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Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2669 or Amazing son in law chapter 2669

Chapter 2669

When Ye Chen said his name, He Zhiqiu was struck by lightning, leaving only his face full of shock.

    She and Ye Chen have never met, but only had a voice chat on WeChat. Since she didn’t talk much and didn’t have a lot of content, she didn’t have a deep impression of Ye Chen’s voice, so she never mentioned the one in front of her. Man, connect with Ye Chen on WeChat.

    However, after hearing his name, He Zhiqiu immediately matched the two people.

    At this moment, she blurted out excitedly: “Why are you here, Mr. Ye?”

    Ye Chen shrugged and sighed helplessly: “I told you a long time ago, this place is not safe, don’t you believe me, do you know that your father is worried about you,

    He Zhiqiu, he couldn’t stop his tears when he heard this.

    The Indian boy on the side subconsciously said: Yes Qiu, you must not be fooled by him. This guy is not a good person at first sight.” The

    Chinese boy also took the conversation and said in agreement : “Yes, you know Qiu, don’t believe him. You have to believe that the White House must

    He said that he would save us . He was a little excited and said excitedly: “I believe that as long as we persist, after we are rescued, in the eyes of the media, he must be swearing to death in front of the opposition forces. If you are deceived by him and instigated by him now, you will not only be impossible to become a hero of the public’s attention, you may even become a hero of everyone’s attention. The crossing mouse

    Ye Chen saw that this guy’s brain circuit was so strange that he couldn’t understand it, so he sneered and asked him: “My buddy, you should have been born and raised in the United States since you were young.” The

    Chinese boy nodded gently.

    Ye Chen said with a smile on his face: “No wonder

    the person hurriedly asked: “No wonder

    Ye Chen said with a smile: “No wonder you are so talented, we really can’t cultivate a talent like you in China.

    Seeing that everyone was still questioning Ye Chen’s identity, He Zhiqiu hurriedly said, “You’re all misunderstood. Mr. Ye is definitely not a member of the opposition. He is the chairman of China Emgrand Group, Ye Chenye that I told you before I set off. Mr.

    “how could” almost simultaneously blurted seven others refute

    one of the American girls opening: “Zhiqiu sure your brain is broken, you think about it, a net worth of billions of big boss, how could such a young age,”

    said Without waiting for He Zhiqiu’s answer, she immediately added: “It’s nothing more than being so young, but have you ever thought about it, how could a big boss with a worth of more than 100 billion go to Syria to do this kind of thing in person?

    ” Sanjie has already analyzed it for you. If he is really the big boss, how could he be here from China in such a short period of time. You think he is Iron Man.” The

    Chinese boy blurted out, “Yes, I know autumn.” , If you think about it, you have never seen Mr. Ye at all, so how do you judge that this guy is him? I suspect that this guy might have cracked your phone password, checked your chat history, and found Because of this flaw,

    He Zhiqiu, who pretended to be Mr. Ye to lie to you, shook his head and said firmly: “I can be sure that he is Mr. Ye. I didn’t match his real voice with his voice in the voice chat. But Now I can be sure that the two of them are the same person.”

    Others thought He Zhiqiu must be crazy.


Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2670 or Amazing son in law chapter 2670

Chapter 2670

The Chinese boy shook his head and said, “Zhiqiu, I know that you, a girl, must be afraid of death, but you have to believe that no one in this world dares to kill an American citizen at will.

    Ye Chen who we will be rescued will eventually be rescued by him. Amused, I couldn’t help but ask him: My buddy, I’ll say something that’s not blatant and objective. There are various shootings in the United States all day long, and many, even dozens of innocent civilians are killed at every turn. , You still said that no one would dare to kill an American citizen at will. Don’t you think it’s contradictory. The fastest update of the elite chapter: m.jyyxs

    Chinese boy blushed and retorted: “Those situations you said are all happening in the country. How can it be counted as what happened in the local area overseas?”

    Ye Chen smiled and asked: “What do you mean, what happened here is the contradiction among the people.”

    “Yes,” the Chinese boy immediately agreed and said: “It is the inner people Contradiction

    Ye Chen nodded, looked at He Zhiqiu, and said: “From my point of view, your dad needs to know that you have been mixing up with these stupid things all the time, and I don’t know how sad it is.”

    He Zhiqiu suddenly looked very embarrassed. .

    She also feels that her friends are usually smarter than the other, all of them are academic masters and elites, but now they don’t know why, all of them seem very anti-intellectual.

    Ye Chen was not sure whether He Zhiqiu really believed in his identity, so he took out his mobile phone and opened the dialog between him and He Zhiqiu from WeChat, then turned the screen to her, pulled up the chat log, and said

    Said : “This kind of chat record can’t be forged, so you believe me.” He Zhiqiu said almost without hesitation: “I believe that a

    few other people saw this scene, and

    they were shocked to speak. Here, you attacked Ye Chen with one word and one word for a long time, wasting so much tongue, just to prove that Ye Chen is fake.

    For this reason, they moved out various arguments and put their own views from the inside to The outer packaging is seamless.

    But now, with only one mobile phone, Ye Chen completely overturned all the judgments made by these self-righteous top students, making these seven people dumbfounded for a while.

    The Indian kid couldn’t help exclaiming: “This is impossible. Even if you are really Chairman Ye, you can’t rush to Syria from Eastern China in such a short time.

    “Yes.” The Chinese kid also said: “This is illogical, even the fastest civil airliner can’t be done.

    Ye Chen sneered and asked: “You two are the best. I ask you, the fastest you know. What is a civil airliner? The

    Chinese kid blurted out with a haughty look: “Of course I know that I have a deep research on aircraft. The fastest civil airliner currently is the Gulfstream G650 business jet. This aircraft uses the British Rolls-Royce engine. , The power is powerful, it can fly at Mach 0.95, which is the speed of sound 95, but it is also one of the most expensive business jets in the world. It is impossible for not the top rich to afford

    Ye Chen. Applause: “You are so bad. Mom is a good material for learning. It seems that you must be very good at memorizing the text. I used to see all kinds of keyboard car gods who didn’t even have a driver’s license on the Internet. I didn’t expect to encounter another keyboard car god now.” The

    Chinese boy was annoyed. Said: “Don’t be ridiculed here, even if you are really sitting on the Gulfstream g650, it is impossible to arrive in Syria in such a short time. So you must have hidden some ulterior secrets.

    Ye Chen smiled: “I’m sorry, I really didn’t take a g650 here.

    Speaking of this, Ye Chen put away his smile and said calmly: “I’m here on a Concorde airliner.”

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2671 or Amazing son in law chapter 2671

Chapter 2671

 When Ye Chen said these four words on the Concorde , everyone was stunned.

    Who can believe that the legendary and the super king of civil aviation speed that ended as early as 20 years ago, the Concord, is now The

    kid of Chinese descent who is still operating subconsciously laughed and said: “You really know how to say that the Concorde has long been retired. Now there is no airline in the world, and there is still a supersonic airliner in operation. You are us Is it a fool?

    Ye Chen shook his head and laughed at himself: “Oh, I really don’t understand myself, what do you do so much with you here?

    finished, he looked at He Zhiqiu and said “The situation is urgent now. The opposition has announced to the public that if the US embassy does not agree to their request, it will start killing the hostages, so we should not continue to waste time and leave here now. “

    He Zhiqiu couldn’t help asking: “Then my friend.”

    Ye Chen reached out his hand to stop her, and said: “What kind of stupid do your friends are? I believe you are watching it all. Put the words here, today I will only take you to go alone, to go or not, I will give you 10 seconds to consider.

    “Just take one person away.” The Indian boy put his right hand in the air with disdain, made a gesture of reaching out and twisting the light bulb, and curled his mouth and said, “You really feel good about yourself. Tell you the truth, even if you ask. I will go with you, I will not go with you

    Ye Chen ignored him, but looked at He Zhiqiu and said, “There are still five seconds. “


    He Zhiqiu, suddenly fell into a dilemma.

    She really wanted to leave here with Ye Chen. After all, he was commissioned by her father to come to Syria to save herself.

    However, she didn’t want to treat these classmates who share common ideals. Stay here.

    At this moment, the Chinese kid immediately said: “Zhiqiu, even if her identity is not a problem, you should never go with him. There are one or two thousand opposition armed forces outside. You may be caught on the spot if you are not careful. Killed, you must never make jokes about your life safety.

    “Yes.” A white boy said, “The best thing we can do now is to wait for the motherland to rescue us. If you go with him now, not only will you die, but even you If you are lucky to survive, you will definitely regret

    this moment. He Zhiqiu fully understands that it is absolutely impossible for him to convince this group of friends.

    So she opened her mouth and said, “Everyone, I don’t want to hit everyone’s self-confidence, but I don’t really believe that the White House will come to rescue me. So

    far, He Zhiqiu hesitated for a while, and finally said firmly: “So I decided to talk to Mr. Ye. Leaving together, whether it’s life or death, I won’t regret my decision.

    Ye Chen nodded and said: “Okay, don’t talk nonsense with them, let’s go now.” After all

    , he walked to He Zhiqiu’s In front of him, he pulled her up from the ground, and then untied the rope tied to her hand.

    At this moment, he suddenly noticed that someone had come down from the stairs outside, so he immediately whispered in He Zhiqiu’s ear: “Someone is here, sit back first”

    He Zhiqiu hurriedly sat back on the ground, and Ye Chen Step back a few steps and quickly stick to the wall next to the iron gate.

    After a while, he heard someone speaking in Arabic outside.

    Ye Chen could perceive it, and three people walked down the stairs at this time.

    The headed person is saying something loudly.

    Immediately afterwards, two of the three people stayed at the door of the outermost door, and the head of the person walked in by himself.

    As soon as he entered the door, Faisal and the others immediately shouted loudly: “Commander Hamid, how do you

    hear this, Ye Chen’s spirits all of a sudden

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2672 or Amazing son in law chapter 2672

Chapter 2672

At the same time, I also spit on the seven highly educated stupid birds in front of me. Didn’t they wait for the Marines to rescue them? The Marines didn’t come. Lord Yan came first

    and then listened to the commander Hamid and the outsiders. Faisal and others exchanged a few words, probably asking Faisal how the hostages are in them.

    One of the guards hurriedly said that everything is normal, and then the leader said: “Open the door.” The fastest chapter update of the elite: m.jyyxs

    Immediately, the door opened rang.

    After a while, the iron gate was pushed aside from the outside, and a man in a desert camouflage stepped in.

    What’s interesting is that the moment he stepped forward, his figure swayed to the left, which made Ye Chen instantly see that this guy was actually a lame

    Hamid with a problem with his left leg stepping forward , seeing these eight people. He didn’t wear a headgear, and he was furious. He shouted sharply: “Why don’t you bastard wearing a headgear for them? Now they see my face, don’t I have to kill it.” As

    soon as the voice fell, he realized that he was on the right side. Inside, there was still a figure, so he hurriedly turned his head and saw Ye Chen, who was looking directly at him with a smile on his face.

    Seeing that Ye Chen was an unfamiliar face, he was suddenly shocked, and he subconsciously went to his pocket to draw a gun.

    At this moment, Ye Chen directly pointed the muzzle of the ak47 at him, then closed the door with one foot, and said with a smile: “Come on, kneel on the ground with your hands in your hands.

    After speaking, he shook his head again and said to himself Said: “I guess you can’t understand Chinese. “

    Hamid Durden when using Chinese blurting out:” You are Chinese people

    Ye Chen curious and asked: “yo, you can also speak Chinese

    Hamid put a calm, said:” I’ve had studied in China, learning It’s Chinese. My father originally hoped that I would fully develop trade with China in the future, but I didn’t expect that my father would be killed by government forces.

    After speaking, he looked at Ye Chen and asked in a cold voice: “Who are you and why are you here? Are you a member of the government army?

    Ye Chen smiled slightly: “I’m not from the government army.

    Hamid expression of horror, blurted: “What are you serving whom”

    Ye Chen He pointed Zhiqiu opening:. “I was commissioned by the girl’s father to bring his baby daughter home,”

    finished , He pointed to Hamid again, and said coldly: “So you guys are not righteous, and go to war. But you kidnapped a few students who were stupid in reading and were not afraid of other people’s jokes.”

    Hamid bit Ya shouted: “Stop talking nonsense with me here. I tied them because they are with the government army, they are my enemy, and you ran to me without shame and want to take people away. Whenever I am here, you just want to come. Come, if you want to

    leave , Ye Chen smiled and said, “Otherwise, believe it or not, if I kill you now, you can still escape safely.”

    Hamid gritted his teeth and said, “It’s all my people outside. You can’t escape.

    Ye Chen shook his head: “No, no, no, you are wrong, they are all my people outside.

    Then, Ye Chen opened the door and told Faisal: “Control the two guys outside and remember not to Let the people in the yard hear

    Faisal nodded without hesitation: “According to the order,

    Hamid cursed in amazement: “Faisal, you dare to betray me and betray our grand goal of overthrowing the government”

    I am sorry Faisal pointed at Ye Chen respectfully with both hands, and said without hesitation: “I only serve this gentleman now.

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