Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2665-2666-2667-2668

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2665 or Amazing son in law chapter 2665

Chapter 2665

Hearing Ye Chen’s order, someone immediately took out the key and prepared to open the iron door inside.

    Ye Chen said: “You will be guarded outside the door for a while, and if someone comes, try to spread it out as much as possible. It is recommended to read

    TV.//Speaking, Ye Chen checked the time, and said: “I guess your commander will get it later. Come here, if he wants to come in, let him in, you guys behave more naturally and don’t let him see any clues.

    “Okay!” The five people agreed in unison.

    Immediately, the door opened.

    As soon as the door opened, there was a smell of earthy smell inside. I stepped forward and found that there was nothing in the whole room, only one lamp was hanging on the top of the room, and the wattage of the bulb was very low and the light was very dim.

    There are some traces of artificial reinforcement on the top of the room, but there are still mud walls around it. In this kind of room, there is basically no chance of suicide.

    At the corner of the wall, there are eight people sitting on the floor in a row, wearing black hoods with their hands tied behind them, leaning against the wall.

    Ye Chen couldn’t see their faces, but through their dress and figure, one could see that among the eight people, there were three women and five men.

    Hearing the sound of the door opening, the eight people were all nervous, and some of them even began to curl up and tremble unconsciously.

    Ye Chen entered the house and closed the iron gate by the way. Then, he paced up to the eight people and took off the black hoods on their heads one by one.

    From left to right, Ye Chen took off the headgear of seven people in a row. As a result, the five boys and two girls had different skin colors. One of the boys was yellow, but the two girls were both blond and white.

    After picking the last one, I finally saw a yellow female with short hair and beautiful appearance.

    Because these eight people have always been covered by thick black heads, their vision has been in the dark, and now they suddenly get light. Even if it is only dim, the light bulb makes them feel very dazzling, so they are all subconsciously. Cover the light in front of you with your hands.

    After a while, everyone’s vision finally returned to normal.

    What frightened them was that in front of them stood a man dressed as a standard terrorist with a black mask on his head.

    The man also held an AK47 in his hand, which was a gangster.

    Ye Chen looked at the yellow girl who looked a bit like Gao Yuanyuan and asked directly in Chinese: “Are you He Zhiqiu? As

    soon as these words came out, the girl’s body twitched suddenly.

    She looked at Ye Chen and asked in Chinese subconsciously. “How do you know me?! Are you from Huaxia?!

    Ye Chen stretched out his hand and took off his face mask, and said lightly: “I was commissioned by your dad to take you home. As

    soon as these words came out, He Zhiqiu was like Struck by lightning!

    She looked at Ye Chen with an incredulous expression on her face, and blurted out, “What did you say?! My dad entrusted you to take me home?! How does he know that I am here?! And, why are you here? Here? Are you part of the armed opposition?

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2666 or Amazing son in law chapter 2666

Chapter 2666

Ye Chen smiled slightly: “Miss He, you have too many questions, but I can tell you clearly that I am not armed by the opposition. I received your father’s entrustment a few hours ago, so I hurried over from China. . the

    time, a yellow opening said male face shocked: “this is how could it be caught from us now, but only half a day’s time, such a short time, but you simply can rush from China!

    Ye Chen smiled and said, “Things that you think are impossible may not be really impossible.”

    After finishing speaking, he looked at He Zhiqiu and said lightly: “Time is running out,-I will prepare you an opposition suit for you. Follow me after you get on.”

    He Zhiqiu blurted out and asked him: “Then what about my friends?”

    Ye Chen shrugged and said, “I don’t have a particularly good way to rescue all eight of you, so You go with me first. I will send you to a safe place first. If conditions permit, I can consider coming back to rescue other people.

    At this time, a blond man blurted out in unskilled Chinese: “I see you this People are just liars! There are one or two thousand opposition groups stationed here, what can you do to save us?

    Ye Chen nodded and said: “You are right, I can’t save you, so you just be honest Just stay there. The

    blond man snorted when he heard this, and said angrily: “I don’t need you to save me! There are so many guards outside. If you go out with you, you will be beaten into a hornet’s nest by a machine gun! I would rather stay and wait for my motherland to rescue me! Maybe, my motherland will immediately agree to the opposition’s request, or send a SEAL team to rescue us

    ! “Yes!” Another blonde girl in Chinese Said: “Our US Navy SEALs are the top special forces in the world. They perform the most difficult tasks all over the world all year round, including the killing of global terrorist leaders. I believe they will come. Save us!

    Ye Chen said with a smile: “How do you know that the United States will send a SEAL team to rescue you? Who gave you the confidence?”

    A dark-skinned American boy next to him said without hesitation: “We, the United States, has always been strong and will not allow any foreign armed forces to harm our country|citizens!

    “And, don’t forget that we have a large number of military bases around the world. There are several in the Middle East!”

    “Turkey, a neighboring country in northern Syria, has several of our military bases;”

    “Saudi Arabia in southern Syria also has our military bases!

    “So, our motherland is likely to grow from these two The country, sent a SEAL team to rescue us!

    Ye Chen couldn’t help but exclaimed when he heard this: “I found that you are all very good at each one. Chinese is so sleek, have you learned it? “

    Another Indian-American boy said proudly: “To tell you the truth, we are all the top students in the United States. Everyone has several masters and doctorates. Everyone is proficient in several languages. What’s the Chinese? Japanese, French, and German are all in question!”

    Ye Chen couldn’t help but gave him a thumbs up, and asked him with a smile:

    “It’s awesome, it’s really awesome.

    After he finished speaking, he suddenly changed his conversation and sighed: “Oh, I really don’t understand. How can you learn so many languages ​​if you are such a brainless person? Do people who lack the heart have the talent to learn languages? “

    The man blurted out: “What did you say!? The mobile phone remembers “

    Ye Chen sneered: “You said that you have military bases in several countries around, so why did I get here all the distances from Huaxia One? Your SEALs are so close, yet there is no ghost yet? ?

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Chapter 2667

Hearing Ye Chen’s question, the boy blurted out: “First of all! I don’t believe you came from Huaxia at all! Because this is not realistic

    at all ! After speaking, he looked at everyone and said very seriously:” Everyone has studied the geography of the world and the geography of China. You must know the distance of China to here!”

    “If you fly from the central area of ​​China, the straight-line distance is at least 6,000 kilometers?”

    “If you are from the western region of China Flying over, the straight-line distance will not be less than five thousand kilometers.

    Ye Chen gave a thumbs up and said with a smile: “You really are a damn smart! You know everything!”

    After saying that, Ye Chen turned around and said jokingly: “But you guessed wrong, I’m not from I came from Central China or from West China. I came from East China.”

    “East China?!” The Indian boy who was called by Ye Chen disdainfully said, “East China is even more impossible! East China is here. Thousand kilometers, how did you fly over in such a short period of time? By rocket?” The TV phone end/

    said, and he sneered again: “And, as we all know, Syria has not resumed navigation because of the war. You If you want to get from China to Syria, you must first fly to neighboring countries, and then transfer to land transportation. Even if you use the shortest route and there is no delay in the middle, according to my estimate, you will have at least 20 It takes only an hour, but we haven’t been captured for twenty-four hours. Do you have the ability to be an unexplored prophet? So, if you ask me, you are lying!

    Ye Chen shook his head helplessly, looked at He Zhiqiu, and asked Said: “Has this guy always been this way?

    He Zhiqiu’s expression was a bit embarrassed for a while, and at the same time hesitated.

    In fact, she was not sure about Ye Chen’s identity, and she couldn’t believe what Ye Chen said.

    Moreover, listening to Ye Chen’s voice face to face is somewhat different from what she and Ye Chen heard through their mobile phones in the WeChat communication.

    In addition, Ye Chen didn’t reveal her identity, so she was a little unpredictable at once.

    After all, the speculation made by the Indian boy just now is not unreasonable. Ye Chen’s statement is somewhat contrary to logic in terms of time and space.

    At this time, the Indian cleverness continued: “Tell you, every time our SEAL team performs a mission, it strives to be 100% successful, so they will definitely formulate a comprehensive rescue plan before performing a scalpel. ! type of rescue operation, I believe they used rescued us how long it will go!

    Ye Chen sneered: “? the line, do not fuck bullsh fast, and it will pull you long mouth calf is not it,”

    ‘I To tell you the truth, the news that you guys were captured was not reported by the European and American media at all!

    “Do you know what does not report mean? It means that your fellow Americans don’t even know that you are captured!

    “So your army I won’t bother to send soldiers to rescue you, let alone send soldiers to rescue you so excited. The opposition and your embassy demanded 80 million ransom but were rejected. You still expect them to send troops to rescue you? Do you think your dad? Is it Buffett and Bill Gates?

    “I don’t believe it!” Several young Americans retorted in unison: “You must be lying!

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2668 or Amazing son in law chapter 2668

Chapter 2668

 Just now, the Indian boy looked at He Zhiqiu and said loudly: “Zhiqiu, you must be careful of this person. I seriously suspect that this person is a member of the opposition! Otherwise, even if he has great ability, it is impossible to be so short. Arrived here within time, and don’t forget that there are still one or two thousand opposition soldiers guarding here. If he is not one of them, he would never come in alive! Look at him, wearing opposition costumes and holding the opposition This person must be a member of the opposition!

    Immediately, he stared at Ye Chen and said coldly: “This guy is running here now to act with you and slander our motherland. I don’t know what Ande intends to do! It’s not good because the opposition knows that you are an American of Chinese descent, so they found him from the team to come and set up the game with you. I think he must be arranged by the opposition to counter you! Believe him!

    Ye Chen was so angry with the silly bird that he wanted to laugh, and asked him: “Since you are so determined that I am a member of the opposition, then you pretend to be so forceful in front of me, you are not afraid that I will use what I have in my hands. AK47 made you abrupt?” The fastest chapter update of the elite:

    Indian boys are obviously a little nervous, but they still pretend to be tough and say: “I don’t believe you dare to attack me! Your opposition has spent so much effort on us I’m taken prisoner, don’t you just want to negotiate terms with our motherland? If you kill me, what else will you use to negotiate terms with our motherland? And once our motherland wants to retaliate against you, that’s your end! At that time, just a few missiles can razed this place to the ground! The TV update is the fastest www.biqugetv.(com)//

    Ye Chen sarcastically said: “Of the eight of you, one of you counts as one, it’s nothing more than a better academic performance. Don’t be a student. On family background, do your parents have money? On background, can any of you’s parents become a U.S. state legislator?”

    “If you want money, you don’t have money, you don’t have power, and you lick your face. Waiting for the SEALs to rescue you? I want people to use missiles to avenge you. It’s not that I despise you. Any small and medium-sized conventional missile costs several million U.S. dollars. A surface-to-surface missile starts at tens of millions of dollars. Expensive weapons give you revenge, are you worthy?” The

    Indian boy’s expression was very ugly, he wanted to say something, but suddenly he couldn’t find any words to refute.

    At this time, another boy of Chinese descent said: “You don’t confuse people here anymore. As we all know, the United States always values ​​the safety of citizens most. All eight of us are social pillars. The country will definitely rescue us at all costs. Yes, you are running over to brainwash us now, don’t you just want us to cooperate with you to criticize our country? I know your tricks, as long as the Americans scold the United States, you will be so excited that you can’t sleep. Go to the world!

    Ye Chen put away the joking smile just now, looked at this young man with Huaxia’s face, and asked seriously: “I ask you, are you American or Chinese?”

    “Of course I am American!” The boy blurted out without hesitation: “My passport was taken away by you. If you go to see my passport now, you can see clearly that I am a citizen of the United States of America!

    Ye Chen nodded, deep in his heart. This group of people has been extremely disappointed, especially this boy of Chinese descent, although what he said is not wrong, but it makes Ye Chen feel very uncomfortable.

    So, he became lighter and coldly said: “Well, in this case, then you also wait for your country to rescue you.”

    After that, he looked at He Zhiqiu again and said seriously: “Miss He, I don’t want to ask you again. The same problem, I am entrusted by your father to rescue you, so no matter which nationality you think you are, as long as you are willing to go with me, I will rescue you and take you back to China.”

    “But! If you are yourself I really don’t want to go with me. Ye Chen will never do things that force others. Could you please record me a video to make it clear that you don’t want to go. I will bring the video back to your dad, even if it’s for your dad. Confessed!

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