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Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2661 or Amazing son in law chapter 2661

Ye Chen and Faisal crossed the central square together, and the roar of diesel generators in his ears became more and more deafening.

    Under such a loud mechanical noise, ordinary people have difficulty talking, so that many other voices around them are covered up. This is a good thing for Ye Chen, even if something happens in the rescue and pursuit later. When someone yells by accident, it is hard to be spotted by outsiders.

    So Ye Chen asked Faisal next to him: “How long does the diesel generator set here usually work?”

    Faisal hurriedly said respectfully: “Because the government army cut off our electricity supply, so we all All of the electricity of the company relies on a 50-kilowatt diesel generator set to supply it, and it also has a set of power storage equipment.”

    Because the electricity consumption during the day is generally small, we generally do not develop motors during the day and use power storage equipment. To ensure the normal operation of the necessary equipment during the day, the generator set will be turned on after dark, mainly to supply lighting, other electrical equipment, and to charge the storage equipment.

    “It was early today, mainly because of the poor lighting on cloudy and rainy days.”

    Ye Chen asked curiously: “You have brightened up here at night. Are you afraid that the government forces will send planes to bomb them?

    Faisal explained: ” In Syria, whether it is the government, the opposition, or the Kurdish armed forces, everyone’s 90’s war is a ground war. The planes in the hands of the government have long been beaten up, and a small number of old fighters remain. They are all guarding Damascus and the southern province of Daraa. They dare not send out to fight, and there are a large number of civilians here. If they send planes to attack indiscriminately, they will surely arouse public anger, and it will be more beneficial to our opposition. . “

    Ye Chen nodded slightly.

    The war he was understanding was a modern war based on the Gulf War.

    The core of modern warfare is the air force, supplemented by the navy and land forces.

    Just like the United States is fighting Iraq, the two armies do not need to engage in short-handed combat. First use fighter jets to fight and seize air supremacy, and then use bombers to carry precision-guided bombs to destroy the enemy’s key defense forces and military industry. After being paralyzed, a large number of ground troops directly rushed in, and they were able to directly occupy it for a long time.

    However, it now appears that in places like Syria, the method of warfare is basically the same as that of World War II. The two armies mainly rely on the ground forces to fight head-on, and the air force can have little influence.

    Ye Chen reminded Faisal is the captain of the armored brigade, so he asked him: “Faisal, since there are 90 war ground war, then your armor brigade, with some unusual identity and status bar”

    fee Thrall nodded and said truthfully: Our two most important forces are the armored brigade and the flying brigade. However, the flying brigade has only four armed helicopters, so the main combat effectiveness depends on my armored brigade.

    Ye Chen is curious. Asked: “Faisal, since you can be the captain of the armored brigade, your position in this armed forces should be relatively high.

    Faisal said hurriedly: “Actually, my armored brigade is fighting. Shi was completely under the command and dispatch of the commander himself. The reason why I was able to be a squad leader was also because I knew more about tanks, so I acted more as an instructor and didn’t have much power.

    Ye Chen nodded gently . Since the armored squadron is the core combat capability here, it is reasonable to be directly under the command and dispatch of the commander. The TV update is the fastest www.biqugetv.(com) //

    Under the leadership of Faisal, Ye Chen and him came to a loess Outside of the piled courtyard walls, at this time, the yard is full of voices, and communication between people is basically by shouting.

    Moreover, Ye Chen found that they speak different languages, some speak English, some speak French, and some people speak some languages ​​that he doesn’t understand at all, it should be Arabic.

    Ye Chen asked Faisal: “Do you have a unified language here?

    Faisal shook his head: “The unified language should be Arabic, but the composition of our opposition soldiers is more complicated, so many of us don’t speak Arabic.”

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2662 or Amazing son in law chapter 2662

“Some of these people have lived in other countries since they were young, and some of them have lived in former colonial areas. They started from English or French, so the language between them is not completely smooth.”

    “Just like myself, I am actually very young. I went to the U.S. with my parents. I took a green card and served in the U.S. Army for three years. I only responded to the call and came back to join the Free Army a few years ago. Therefore, my Arabic language is very poor and I can only communicate in English. .

    Ye Chen nodded, this multilingual situation like India, a considerable number of Indians do not speak Hindi, and even India each state has its own official language, coupled with the ever became a British Colony, so English is also one of the official languages.

    However, this kind of language confusion is relatively friendly to him. The more confused the language, the easier

    it is for him to mix in. So he said to Faisal: “After going in, remember to see the opportunity Do not let people see the clues. “

    Faisal busy:” Please be assured that I will go all out “

    Ye Chen Enliaoyisheng, pointed to the courtyard, and said:” Go in now


    . Faisal stepped forward, open courtyard

    at this time In the yard, more than a dozen soldiers carrying AK47s are surrounding a bonfire to barbecue for warmth. On the bonfire, wearing two legs of lamb with wooden sticks, they have been roasted with oily smell at this time.

    Ye Chen Following Faisal in, one of the soldiers recognized Faisal and blurted out: “Captain Faisal, would you like to have some barbecue Ansala’s mother and make some pita bread? It will be fine soon. “

    Faisal waved his hand:” I do not eat, I came to see the situation of the hostages. “As

    soon as the man heard this, he immediately said with a smile: “Captain Faisal, you are interested in those women, but I have to make it clear to you that the commander has given the order without his permission. No one can

    do anything nonsense. ” Faisal said immediately: “Don’t talk nonsense. I just come to see the situation, go back to report to the commander, and open the cellar entrance quickly.

    The man hurriedly nodded, turned to greet a soldier, and leaned over to open a thick plank from the ground. Then, a staircase made of loess appeared under the plank, and the man respectfully said to Faisal: “Captain Faisal,

    please come in.

    Faisal nodded in satisfaction, and walked to the entrance with Ye Chen. The man took out a torch, and after turning it on, he said diligently: “Captain Faisal, there are no stairs. The lights are darker. I will lead the way. Be careful.”

    Faisal glanced at Ye Chen, and when Ye Chen nodded quietly at him, he agreed and said, “Okay, you lead the way. Bar

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2663 or Amazing son in law chapter 2663

Chapter 2663

Ye Chen and Faisal followed the man into the cellar, only to discover that the cellar was dug very deep, and the stairs alone were at least five or six meters deep, almost the height of two stories.

    Because winter in Syria is the rainy season and there is a lot of rain, the stairs are dark and humid, and the soil on both sides even reveals a strong smell of soil.

    When all the way down, the person leading the way in front said with a flat face: “Captain Faisal, can you please do something?”

    Faisal asked coldly: “What’s the matter?”

    The man hurriedly said, “Faisal. Captain Er, I want to apply to join your armored team. I can control the heavy machine gun

    Faisal sneer and ask him: “I think you want to join the armored team because you are afraid of death

    . “No.” The man hurriedly said: “I just thought of the armored brigade training,

    Faisal smiled and said: “I will think about it and let you know when the time comes. “

    The man said with a look of excitement: “Thank you, Captain Faisal, for

    saying that he has already stepped down to the bottom of the cellar.

    There is an iron door at the bottom of the cellar, and a small window is open on the iron door, and you can see the light inside.

    At this time, the man who led the way patted the iron door hard, and said: “Open the door, Captain Faisal came

    inside and immediately someone pulled the latch open. A curly-haired man poked his head out and called Faisal. He waved his hand and said with a smile: “Captain Faisal, why are you here?

    Faisal said coldly: “The commander asked me to come and have a look, and also communicate with the hostages.

    The man hurriedly stepped aside from the passage and said with a smile: “Fei Captain Thrall, please come in.”

    Faisal said to the person who led the way just now: “You go back, I remember the thing I just said, and if there is a result, I will tell you the first time. “

    Thank you so much, Captain Faisal, you are busy, I will go up and save you some roast leg of lamb, wait for you to come up.

    The man turned and left, Faisal waved to Ye Chen, and the two entered the cellar one after another.

    Ye Chen originally thought the cellar was a small space, but he didn’t expect that there was a cave inside.

    There are two rooms in the cellar. The outer room is about 20 square meters. There are four soldiers guarding. Inside there is a wall and a big iron door without windows. Ye Chen can perceive that there are eight people inside. , It must be He Zhiqiu and her friends.

    At this time, Faisal let someone close the door to come in, and then looked at Ye Chen, wondering what he had next instructions.

    The four guard soldiers were not very alert, standing aside with their guns hanging around. One of them was still wearing headphones and seemed to be listening to a song.

    At this time, the soldier who had opened the door approached Faisal and asked in a low voice: “Captain Faisal, when will the commander ask me to tell me? It’s better to kill these Yankees quickly. It’s useless, and we have to let a few of our brothers stay here. It’s damp and smelly. After a long time, the skin is itchy and uncomfortable.

    Faisal said indifferently: “The commander of their affairs naturally has him. If you are planning to do something, you just follow the commander’s orders honestly, don’t say anything else, don’t ask

    “Okay.” The man sighed helplessly, and said: “It’s really not possible, Captain Faisal will help us. It was too painful to arrange a few brothers for us to change shifts. They always stayed in the cellar.

    Ye Chen walked up to the person at this time, patted his shoulder lightly, and said with a smile: “This brother, everyone It’s for the commander, don’t have so many complaints, just

    say, a trace of aura penetrates into the opponent’s body and goes straight to the opponent’s brain.

    Immediately afterwards, this person, like Faisal, was given psychological hints by Ye Chen. Hearing this, he hurriedly said: The phone will remember “

    You are too right

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2664 or Amazing son in law chapter 2664

Chapter 2664

 Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, pointed at the other person, and said: “This brother must be dissatisfied.

    The person said in a hurry: “Don’t dare, I will do whatever the commander asks me to do. Xin

    Ye Chen smiled, walked up to him, patted his shoulder as well, and smiled: “You have a high level of consciousness. I will definitely say something for you in front of the commander in the future. The fastest update of the elite chapter: m After .jyyxs

    finished speaking, another trace of aura came in, following the method, and firmly controlling this person’s consciousness.

    At this time, a guy with a full face pointed at the eight hostages in the corner and said cursingly: “The commander said As soon as the time is up, I will start killing people. I think it’s almost time, and I will execute the sentence when the time comes.”

    Ye Chen looked at this man, sneered, and asked: “You like killing people very much.”

    The guy stared at Ye Chen, disdainfully Said: Yes, I just like it, why do you have an opinion or do you want to speak for these Yankees?

    Ye Chen smiled and said: “Why should I speak for them? I just think that the hostage can’t come to the table, you To be really capable, it is better to go to the battlefield to kill a few more enemies when the government forces come over.

    The guy stepped up to Ye Chen in two steps, reached out and grabbed Ye Chen’s collar, and cursed: “You are sarcastic to me.”

    Ye Chen sneered and said, “It seems that you are not stupid.

    That guy was very angry and raised his mind. The hand and fist were about to smash down at Ye Chen’s face. Ye Chen suddenly shouted angrily at this moment: “Asshole, even your father dared to hit and kneel down and admit his mistake with

    this voice, which made the other party frightened for an instant.

    He didn’t know that at that moment, Ye Chen had already given powerful psychological hints to his brain.

    His whole figure was startled, and then he knelt on the ground with a thud, and said with sincerity: “Dad, I was wrong,

    Ye Chen pushed him away. At this time, the person wearing the earphones took off the earphones in surprise. Next, blurted out: “Camille, why did you kneel down? This person is your father”

    The brawny man called Camille blurted out: “Yes, he is my dad.”

    The man stunned and said, “Your brain is broken, right? Your dad died last year? Didn’t I fucking help carry the coffin? “

    Ye Chen looked at him at this time, and said lightly: “I am not only his father, but also your father. If I don’t rush to kneel down and admit

    this sentence like him, I also frightened this person.

    He felt a moment in his mind. He was dizzy, and then he knelt down beside Camille subconsciously, choked up and said: “Dad, I was wrong.

    Ye Chen also felt a sharp pain in his brain at this time. After carefully inspecting the body, there was only a trace of aura left. , This made him realize that he had just given five consecutive psychological hints, and his spiritual energy consumption was indeed too great.

    In the past, he seldom concentrated on using aura. The time spent at this moment, the aura consumption is greater than in the past few months.

    Fortunately, the five people, including Faisal, have been psychologically hinted by themselves, and these five people have become their most loyal puppets.

    So, he pointed to the door of the room inside, and said to the five people: “Who has the key to open the door and

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