Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2658-1

chapter 2658

“This” the person hesitated for a flash , and said: “To be honest, your people will know that it’s a foreigner initially glance, and there’s nothing I can do to require you in.”

Ye Chen pointed to the soldier next to him and asked him: “If i modify , placed on his clothes, are you able to take me there? The fastest chapter update:

the person said stammeringly: “If you modify into his clothes and placed on a mask, you ought to be ready to enter the yard However, once you’re within the cellar, the guards within the cellar will certainly ask about your identity and your intentions. this is often because our commander has clearly requested that these eight people must be strictly guarded. Therefore, albeit you enter , it’ll inevitably be exposed.

As he said, he hurriedly added: Moreover, if you act on them, it’s likely to alarm the guards outside. there’s only a narrow staircase in and out of the cellar. Once you discover it outside, you cannot escape in the least , and you simply got to go inside. Throwing a grenade, none of the people in it can survive

Ye Chen said indifferently: “You don’t got to worry about it, you only got to bring me in.”

the person nodded and said nervously, “I am I can take you in, but I still need to remind you that if you’re a touch careless, I, you, and therefore the eight people may die in it.

Ye Chen smiled slightly: “If you do not cooperate with me, you It’s possible to die inside. “

the person said quickly: “I am deserve my cooperation.

” Good. Ye Chen nodded slightly in satisfaction, then checked out the opposite person, and said coldly: “Take off your coat! ” The person hurriedly said ,

“You pinch like this.” I can’t take it off,

Ye Chen smiled: “Okay, then I just abandoning of you. After

saying that, he just abandoning of his hand. The person

was overjoyed, and pretended to require off his shirt, but he didn’t know what to try to to . He checked out Ye Chen quietly, while his mind was moving quickly.

He found that Ye Chen clothed to be bare-handed, not only did he haven’t any weapons in his hands, but he couldn’t even see that he was carrying weapons around his waist.

So he thought to himself: “If I hear him and begin my clothes to him, then he will probably kill me immediately , but if I find an opportunity to flee now, he might not have time to chase me in the least . !

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