Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2648-2

behind the scenes? Han Guangyao said helplessly: “I see. they’re completely unprepared to intervene, mainly because they didn’t get any benefits in Syria within the past few years, and now they are doing not want to be involved within the withdrawal. “

On the opposite hand, it is also because these kidnapped young Americans don’t have the youngsters of yank politicians or rich people, and that they haven’t any background.

The us is thinking of trivial matters, in order that they have begun to suppress news in their homeland. the main European media are ordered to not perform follow-up reports.

“In this manner , albeit the reactionaries really kill these eight people, americans won’t hear anything.

After speaking, Han Guangyao said with emotion: “Moreover, things in Syria is now particularly chaotic.

Not only is that the government and therefore the opposition fighting, but also Kurdish forces are involved.

“The camp behind this is often even more complicated, the us and Russia. Iran, Iran, and Turkey are all contributing to the flames behind the scenes, which has led to varied armed conflicts in Syria all day long, and any war on each side may be a red-eye state, leaving no room for it.

The US embassy has long warned americans . Don’t come to Syria if it’s okay. These eight children knowingly committed the crime. If something really happened, the us wouldn’t save them. “

Ye Chen nodded solemnly and asked him: “Is the parachuting instructor here?

” Han Guangyao said: “The instructor is adjusting the umbrella bag and equipment on the plane. i will be able to take you up to ascertain him. By the way, let’s The plane will begin in ten minutes

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