

Finally, she couldn’t hold back any longer. “Lucas, were you bitten by any dogs lately?” she asked.

Lucas retracted his dreamy gaze and gave Ashlyn a wary look.

He frowned and felt uneasy.

“I’ve never been bitten by any dogs before,” he replied with a domineering voice. What is going on with this woman?

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 107

Ashlyn responded with a snort. Just because he said he hasn’t been bitten by any dogs before doesn’t mean it’s true. He really likes biting people.

“Really,” Lucas said displeasingly.

“Roger that, Captain Nolan,” Ashlyn said nonchalantly.

Lucas looked into her almond eyes and found traces of disdain, displeasure, and impatience.

Yet he found her fair facial features beautiful and captivating. Every now and then, she exuded a sense of confidence and independence, attracting the gaze of people around her.

Lucas was enchanted by her, but he held himself back.

His sexy thin lips curved upwards slightly, and his dark eyes gleamed with desire.

He slid his hand into her smooth hair again and said, “Good girl.”

He articulated those two words in a cold and serious tone, but there was also a hint of affection.

The corners of Ashlyn’s eyes twitched.

She looked at the neurotic man who had been staring at her all this while, and the frustration and annoyance in her heart started to melt. She saw pleasure on his almost perfect face.

As she stared at the corners of Lucas’s lips, she thought to herself, Damn it.

Since we got divorced, he has only been hostile and aggressive like a lunatic. Now, all of a sudden, he knows how to smile?

I’d rather call him a rabid dog!

Smiling doesn’t suit him.

Despite what Ashlyn thought, her heart started to race when she saw Lucas’s swelling cheeks.

I must have slapped him a little too hard just now.

Hehehe. He bit my face, and I slapped him back. Well, we’re even now!

Spencer, who was driving in the front seat, found the physical altercation between the two of them thrilling.

He stopped the car steadily then said, “Mr. Nolan, we’re here.”

When Ashlyn was in the car, her attention had been fixed on Lucas the whole time. It was only after she got out of the car that she realized she wasn’t at Bayview Villa.

Spencer had driven them to Whitland Villa instead.

What about his earlier promise to send me home?

The anger she had suppressed started to surface again. “Lucas, what the hell are you doing?” she asked furiously.

“It’s late, and Whitland Villa was closer to the bar,” Lucas answered coldly. “You lived here for four years. One more night wouldn’t kill, right?”

Ashlyn’s expression tensed up that instant.

“You don’t want to?” Lucas said with a frown as he stroked her face with his hand.

He carefully examined every trace of expression on Ashlyn’s face.

Her silence made him feel slightly uneasy.

This immature lunatic really likes to lose his temper, Ashlyn thought to herself.

She really felt like slapping him on the other side of his face!

“I don’t get what you’re saying, Lucas,” Ashlyn said while pursuing her lips tightly.

Lucas’s face darkened when he heard her answer, and he glared at her coldly.

The two of them stared at each other; neither party was willing to yield.

That moment, Spencer shuddered and said softly, “It’s already past midnight, Mr. Nolan…you have a meeting tomorrow morning.”

Don’t you want to rest?

I want to go home and sleep!

My heart can’t handle all this drama!

Lucas looked at Ashlyn and said, “If you don’t go in, I will stay outside with you for the night.”

Ashlyn rolled her eyes and blurted out, “Ughh! How annoying!”

I can’t beat him this time. Fine, whatever!

She then walked into the villa without saying a word.

As she was walking in, Lucas suddenly scooped her up by her waist and carried her into the villa.

Ashlyn let out a silent sigh.

Here he goes again.

We’re about to start bantering again.

In the villa, Ashlyn took a shower, then sat on the bed to blow-dry her hair.

When Lucas stepped out of the bathroom, he grabbed the hairdryer from her hand and started blow-drying her hair for her.

Ashlyn was stunned. It felt like the times before they got divorced.

Back then, although Lucas was equally cold towards her, his speech and mannerisms were gentle. On the contrary, he was now always bad-tempered, and his moods were unpredictable.

Who was faking it last time? Me or him?

She just couldn’t figure out why there was such a huge difference in his character before and after their divorce.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 108

The man looked down and saw her lowering her head as well. His body heated up as he noticed the mark he’d left on her neck.

Lucas threw the hairdryer to one side, grabbed Ashlyn by her shoulder, and pulled her into her arms.

Before she could react, her lips were already sealed by his.

Here we go again. Ashlyn sighed as she was slowly aroused by Lucas’ kiss.

Ashlyn did not mind having sex with him, since they’d already done it countless times for the past four years.

What was more was that the man could last pretty long, and his skill had improved a lot over the past four years.

To put it simply, the sex could satisfy both of them.

They were so close that they could hear each other’s breath.

“Couldn’t Ms. Chapman satisfy you? You’re making it seems like you can’t leave me,” Ashlyn mocked. Even though she knew she was going to enjoy the sex, there was still a part of her that felt frustrated about the situation.

“You shouldn’t ruin the mood like this,” the man replied and bit her ear which made her blush immediately. “Looks like I have to punish you for thinking about another person.”

Ashlyn realized her mistake but it was too late.

Two hours passed since and Ashlyn finally begged Lucas to stop.

“So, are you still going to seduce other people after this?” Lucas asked.

Ashlyn was completely out of breath and did not answer his question.

When Ashlyn woke up the next day, Lucas had already left.

Ashlyn struggled to get up as her back ached from the night before. As she turned around, she noticed an elegant box on the bedside table. She picked it up and opened it curiously, only to find a diamond necklace shining in it.

Lucas never cheaped out on his present for her. Yet, Ashlyn only took a glance at the necklace and left it where she found it.

Lucas had given her a lot of jewelry in the past four years, but she never took one with her.

Let’s leave it for Ms. Chapman. Ashlyn laughed in her head.

Little did Ashlyn knew, the internet was in complete chaos as Lucas, who never posted anything online, updated his post.

‘She’s even pretty when she’s asleep’ Lucas updated along with a photo showing a slender body covered with a blanket.

Even though the woman was completely covered from her head below, but the sheet perfectly carved out her wonderful figure as her long, black hair rested naturally on the pillow.

‘Oh my God!’

‘I told you Mr. Nolan is married! Damn, his wife looks pretty even from behind!’

‘Is he showing off or what?’


‘What about the scandal saying he’s getting a divorce because he has two mistresses?’

‘Are you guys serious? You really think this is Mrs. Nolan?”

‘Who else could it be? We know that one of the mistresses is blonde and the other has curly hair. The one in the picture is definitely not them.”

‘So, this is Mrs. Nolan, right?’

‘Perhaps it’s his third mistress?’

The netizens immediately went to stalk Lucas’s profile and found that he was following a single account. The ID of the account was ‘Mrs. Nolan.’

People began to shift their attention towards this account but soon realized that the account was completely empty. The only post on the account was generated automatically when the account was created.

The only thing the people managed to find was that the account was created around 8 in the morning that same day.

Screenshots of ‘Mrs. Nolan’s’ account began to spread online as people spammed the account’s inbox.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 109

Ashlyn walked out of Whitland Villa and noticed that her phone was blipping non-stop. It didn’t sound like a message notification nor a ringtone.

She took her phone out curiously and almost fainted from anger.

On her phone was a new social media application that she never installed.

When Ashlyn opened up the app, she found out it was already registered under the ID of ‘Mrs. Nolan.’

Ashlyn took a deep breath to stop herself from venting her anger.

That childish man! What did he do while I was sleeping?

Since Ashlyn’s phone was locked with a face scan, Lucas could easily unlock it while she was sleeping.

What she couldn’t believe was that Lucas actually registered an account for her and made her follow his account.

He even named her account as ‘Mrs. Nolan.’

Mrs. Nolan my ass! I’m your ex now! How can a man who’s nearing his 30’s be so childish? Why is he still doing such a thing now that we’re divorced? To entertain the internet? I thought he didn’t want the world to know my existence? I thought he wanted me to be a stranger? Then, what is this? Is he trying to screw me over?

Now that Ashlyn learned that the blipping sound was from the application, she realized her inbox and comment section were almost maxed out.

Most of the messages and comments were either asking if she was really Lucas’ wife or how did she and Lucas get together. Some also asked when will the divorce happen. Few of those were hate comments, cursing her to disappear from the face of the earth.

Ashlyn gritted her teeth at those hate comments while blaming Lucas in her head.

Hera was very active on social media, and naturally, she noticed the trending account as well. Evidently, she was jealous about it, especially after seeing the picture of Ashlyn.

She immediately dialed Lucas’ number.


“Hera? Do you need something?” the man asked uninterestedly.

“When are you taking me to meet Ms. Saunders? It’s been days since you’ve returned…” Hera asked in a pitiful voice.

Unfortunately for her, Lucas had completely forgotten about it.

“We’ll have to make an appointment if we want to meet her.”

“Even you?”

“Of course. There are rules we have to follow,” Lucas replied coldly.

Hera quickly made her tone sounded as pitiful as she could. “But, you know… I really want to participate in the competition. My grandpa will get better if I get a good score… I have to meet with Ms. Saunders as soon as possible so that my grandpa could get better…”

“Fine. I’ll let you know once I make the appointment.”

After hanging the call, Lucas stood in front of the window and gazed at the clear sky.

Mrs. Field, the mother of Joseph Field, who was Lucas’ best friend since childhood, was very fond of concerts and was a huge fan of Madeline Saunders.

The Fields had served in politics since generations ago, and Mrs. Field was the mayoress of Riverdale. With her status, most artists would be humble towards her since having a mayoress as a fan was something worth bragging about.

Yet, as Madeline’s die-hard fan, Mrs. Field never got the chance to meet the real Madeline who went to great lengths to keep her identity anonymous.

Whenever Madeline would perform on stage, she would dress in traditional clothing and hide her face behind a golden mask.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 110

The fact that Madeline played the piano on stage in a traditional dress became a huge topic once.

The most important part was that she was famous throughout the globe and had fans all around the world.

Anyone who had witnessed her live performance would be enchanted by her music. It was pure bliss.

It was something that neither recordings nor videos could replicate.

Since Hera had requested Lucas to help her meet with Madeline, Lucas turned to Mrs. Field for help, who agreed immediately to Lucas’ request. Yet, Mrs. Field still warned Lucas on the hardship of winning Madeline’s favor and that he had to find something she was really fond of in return.

Lucas immediately thought of traditional clothing and accessories based on Madeline’s rumored preferences.

Spencer suddenly knocked on the door and entered. “Mr. Nolan, the meeting is about to begin.

When Lucas turned around, Spencer was shocked to see the pretty face was now covered in scratches and bruises.

“Sir, I think it’s better if you wear a face mask or a pair of sunglasses…”

“There’s no need for that,” Lucas smiled as he touched the bruise on his face.

This is the proof of happiness, not like you single people would understand.

The meeting room was relatively noisy until Lucas entered and the room turned it dead silent.

The executives dropped their jaws as they saw the bruises on Lucas’ face.

Everyone had the same thought in their head. Who dared to do that to our boss? Does he have a death wish or what?

“Let’s start the meeting!” Lucas ordered coldly and sat down.

Everyone regained their wits after hearing Lucas’ familiar cold tone.

It was then Joseph pushed the door open and screamed when he saw Lucas’ face. “Oh my God! What the hell happened? Which b*stard did this to you? Consider that person dead! How dare he hit my best friend! You better not show your face in front of my mom until it heals, or else she’s going to cry.”

Anger was written all over Joseph’s face.

Lucas opened the file in front of him and said, “So, you’re planning to kill my wife?”

“What did you say?” Joseph’s eyes widened. Didn’t this b*stard and his wife get a divorce?

Lucas raised his head to look at Joseph. “I’ve decided to send you to Africa on a business trip.”

“Wait, what? Why are you suddenly sending me there? Come on, man. That place is boring! And there are no chicks either! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Because I just decided on it a second ago.”

“Seriously?” Joseph rebuked as he could not believe Lucas would do that to him. “You.. you’re mean!”

Lucas lightly laughed at Joseph’s frustration. “You should leave soon. Your destination- Africa.”

Joseph cried as he left and the room returned to silence once again.

Every executive tensed up as the mood turned grim.

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