My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 1-5

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 1

Night fell. The sky was dark, spangled with stars.

“Honey, I’ll move out tomorrow. How’s that?” Ashlyn hugged the man from behind, resting her gorgeous face on his broad back.

“It’s okay. I’m planning to give Whitland Villa to you.” Lucas’ voice was cold and placid.

Ashlyn’s lips quirked up. In a well-behaved and obedient manner, she said, “Honey, it was agreed that I would leave this marriage of four years with nothing. Isn’t it great that we can stay out of each other’s lives now?”

Lucas couldn’t see her expression at this moment, but he could tell that the woman wasn’t sad at all.

Is she that desperate to get a divorce?

For some reason, he felt inexplicably uncomfortable.

“Don’t you love money?”

“Desired wealth must be acquired uprightly. Besides, it’s not a good thing to receive an alimony.” Ashlyn let go of her hands that were embracing the man’s waist. “I’m gonna go take a shower.”

The woman had just turned around when she was abruptly tugged by the arm. The man’s thin lips inched closer. She smiled delicately and covered her mouth, gazing at him with her pair of bright eyes. “We’re gonna divorce soon.”

“So long as we haven’t made it official, you’re still my wife,” Lucas said with a slight frown.

Lucas had always liked her obedience and gentleness.

“Honey, I just wanna take a bath and sleep now…” Ashlyn said coquettishly, her eyes seductive and soft as she caressed the man’s chest. “Pretty please?”


The night was like a dream.

After four years of marriage, Lucas couldn’t bear to part with Ashlyn.

Ashlyn lifted her head to look at the man before her eyes.

Lucas Nolan was the prized prince of Nolan Group and the first captain of South Star Airlines. Women and daughters of wealthy families swooned over him and stewardesses and ground staff were crazy about him. He was known as the walking ten thousand fans generator.

Of course, she was excluded from these people.

She had known her role all long in this marriage.

And now, this four-year marriage was finally coming to an end.

The next morning, Lucas was already up when Ashlyn awoke and was washing up in the bathroom.

“Morning.” Ashlyn slowly sat up. The man was so aggressive last night that her body felt sore.

Lucas had put on a black shirt with a pair of black pants underneath.

Ashlyn got out of bed and found a black dress to put on.

It was Charles’ funeral today.

Naturally, she had to attend as his nominal granddaughter-in-law.

Lucas glanced at her and said, “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to. We can drop the act now since we’re getting a divorce.”

Ashlyn’s hands, which were just about to put her clothes on, froze. “Grandpa was nice to me. I want to see him one last time and send him off.”

“All right then, I’ll get Spencer to send you there,” Lucas said flatly.

“Great!” Ashlyn smiled.

Does that mean he doesn’t want to expose me? During the four years of marriage, the public had only known that the president of Nolan Group, Lucas Nolan, had a young wife in a secret marriage, but no one had ever actually seen her face.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 2

She was the woman who lived in the rumors.

Now that they were about to get a divorce, it was even more unnecessary to let the public know what she looked like.

And she understood that.

Lucas stared absentmindedly at Ashlyn.

He had always known that the marriage between the two of them differed from others. They had signed a contract when they got married in which they wouldn’t meddle in each other’s lives during the contract period.

Ashlyn would live as his rich wife and pretend to be his lover in front of his grandfather, and in return, he would gift her with bags, clothes, jewelry, or anything that money could buy.

He had met this woman in front of the hospital, standing expressionlessly in the pouring rain, screaming, “Is there anyone who wants to marry me?”

All the passersby had thought she was a psycho.

He didn’t know why she did that and wasn’t interested to know.

But he knew she needed a wife at that time and that she had a pleasant look.

Little did he expect this marriage to last for four years until his grandfather passed away last week. After four years of acting, the play finally ended.

The death of his grandfather hit him so hard that he took a week to recollect himself before the funeral. Even now, he could still feel a dull pain in his chest whenever he thought of Charles’ gentle voice and happy countenance.

In the past four years, there was no difference between them and an ordinary couple. He was always on the go and would usually spend the night at Whitland Villa only during weekends.

Ashlyn had always waited for him obediently, and would never complain about his coming and going.

Before Lucas left the house, Ashlyn stood on tiptoes and kissed his cheek. “Bye-bye, honey.”

The man lowered his head to kiss her lips. “Be good at the funeral later.”

“Okay, I will.” Ashlyn nodded and watched as he left.

The two of them interacted like an extremely affectionate old married couple. It didn’t look like they were about to divorce at all.

Seeing that the man had got into the black Bentley, Ashlyn turned around and closed the door.

The obedience and gentleness on her stunning face were immediately replaced with an unprecedented coldness, as if it were blanketed with a layer of frost, creating a sharp contrast to her soft and lovely appearance before.

It was as if she was a different person.

Expressionlessly tidying herself up, she departed as well.

At some point, it started drizzling.

Northern Cemetery.

The grass was green and soft to the touch. The entire North Mountain was enveloped by a curtain of rain, making it look hazy and surreal.

Charles’ grave was chosen here, where it was beautiful and peaceful.

The funeral was minimalistic, almost too simple. Most of the people who came were the Nolan family’s friends and relatives, and some business partners.

Under the rain, the white lilies that were placed around the tombstone appeared spotlessly white.

Ashlyn got down from the car and walked toward the crowd holding a black umbrella.

She looked at Lucas. The man was in a black suit, his posture was straight and his lips were set in a hard line.

He was standing quietly at the front; his handsome face full of sadness and his eyes red.

She knew he was single-handedly brought up by Charles and that he was extremely attached to him.

Ashlyn went over and bowed in respect. Looking at Charles’ picture on the tombstone, she drew in a deep breath and gently put the lilies in her hand in front of the tombstone.

And so, a man’s life ended.

She hated this place, and she hated the atmosphere. Most of all, she hated it when someone walked away from her life.

A trace of helplessness and sorrow surfaced from the depth of her eyes. Charles had been really good to her when he was alive, doting on her as if she were his own granddaughter.

She flung herself against the cold tombstone and kneeled under the pouring rain, bowing to the old man with her face to the earth.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 3

There’s no way I can show my respect to you anymore, Grandpa. And there’s no way in this lifetime that I can repay your love for me. Rest in peace, Grandpa.

Everyone looked at Ashlyn in astonishment.

Who’s this eye-catching woman? What’s her relationship with the Nolan family?

Why did she… No one else from the Nolan family got down on their knees besides Lucas Nolan!

Lucas’ deep, dark eyes flickered with a tinge of surprise.

This woman… I didn’t know she has such deep feelings for Grandpa.

Ashlyn didn’t stay too long. She got up and left after the prayers, just as mysteriously as she came.

“Who is she?”

“She is quite the beauty.”

“Hey, I’ve heard that Lucas Nolan has a secret wife? Why didn’t he allow her to come to such an occasion today?”

“She’s probably not favored in the family. I heard that Lucas Nolan is filing for divorce.”

Ashlyn walked down the mountain while holding an umbrella, listening to the gossip of several noblewomen who were going down the mountain together behind her.

These people have nothing else better to do than gossiping about the gentry.

Those comments were like water off a duck’s back to Ashlyn. If only these women knew that the young wife they were talking about was standing in front of them, their eyes would probably pop out.

“Wait up, Ms. Berry!”

Suddenly, an ear-piercing voice came from behind.

Ashlyn squinted.

Following the sound of footsteps, a teenager about one meter eight intercepted Ashlyn; his handsome face flushed with rage. “Let’s see how long you can stay proud without Grandpa to cover you in the future, Ashlyn.”

“So you came all the way over here just to tell me that?” Ashlyn said casually. The teenager standing in front of her was Blair Nolan, the second son of the Nolan family and Lucas’ half-brother, who was still a freshman in college this year.

“I’m warning you. Don’t even think about getting a single penny of the Nolan family’s assets!” Blair shot daggers at Ashlyn.

This woman is really good at pretending to be meek in front of Lucas. She’s clearly a different person once she turns around. Is Lucas blind or something?

No, I can’t let this woman deceive my brother again, no matter what.

Only the three Nolan siblings and Charles knew about her secret marriage to Lucas.

The Nolan family’s youngest, Naomi, had been abroad and should be back today to attend the funeral of the old man.

Sure enough, just as Ashlyn reached the foot of the mountain, she ran into Naomi, who was getting down from the car in a hurry. The girl was uniquely dressed and had a few strands of dreadlocks hanging down her left shoulder, looking wild and unrestrained.

On her feet were a pair of Dr. Martens boots, and on her face, she was wearing dramatic smoky eye makeup, with exaggerated large circle earrings hanging from her ears.

To put it bluntly, she simply looked unconventional.

“You’d better divorce my brother immediately, Ashlyn,” Naomi started with a hint of disdain in her voice. “My brother is handsome, and he’s a good man. There are plenty of women who would fight to marry him. So you’d better know your place.”

“You need to do something about those lines. You won’t get to Hollywood with them.” Ashlyn shrugged her off, looking askance at her.

She got into the car straight away and took off.

Damn it! Naomi stamped her foot in anger.

Did that woman just disregard me again? She is just as snobbish as ever!


In a café.

“Ms. Berry, this is the divorce agreement. Just sign and you will be divorced from Mr. Nolan.”

Lucas’ assistant Spencer put a document in front of Ashlyn.

“Sure.” Ashlyn flipped to the last page and signed straight away without even reading through the document.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 4

Spencer looked stunned. He was all set as to how he should reply, and how to handle it if Ashlyn proposed any conditions.

Little did he expect Ashlyn to be so cool about it, making him feel somewhat awkward.

He had been following Lucas for many years. He was one of the few who knew about Lucas’ marriage, and he usually had a pretty good impression of Ashlyn.

He also thought that Ashlyn and Lucas were a perfect match and was reluctant to see his boss divorce Ashlyn. However, as an outsider, he naturally had no right to put in his two cents.

“Ms. Berry, I’m sure you remember about the prenuptial agreement that you’d signed when you got married to Mr. Nolan, right?”

“Of course. His fortune has nothing to do with me, and I won’t get any money from divorcing him.” Ashlyn smiled, for she understood Spencer’s meaning. “Don’t worry. I’m not the kind of woman who’s fond for such earthly things~”

When they first got married, they were merely taking what they needed. It was an unspoken exchange of favors.

So, it was only right that they part ways now.

Besides, she wasn’t the kind of woman who couldn’t live without Lucas.

After leaving the café, Ashlyn went back straight to Bayview Villa that Jared had prepared for her. It was a bit far from the city and was located close to the river.

When several men clad in black in the villa saw her, they bent down instantly and greeted in respect.

Ashlyn nodded in return before stepping inside.

“Boss,” Jared greeted at once upon seeing her.

“I’m divorced.” Ashlyn grinned, her cool and stunning face making hearts flutter.

She sat on the couch, opened the laptop on the coffee table, and started typing away, hacking into the traffic system to delete all traces of her journey from the traffic surveillance video.

Once she was finished, she raised her eyes and discovered that Jared was staring at her with a bemused look.

“What are you doing?” she asked, her brows slightly creased.

“Nothing. I mean, boss, are you really divorced?” Jared felt a little woozy.

From her tone, why does a divorce sounds as simple as eating and drinking water? Is marriage a child’s play?

“It’s not like you don’t know why I got married.” Ashlyn beckoned to him. “Hurry up and give me the sales report for the new quarter.”

Jared was a tall, handsome-looking man. He and Lucas had very different temperaments; one was cold and devious, and the other warm and righteous.

For many years, he had been Ashlyn’s right-hand man.

Ashlyn didn’t have to wait for long as Jared placed a document in front of her a few minutes later.

She looked down and started flipping through the document.

Jared was still in shock. “I mean, boss, your husband is Lucas Nolan, the heartthrob Captain of South Star Airlines, and the president of Nolan Group. He’s the man of every woman’s dream. Are you really willing to let go of such a dashing and invincible man?”

Ashlyn looked up and gave Jared a sharp look. “Speak any more nonsense and I’ll feed you to the sharks.”

The one-meter eight man immediately kept silent, as far as he knows, no one had the balls to mess with this woman.

Ten minutes later, Ashlyn returned the document to Jared. “The sales volume is ten percent higher than the previous quarter. It’s five percent higher than I expected.”

“All credit goes to you, boss.” Jared was no longer the calm and collected president he was before.

“Oh, shut up,” Ashlyn said impassively. “I need to sleep.”

“You’re not going back?” Jared asked, dumbfounded.

“What for? I’ve already signed the divorce agreement.” Ashlyn looked down at Jared condescendingly from the stairs, as if she were regarding a fool.

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 5

“Right…” Jared muttered to himself.

After Ashlyn returned to her room, she was just about to take a shower when her phone rang.

It was Lucas.


“Where did you go?” the man asked coldly, his voice laced with a hint of displeasure. “Why aren’t you back at this hour?”

Ashlyn froze. “Aren’t we divorced?”

Why is he still calling me?

And he’s urging me to go home?

It’s not even the weekends today. Why is he over at Whitland Villa?

“I haven’t signed it yet, so it’s not valid.” Lucas couldn’t help but frown when he remembered what Spencer had told him.

How can this woman be so straightforward and nonchalant?

He had come back here right after work without a second thought, only to see the lights that were usually on for his return weren’t lit.

Pushing open the door, he saw that the house was empty, and that Ashlyn was gone.

She had simply taken off.

With an effort, Ashlyn reined back her impatience. Trying to sound as gentle as possible, she said petulantly, “I’ve already signed the divorce agreement, honey. You were the one who filed for the divorce.”

If I were to flip out directly, who knows if this temperamental man would change his mind on the spot and refuse to divorce?

By then, I’ll have to go through the trouble of finding a way to divorce again.

I’m very busy. I have no time to play games with him.

“Be a good girl and come home first, okay?” Lucas said, standing by the window and looking out at the lights of the city, like a good husband urging his wife to come home early.

Ashlyn took a deep breath. “Okay! Give me thirty minutes.”

She went down the stairs, her face appallingly cold as her whole body radiated an unwelcoming aura that repelled whoever came near her.

The men downstairs broke out in a cold sweat at the grim expression on her face. They steeled their hearts, asking, “Boss, w-where are you going?”

“Send me to Whitland Villa,” Ashlyn said frigidly, barely keeping her temper in check.

Relax, relax… You’ll get a divorce in no time. Breathe…

Jared followed her out with glee. “I thought you were gonna stay at home.”

“Zip it!” How Ashlyn wished to blow Lucas’ brain out. But as of now, she could only take it out on Jared. “Go to the training room and practice target shooting for a hundred rounds. Don’t sleep until you finished!”

“Boss—” Jared let out a wail.

Yet, the svelte woman slammed the door of the Land Rover and left in a huff.

The Land Rover simply whizzed along the highway.

The two men in black sitting in the backseat were so frightened by the speed that their faces turned white. “B-Boss—”


“S-Slow down!”

It was at this moment that they finally understood why it was said that a coward should never ride in Ashlyn’s car.

Their stomachs were churning, but the woman at the driver’s seat was expressionless. She was staring at the road straight ahead, skillfully controlling the steering wheel as she stepped on the gas, overtaking cars after cars; all in one smooth motion.

Even if they were about to throw up, they had to admit that their boss looked really cool driving like this.

It simply took Ashlyn thirty minutes to arrive when it was originally an hour journey.

When the Land Rover stopped nearby Whitland Villa, the two men rushed out at once and vomited on the flowerbed by the roadside until their faces went red.

“Weak! Is that all you can take? If I were to go full steam ahead, you’ll probably be dead by now,” Ashlyn reamed them out for failing to live up to her expectations. “Go back and keep training!”

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