Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2681

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2681 or Amazing son in law chapter 2681

Chapter 2681

If those seven people really died like this, He Zhiqiu might really be unable to forgive herself. If things go on like this, she might fall into extreme depression until she can’t bear it and ends her life.

    Thinking of this, Ye Chen asked her back: “As long as your friends survive, you will be able to pass this hurdle in your heart?”

    He Zhiqiu nodded gently, and asked: “Can you save them?”

    Ye Chen Looking at Hamid, he said, “Brother, let me be honest, even if you kill all of those seven people, the White House will not give you a penny.”

    Hamid also realized it and nodded and said: ” Indeed, they have no intention of giving money at all, and they have already blocked the news in the Western world. Even if I kill them all, the Western media will not report them, and they will not have the effect of persecuting them.”

    When it came to this, he sighed. He sighed, gritted his teeth and said: “Okay, if you need it, I will let them go, or send a helicopter to bring them over.”

    He Zhiqiu suddenly looked surprised.

    But at this time, Ye Chen immediately waved his hand and said, “No, I just need them to survive. I don’t want to take them away.”

    Hamid asked hurriedly, ” My brother, what do you mean?”

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2681 or Amazing son in law chapter 2681

    Ye Chen said. “Let’s do this, don’t kill them, leave them as laborers, do miscellaneous tasks, cook, dig trenches, and transport goods in your army. I believe they are still capable of handling this. Yes, leaving them for their lives, letting them stay in Syria to do things for you for the rest of their lives, it is considered that you did not tie them back in vain.”

    Hamid immediately understood what Ye Chen meant.

    He knew that Ye Chen didn’t want to save those guys either, just because of He Zhiqiu’s face, he wanted to save their lives.

    So he immediately agreed and said: “Since my brother said so, don’t worry, I will make good use of them, give them a bite of food, let them survive, and honestly give me a coolie.”

    Ye Chen nodded, then asked He Zhiqiu: “They won’t be killed. Are you satisfied?”

    He Zhiqiu asked angrily, “You can obviously take them away. Why do you want to do this?”

    Ye Chen also asked her back: ” A joke, I left them a dog, and I have given you enough face. Why should I save them?”

    He Zhiqiu couldn’t help but said, “Obviously, they can be free again with just a word of you, but why are you unwilling to help them? ! “

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2681 or Amazing son in law chapter 2681

    “? to help them “Ye Chen sneer, asked her:?” Why Syria there are millions of refugees, Europe has more than seven hundred million people, obviously as long as all of Europe donate a day – a big fist bread, could be completely Feeding them and letting them eat is white and fat, but why do these refugees still have no fixed homes and have no food to eat?” After

    speaking, Ye Chen asked: “Africa has 400 million extremely poor people, while the population of developed countries in the world It adds up to nearly one billion. Obviously, as long as people from these developed countries and every two people from developed countries feed an African, there will be no more extremely poor people in Africa. Why don’t they do this?”

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2681 or Amazing son in law chapter 2681

    He Zhiqiu asked The child was speechless, his face flushed, but he couldn’t find a suitable reason to refute.

    Ye Chen asked in a cold voice at this time: “You always think it’s easy for me to save him with a word, and you think I must save him. This is a brainless paradox in itself! Bill Gates is so rich, and he spends a hundred Million dollars is also very easy, why don’t you let him pay a ransom of 70 million dollars to save his seven compatriots?”

    He Zhiqiu blurted out: “You…you are secretly changing the concept!”

    Ye Chen He sneered: “Secretly change the concept?”

    “Okay, I ask you, among the seven of them, one of them is my relative?”

    “Let me ask you again, among the seven, one of them is my brother?”

    “They Among the seven, can one of them be my friend?”

    “Of the seven of them, one of them is my compatriot?”

    “It’s not my relatives, my brothers, my friends, my compatriots, and my race!”

    “This kind of person who has nothing to do with me, if I help him, is a sentiment; if I don’t help him, it is my duty. ! ” “

    even the word as long as I can help them, but I rely on! What! What! to! help! “

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