Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2649-1

Chapter 2649

When Ye Chen boarded the plane, Han Guangyao pointed to at least one of the white men who was checking the parachute bag and said, “Master, this is often Vasily from Russia.

He was a paratrooper instructor before. He has 20 years of experience in parachuting. Very generous.

The Russian man called Vasily stood up, saluted Ye Chen, and said in non-standard Chinese:

“Hello, Master Ye, this point i will be able to temporarily act as your skydiving instructor. If you are feeling I’m unsure , I can take you to leap at that point . “

Ye Chen nodded and asked: “If I jump alone , what should I concentrate to?”

Vasili explained: “When we are on the brink of the destination, i will be able to base on the altitude and airflow round the destination. ,

Wind speed to settle on a best suited skydiving location, if you select yourself, then you want to leap out decisively once I say jump. “

then , he handed Ye Chen knowledgeable watch and introduced: “Master Ye, this watch can monitor your altitude, temperature, blood heat , pulse , and GPS position in real time.

After you parachute, open your limbs and land steadily. Speed, while keeping the direction together with your limbs, when the time comes, i will be able to use your gps coordinates to remind you in real time the way to control your limbs then control the direction,

so on make sure that your landing point doesn’t yaw the maximum amount as possible.

additionally , I even have set the umbrella opening reminder during this watch. If you reach the predetermined height of the umbrella opening, the watch will give out vibration and sound prompts.

Then you’ll directly pull the most umbrella turn on the umbrella bag. Open the parachute.

Ye Chen took the watch and put it on his wrist. Vasily picked up a prepared parachute bag, pointed to a pull ring at rock bottom , and introduced:

“This is that the cable for opening the umbrella. then , you want to pull out the parachute within 20 seconds, otherwise it’s going to be life-threatening.

After speaking, he pointed to a turn on the proper side of the parachute backpack and introduced:

“This is for cutting the parachute. If If your parachute isn’t opened, or it becomes entangled within the air after opening, you’ll directly use this parachute to release it,

then the turn on your left is that the switch of the spare parachute. After cutting the parachute, you want to open the spare parachute immediately. “

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