Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2658-2

“what’s more, his hands and my companions, which made him harder to spare!”

“coupled with the weapon he didn’t want to kill me too long distances impossible. “

albeit he really features a gun, and he takes a gun and shoots me, there’s a particular probability that he won’t reach me. albeit he hits me, I even have a particular probability that I won’t die!

“And as long as he shoots, everyone He will focus his attention here, and he himself won’t be ready to escape by then!

“Because of this, i feel he’s less likely to shoot!

“If you check out it this manner , it’s less expensive to escape!

Thinking of this, he immediately made up his mind to require the chance to flee .

So, he took off his coat, pretending handy it to Ye Chen, then suddenly threw his coat onto Ye Chen’s face, turned and ran back.

However, even as he was close to run, he suddenly found that his feet appeared to be firmly sucked by the bottom , and he couldn’t lift a touch in the least .

At this moment, he thought he had met the devil, and he checked out Ye Chen dumbfounded, his eyes filled with horror and despair.

Ye Chen smiled slightly, and said with an apologetic expression: “I’m sorry, I just blocked your nerve center with aura, you cannot move anywhere below your neck now. When

this is often said, it isn’t just this immobile soldier. , Even the guy who was caught by Ye Chen was frightened.

They didn’t understand what aura is, but this thing could make a living person suddenly unable to maneuver . This ability is way beyond their normal Cognition.

Ye Chen checked out the horrified expression of the guy ahead of him, sneered, and said: “Oh my friend, i actually wanted to save lots of you a life, but you actually do not know the way to lift it.

Turning your face will overturn our friendship boat. therein case, don’t blame me for being merciless!

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