Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2648-1

Chapter 2648

After Ye Chen’s plane landed, he taxied on to an enormous hangar. At this point , there was also a transport plane with four propeller engines parked within the hangar. a gaggle of crew members were surrounding the plane to try to to an in depth inspection. “After the plane stopped, the ladder docked, the crew opened the door, and Ye Chen and Chen Zekai walked out of the cabin together.

At this point , under the ladder, a man with a Chinese face was standing respectfully, expecting Ye Chen and Chen Zekai. As he walked down, he hurriedly progressed and bowed respectfully and said: “Hello Master, welcome to Beirut. “

Ye Chen checked out the opposite party and located that this man was about an equivalent age as Chen Zekai, in his thirties, and his Mandarin was very standard, and he didn’t seem to be a foreign Chinese living overseas for an extended time.

So he asked, “You are the Ye family.” “People”

said the opposite party hurriedly: “Going back to the young master, i’m the spokesperson of the Ye family within the Middle East . My name is Han Guangyao. The master specially asked me to fly over from Saudi Arabia to assist you smooth your relationship and supply you with all the assistance I can provide . “

Ye Chen nodded slightly and asked him: How is that the situation on Leah’s side”

Han Guangyao explained: “The Syrian opposition Syria is during a stalemate with the US Embassy, but the US Embassy is extremely firm this point . there’s no compromise. So i assume they’re going to lose patience soon.”

Ye Chen asked again: “Is the U.S. Embassy completely unprepared to intervene during this matter, or is there other plans

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