Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2680

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2680 or Amazing son in law chapter 2680

Chapter 2680

After entering the cabin, Ye Chen used the watch Vasily gave him and pressed the emergency call button.

    Syria’s infrastructure itself is very poor, and the wars are messed up. Except for the cities, there is almost no communication signal. Therefore, even international roaming mobile phones are not served here. The only medium for calls is satellite.

    Fortunately, this watch specially equipped for paratroopers has the function of satellite communication.

    As soon as the phone call, Ye Chen heard Han Guangyao’s voice: “Master, is everything going well with you?”

    Ye Chen replied, “Everything went well, and it was earlier than originally planned. You will arrange the helicopter to the scheduled location now, I You can arrive in about fifteen minutes.”

    Han Guangyao said dumbfounded: “Master, how can you get there so quickly?!”

    Ye Chen said with a smile, “Commander Hamid of the opposition arranged the helicopter himself. Send us over.” When

    Han Guangyao heard this, he suddenly realized that Ye Chen must have controlled Hamid, and the whole person was so shocked that there was nothing to add, so that he didn’t know how to reply Ye Chen for a while.

    Chen Zekai hurriedly asked him: “Mr. Han, how long will it take for us to fly now?”

    Han Guangyao came back to his senses and blurted out: “I will prepare the helicopter now. Let’s set off in five minutes. It is estimated that it will take 40. In about a minute.”

    “Okay.” Ye Chen said: “Then I’ll be waiting for you at the scheduled place.”

    Han Guangyao hurriedly said: “Okay, master, let’s set off now!” After

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2680 or Amazing son in law chapter 2680

    hanging up the phone, Ye Chen stopped the destination. The gps coordinates told Hamid and told him to tell the pilot. After the pilot set the coordinates, Hamid said to Ye Chen: “Brother Ye, the pilot is ready to take off at any time. Everything is under your command.”

    Ye Chen Nodded and said: “Then let the pilot take off.”


    Hamid immediately used the walkie-talkie on his head to order the pilot to take off.

    The helicopter immediately began to ascend, and then moved towards the coordinates agreed by Ye Chen and Han Guangyao.

    A mountainous area of ​​tens of kilometers, ordinary people may not be able to walk in a day, but only a dozen minutes by helicopter.

    Soon, the helicopter arrived at the coordinate location. This is a relatively gentle mountain top. The altitude is not high and the terrain is not steep. However, there are no roads within a few kilometers, so there is hardly any people.

    After the helicopter landed on the top of the mountain, Ye Chen said to Hamid, “Brother, you have to wait a while here. When the plane to pick me up, you will leave.”

    Hamid said without hesitation: “It should be, so it’s more at ease for you!” After

    that, he ordered the pilot: “Turn off the engine and lights, we will wait here for a while!” The

    pilot immediately did.

    When the plane’s engine stopped turning, the surrounding area suddenly became quiet. Once it calmed down, you could hear He Zhiqiu’s sobbing. At this time, she no longer knew how many tears she shed.

    Ye Chen reached out and removed the headgear tucked in her mouth. The first words He Zhiqiu said was: “You send me back! Or you can go by yourself and let them take me back again!”

    Ye Chen mocked slightly. He said: “Your dad told me that you are a very smart person, and a very good business and management talent, but I really didn’t expect you to be so stupid.”

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2680 or Amazing son in law chapter 2680

    He Zhiqiu pleaded: “You don’t understand, if I just left. This will be my life’s demon and a life’s nightmare. I beg you to let me go back. If all my friends die, and I live alone, I will be tortured and tortured all my life Instead of doing this, it’s better to let me stay…”

    Ye Chen realized that He Zhiqiu’s mentality might not be stupid, but her own personality.

    Most people can forgive themselves easily, but some people don’t. Not only do they won’t forgive themselves easily, but they will suffer for the rest of their lives.

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