Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2650-2

Ye Chen shook his head and said: “I do not know the way to use a gun.”

Han Guangyao exclaimed: “You do not know the way to use a gun, so how are you able to defend yourself once you go this time?”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “I dare to travel alone. the tactic of self-defense is nothing quite a gun.

Ye Chen knew clearly that he wanted to sneak into the quarters of thousands of native soldiers alone. it’s impossible to unravel the matter with a gun. this type of thing can only be outsmart.

He wants to stay He Zhiqiu alive. To rescue it, I can only enter quietly, begin quietly, and never attend war.

Otherwise, it’s very likely that i will be able to be stunned and even take my very own life in.

Therefore, guns and grenades are absolutely unusable. Once they’re used, they’re going to immediately become targets within the eyes of thousands of soldiers.

Han Guangyao couldn’t help being concerned when he saw Ye Chen didn’t wear any weapons.

this point , Mr. Ye asked him to assist Ye Chen. He didn’t invite merit, but he wanted nothing. But seeing Ye Chen getting to do that quite life-long thing, he was shocked and trembled.

If Ye Chen never returned this point , He must be punished by the old man.

So, he hurriedly handed Ye Chen another piece of paper and said to Ye Chen: “Master, there are some words written in English and Arabic thereon . If you’re discovered by them, you ought to give this piece of paper to them immediately.

As long as they see this piece of paper, they won’t be embarrassed.”

Ye Chen asked with interest: “What is written thereon , there’s such an excellent ability to

speak, so he will open this piece of paper.

Arabic Ye Chen doesn’t understand, but he has learned English as a second maternal language since he was a toddler , so he can see this passage clearly at a look .

The meaning of this passage is really very simple, just a paragraph of content, which probably means:

“I am Huaxia Ye family’s son, don’t kill me, as long as you create sure that i’m intact, my family can offer you 50 million dollars

after reading it. Ye Chen couldn’t help but sneered and said, “You are really thoughtful, but this thing is on behalf of me . It seems that it’s really useless.” After

that, he tore the paper to pieces.

Just when Han Guangyao was stunned, Ye Chen took the tablet computer in Han Guangyao’s hand again, drew a red circle on a mountain about 20 kilometres faraway from the destination, and said to him:

“From the start of my parachuting, Six hours later, you arrange for a helicopter to select me up here”

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