Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2673-2674-2675-2676

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2673 or Amazing son in law chapter 2673

Chapter 2673

 “As     soon as Cao

    Hamid heard this, his heart suddenly became cold.

After all,

    he has been a leader for many years, and his judgment of the strategic situation is very accurate. At this moment, he has realized that he and Ye Chen each have half the initiative.

    “In this cellar, the initiative is in the hands of this Huaxia guy, because he has a gun at me and also bought my subordinates. He can kill me in this room at any time.

    ” However, I am not Completely passive, after all, no matter how powerful he is, it is impossible to buy over one or two thousand people from the entire base.”

    “Because, if he really had this ability, he would have directly overthrown me long ago, so why bother so much effort to sneak into this.

    Thinking of this in the cellar , he immediately said to Ye Chen: Friend, neither of us should be too impulsive. You can talk and talk if you have anything. After all, I have been studying in China for many years, and seeing you is very kind.”

    Ye Chen nodded, smiled and said:. “you want to talk too simple, I only have one requirement, you let me take away, I do not make things difficult for you, otherwise, I’ll kill you first,”

    said Ye Chen Be sure to say seriously: “After I kill you, as long as I run faster, your subordinates may not be able to react. After all, when I came in, your subordinates did not find me. Believe that when I left, they too Impossible to find out. As

    soon as Ye Chen said these words, the opposite Hamid immediately became nervous.

    He is not a fool.

    His own base of one or two thousand defenses can also allow a Chinese to touch quietly. Entering in, it can be seen that my defense is not a fart in front of the other party. At

    this time, Ye Chen continued: “When they find your body lying in this cellar, I may have already left Syria. , And for you, you can only lie down hard and accept the funeral prepared by your one or two thousand men. Your status in the army is so high, you must have a grand funeral when

    Hamid’s face turns green. .

    He quickly understood in his heart that he and Ye Chen were not as close as he had imagined.

    People Ye Chen can take the initiative.

    If Ye Chen kills himself first, he will be cold first.

    If he really annoyed him, he would go ahead and kill himself, and then escape smoothly, wouldn’t he be a big loser

    thinking of this, and Hamid’s expression suddenly became extremely depressed.

    Let him let go, he is naturally 10,000 unwilling.

    After all, he is still waiting to use these hostages to extort funds from the US Embassy.

    He has two thousand soldiers under his hand, people fed by horses, and there is a huge funding gap. He is waiting to make a windfall to stabilize the team. If there are extra surpluses, he can buy a batch of new weapons from the arms dealers. Equip troops to improve their combat effectiveness.

    However, money is important, but he is also a commander after all, which is equivalent to a warlord and a native emperor. Even if the money cannot be made, he has this team. In the future, he will have no chance to make a fortune. Maybe the opposition will win the final victory. Can also mix with a senior official.

    Therefore, for him, the most important thing is to live, to live safely.

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2674 or Amazing son in law chapter 2674

Chapter 2674

Otherwise, if you die here, you will really lose your grandma’s house.

    Because his life is more important, he doesn’t dare to confront Ye Chen.

    After thinking about it, Hamid gritted his teeth and tried to make the final fight. He said, “Brother, it’s not easy for you to come all the way, plus the two of us are predestined. I can’t refuse all your requests, but you I always want to save a bit of face for me, and I can’t let me come to the bamboo basket to fetch the water in the end, don’t you also have an old saying in China, don’t you keep a thread in everything, you will see each other in the future

    Ye Chen said with a smile: “I have to say, you. The literary theory is indeed not bad, and even the allegorical words can give me two sentences.

    Hamid smiled awkwardly, and said: “To describe it in one word, I was also a school bully. The update of the elite chapter: m.jyyxs

    Ye Chen nodded and asked him: “You said let me give it to you Save a bit of face, I don’t know how you want to

    save this face. Hamid waved his hand and said with a face full of quagmire: “Brother, these eight people, half of you and half of me, there is an old Chinese saying that is so far away as a guest. So I let you pick first. You pick four people at random and take them away. The remaining four are left to me. As

    soon as Hamid said this, all seven people besides He Zhiqiu went crazy.

    This is the fuck What the hell is

    this guy who came on the Concorde plane so fierce?

    The commander of the opposition has come. Not only did he not kill him, but he also controlled him. What’s

    more outrageous is that the two people are still talking about terms.

    What is even more outrageous is that this Hamid actually agreed.

    He asked Ye Chen to take four people away. Doesn’t that mean that four people can be rescued directly by him?

    Since He Zhiqiu will definitely take one. Quotations, there are still three places.

    When thinking about this, the Chinese boy blurted out: “Mr. Ye, save me. We are compatriots or compatriots. You can’t help but die.

    Ye Chen waved his hand: “Hey, don’t follow me in this set, what you said just now, you don’t remember that I really treat you as a compatriot, even if you are holding a passport from another country, but you are As long as the blood of the Chinese nation is flowing, you are my compatriots in my eyes.

    When it comes to this, Ye Chen said helplessly: “Look at what you said just now. You were born and raised in the United States. The motherland is the United States, you have said so, and neither can I. I rushed to recognize you as my compatriot. Isn’t this forcing you to betray your motherland? The

    other party burst into tears and choked up: “Mr. Ye, I was wrong. Actually, I was not born in the United States. I was born in China. Yes, but later my parents immigrated and took me to the U.S. and became American. The reason why I have always claimed that I was born in the U.S. is because I don’t want to be looked down upon by Americans. I want them to know that although I don’t look like an American. , But I was born in the U.S., the authentic U.S.

    Speaking of this, he cried bitterly: “Actually, I am a foreigner, I am now aware of the mistake, I know what flows in my bones;

    Ye Chen blurted out Interrupted: “It’s okay, don’t say anything, I understand what you mean.” When the

    other party heard this, he felt as if he had hope of survival, and immediately cried and said, “Mr. Ye, it’s really too much. Thank you for being a cow and a horse, and thank you very much.”

    A white American boy also said hurriedly: “Mr. Ye, I apologize to you for my recklessness and impoliteness. Please take me with you,

    India. The boy of American descent also cried. While crying, he burst into tears and said, “Mr. Ye blames me for having no eyes. In fact, I have always longed for the brilliant history and civilization of China. I also admire a lonely hero like you. Your lord does not remember the villain’s past, give me a     chance

    . ” When the others saw them, they pleaded, and hurriedly cried.

Ye Chen smiled at this time and turned to look at Hamid, seriously Said: “That, Commander Hassell. “

    Hamid hurriedly said: “Brother, when you meet, you are fate, and fate is a friend. Don’t call the commander to be so alienated. Besides, brother, to be honest, my last name is’Hamid, these three words are It’s connected, if you can’t dismantle it, try not to dismantle it.”

    After finishing, he hurriedly added with a smile: “Of course, if you think it’s too tiring to say three words, just treat it as if I didn’t say anything.

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2675 or Amazing son in law chapter 2675

Chapter 2675

Seeing Hamid’s aggrieved look, Ye Chen couldn’t help but smile: “Since Commander Hamid has spoken, I’ll connect these three words later.

    Hamid hugged Ye Chen. Then he pointed to the eight people on the opposite side and said generously: “Brother, don’t hesitate to choose and

    finish, but I am afraid that Ye Chen is still unwilling to borrow the donkey. He gritted his teeth and blurted out: “In this way, brother, I will give in. You picked five of

    the seven people whose desire to survive grew even stronger in an instant.

    Ye Chen looked at Hamid, smiled, and praised: “Commander Hamid is really interesting. Just at this point, you can see that you should be a man. A man of integrity and promises. “

    Hamid nodded seriously and said:” I am the person most credit, whether it is trade and commerce, or the troops in war, we must honor the commitment that let you take five, would not have vague

    Ye Chen this I waved my hand at the time: “I am also the most ethical person. I have always believed in that you respect me one foot and I respect you one foot, so of these eight people, I only need Miss He, and the rest will remain. Here you are. The

    other seven

    people burst into tears when they heard this. The young man of Chinese descent cried out and said, “Mr. Ye, everyone is a compatriot. You can’t get me into injustice,

    Indians and other people. All young people cried together, begging for mercy and begging constantly.

    At this time, He Zhiqiu also couldn’t see it. He pleaded: “Mr. Ye, they are indeed frogs at the bottom of the well. They have eyes but don’t know Mount Tai. I hope you don’t have general knowledge with them. Please try to save as many people as possible. Take them all away.

    Ye Chen said indifferently: “He Zhiqiu, things are not done like this. I am here to save you completely for the sake of your dad. You let me save them because you let me save them.”

    He Zhiqiu was ashamed. But for the safety of my friend, he gritted his teeth and said, “Mr. Ye, please give me a face. I know that this request is very abrupt, inappropriate, and irresponsible, but I still ask you to consider my face and save me. They once

    Ye Chen shook his head and firmly refused: “I don’t give you this face because from beginning to end, these American friends have never given me face at all. I am a person who has never admired foreigners, so I care about him. Is it an American or a Martian, as long as he doesn’t give me face, I won’t give him face.”

    After speaking, he looked at Hamid, pointed at He Zhiqiu, and said seriously: “I will only take her away.”

    The grass, meaningful enough, Hamid stomped his feet and blurted out: “If that’s the case, then I won’t be too nonsense. Now I will tell my men that you two can leave at will, and no one can stop.”

    After speaking, Hamid flashed aside , Let out the door, and said: “Brother, please”

    Ye Chen waved his hand: “No, it’s not my little human heart. After all, this is your site. I have to be more cautious. You arrange a helicopter to park directly in the yard. Here, the helicopter is not allowed to carry any ammunition. In addition, everyone except the pilot must be evacuated. Then you personally accompany the two of us. When the person who picks me up arrives, I will let you go. “How”

    Hamid’s face was embarrassed, and he said: “What if you change your mind when you get there, what if you want to kidnap me? Now the government is offering a reward of millions of dollars for my head, how do I know you? Will you see

    Caiqiyi? Ye Chen smiled helplessly, pointed to his face, and asked him with a smile: “You said I, Ye Chen, see Caiqiyi. Within an hour, all the way from Huaxia to a place where birds don’t shit,

    Hamid swallowed his saliva and said, “Concorde. Old.” You are the Huaxia Ye Family”

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2676 or Amazing son in law chapter 2676

Chapter 2676

Ye Chen asked curiously: “How come Commander Hamid has also heard of the Ye family?”

    Hamid immediately said with a look of admiration: “I really heard of the university I was studying in Yanjing. Ye The family and the Su family are both the top families in China, and I heard about them at that time.

    After speaking, Hamid asked complimentarily: “Brother, I don’t know if

    Ye Chen didn’t hide what I guessed right . He nodded and said:” That’s right, I’m the Ye family. As

    soon as I said this, the other seven people were almost frightened.

    They are all high-achieving students in the financial field . They have a deep understanding of the economic conditions of various countries, and naturally they also know the giants of China. The strength of the rich family. The fastest update of the elite chapter: As soon as m.jyyxs

    heard that Ye Chen is a descendant of the Ye family, they immediately understood why Ye Chen could travel to Syria on the Concorde in such a short time.

    This is the Ye family. It’s a

    pity that their so-called high-achieving students will be blindfolded and not see

    Hamid beside Mount Tai . He immediately gave a thumbs up and blurted out: “I didn’t expect my brother is really the Ye family. It’s really admirable to be able to break into here alone.

    Ye Chen smiled and said, “Commander Hamid is too polite.

    Hamid couldn’t help but said with excitement: “I didn’t expect it to be with Ye Chen today. It’s really fate to meet the descendants of the family

    . He looked at Ye Chen and said sincerely: “Brother, there is an old saying in China that you don’t know each other. It’s appropriate to use it on you and me. If you don’t dislike it, from From now on, you and I are friends

    Ye Chen nodded and said seriously: “Since my brother said so, we will be friends from now on.

    Hamid laughed and blurted out: Brother, I know that you came to rescue this lady so far. If you want to come, she must be very important to you, then I won’t be here to waste time with you, you and I will keep in touch with each other Method, and then I personally take a helicopter to take you away according to your request. If you have the opportunity in the future, you will come to Syria as a guest. Then I will entertain

    Ye Chen and see that he is truly sincere, so I don’t hesitate to say, “No problem in the future. If my brother comes to China, he will contact me as soon as possible, and he will be hospitalized by then

    . The boy of Chinese origin cried and said, “Master Ye, you are a trillion-dollar young master. Don’t talk to us. It’s not easy for these ordinary people to bring me up to this day. Please give me a chance and save my life. I’ll kowtow to you.” After

    that, despite the fact that his hands are still tied behind his back, desperately Struggling to kneel down and kowtow.

    Ye Chen said with an indifferent expression at this time: “Okay, no need to act here, no matter what you say, I won’t take you away.

    After saying this, he looked at He Zhiqiu and said lightly: “Miss He, let’s go.” When the

    Chinese boy heard this, he looked at He Zhiqiu ferociously, and he blurted out, “He Zhiqiu, my mother came here for you.” Do you have the heart to leave me here alone to run for my life? The

    other two girls also choked up and said, “Zhiqiu, everyone is a good friend, how can you leave us at this time? If you leave us, we will be dead.

    Indian boys also cried and said, “Zhiqiu, I don’t want to die. My parents saved a lifetime of money for me to finish reading. I can’t just die silently. In this place,

    He Zhiqiu’s tears burst into his eyes, and he looked at Ye Chen with extremely pitiful eyes, and his beautiful eyes were full of pleading.

    Ye Chen said coldly at this time: “Don’t worry, the Marines will come to rescue you.”

    After finishing speaking, he looked at He Zhiqiu and reminded loudly : “It’s time to leave Miss He”

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