Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2652

Chapter 2652

This is a good thing for Ye Chen, because if today is cloudless, then the possibility that he wants to parachute in during the day is almost zero.

    so he can be confident that he can skydive closer to the opponent’s base.

    When Vasily counted to the last three, Ye Chen stepped forward and went directly to the edge of the hatch. Vasily became more nervous and shouted: “3, 2, 1, jump.”

    Ye Chen turned his head and dashed. Several people said: “Everyone, after seeing you in six hours

    , he jumped directly outside the cabin door without hesitation, and the whole person jumped into the thick clouds. As

    soon as Ye Chen jumped out of the cabin, he felt the whole thing. People seem to be in an ice cellar.

    At an altitude of more than 5,000 meters, the temperature is a full 30 degrees Celsius lower than the surface. The current ground temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius, so the temperature around Ye Chen is about 15 degrees below zero. .

    But this is nothing to him, his attention now is all focused on keeping his figure stable, so that he will not lose control of his body in the rapid fall.

    Because of the thick body at this time In the clouds, he basically can’t see the situation below. Fortunately,

he can hear Vasily’s voice reminding him: “Master Ye, the descending speed and direction are very stable, about 50 meters per second, please You keep it, and you are expected to reach a safe opening height after one and a half minutes. “

    Ye Chen shouted loudly:” Yes, I know the

    Ten seconds later, Chen’s body finally leaves through the clouds.

    At this time, a small amount of raindrops have begun to condense under the clouds, and it seems that rain will form soon.

    Ye Chen can see almost all the endless mountains below him, and the mountains in the Middle East are really what is the scenery at all. Looking at it, it is almost yellowish,

and because of the plateau, some of the tops of the mountains are higher. There is still white snow on it.

    Ye Chen can already vaguely see that there are relatively simple villages in the valley below him. Although they are far away, he can still see that the houses in these villages are almost all low earth houses. The degree of poverty is evident.

    As the distance got closer and closer, Ye Chen could see the village, surrounded by two mountain peaks on the east and west sides, and there was an entrance to the village in the north and south.

    And at this north-south entrance and exit, there are some armored vehicles parked, as well as man-made trenches and shooting piles. It can be seen that these two entrances and exits are the top priority of the opposition armed defense stationed here. weight.

    In the center of the whole village, there is a small circular square, on which 4 helicopter gunships are parked.

    In addition, above the mountain peaks on both sides, you can also see man-made fortifications and observatories, and vaguely there are personnel activities in the fortifications.

    Ye Chen had already made a quick judgment in his mind at this time. He was alone and must have sneaked into the other side’s hinterland quietly, so the north and south entrances were definitely not a choice.

    The most suitable entry point is the peaks on the east and west sides.

    For the opposition parties stationed here, they are also very clear that the government forces do not have the capability of large-scale air strikes. If they really want to attack them, the greatest possibility is to attack them by land.

    There are mountains on the east and west, and there is no way to go. Even if soldiers sneak in from here on foot, it is very difficult, not to mention the heavy equipment.

    So the government forces really want to attack, they can only enter from the two entrances, the north and the south.

    Because of this, the opposition’s defenses on the east and west sides are relatively weak, basically only equipped with a small number of soldiers, a small number of heavy machine guns and stinger missiles.

    Sneaking in from here, Ye Chen is very sure that he will not be discovered, and even if he is discovered, there will be no danger,

because the anti-aircraft ability of the heavy machine gun is very weak, not only can the bullets not be hit high, but also is affected by the gravity force. It’s basically a parabola.

    As for the Stinger missile, although this thing is very powerful, it can only lock the aircraft itself, and cannot lock the living person.

Therefore, in front of Ye Chen, it is equivalent to waste.

    At this time, Ye Chen’s earphones heard Vasily’s voice. , He said: “Master Ye, according to your current descent speed, you have to open the umbrella in ten seconds.

    Ye Chen glanced at the data on the watch. After ten seconds, the height of the umbrella was about 500 meters. For the sake of caution, he wanted to choose the half-mountain on the east side as the landing place first,

so that he could directly avoid the defensive position on the top of the mountain, so he opened his mouth and said: “I want to open the umbrella at a height of 200 meters.

    “Two hundred meters” Vasily blurted out: “Open the umbrella at this height, let alone you will fall from the bottom of the eyelids of the defensive position on the top of the mountain.

Your descent speed alone will not have enough time to cushion it. When you land, your body will bear it. The intensity is almost equal to jumping from the height of seven or eight floors without any protection, there will be life-threatening

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