Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2657-2

The second reason is because they also know that the individual combat effectiveness of the govt army is basically great compared to them. If it’s a government soldier, it’s impossible to sneak into them silently, only within the us . Schwarzenegger and Stallone have this ability.

However, what made them dream of was that the evil star ahead of him clothed to be a man with an East Asian face.

one among them nervously asked, “Who are you, this friend? What does one want to do?!”

Ye Chen said coldly, “You aren’t qualified to inquire from me questions. within the current situation, I can only ask, you Answer, and answer honestly. Whoever doesn’t answer well, i will be able to kill him, understand? The

two hurriedly nodded: “Understand! If you’ve got any questions, please ask

Ye Chen: “Where are the young Americans you caught now?”

one among them said hurriedly: “The eight people are imprisoned within the cellar of Ansala’s house!

Another quickly added: “Ansala’s home is right there. within the middle of the village, on the brink of the square!”

Ye Chen asked again: “How are the eight of them now? Are all alive?”

One nodded and blurted out: “They are all alive now, but they’re going to choose first soon. One person was executed, and the U.S. Embassy was unwilling to ante up to now. Our commander decided to execute one person first to place a touch pressure on the U.S. Embassy.

Ye Chen continued to ask: “How many entrances and exits are there within the cellar, and the way many guards are there?

the person said “There is merely one entrance to the cellar. There are four guards inside, and there are a few dozen guards outside. These guards usually sleep in Ansala’s house.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Then if i would like to travel in, what are you able to do? Bring me in?”

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