Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2649-2

Ye Chen nodded, and said: “Okay, I remember, open the most umbrella first, if something

happens , cut the most umbrella first then open the umbrella.” “That’s right.” Vasily said seriously:

“If You don’t need me to accompany you to parachute, then i will be able to monitor your status in real time, then i will be able to direct you to try to to every step of the operation.

Ye Chen smiled slightly: “Okay, I didn’t jump the parachute, nor did I even have experience. together with your guidance, it should go smoothly. “

Vasily nodded, boldly said:” Ye Master Rest assured, once I will do my best to supply remote guidance Han Guangyao all this point for you to open road:. “Master, the aircraft can begin at any time.”

Ye Chen asked him: “How long is that the estimated flight time?”

Han Guangyao said: “The straight-line distance is merely quite 100 kilometers.

The plane can begin in five minutes, and it’ll be on the brink of the destination in fifteen to twenty minutes after takeoff.”

Good. “Ye Chen nodded, and said calmly: “Then prepare to require off.”

“Good young master”

Han Guangyao walked into the cockpit and after a couple of commands, the engine slowly started and pushed out from the hangar.

Then, the aircraft went all the way. Taxied to the top of the runway, then pushed forward with full force. Two minutes later, he rose into the air and drove straight to Syria.

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