Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2647-2

Ye Chen nodded and said, “It seems like it should not be difficult. Is there

anything else?” Chen Zekai said again: “The other thing is to open the umbrella. Time control, and control of the parachute after opening the parachute. once you jump from a height of quite 4,000 meters, the high air flow is unstable. you want to constantly adjust the direction to make sure that you simply are as accurate as possible at the predetermined location Landing, if you create an error in your control, you’ll miss a couple of kilometers, or maybe dozens of kilometers. After

speaking, Chen Zekai continued: “Yes, there also are landing postures, although usually watching others parachuting, it seems that the landing speed isn’t fast, actually At the instant of landing, the descent speed remains very high, which needs the skydiver to form adjustments at the instant before landing. If the control isn’t good, it’s common for the leg to interrupt or fracture.

When Ye Chen heard this, he couldn’t help but ask him: “I, the last time I jumped from a helicopter over ten meters high, it had been alright . What you said should not be a drag to me.”

Chen Zekai just remembered. The last time Ye Chen went there was the performance of Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing. He felt a touch relieved when he thought that Ye Chen’s fitness was completely different from that of ordinary people.

So he took a breath and continued: “Master, since this is often the case, then i feel the sole two issues you would like to concentrate to are direction control and therefore the timing of opening the umbrella. i will be able to contact the Lebanese side. The interface person, ask them to organize a tool which will display atmospheric pressure , altitude and GPS positioning. Then you’ll judge the time of skydiving supported real-time data, then adjust the direction consistent with GPS in real time.”

Ye Chen nodded: “OK, allow them to arrange A parachuting instructor followed me. I got on the plane and told me the way to open the parachute and control the direction.” After

quite four hours of flying, Ye Chen’s Concorde finally landed at the Lebanese capital Beirut Airport.

Beirut at this point was within the afternoon, and therefore the temperature reached about 30 degrees Celsius.

The sky has been a touch hazy, and therefore the air has been a touch damp. It seems that an important rain has been holding back for an extended time and it hasn’t come down.

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